Tiger Head Tattoo Showdown Highlight | Grudge Match

♪ ♪ – All right, Sketchy, Mike,
you guys have six hours to do a fierce tiger tattoo. Are you ready?
– Yeah. – Are you ready?
– I’m ready. – Let’s tattoo! – Six hours.
It’s got to be perfect. – Turn towards me–all the way. There we go. – Sketchy called out
tiger head. There are so many details– the teeth, the mouth, the eyes. These things are
full of texture– the fur, whiskers, even. What’s not to love
about a tough, fierce tiger head tattoo? – Ready? – Yeah.
– Cool. [tattoo machine buzzing] ♪ ♪ – Dang.
Tiger is loose. – When I competed
the first time, I didn’t get to show
what I can do. – Cool design, dude.
– Thanks. This is how I like
to draw tigers. My tiger’s breaking
through a chain ’cause it’s a strong animal. I want this tattoo
to look tough with a strong line weight, solid blacks, solid colors. It’s gonna look the same
in 30 years. I’m not trying
to stress too much. – You never look like
you’re stressing. [woman laughs]
– I’ll tell you that. ♪ ♪ What has this thing
got going on? Daggers and flames and tiger… – Oh, yeah.
– Kitchen sink. – I told you.
I’m not playing this time. My first two designs
were just tiger heads, but I was like, “What’s gonna
give it that extra punch? What’s gonna be the [bleep]
nail in the coffin?” Like, I wanted
to [bleep] crush it. – How’s the time going? I mean, you’re not even done
with this outline. You got enough time? – Yeah, yeah.
Plenty of time, man. Once the linework’s done,
then it’s smooth sailing. – Yeah, they always say
that “no rush” thing. – Until you’re rushing. Hopefully,
it don’t work out that way. ♪ ♪ – Four hours remain, guys.
Four more hours. ♪ ♪ – I got a lot of work to do,
and it’s my own [bleep] fault. I probably shouldn’t have done
all this extra shit. I’m just hoping that
it doesn’t backfire. I’m balls-deep. [soft tapping] I don’t hear you. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ – All right,
in this booth, we got Oba, “The Chocolate Dynamite”
Jackson, and in this booth,
we got Tiara, “The Pink Thundercracker” Gordon!
– [snorts] – You guys have six hours
to complete an insect tattoo. Are you guys ready?
– I’m ready. – Oh, I’m ready. – Let’s tattoo! – Hell, yeah. – Tiara called insect tattoos,
and I’m bugging out! Oh, look at that tooth. It’s just like
the one I lost in ’64. [whistles through teeth] – Bug tattoos can be
super difficult because there’s tons
of little details and if you mess
those details up, well, you got a shitty tattoo. [tattoo machine buzzing]
– Ready? – Yep. ♪ ♪ – Is this gonna be your
favorite tattoo? – It’s definitely gonna
be up there. – I’m feeling kind
of confident. I’m getting to do exactly
what I wanted to do. – What the hell
kind of bug is that? – You know,
I’m going with the lemon theme. I even got to put
a tooth into my design, and I collect teeth also,
and bugs. I don’t know why, really,
I collect them. I just find it fascinating. – I think your designs
are cool. They really, like,
fit you, you know? And I’m, like,
just noticing that, like, this might be, like,
the outside of a lemon too. – It is.
It’s a lemon peel. – Yeah, like, if it shuts
and the wings go in, it’s like a lemon.
– Yeah. – You thought about that
while you were drawing it. – Yeah. – That’s cool that people
think about that stuff. – I do.
I think about it all day. – It’s good.
It’s good. – I think about bugs
and lemons. [laughs] I think I’ve been
sometimes underestimated throughout my career. Maybe it’s because
I’m a little weird. I like to be creative. I think my stuff
is not ordinary. It’s not something
that you would see every day. It’s something that’s a little
weird and makes you think. – All right.
We are at the halfway point. Three hours down.
Three hours to go. – What made you want
to do a praying mantis? – I don’t know.
I just liked it with all the textures
and spikes and shit. A praying mantis’ proportions
are really cool. Like, the size of its arms versus its body and head
look very chic. If somebody put it
on a Paris runway, it would just go right along
with everything else. – I’m really glad you could
come back to do this tattoo. When you left, we didn’t even
know really what was going on. – When I went to my doctor, it was basically environmental
stress on my heart. – The environment definitely
puts a lot of stress on you that people don’t realize. – I wish I hadn’t
had left the competition, but then I think everything
works out in a certain way. I started taking care
of myself a lot better. I don’t have
type 2 diabetes anymore. I lost 37 pounds, so now I get even more outfits. I’m, like,
super excited about that. Tiara,
are you taking dance breaks? – Is that a challenge? – I mean, it could be. I don’t know shit about bugs,
but I came to win. Tiara may be my friend, but I did not come here
to lose. ♪ ♪ Loser does not look good on me. ♪ ♪ [tattoo machines buzzing] ♪ ♪ – We’re down to two hours. You better sharpen up
those claws. Two hours left. Ryan said,
“Sharpen up those claws.” – Yeah. – I didn’t put any claws
in mine. – I didn’t either. – I think you should add claws
to yours last-minute. – Definitely not gonna do that. ♪ ♪ – Are you thickening your line
or fixing your mistakes? – Thickening my line–
different line weights. – Mm-hmm. Man, you couldn’t
just do a tiger head. You had to throw everything
else in that you’ve ever done. – Yeah.
I wanted to frame it out. ♪ ♪ – It took Sketchy almost two
hours to outline that thing. – It’s got a lot of lines
in it. – They’re all
built up unevenly. He’s got to fix those. – If he can pull it off,
it’s dope. – I really like Mike’s design.
– Man, I love Mike’s design. It’s solid.
It’s simple. – You know what I think
it does need? A big, heavy,
punched-in outline. – That’s true. ♪ ♪ – All right.
I’m counting it down, guys. Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it.
This grudge match is over. – Just in time. – I am stoked.
Definitely. – We’re done. – It’s awesome. – You dig it?
– It’s bad-ass. – Well, it was
a tiger head challenge. – Put my heart into it, man. Put my heart into it.
[laughs] – It’s very clean.
– I tried to make it dynamic. – You could have just
went with the tiger. – They wanted a catfight,
so now they got it.

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