Tony Medellin is the Named ‘Ink Master’ | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

Tony Medellin is the Named ‘Ink Master’ | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

Congratulations Tony and TeeJ. You’ve made it
into the top two. Based on both
your tag-team tattoo and your 35-hour master canvas, one of you will walk away
with $100,000, a feature in “Inked” magazine,
and guess what. The title of Ink Master. [cheers and applause] – Nothing but respect
no matter how this plays out. I just want you to know that. – Chris, what do you think? – The thing that rings out is definitely the backwards spine
on the dragon. The spine’s gonna go the
same direction as the scale. So where you have the back turn
on the backsideof the first top
of the S shape,
the spine’s going
counter scales
– I should have caught it.
I should have caught it. – Having a design flaw
on that dragon definitely knocks it
down a notch, but it’s still, to me,
a really solid, clean tattoo. The skull morph,
it’s not as much line work,as much detail as the dragon
in six hours.
– If you look at the eyes
in the morph,
that thing is alive.
– Challenge is a challenge. That’s supposed to be realism. I can peel just as many flaws
out of that thing. What are these, like,
hair thingscoming off the forehead?
That ain’t realism.
[crowd booing]
It is what it is. There’s problems
with both of ’em. – Order up. – Let’s talk about
these back pieces. – For me, man,
Tony’s back piece is one of the most solid– One of the most solid
back pieces we’ve seen. Super clean, super rich,
super bold. For TeeJ’s,
it’s a big, beautiful,totally different wild takeon what we usually see.
TeeJ was right.
He’s bringing something
to “Ink Master” that we’ve never seen before. – They’re both badass tattoos. It’s a tough one, man.
– Both warrior tattoos. Both guys came to fight.
– Damn. All right, guys,
I need a final decision. Bring it in for me. all: Tony! Tony! Tony! [chanting continues] – All right, guys.
This is it. The judges have decided.[tense music]♪ ♪Tony… [cheers and applause] You do have what it takes to be Ink Master.
Congratulations, buddy. [cheers and applause][rock music playing]♪ ♪– You won. – [laughing] – God damn it. [crowd chanting “Tony!”] – Congratulations, guys.
You both killed it. [cheers and applause]

72 thoughts on “Tony Medellin is the Named ‘Ink Master’ | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

  1. Maybe it’s just me but I expected more from tiffer . I thought his 35 hour tattoo would be something out of the box . I wanted him to win but nonetheless I’m still happy that Tony and cleen won the 100k .

  2. Tony's was one of the most incredible pieces i have ever seen!! I have an ex that is big into Norse stuff and he would have probably cried in happiness to get a tattoo like that lol

  3. From the start I thought team Clean would win because they were more supportive of each other and willing to listen to advise. Glad it worked out. Clean so deserved a win he was robbed twice before.

  4. As much as I wanted Teej to win, they got this one right. Tony's was bulletproof. Just glad the judges didn't suck off Tiffer like they've done all season; both of his were pretty weak.

  5. Perhaps few noticed it a while ago but I like to think that in the episode where they’re doing the chalk challenge towards the end there was kind of a sign saying who were really gonna make it to the end when Cleen marked Tony with the paint/chalk on his face and cleen marked himself too. Almost representing that they know what’s up and they both see it in each other, from then I saw that these two would win. Both have strong mindsets and come from OG places, with that said through out this challenge they both saw it in each other and pushed each other more to be the best

  6. I thought for sure Teej and Tiffer would be in the finale, but I think they got the winner right here. Tiffer's lion had no fur, and Teej had anatomy issues. At the end of the day, Tony was the most bulletproof. I'm happy for him!

  7. They got it right this time!!!👍
    At first I was rooting for Tiffer to win. But after seeing his back piece I knew it wasn't the case. TJ had a strong back piece but Tonys was better.

  8. Can someone please explane what's wrong with TeeJs dragon? I'm looking at the scales and don't get where the mistake is.

  9. I feel happy for tony. Although I've been with team Christian, I'm happy. I'm also happy about the fact Tony was the first one that was on ink master Angels (besides Ryan) to win ink master

  10. i’m never watching this show again. complete bullshit. everyone knows TeeJ was supposed to be ink master smh. Way to disappoint. Tony’s backpiece mightve been easier to read but he is NOT a better tatt artist overall and he cocky mf too

  11. Personally I loved both pieces but TeeJ had to adapt to his canvass like no other, I'm surprised it came out clean that canvas was such an ass! Both were beautiful, but id rather have Tj's on my back. Plus the crowd should be able to vote I dont like how the judges made this decision we dont know how well they know each other in the background. Seems unfair.

  12. I remember how Tony was upset the episode before the finale because he felt that it didnt matter how hard he worked he was always a step behind. I was worried that his frustration would get to him and that he would be eliminated, also the storyline that was created sorrounding Tiffer and TeeJ made it seem like Tony was the odd one out. Tony you finally showed that you never were a step behind but rather a step ahead, I guess you could say that you were the odd one out of the three because you are the righful winner, the ink master.

  13. Obviously team Cleen won because he sucks Nuñez balls or vice versa never watching this lame ass show ever again such a waste of time

  14. Thanks for being such a great guy Tony! You definitely deserved this! Can’t wait till you’re back home so we can hangout again!

  15. I bet you $13456324567 dollars you didn't read that number. You just skipped right over it. You didn't even realize I put a letter in it. No I didn't but you went back and looked.

    I want my like

  16. 1:30 both pieces of art were clean but that tiger is a piece of art. thats the best back piece i ever saw. maybe if he made it color it would pop more compared to the other one. But as a tattoo black and white look the best.

  17. TeeJ had the nicer back peice in my opinion. It was so damn beautiful… the other one is just not my style at all.

  18. My taste in tattoos would have chosen Teej just based off of the beautiful concept and realism despite how large the tattoo was. Tony did a great job, but Im not a fan of the style of his back piece and preferred Teej’s tattoo.

  19. Fuck No TeeJ Should of Win Fr Fuckkkk ☠☠☠☠🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️💔Fuck That Fuck the Judges TeeJ Won

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