This Girl’s Sister Really Gave Her ‘Boobs On Her Back’ 🍈🍈 | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

This Girl’s Sister Really Gave Her ‘Boobs On Her Back’ 🍈🍈 | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

– Taking off the shades. (dramatic music) What the (beeping)? No! (upbeat music) No, this is not a good thing. – [Narrator] On this episode
of How Far is Tattoo Far? Jazmine and her sister Branee are here to improve their relationship. They have different moms but the same dad and he’s pretty uptight. – Dad’s strict? – Super, we’re super conservative, church. – How does he feel
about all these tattoos? – He hates it. – Yeah, definitely hates it. – He doesn’t like it. – [Narrator] Despite their dad’s wishes, Branee is ready to give
Jaz a permanent gift. – Are you guys gonna do
good tattoos or bad tattoos? – Mine is a gift, I’m giving Jaz something she always wanted. (gasping) – What did I want? – I know what of Jaz biggest insecurities, so I’m gonna help her out with it. You just gotta wait and see, baby girl. – You have to let that stew. – [Narrator] While Jaz is prepared to reveal a secret to her sister. – So I brought my sister
here because I want to relay an amazing message to her. This tattoo is live or die right now. Our relationship might be (beeping) up. – [Narrator] It’s tattoo
time, let’s get to it. (upbeat music) – Man, how you doing? – I’m ready for it to be over. – Oh my god! – [Narrator] Ready for the reveals? Here we go. (upbeat music) – Families are built on trust, obviously. So she’s letting you know about a secret. – I don’t even know
what to think right now. – And the tattoo that you gave to Jazmine? – I’m scared. – I’m scared too. You got me a little anxious, I’m ready. – Shall we? – It’s happening. – I’m ready. (sighing) – Oh god. – Tiffany, how’d you
feel about this tattoo? – Uh, I think it’s a little messed up. Good luck. – Good luck? – I’m outta here. – Wow! – The hell? – Jaz. – Yes? – Your sister went pretty
hard, you know that right? (dramatic music) – Let’s see how hard she went. – Getting something you always wanted. – Taking off the shades. (dramatic music) What the (beeping)? No! There’s boobs on my back. – It’s a good thing. – No! This is not a good thing. This is (beeping) up. This is a detailed portrait
of some (beeping) boobs on my goddam back. – I know, that is like high quality. – No, girl, what the (beeping)? Wha- no! Somebody’s gonna see that (beeping) and be like, what the (beeping)
were you going through when you got some (beeping)
boobs on your (beeping) like? – Why did you put boobs on her back? – Jaz has always been kinda flat chested, and I know she probably she had more. I gave her more. – Oh my back? – On your back. (laughing) – What is my momma gonna say? – What’s Dad gonna say? (laughing) – This is what I gotta live
with for the rest of my life. (beeping) It, I got boobs on my back. (laughing) I’m gonna get you. I’m ready for you to see your tattoo. – [Justin] Let’s switch it up. – Oh my god. – I’m super nervous. Is she about to tell me something that’s gonna really change us? – I don’t think Branee
knows what’s gonna hit her. – [Nicole] Travis! – Sup Travis? – Branee, hearing your sister’s secret could honestly, it could change
everything between you two. – Yeah. – This is not good. – All right. (dramatic music) – Kiss me. (dramatic music) Wait. Why’d you put this on me? (dramatic music) Gay? You playing? You not gay for real. You gay for real? You playing right? Are you for real, for real right now? – Yes. – When did you become gay? – I’m bisexual, being
bisexual in our household, you just straight gay. What’s wrong with being gay? – Why did you feel you
had to tell me like this? – (beeping) I’m trying to stop crying. – I don’t think nothing’s
wrong with being gay. You didn’t have to come out like this. You know you didn’t. Not to me. Like I hate that you felt like
you couldn’t just tell me. I’m your sister, I’m
gonna love you regardless. I think you’re perfect,
I think you’re great. I think you’re living your dream, I think you are un- I think
you are doing everything, like imma love you
forever, and you know that. – Hug it out. This is amazing! – You put boobs on my (beeping) back. (beeping) I’m actually happy. I actually came out to the world. – I got you. Anybody that give you a hard time, you’ll get hit in the jaw. – Thank you for coming here today. – No, thank you, thank you. – I know you don’t want me worried about you but, you got
all the support from me, and you know that. – We working on you, sister. – [Branee] We working on each other.

100 thoughts on “This Girl’s Sister Really Gave Her ‘Boobs On Her Back’ 🍈🍈 | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

  1. This show is fucked up… like it completely glorifies toxic relationships and is about people’s loved ones/ex loved ones, giving lifelong body modifications to their loved ones out of spite and petty disagreement.

  2. I hope she got the boob tattoo removed, its really sweet that she feel comfortable to share her secret about being bisexual, you shouldn't have hind who you are !! As long you are happy who cares what others think or say!!!

  3. Umm Renae is fucked up. You wantedto giver her boobs on her back bc she's flat chested and she desired them…

  4. i saw this ep on tv and was shocked that the skinny sister would do that. that's just cruel to pick on someone's insecurities like that

  5. I started crying bro bc like I used to be gay and like my fam didn’t like gays so when I told them they just didn’t accept me and the fact the the sister dosnt care that she’s gay and she’ll accept her no matter what I started crying 😭 I gotta say I would love that as my sis

  6. Is the guy gay aswell…I feel like he is and if he is like I feel like he went through so much to let others kno and they just rejected him on some type of way

  7. BRUH I knew it when the sister said they grew up in a conservative family and that the other sister had a B I G secret sksksk

  8. You can really tell how hard "coming out" is for some people just by seeing that white guys tears (idk his name) 😭. I hope her sister really is supportive of her and not just stuntin for the camera.

  9. Instead of putting actual ass boobs on her back, she literally could’ve had them tattoo ‘+tit+’ on her under boob or something. Small, simple, and fits in with today’s trends. This girl has straight up back boobs now 😂

  10. I’ve never been this emotional.. The fact that everyone was tearing up and crying, I felt that. She’s so pretty and I appreciate she was honest.

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