This Guy Thinks He’s Talking To A FAMOUS Celebrity  | Catfish: The TV Show

This Guy Thinks He’s Talking To A FAMOUS Celebrity | Catfish: The TV Show

– [Man] Into the garden? Okay, thanks. I see someone, I do see someone. Hello, Harriet, I presume? – Yeah. – Nieve, how are you. – [Max] Hi, I’m Max. – Hi, I’m Harriet.
– [Max] Nice to meet you. – Hi, I’m Harriet. – I’m Spencer. – Yeah, Amy told me
you guys were here. So, you know. – So you’ve been talking to
Spencer for the last six years. – I have. – [Nieve] You don’t
know Katy Perry. – No. – Anything to say to me? – No, I’m sorry, I guess. – It’s not the kind of thing
you guess you’re sorry about. I mean, it seems like
an understatement. – Yeah. – Forgive me, but is there
anything about this situation that you find humorous? – No, I don’t think it’s funny. – He said that
you had to be Katy because you knew so
much about her life and all these details. – I was a really
big fan of hers. So it was kind of stuff
I knew from being a fan. – I was checking everything. – Well, yeah, I kind of
just, was kind of really obsessed with her. – Six years of googling
Katy, where she’s at, what she’s doing,
what she likes. – Well it was kind
of me, though. – Six years, this is the
first time us meeting. I’d feel like more
excitement, maybe. – You would feel it? – Or her towards me. Where did we meet again? – On the app, yeah. – Well, who else could it be? – I mean, really Katy. – Where did we meet again? – On the app, yeah. – Dude, it’s her. – No, I don’t think it is, man. – Well, who else could it be? – I mean, really Katy. – You can’t possibly think
it’s still Katy Perry. – I do. – Okay, so. – Whoa. – Do you wanna. – I mean, can you just pop
his bubble for a second and tell him that he
has not been talking to Katy Perry? – Is there something
you can tell him that might ring true. – Your middle name’s Ray. You dressed up as that
hot sauce for Halloween. – What’s the name of our
kids that we talked about. – It was Lyka, Luka,
something else. Started with an L probably. – It’s not her. – What do you mean? – It’s not her. – Why, did she get
that all wrong? – No, she got the
first two names right. – She doesn’t remember
things as much as you do. Dude, this is not, you’re
not getting punk’d right now. – [Harriet] It was
Boss, it was Boss. – No, this is it. – I think that Katy would
get a kick out of me getting punk’d a little bit, this might be a little
bit part of that. – So Katy Perry and Harriet
conspired to bring you here. – I mean, I’ve got some details that were pretty
important wrong. – Cause she doesn’t care. – They weren’t important
details to her. – Right. Cause she didn’t care that much. Which is maybe harder to accept. – We found the person
you’ve been talking to beyond, really,
any shred of doubt. And you still want
to believe the thing that makes you happier. You need to know that you’re
not talking to Katy Perry. And you need to start thinking about other people’s feelings. The fact that this is
the actual human being, as weird and crazy as he
might be, has a heart. – Yeah. – And was giving
it it to you 100% for six years of his life. For both of you, there’s
some self reflection that needs to happen. So why don’t we get out of here. Potentially meeting
you tomorrow, that’s very doable, right? – [Harriet] Yeah. – Scale of 1 to 10,
how confident are you when you’re talking
to Katy Perry? – I’ll go with a 9. – Well at least
it’s down from a 10.

100 thoughts on “This Guy Thinks He’s Talking To A FAMOUS Celebrity | Catfish: The TV Show

  1. She beautiful he ugly n he still wants Katy 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️I would of been like f Katy
    She gud enough

  2. This dude is hopeless. Yes, she's not (the otherwise quite vacuous) Katy Perry, but she's a hot, flesh-and-blood woman with more than a passing interest in you.
    Spencer, stop living in your delusions and get inside her wet pink flesh!

  3. I have someone I wanna know if they are a catfish well I already know it's a catfish but I wanna know it's whom behind the photo

  4. Damn y’all love showing the Katy Perry guy. You have him in about 50 clips I already knew who it was by the title.

  5. how do they fall for that because you can do a video chat if they don't want to do a video chat from jump that letting you know that's not them

  6. Sure he is delusional, but that's no excuse for her, catfish are scumbags who think screwing with other peoples feelings and lives is funny, i hope this delusional guy turns into her stalker and gives her what she deserves, i think every catfish deserves a crazy stalker, lets see how funny they find that

  7. This guy gives me mad creepier vibes. I’d much rather have him think he’s talking to Katy perry than act this way towards another girl

  8. Sam Harris analogy about religious people who can't imagine living in a world without believing in Jesus: "Imagine a guy who believes he's in a relationship with Angelina Jolie. When you tell him he's delusional, he replies with 'I don't want to live in a world where I'm not in a relationship with Angelina Jolie'".

    I say let him believe he's talking to Katy Perry. It's no different than people believing in whatever God they have. They seem happy.

  9. She is cute and he seems like a crazy stalker. U actually feel bad for the catfish in this episode because this dude has some serious issues.

  10. He believes he spoke to katy perry for 6 years? Come on man even if you spoke to her im sure after one month you would video chat with each other. Hes probably kind but he must have a mental disorder

  11. One the most memorable episodes because after she told him 'it's me you were speaking to', dude still thinks it's Katy perry. He went home and 2 months later still thought it was Katy perry.

  12. I'm so glad to see Max and nev I didn't like kamie she tries to hard and she looks like a man so happy Max is back it needs to stay this way

  13. Let’s be honest dude got lucky to talk to her. He’s a creep and she’s pretty like just ask her out. He’s beyond delusional

  14. now how in the hell he thought he was talking to katy perry😬. looking like that and how you gone talk to somebody for 6 years and not know it’s not katy 😭✌🏽.

  15. He can’t be that dumb and plus this chick looks to good for him and he still wants Katty aim high I guess lol 😂

  16. Im sure Katy does katfish and likely has for tv show pilots. hey wazzup . keeping the dream alive for him so sad

  17. Lmfao dudes crazy. She was a hottie though don’t think I’d be too disappointed if it was her talking to me anyway

  18. Just because she’s pretty doesn’t make it right. If it was me (which would be never) I’d just say fuck you and your feelings and walk tf out

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