1. This was one of the most painful experiences EVER! I don't know why it hurt so bad today! BUT, I hope you guys enjoyed. I've been having so much fun vlogging lately and hope you guys can feel that. 🙂

  2. Why didnt u list their channels in the description? Normally when a youtuber (successful or struggling) shows up in another youtuber's vlogs or videos in general, they list their channels in the description coz u know, its the decent thing to do.

  3. More videos bro, believe in yourself, you're incredible at this, get up, get the camera on, feel confident and give us our daily vlogs dude, you'll be more successful then anyone, your history has proved it!

  4. Ibn 'Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) said:

    The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) cursed the maker and wearer of a wig and the tattooer and the one who is tattooed

    [Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim]

  5. You won't get brain zaps from Lexapro withdrawal if you do it very slowly and gradually-that's the key. It depends what dosage you're taking too. Going from 30mg one day to zero the next may well cause it, but I went from 10 to complete withdrawal over several weeks and no zaps whatsoever.

  6. Youseff,😇😇😇😇😇 u don.t need that medication just need LOVE ….u don.t imagine how much I admire u ….I find u sooo real .U so creative love everYThing you put on UTube . Very Good work …we can see that you study u now where u going u diferent and that make u special and give.s u this power to create .U a Leader Youseff .I see what u doing I became adicted to your video.s .Don.t wory about nothing u so fine man in side and out . Sorry 4 my english is not perfect .I am watching your Mother.s chanel olso great FAMILLY the girl that will mary you she will be so happy .Wish your family and u all the best from Rumania ✌😇😇😇😇😇😇

  7. I hate that in all your videos you keep saying your “forehead”. You don’t know the difference between your forehead and your scalp?? Your forehead is NOT located on the top of your head!!! 😡🙄

  8. Mo vlogs is to funny😀😀😀 you guys should do more videos as a group together, all your guys charisma is awsome.

  9. I love your smile… your videos are really fun, but that smile, WOW! You will make some lady a great husband!!! (I am just a silly old lady, but I KNOW a great smile when I see one LOL)

  10. oh, if i were a bald man
    baldy baldy baldy, baldy baldy baldy baldy bald
    i would have no hair upon my head
    if i were a baldy man

  11. Was the difference in meds because you decided to be raw with everyone including a professional? I ask because ai have a friend who after four years of watching and trying to help her, I believe she os bipolar but she is never fully honest with the therapist (she has seen many). I have begged her to get help and be brutally honest with the therapist because they can only help with what a patient tells them

  12. I wonder why they don't numb it with some lidocaine w/ epinephrine to stop bleeding. I've seen doctors numb the scalp for other procedures and when they use that stuff you couldn't even feel it if a professional drummer used your scalp as a drum set with a drumstick made with spikes on the ends. The swelling from the liquid must screw up the lasering somehow.

  13. Did anyone notice the PS4 background music at the end? About 14 minutes! 😂 I love you Fousey! ❤️🇨🇦❤️

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