So, what Adam doesn’t know is, we’re actually about to perform a procedure where they take his hair off and implant it on my head. [Oh no] So, he’s about to be bald. He’s out. Welcome back to all my Kats. So today, me and the parentals are headed to New York City for different reasons. I am going for a tattoo removal on my forehead. As crazy as that sounds, no matter how many times I say it and my parents are going to enjoy New York during Christmas time. What are you gonna do in New York? [Oh, a lot. I’m going to Central Park see the tree, see the vendors. Maybe go shopping, eat something] [Wandering around the city] How excited are you from 1 to 10? [10] Wow. Baba, how excited are you from 1 to 10 to go to New York? [0] [He never get excited for me] [laughing] [He never get excited. Gosh] So if you wonder why I like to stay at home and not do things, It’s because my father raised me that way. My mom loves to go everywhere and do everything, My dad doesn’t. My dad would love to stay home and do nothing and that’s why it rubbed off on me a lot. My dad rubbed off on me more than my mom rubbed off on me. So my mom insists that we take the bus. Shhe won’t let us drive, she wants to take the bus. So we’re gonna get on a bus now to take us to New York City. I’m talking about like a public transit bus and then I have to take another uber 20 minutes to go to the tattoo removal place. So, I’m gonna save my complaining though, because this is usually where I would bicker at my mo. Be like, why are we doing this? We should have drove, but, you know, we’re taking it so, what can I do now? So, because of my mom’s wanting to take the bus, I didn’t vlog any of it but it took- actually, I’m not gonna blame this on my mom. I chose a late appointment, I went late and it took us forever. My appointment was at 4:30. It is currently, what? Six something? Six something, so I’m gonna get the numbing done now and then I might do something special in the meantime from the numbing until the removal and then we’ll do the removal. So get excited. It might be good that we were late, you’ll see why. So I got the numbing done and now Adam Salah has me walking around all of New York trying to find where they are right now, and he sent me to the wrong address. I’m gonna fight him when I see him. Like, I’ma square up with Adam, this- I’m gonna title this video, I whooped, actually- Adams a boxer. So, I don’t want to do that, but I literally texted him. I said, I’m gonna fight you. So we might see. He said, I don’t know why two different addresses show, they’re really close by with crying face emojis. That’s it, I’m gonna fight him. I’m gonna fight him. I’m gonna fight him, watch. I’m gonna find him with this numbing cream on my head. No clickbait, I’m gonna fight him. Rashad you wanna hold this? [Yeah, I got you] Square up right now. You sent me all around. You sent me all around. [No, stop. It’s not me] [laughing] Man. He sent me around the world right now. Look at what I have on my head. [Oh my god] That’s the numbing cream. [Oh my god. Looks like a grandma] So that means you’re gonna get bald? [Yeah, I’m getting bald] When? [I’m gonna get bald in like, two years man. You’re gonna see me bald. Trust me] He’s liying man. [My older brothers getting bald. He’s a year older than me, so, I’m following his footsteps. Trust me] I hate when somebody with a perfect head of hair. This is the second vlog we’ve been talking about hair and the last vlog somebody was like, you guys really talked about hair for 10 minutes. You had to just show off like that? Well, they’re about to come see the procedure right now. Although, to get here, I sweat so much that the numbing cream melted, so, it’s gonna hurt now because there’s no numbing cream. So. we’ll see what happens. Alright guys, I want to pitch you guys something. So, I talked to Qias the other day and he said he was thinking the same exact thing. So, I just jokingly pitched the idea to them. Imagine if me, Rashad, Adam, Moe, Qias, Ahmad, Wahjee, Slim, imagine if all of us had like a team right? Or like, imagine hypothetically, if you all lived in a house, and we were like, a power team, What would the name of that team be? Like, it doesn’t have to be, team something, just in general. You know, us being of Middle Eastern descent. One, it would be powerful as hell, but what would the name of it be? We’re all trying to think of ideas, but we can’t think of a good idea. You got any? [No, I don’t think] No, no, no. You got any? [Damn, it’s so hard, but it would be a powerful team] It would be powerful man. Here’s- here’s what’s so good about it though, and I’m gonna be honest, I’m gonna be blunt right now. Well, I don’t know if they did, but, we all used to beef right? Me, Adam, Qias. So the fact that now, we realize we’re stronger together than we are apart, that’s beautiful and like, that’s what’s so crazy about it. So, we just need a powerful team. I don’t know. If you have any idea, comment it down below and let me know. Yo, since we’re friends now, I just got to ask you guys. Adam this goes to you too. Did you guys see any of the movies that I was in? [No] [Uhh, I don’t really watch movies] [I didn’t but Slim did] Slim did? [I was supposed to go with him. Yeah, I was] What did he say? [He liked it. I swear he liked it] Okay, well here’s what I have to say, you’re a hater hater, you’re a hater hater, and you’re a hater hater. [I’m going-] [laughing] Okay? Here’s what I want you guys to do if you don’t want to be haters and you want to be my friends again. You got buy both movies on blu-ray. [Chill] Huh? [What’s blue-ray?] Like, a DVD. [Okay, I got you] And then, you gotta like, just keep it at your house. Don’t even open it. [Okay] Deal? [Yeah, where’s the- where can I buy?] Any store, any store. Amazon, any store, any store in the world. Even on, on demand on your TV. [Okay, done] If any of you guys haven’t watched it, I’m in Tyler Perry’s Boo A Madea Halloween 1 and 2. Don’t be a hater like these guys. Go support your friends and your peers and watch it and shout out to Slim. [Yeah, he watched it. Him and his brother] Shoutout to Slim. [Wait, did he watch it because he was in it or did he just watch it?] No, he probably just watched it. [Yeah, he just watched it] I feel like that’s a movie Slim never watched. [My friend do you have an iPhone charger?] Alright guys, here we go. So, I came here alone, but I got a lot of people who are about to experience this right now. [Oohh] How you guys feel about this? [I’m excited. I seen it on video and it was satisfying. Really satisfying] So, what Adam doesn’t know is, we’re actually about to perform a procedure where they, where they take his hair off and implant it on my head. [Oh no] So, he’s about to be bald. He’s out. No, it should be cool though. It’s cool having people because then you don’t feel it as much because you have people who are like, you know reacting to it so, it should go good today. [How you feeling? Good?] Good. I’m happy you guys are here to see it. [Kats Family] [Put your glasses on] [Oh] Moe is cheering me on. Moe’s my biggest supporter guys, lowkey. I feel like he is. [Subscribe right now, subscribe] I feel like he’s been there on Dose of Fousey, he’s been there on Kats, he’s been there. Oh, can I get the ball? [Yeah] [What does that do?] Relieves the pain, the stress. You go like this. When you start feeling the pain, you start going like this. [Just hold on to Moe’s hand] It’s gonna look like nothing and it’s gonna look like it doesn’t hurt, don’t be fooled by what it looks like. [Oh my god] [You can hear it, you can hear] [That’s insane] You guys are gonna smell it too, do you smell it yet? [Yeah, I smell it] [How you feeling?] [Good] I told you, something you’ll never see. [Bro, this is so satisfying] Better. I still feel it a lot today. Can you guys see it going away today? [Yeah] [Yeah] Moe, vlog some of it. [My heart is dropping just watching this] [I know man. Oh my god] My hands are sweaty. I don’t know why I feel it. Usually I take it like a boss but today is like. [It’s hurting more? It’s coming off a lot more] Is it? [Yeah] Oh no, when I said that, did you put the lasers down? No! Don’t let my pain deter the results. [I know, but there’s like a level. It’s okay, it still works, it still works] There’s levels she can put the lasers on it because I complained there and said it hurt, she put the lasers down. [My heart is hurting watching this. I feel the pain. Every zap, every zap] [I can smell the pain man] [It smells like a barbecue] [It smells like a fire right? Like a grill] Guys, shoutout to Adam behind the camera. [Gang, gang, gang, what’s up?] [Shoutout to you man, for being there. You’re a champ] No, because I did this to myself. [Nah, don’t worry. You’re a champ, you got this] [Why does the whole thing need to go? Like, why can’t you just shape it up?] It was bad all over. It was bad. If you saw when it was good, like a picture when it was good, it’s much different. [He’s being a wimp. He’s being a wimp] [You try it] I’m gonna fight you. I’m gonna fight you. On a scale of one to ten, how does it feel like? Well, I don’t want to scare people from this process if they ever have to do it. [Yeah] Let’s just say, it’s not something you ever want to feel. [Yeah] [On the plus side guys, today my phone got robbed because of Adam, so] [Me?] [Snapchatting] [Yo, not to laugh, it just feels like we’re doing a barbecue in here] [Yo, I actually really love the smell guys because I always burned my hair on my arm, and it smells the exact same] [Have you never done that?] [You take like a match and burn yourself?] [Yeah] [I sound psycho, but] [How’d you sleep last night?] Good. The hardest part about this Adam isn’t even this, I still have to take the bus home. [Does it burn your head?] Nah, that’s gonna be gone in an hour, but the bus ride home is just gonna suck. [I feel for him man. He’s going through a lot] Oh! Aahh! Damn, and I talked about people having this reaction in the last video and today, it’s happening to me. Like, literally to the point where I wanted to pee right now, and then I just wanted to stop this. I was like, I can’t do it anymore Aahh. How do you feel about this Adam? [Bro, I feel bad. I feel so bad] [laughing] [You should- you shouldn’t be going through that pain] Oh man. You need to go back to that lady and confront her man] I wish I could sue. [Yeah, you should you should sue her] I wonder if I could for like, ruining my career or my money income because I lost jobs from having a bad- [And going through this like, this whole like, yeah] Yeah. [It’s traumatizing you] I wonder if, any lawyers out there? Oh. Am I allowed to sue for that? Are you a lawyer? [Ahh, I got you. What’d you want to sue? I’m about making money, man] [Let’s sue] [Sue the lady who put the tattoo-] [I actually kind of feel bad right now, like, it seems painful] Can we sue the lady who did the initial tattoo? [I thought- look, okay] You’re the worst lawyer ever. [He’s fired] You’re fired. Guys, I might do that one thing again where I got that like weave on my head. If Adam can find me a good spot in New York, I might do that again. [Here we go] What’s the most pain you’ve ever been on- in your life? [Probably getting staples in my head] [Fighting my brother, my little brother, and I got staples in my head. Seeing this is probably more painful than the staples that I have] Just seeing it? [Yeah man. I swear I feel it. Like, that sound and everything and seeing his face. I feel so bad] [Bro, I feel really, really bad. Oh my god] [Yeah] [Would you rather get your heartbroken or this?] Oohh. Wow. This, this. My last heartbreak, it was like, like, that was bad man. That’s a good question. [This ends] Yeah. This ends. The heartbreak, that took a while to get- to get- it actually took me a while man. It took me like a good, woah. [How long?] I don’t remember. I want to say three months. [Wow, that’s really long] Yeah, three months and it- oohh, it was bad. We’re talking real heartbreak. Like, breakups, you can go through breakups, but if it wasn’t real, you’re not gonna feel it. I’m talking about a real heartbreak. [You okay?] [Alright, you’re done] Yeah! Whoo. Thank you. [You’re welcome] We’re out of here. [Here, I’ll move it] Get me out of here. [Wait, you’re gonna turn] No, no, I won’t, I won’t. I promise. [Let’s move it this way] Oh. [That ‘s it?] Oh- that- Why is there always somebody that says, that’s it? [That’s it!] You guys got to stop that. Man. It looks better though yeah? [Yeah, it looks- yeah, definitely. Sure] [Want me to take a picture and show you?] Nah, I got it. Wow [Wow, the mic was off the whole time. I’m just joking] Thank you guys for coming to experience that. [Yeah, man] [Bro, nice] Bro when I come to Dubai I wanna live with you because I just want to do a show on your life. You intrigue me. [laughing] You really intrigue me. The life of Moe Vlogs. [Do it] I missed you so much today. I missed you so much today. I’m sorry we couldn’t take you. I didn’t want you to get cold in the city. It’s crazy that the longest me and Muffin are away from each other now is like, at the longest, was the other day, seven hours and I had so much anxiety without her because she comes everywhere now. It’s crazy. I never knew when I got Muffin because, you know, Dollar was my first dog. I never knew that I would end up getting this close to Muffin, but now we’re like, inseparable. Like, nobody understands the bond I have with this girl right here. Not at all It is out of this world and she knows it, she knows it, she knows it, she knows it. We understand each other so much. She knows it, she knows it, she knows it. I know all her buttons, I know all her likes, I know all her dislikes, I know when she needs attention, I know when she did something bad, I know when she feels bad about doing something bad, I know when she sad when I’m about to leave I know everything about her, everything about her, everything about her, everything, everything, everything. I know that she hates my kiss as well. She hates my kisses because she hates anybody getting near her face, her eyes. She hates nose- like, she hates that. Although, she will kiss my nose but, I know she knows what it means when I kiss her. So, people always Google, does my dog know what it means when I kiss her? I know Muffin knows the affection I’m trying to give her because I do it in such a loving way, like, when we play with each other, I lay her down, and she knows I’m going like, call me crazy but she knows that I’m doing it out of love, and she knows if I was mad. So she knows that this means, I love you. Alright you guys, you guys know I end the vlogs wearing no hat when I do get a tattoo removal because I’m confident in who I am and I love myself now, all thanks to you guys. So, I do want to say there was a legendary stream tonight to all my stream watchers. Tonight went down in history. There is so much drama going on right now in this stream that, if it were YouTube videos, everybody would be going crazy right now, picking a side, who should date who, all of that stuff. So shoutout to everybody who watches the stream. Tonight was very interesting, but what I do want to say to the vlog family is this, whoo First of all, I am 100% conscious in the fact knowing that, whoever watches these videos, 100% supports me. There are no haters here. There are nobody who like, doesn’t understand me. You guys are the ride to dies, the loyal ones who have stuck by me all these years. So, you guys need no explanations for anything ever. Secondly, I want you guys to be very happy in knowing this, oh I just ate. That’s why I’m like, burping. Let me show you guys though, what I’m really excited in. So, I’m gonna be very honest and tell you guys that, my whole- not my whole life. Two years ago, I started taking Lexapro Umm, yeah, in that Kanye song where he goes, you never wanna see your brother off his Lexapro. Whatever. So, I was taking Lexapro, but I’ve been taking it so long that it doesn’t really do anything anymore and doesn’t really affect my mood or straighten my mood. I just take it because if I were to get off of it now, It would give me brain- I don’t, I don’t want do that process, but I’m happy to say I went to see a psychiatrist. So, I’m trying to do something in a positive direction, and I got prescribed a different medication and I’ve only been on it a week, and I’ve already like, as you guys can see, two vlogs done, streams. I know that might not seem a lot- like, a lot but I want to tell everybody or remind everybody or to all the new people, In all the years have done YouTube, never have I ever even been able to tweet during like, the months of December. I would be ghost right now, no explanations, no nothing and now, whether it be two vlogs a week or one vlog week, I am kicking its butt. I am doing my best, and I am so proud of myself, and I’m feeling great, and I’m feeling happy, and I’m feeling blessed and I know you guys feel the same. Thank you so much for all your support and I’ll see you guys next time here on Kats. Where he grind don’t stop, the tea stays green and the Kats stay roaring. RAAH!


  1. This was one of the most painful experiences EVER! I don't know why it hurt so bad today! BUT, I hope you guys enjoyed. I've been having so much fun vlogging lately and hope you guys can feel that. 🙂

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  4. Ibn 'Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) said:

    The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) cursed the maker and wearer of a wig and the tattooer and the one who is tattooed

    [Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim]

  5. You won't get brain zaps from Lexapro withdrawal if you do it very slowly and gradually-that's the key. It depends what dosage you're taking too. Going from 30mg one day to zero the next may well cause it, but I went from 10 to complete withdrawal over several weeks and no zaps whatsoever.

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