‘Too Fat’ Troupe Teach Kids To Dance | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

‘Too Fat’ Troupe Teach Kids To Dance | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

Charity: Y’all ready. I always knew that I wanted to start a youth group. Five, six, seven, eight. We dance. Tonight is a culmination of all of their hard work. Girl: Kind of nervous. Charity: What’s up y’all.
Hey. How’re you doing? Woman: I’m good, I’m good.
Charity: Y’all ready for the day? Woman #2: It’s going to be a long day.
Charity: Five weeks y’all, five weeks we’ve been getting ready for this it’s a pretty big deal. My name is charity Holloway. Shake my beauty introduced you to Charity and her plus size dance group, 4 Thirty-two. Charity: Y’all ready. Just do it. They were told they were too fat to dance. Charity: Self confidence and self love is a journey. But they have proved everyone wrong. Now they’re training the next generation of young dancers to expand their legacy.
Charity: I’m ready for the day. For the last five weeks, Charity and team at 4 Thirty-two. have been working intensely with the brand new group of dancers. Charity: When I first started 4 Thirty-Two I knew that outreach to children will be very important part of this mission. It started about five to six weeks ago. And the girls come in about once a week and they learn choreography, they practice for about two hours and we dance, which is the best part of it all. So tonight is kind of like the culmination of all of their hard work over the past five weeks. Spread out, spread out, spread out. Tonight, Charity’s youth dance group will perform for the very first time. Charity: I’m just so excited
to see what they do tonight for their final performance.
Y’all think they’re ready? Woman #2: I think the older girls are a little bit nervous, nervous than the little girls. Charity: It might be good to do some exercises with them today. Just something fun to kind of get them out of their shell. If you’re ready for today let me hear you say, yeah. Girls: Yeah.
Charity: That was so lame. If you’re ready for today, let me hear you say Yeah. Girls: Yeah. Charity: Y’all have been working hard. Y’all learned three dances in just five weeks, so you guys should be really proud of yourselves. You all ready? The dancers have just one more practice to get their moves right before their big performance. Charity: We want to go through a few exercises to kind of help you guys come out of your shell a little bit, hopefully. All of you all just get in one long line facing the mirror. We have 11 girls that are participating this year; five older girls and six younger girls and they’ve just been so adorable. Where are you going? I’ll go with you. Don’t be shy. It’s okay. As a child, I had a lot
of self confidence issues. It really stemmed from being a plus size, from being overweight, from being teased by my peers. That is just one of the many things that kids go through nowadays. When I say an emotion, I want you guys to portray that emotion on your face. They started out being very shy and reserved. just seeing them come out of their shell like. Be mad. Kind of like they’re blossoming into a little flowers. Charity: That was .. one of the young girls in particular her name is Tamiah, and her mom sent me a message saying, “hey, Tamiah came home so excited today. She really lost her confidence and she really lost her joy from dancing.” Tamiah: At my school there are people that make like little comments about me and what I look like, but I feel like being at this camp is made me feel much better. Charity: Oh oh, okay.
Tamiah: Charity is really nice. When I first came here, I was like, I hope she’s not one of those like mean teachers, but she’s actually really nice. Charity: How would you describe your personality? What would you say that you are? You … Five, six, seven, eight and pose. Tamiah: I feel like dance is kind of a way to break out of your shell you know? I want to join 4 Thirty-Two when I get older. Charity: Morgan. Morgan: I’ve been waiting for this
one, turn it up. Charity: Yeah sassy. Morgan’s ready. Your baby is definitely ready. She’s like out little, she’s a natural born performer. She’s like the little superstar. Charity: Oh Charlsten. Okay Morgan: I’m excited about showing the audience what I can do. And that no matter what size you are, you can do what you put your mind to. Charity: Sassy. Six, seven, eight and pose. It’s going to be chaotic behind stage because you’re going to have a lot of dancers. here’s going to be clothes everywhere. We have to be really focused today. Okay. That was good. With their last practice finished, the dancers head over to the performance auditorium. Woman #3: Since we’re not walking as far should we hold up so we can stay with the group.
Charity: You can walk a little slower, we’ll take in one …
With just one hour until the final performance Charity is going through the routines one last time with the dancers.
Charity: So everybody starts back, right. Girl #2: I was trying to listen to you Aunt Charity sir. Charity: Five, six, seven I don’t think you’re ready for this Shelley, I don’t think you’re ready for this Shelley. And the nerves are building for some of the younger members. Woman: Now we go after this. Charity: Okay, guys, listen up really quick. So y’all ready? Y’all look cute. Remember what we talked about today. Go out there and have on your faces, and just use your personality and just have fun y’all. It’s finally time for the group to show the audience what they’re made of. Charity: I’m beautiful.
Girls: I’m beautiful. Charity: I’m strong.
Girls: I’m strong. Charity: I’m confident.
Girls: I’m confident. Charity: And I can do …
Girls: And I can do … Charity: Anything
Girls: Anything Charity: I want to do.
Girls: I want to do. Charity: I can be
Girls: I can be Charity: Whoever
Girls: Whoever Charity: I want to be.
Girls: I want to be. Charity: Period.
Girls: Period. Charity: To all the young girls out there who may be experiencing some issues with their body image, I would say you’re beautiful. Self confidence and self love is a journey. Maybe that thing that you feel is so weird about you is awesome. Congratulations give yourselves a hand. Hermyilei: I was nervous but then I don’t know why but the nervousness just went away. Charity: Can I get a group hug?
Come here. Starting a youth group has been a dream of mine for so long so to see it finally come to fruition, It’s amazing to me. Love life, live and have fun. Love yourself you know.

100 thoughts on “‘Too Fat’ Troupe Teach Kids To Dance | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

  1. Love yourself as you are is only works for those who who born different and those who can't change themselves at all. People who can change and improve themselves should never use these type of words on themselves. It's just as excuse.

  2. I get that BEAUTY should not be the ONLY criterion for judging someone, but when judging them for BEAUTY, we should use strictly BEAUTY standards. So, FAT OBESE UNHEALTHY BLOBS OF NATURALLY UGLY-LOOKING ppl should not force others to see the beauty without. There is no beauty to appreciate, unless it's some fringey and cringey fetish.

  3. Instead of being nasty in the comments how bout we uplift these beautiful Black and Brown girls who may stumble across your pitiful, distasteful, disgusting, vile opinions in the comments. These girls worked so hard and I’m sure they had to overcome stage fright and to have their bodies posted on the internet for the world to see is vulnerable in itself.

  4. you CANNOT be whoever u wanna be and do whatever u wanna do without sacrifices and consequences. Everything is not for everyone. Thats just life. This "opportunity" is hurting them more in the longrun. It teaches them to use their bodies and sexuality to get love and attention. To look up to people who use their bodies to get attention. So what will they do when that type of attention will destroy their relationships or family? Still chase it instead of investing in their children and mates

  5. As a child you eat what you are given, so the fact that these young girls are overweight isn't directly their fault. However, the term "love yourself as you are" is an empowering phase because it encourages the mind to stop self hate thoughts. If you hate yourself because of your weight, unfortunately it will cause you to eat more in order to comfort yourself. It's the brain playing tricks on you. However, when you start loving yourself, it gives you the drive and motivation to want better for yourself. Your brain starts to tell itself that you're worth it and THAT is what causes the change. Before, going to the gym was a petrifying experience for me because I didn't want to see my reflection and I thought everyone would be looking at me in disgust (because I looked at myself in disgust) but after counselling and learning to love myself as I am, I changed my diet and started going to the gym. I now go 4 times a week and I am on my weight loss journey. If you have never suffered with weight issues it's easy to just look at someone and judge. Encouragement achieves more results than insults and nasty comments.

  6. Losing weight isn't easy and its something that takes time because it actually begins with your mindset. You have to train your brain to love you for you despite the weight and to know that your weight doesn't define who you are as a person. Once you have that mindset losing the weight then just becomes about eating right and doing daily exercise. People love to judge others instead of offering words of encouragement that might actually motivate someone. Telling someone "you're fat and need to lose weight" ISN'T going to make them want to lose weight. However, "let's take a walk about the block" whilst having a little chit chat once a day for 30 minutes would actually make someone feel better about losing weight.
    Instead of take out, let's cook at home tonight.
    Lets sit down and make a meal plan for this week.
    Those are the types of statements that courage people.

  7. I cried towards the end I hope there’s people around my child just like her besides me that sees a kid for who they are she’s amazing




    The black community accepts obesity more then any other race. That may be a reason why theirs not much diversity in this troupe. I wished the black community embraced other issues the same way.

  10. Wow the comments are crazy. These girls are being taught to like themselves and thru practice of dance are moving and exercising in a fun way.
    Some people wont follow a diet or exercise plan but dancing is a great fun alternative. Shame on the negative commenters, blessings to these women for teaching these kids a healthy solution where its fun to workout.

  11. Most the people who have commented so hateful are just a bunch of Karens… Being overweight is difficult and requires time and motivation. Instead of hating themselves for the way the are and possibly making them eat more from distress or starving themselves the have learned to cope through dance. Dance is exercise and can teach these girls how to be motivated. Body positivity is important no matter what… this video is about self confidence not race not size. Its telling you to ignore those factors and focus on you self confidence and body positivity…

  12. I admire their confidence. Also. these plus size ladies have very confident, positive attitudes. That's kinda rare these days where most media portray plus size black women with nasty attitudes.

  13. I hope these comments get disabled. These women are giving back to the community. They’re active, they’re positive, they’re engaged. Why does everyone have to be so mean?

  14. I think this is a good idea, but would be greater if they promoted talks about health, especially when there are kids involved. Kids should grow with good healthy habits, because obesity is a reality and kills

  15. It's a horrible mindset to have these seemingly positive obesity movements. People promoting an overweight lifestyle just so they can feel good about themselves. It's great you feel beautiful, but you dont see anorexia being promoted as beautiful… why because it's an unhealthy lifestyle.

  16. Great video. If programs like this existed 40 years ago, how much further could so many of us have gone? This teacher is a gift to her community. Bravo!

  17. Being overweight is unhealthy, but that is no reason to bully these girls. They should be able to dance and be confident. This is amazing because it will teach them to be healthy on the outside and inside.

  18. look at these beautiful girls ,they have such a positive charisma and every single one of them shines with beauty 🙂 keep it up Girls,you are great, no matter what others say or think

  19. Barcroft TV : couples CRAZY weight loss transformation!
    Barcroft TV 3 days later: plus size dancers teach everyone to dance
    Not judging about people's weight but like Barcroft TV wyddddd??!

  20. You ladies and students are so so inspirational, you are so great, all the energy and happy faces, lifts the heart of this grandpa, oh yes you all are stars already 🌟🌟🌟❤️👍🙏✅ x

  21. I think its okay too not feel ashamed about being fat, but you shouldnt be proud either, are you proud of being unhealthy? It makes no sense

  22. i think loosing weight is much easier than trying to prove the world that u are okay with ur obesity.coz u are not and it IS unhealthy.

  23. Yeah just what I wanted to see…. A group of massively obese women wobbling around attempting to dance 💯🤦‍♂️🤭🤭🤭

  24. It looks like they're having fun and can unapologetically be themselves, they have more to give than just being the butt of other peoples jokes and they demonstrate that to the world. If they can stick to a healthy diet and loose the excess weight in the process, that's a plus! The leader of that group should make the first steps towards that positive change.

  25. Charity is so relaxing to hear/watch her talk. the way she puts so much happiness and love in her voice makes me very happy ^_^

  26. It’s not the other kid’s. It’s the PARENTS!!! It’s bad parenting & narrow minded folks.. just do y’all wut I’m talking about… all that effed up body shaming crap!!! Celebrate all women and young daughters….. amen 🙏

  27. It’s not ok to teach kids that being fat is healthy. I’m not saying they are all unhealthy, I’m sure most of them are very fit, but they shouldn’t be sending that message

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