‘Traditional Japanese Tattoo’ Elimination Challenge | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

– Every single person is gonna
struggle with this. Nobody does
traditional Japanese. – How do I shade this
one section right here? – You can shade black here,
black here. – Okay, so not there.
Okay, got it. – And then separate–
so yeah, get rid of that
section altogether. I do a lot of illustrative
Japanese, and I’m aware of some of the rules. I love that so much. I think yours is
definitely my favorite design. – Oh, stop it.
– No, I’m dead serious. – Says the Japanese
tattooer in the room. – There’s a part of me
that wants to help everyone. Pon’s is definitely,
like, super traditional. – Hmm. – But I always have to make
a point to remember, it’s like a team game right now.So, I’m hoping that I can helpsome of my own
teammates get through this. – What do you think
of this little– – That’s nice,
that’s super traditional. Just making sure it’s perfect. – Four more hours to go,
everybody. Four more hours to go.♪ ♪– Jason, you and I, sometimes
I feel like we’re, like, some of the older
people in this place, and everyone else, like,
feels like a bunch of kids. – Yeah, I’ve definitely felt
like an old man around here.– I think people
underestimate me
as a tattooer and forget
that I’ve had 19 years of experience,
and I’ve done every style. – Yeah, I definitely
think some of the women over-overdesigned on this one. – That’s what I heard. The people who talk
the most shit about, like, traditional,
are the people who lack the fundamentals
you need to do it. – What it takes to do it,
and do it well.♪ ♪– The competition is–
it’s tough. It’s harder
than what I was thinking. – Especially to leave
your family for so long, and– – There’s a lot of pressure. Don’t [bleep] up.I’ve been getting hard
critiques about
my technical application.So, I have to pull
the cleanest tattoo I ever done on this competition.And in the end,
one person has to win.
– That’s the unfortunate
part of it, right? – I’m doing everything I can,
you know? I’m doing my best.There’s so many things going
through my head right now.
My family, my reputation.
I want to fight for this. – Two more hours.♪ ♪– I am.
Taking a risk.Every single other person
in the room is doing red,
so I don’t want to give the judges more to compare
next to someone else. I just liked the grey ones
the most, because you know,
I don’t like color. – Yeah, because you–
– I [bleep] hate color. This could work in my favor, or
it can make me a clear loser. I don’t want to overwork it. I did the first pass of grey. I’m gonna let it cool down.
– Yeah. – Just so I can
see any imperfections, because grey sucks for that.The difficult part now
is going to be
applying this grey smoothly. – Yeah, bold move
with the grey, though. I mean, yours definitely stands
out from the rest of ours. – Because I just saw everyone
doing red, and I was like,
obviously, I know how to saturate all colors,
but grey is the hardest. So I was like,
I could either be [bleep] myself over, or… – That’s, that’s exactly the
reason why I didn’t use grey. This is, like, asking to be
kicked off of the competition. Ballsy choice.
– Final hour. One hour left, guys.♪ ♪– So what made you
want to get into tattooing? – My uncle Chuck
had tattoos all over. He just told me,
you know, like, if you tattoo, your art is gonna be traveling. The concept of that
really struck a chord with me. – It is a nice, clean tattoo.
– Thanks. – But does it look
traditional Japanese? No. This is modern Japanese.
– Jake, stop.It’s not okay to talk shit
in front of a canvas.
It doesn’t help
the situation at all. – What do you say
we finish this bitch up? – Put the final touches
on this, and you can go home and cry to mama. – Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it.
Machines down. Time is up. No more ink.
– Check that out. – I love it.
– Awesome. Thank you.
– It looks really good. – That shit is
[bleep] unreal. – Elbow five. – Yes! – Dani’s is so [bleep] clean it makes me nervous. From now on, I’m gonna make sure she only
does black and grey. – Is Dani’s
really neotraditional? – Big time.
– What is mine, then? – I don’t know, you have
black shading in yours? – Yeah.
– Neotraditional. – That’s why I asked if
I should put black shading, and you were like, yeah. You’re such an asshole. – No–no,
I did not say that to you. It may have actually happened. I may have told her to
[bleep] do that. Yours looks fantastic. – Wow.
– (laughs)

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