*clap 1* *clap 2* Fashion Review that’s right that’s what this channel needs right now a top ten list FINALLY *giggles* A top ten list of something I know barely anything about that’ll do it that’ll get them watching So, I wanted to make another video on fashion but specifically “fashion memes” and I had a few things in mind already but I still asked you guys on twitter for some suggestions and… OH BOI There was a lot of fashion memes out there… Hey, you wanna look like a… Dragon Pear? What in the world… I think it’s safe to say that fashion and memes are becoming… *clap 1* *clap 2* closer and closer You have these steal his looks memes remember those? Heh… very cheap price very good price (yes) but let’s go through my ‘Top 10 fashion memes’ lists everybody. yea, for some reason I thought it was a good idea to do a ‘Top 10’ of this. NUMBER 1 *clap 1* *clap 2* Balenciaga IKEA bag that’s right everybody from a high end designer, Balenciaga they call it the arena extra large shopping tote it’s going viral because do you notice that it looks something similar to… maybe the IKEA bag hahahahaheheheheh… shopping bag known as the ‘FRAKTA’ ? yes, the ‘FRAKTA’ everyone. frakta oh “FRAKTA” it’s “Frakta”. stop stealing our culture! how many meatballs can I fit into that BAD BOI HMM? You can get the Balenciaga designer bag for $2,145 ooh, wow, ooh or the low low price of 99 cents per IKEA’s frakta and best of all no assembly required on that particular IKEA item for once! you don’t see that little wrench…you know? OH MY GOD i mean i… i’d buy it just to represent SWEDEN i also really like the IKEA Yeezys’ so yeah for the low price of 2,140 DOLLARS you too can embrace Swedish culture i mean i practically grew up with these bags it’s kinda funny HEH IKEA responds to Balenciaga’s blue bag IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE so they responded with the meme it wasn’t really much of a meme it really was kind of disappointing… *clap 1* *clap 2* NUMBER 2 unintentional vegana do you wanna dress up looking like a vegana? oh, i’m sorry let me rephrase that do you wanna dress up looking like a VEGANA? just for a thousand dollars *hmmmm?* that’s right i know which option you’re picking well, look no further this Fendi scarf looks like HMMM?! Hmm…Hmm…Heh..Heh.Heh… HHHMMMMMM?? hm… hm…HM… You know i feel bad, if anyone’s seen a vegana like that I’m sorry… Here’s the upside down version… Maybe this item in particular should have been on a model and not just shown itself just- just a thought. food for thought.. or just thought… *clap 1* *clap 2* NUMBER 3 on our list everybody That’s right We’re going fast We’re going HARD Here’s a meme that I personally fell for That’s right I bought this belt I really like this brand. It’s the ‘ALYX’ roller coaster belt You’ve probably seen these. They’re quite popular They go for £273 They’re really cool belts OKAY? STOP HATING! DON’T JUDGE ME! OKAY?! They’re cool belts I like the blr-…brand what do you want from me? You can buy these rip-off ones for 30 bucks I’ve seen even less Obviously… you shouldn’t… You shouldn’t do that Okay? Don’t- Don’t steal The reason why I’m bringing up the- the copy is because the original The £273 one It doesn’t fit It doesn’t fit any pants You can’t wear this belt So you pay… Heh You pay over $300 for a belt that you can’t use Good job I have to help out the people that are curious on to how to actually put this damn belt to use (YES! Help me) and all our people are spending money (How the hell do I put it on?) on this and can’t even use out of it which is unfortunate but I’m here to help So, what are the tips? So, what are the tips? This is not fitting in here That makes no sense like you just cannot do it Practically if you wanna wear this belt you gotta go to a tailor to enter the belt so if you wanna spend like I dont know an hour? Putting the belt on You can you can get it through but if you have…I don’t know… different fabric material? You’re likely to just break your pants I don’t know Sad Just SAD *clap* *clap* NUMBER 4 GUCCI Gundam ~GUCCI gang GUCCI gun Gush- GUCCI gung GUCCI Gundam~ Do you wanna dress like your favorite anime character for the low price of $1,700 cause GUCCI sold these jackets or outfits for, eh, for that price and on the Japanese market people were quick to point out that they look very similar to the Gundam outfits Heh… I mean look at the cuts, Look at the belt, Look at the neck… The shoulders, The boots It’s pretty similar. They even have the The- The red version of the jacke- It’s a pretty jacket I’m not gonna lie I like- I would wear it which it was also resembles to another gundam character Gucci made a statement about this, apparently where they said that uh it wasn’t intentional or maybe they watched Gundam and that’s how it sorta happened but they can either deny or confirm but considering how Gucci already does a lot of anime or vintage-anime inspired looks i think it’s safe to say that this was an inspiration, at least. could this be the world’s most expensive cosplay? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ NUMBER FIVE, everybody. Montclair! they’ve been doing a lot of
collaborations, I think they call it ‘Montclair genius’, honestly I think a lot
of them are really dope. They did one with Craig– Craig Green? and it’s pretty crazy,
I saw a lot of you guys sending me this one and I- I’ve seen it already, I wanted
to bring it up in my last video. This is just– the thing that I think a lot of
people don’t realize, these are just promotional designs you may think “oh, who– how
would anyone possibly wear this this is just ridiculous!” they’re not made to wear
they’re just made to, I don’t know be promo get people to talk about it and
clearly it works but even then I can appreciate the design of it, I think it
looks awesome. And then looking at the actual commercial jacket of it it’s cool–
it’s a cool jacket, like I would buy it unless- I, if I needed a new jacket which
I don’t, so I’m not gonna spend money on it. It’s a cool
jacket, I gotta give him props– that’s not why I’m bringing up Montclair! the
reason why is cause they did a collaboration with Pier Paolo Pich- Piccioli? And, uh, it’s something uh, it’s, eh, it’s something to say the least
I don’t know, eheh, it looks like those dolls what are they called? Again, they’re
interesting to look at. I can at least appreciate the design. But I think what
blows my mind on this is that these are actually the commercial pieces that you
can buy for £2,415. And guess what?
they’re all sold out, so even if you wanted to, for some reason, buy it, you can’t. They’re sold out. All of them. I want to see people
wear these. They’re probably really warm and comfortable to be fair, heh. Can you
imagine going out in a snowstorm? “Don’t worry fam I got just the outfit.” Very
nice. Number six goes to video games! That’s right. I kind of combine this
category, uh, you’ve probably seen this it was a few years ago where the final
fantasy character, Lightning, did a collaboration with Louboutin, ah, to
promote these handbags and outfits, uh, way to hit a very niche market of, uh,
female gamers that are also loaded, and also into high-end fashion, *snickers* funny enough I think today– or maybe a
few days ago– Capcom did a similar thing, although they’re not collaborating with
any fashion brand, they did launch their own cr- clothing pieces, ah, as a connection to
their launch of their new game ‘Devil May Cry 5’. Uh, so, the three main characters, they
have a ‘super luxury replica custom version’. ‘Super luxury’ to say the least. Uh,
You can do, eh– you can first of all get this, uh, jacket, that’s missing half the arm, for
¥7,500– eh, ¥750,000 yen, which I think is about… $6,650. What’s funny about this is that you can buy it with the video game. *chuckles*
‘Yes, please, gimme the jacket and the video game, so I can wear it while
playing!’ I mean, they’re pretty pieces, I think if you put these in a high-end
fashion store, no one would really question about it. Combining it w-with this, ah,
video game it’s kind of silly, but… I don’t know there’s something interesting
about it as well. So this jacket is, uh, the scanned version of Da-Dante’s jacket. It’s a cool jacket. Another very, very expensive cosplay. To be fair, it
looks like extremely high quality at least from what I can tell from it. You
know people will be buying. You know people will be dropping… money on this,
big time. I mean this Final Fantasy or Japanese type of games are always made
to m-make the characters look ‘cool’ in the strangest way possible, so I kind of get
it. It makes sense, I just wonder who will fall for this meme. Number seven! I just
spit everywhere… Gucci! That’s right! They get their own
category! Congratulations! You know, I wanted to just bring up their face masks.
I wish I talked about in the last video. I was so confused. Why would people wear
these face masks? I mean I bought one myself so I guess I shouldn’t be asking
that. They’re silly to say the least, but they’re not crazy expensive. £175. Please don’t quote me on that, heh.
I’m just saying, compared to all these other items, they’re not that crazy. Uh, but
the real reason Gucci gets on this meme the fact that they have this, sort of,
Russian-babushka inspired outfits. Like this one for example– it’s literally
the… ‘get the look’ on this one ‘shop the look’
Okay, sure ‘that’ll be 6,000.’ Okay! Sure! sure, why not? This was literally a meme on my
own subreddit. Gucci: 5,000. Babushka: half a dollar, hahaha.
Look at that. What is that? No!
No! I don’t know, the thing with Gucci is like… they have all these really
silly items, but, like I mentioned in the last video they do have really cool
pieces as well, that I genuinely, uh, do like. And ever since their latest designer
took in they- they honestly, they’ve been killing it, so they get a high spot on
the list! Number eight! Moving on. Big shoes everybody! And they’re the meme
that I fell for. I mean, who would possibly buy big shoes? why would anyone
fall for this meme? Heheh, you have the Balenciaga shoes that got super popular… You have the Gucci shoes that are really big and uh, same sense. I mean they’re so similar.
It’s almost like, uh, one type of shoe gets popular and then all the other brands
just try and see who can yell the loudest. It’s interesting to look back at
people’s opinion on these type of shoes, a year ago. I know some people still
feel this way but… “They make the worst shoe ever made, that they still will
probably buy.” “$800?” “Haha, you’re tellin’ me 800 lies.” “Woah!” But now you see so many brands just kinda,
taking and borrowing from this design as well.
Uh… I think that’s interesting. You know, people, first they laugh, and then they
they copy it. Then you, of course, have that one– that one person that just has
to take it about 5,00 steps too far.
Thank you, Vêtements. But, of course, let’s not ignore the godfather of sneakers.
The king of sneakers. The Maison Margiela Fusion Sneaker. Oh yeah.
Just £1,400. You know most people, when they buy expensive
sneakers, they want to make sure that, eh, nothing gets on them. You know, no
dirt whatsoever. Ah, with these you really don’t have to worry. I think the more
dirt, the better! I love reading the reviews on these as
well. “Is this a joke? This is a new low. Super tacky. Fashion isn’t fashion if it
makes you look bad. Pass!” I mean, people clearly are buying them. From most places
I saw, they were sold out. Number nine! we’re getting there,
everybody.Number nine goes to Vetements, and what can I say about Vetements?
Well, uh, they l– obviously, they like it big. And oversized. The thing though, I’m a
bit conflicted about them, because I un– I uniroinically like it. Despite it
looking very silly, over the top, and I think a lot of people would probably ask
‘why the hell would you spend money on that?’ I read the– I read this quote
about Vetements, that said, “I think the hype around Vetements says more about how
boring fashion is right now, than it does about Vetements itself.” and I want to say
I kinda have to agree they do cool pieces in a way that is at least unique
maybe it maybe I’m wrong here I don’t know it’s the same look at guys fashion
for example it’s t-shirts hoodies and sweatshirts and it doesn’t really get
any weirder than that it doesn’t get it really doesn’t go outside of that box at
least for most people I mean street wear is and basically as
far as it goes for most most guys around my age or younger so I like what they’re
doing I think it’s interesting I also thought it was interesting with the
latest collection the the designer comes from Georgia and he left QR codes
incorporated in his in his pieces so that people can found out the story
about Georgia he said that growing up in Georgia
everyone wore the exact same clothes they’re mixing fashion with spreading a
message so despite it being you know in a lot of people’s eyes very silly and
over-the-top it just have some more depth to it as well and I don’t know
that’s cool number 10 spot we finally did it
who’s gonna take it obviously obviously Balenciaga I mean I’ve already mentioned
them so many times in this video it’s almost like they need a video on its own
they definitely deserve the number one spot from the Ikea bag to the Macdonald
Fry’s shoes half price 425 pounds very nice to the
Balenciaga Crocs super high heels to the Balenciaga supermarket
should we bang through the Balenciaga shirt t-shirt shirt yes of course – the
Balenciaga multi-layered jacket multi multi Multi multi layer jackets only
9000 valency agha is clearly leading this meme there’s fashion meme of not
taking itself too seriously at all I guess I don’t know but the same thing
with vetements I think it’s interesting they’re doing more you know despite
being very silly everyone makes fun of Balenciaga it’s like it’s a thing they
did a collaboration with World Food Program where they donated $250,000 to
end world hunger in 2030 and they give away part of the profits from the sales
to this cause you can criticize it for being overly expensive and all these
things but at least they’re doing something positive my sweet daughter
have nothing love proud pffff!!! hahaha *inhales* well here is the newest item from
high-end clothing brand Balenciaga one of the items in their fall 2018 line is
a t-shirt shirt it looks a lot like a t-shirt attached to a collared shirt and
if you think that’s weird wait until you hear the price the newest fashion trend
will cost you 1245 bucks oh I think it’s easy to criticize how ridiculously
over-the-top and overly expensive these items are and how you can spend that
money on literally anything else and you know I’ve done that myself it’s it’s
it’s a funny it’s a it’s a gag that everyone plays into but the thing is
these brands know what they’re doing I mean they know that the more people talk
about them the better so while a lot of people show these things to ridicule it
it obviously helps build the brands as well and they are aware of it it’s the
same of that Kanye video you know they they wear these stupid outfits and
everyone’s like haha look how dumb they look it’s not like they don’t know what
they were wearing it felt like they just accidentally fell into this outfit me
like oh no this is so embarrassing people talked about the video because of
the outfits and it’s this exact same thing with this song have been popular
otherwise I think probably not as much at the very least people always seem to
so upset about the prices as well why are these so expensive why would anyone
pay for this I will seem like really angry comments about it but it’s almost
like the prize sort of legitimizes it if these clothes didn’t cost much then
people wouldn’t care and if they closed it and cost that much then people
wouldn’t buy it people wouldn’t want it if these items were cheap then it
wouldn’t have that desirable effect for people while we so while a lot of people
share these items as a way to ridicule and make fun of
that’s what makes it possible for them to exist it’s almost like while making
fun of them we are making fun of ourselves that sounded very deep so on
that note I’m gonna end that video there what do you guys think let me know do
you agree with this list is there something I missed I pretty sure there’s
a lot this was interesting regardless leave a like if you enjoyed and I will
see you guys tomorrow bye (bye hope you enjoyed!)

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  1. I just bought a mountain bike for 1400. It is fully capable of any terrain yet I'm poor so that the few scratches I got on it freak me out. I cant even phantom buying a piece of clothing for the same or even half the price

  2. When you said Balenciaga (dont care bout spelling) doing something for charity, thats good but $250 for a company (expecially Balenciaga) is dirt cheap to give away.

  3. I love it how he says don't buy copies of the belt while the original belt is just a worse version of original military belts with cobra buckles. Joke is that the original military belts are cheaper too!

  4. Can successfully say that the Ikea bag is much much better than any designer bag. 15 years they’ve been used to do the washing and they work every time.

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