This Dude Blindsided His GF w/ THIS Tattoo | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

This Dude Blindsided His GF w/ THIS Tattoo | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

(bell chimes (crying) – [Woman] What is this? (inhales deeply) (energetic music) – What does that say? – [Narrator] On this episode
of How Far is Tattoo far, Taylor and her
boyfriend, Stephen are giving their
relationship a serious test. The duo’s into pranks, but they’ve grown more
dramatic than fun. – I started a YouTube
channel about a year ago and then he came on one
video, then after one video he just started popping
up more and more. – After that, I start kicking
her ass with them pranks. – What’s the ultimate
pranks you played on her? – I had two of her friends–
– A threesome prank. – At my apartment. – Stupid. Get out! He has no mercy. – [Narrator] Stephen
likes the mercy though when it comes to
Taylor’s tweets. – What’s the biggest
thing you are annoyed at her?
– The biggest thing I hate about her is that when we get not arguments, she puts everything
on social media. Straight to Twitter! – I feel like that’s the only
way to get his attention. As soon as I put it on Twitter, where all of his little
friends could see, now he cares and wants
to talk about it. – [Narrator] So, are
these tattoos going to be life-long pranks? What’s the deal? – Intentions? – My intention is
I want revenge. – Revenge! – For letting everybody know our business
– What I did to you? (man howlers) – Taylor’s obsessed
with telling the world our personal business,
and I’m over it. If Taylor can’t stop, then I’m done with
this relationship. – What’s your intention
with this tattoo? – I just want to
teach him a lesson. I want this tattoo
to show the world that Stephen is a
complete ass (beep), and that he needs to
stop playing with me. If he crosses the
line with this tattoo, I’m gonna break up with him. – [Narrator] Damn. There’s a lot riding on these. Let’s get these tattoos going. (dubstep music) (whimpering) – If this is a dumb
ass tattoo dare, this bout to be the end of us. – [Woman] You definitely got
yourself into some dumb (beep). (exclaims in pain) – This is my first
tattoo and it feels huge. This only supports my
statement even more that he’s the biggest (beep). – [Narrator] After
hours in the chair, let’s see who’ll
have the last laugh. – This is so messed up. (exclaims) – Steph. – I betta not have
a dick on me bruh. – It’s way worse. – [Nico] Are you ready to
see what’s on your chest for the rest of your life? – Yes, I am. 100% ready. (upbeat suspenseful music) What the (beep) is this bruh? (laughs) (hiphop music) What the (beep) is this? – It is you with a butt face
because you’re an (beep). – Wow, that’s an ass smoking? I don’t even smoke
damn cigarettes! – It looks like a pipe. – A pipe?
– You be like saying, I want my cigars and stuff. – He got a hat on? He got a vest and tuxedo
on with a football card? – It’s a playbook,
you like football. – Why do you have my name on me? I know my damn name. – I need everyone else
to know that, that’s you. What the (beep)? – It’s perfect. – Are you serious? – I’m tired of you
and these pranks, you laughing at my
pain is not funny. – Stephen, how do you
feel about the tattoo? (upbeat suspenseful music) – I kinda like it. (sighs in exasperation) – You think you could
learn a lesson from it? – Oh yeah for sure, I definitely could
learn a lesson from it. I just gotta communicate
more, I guess. – Talk out of your mouth
instead of your ass. – [Stephen] Right. – Yeah. – It’s your turn now. – Taylor, you know we saved the
worst tattoo for last right? – I’m sorry Taylor. (suspenseful music) – What’s the intention
behind this tattoo Stephen? – I want revenge. You want the whole world to
know that we argue a lot, here it go. – That’s why I’m taking
this (beep) personal. – You gotta wear a turtle neck to the beach.
– I’m taking it personal with you because you do
stuff to purposely hurt me. – You prolly gotta
wear a turtle neck on your wedding day too. – Shut the (beep) up, Stephen. Shut up. – I’m gonna throw up. – Can I just see it? (suspenseful music) (cries) What is this? Why you have a
toilet on my back? What does it say? – You’re dumped. (hiphop music) Like, I’m done. (cries) – Are you being for real? – I’m serious. – Oh my god, what the (beep)
did I do to deserve this? – Like every time we
get in an argument, you have to put out
(beep) on social media. Like for what? You don’t stop. – Oh my god. (cries) – I will never
forgive you, Stephen. I will never forgive you. (cries) This is so (beep) embarrassing. (cries) – Taylor Stop, this is a prank Taylor I’m not breaking up with you. – Hold up. Hold up. You’re straight up saying
this whole thing was a prank? – Yes, I just wanted
you to know that I’m the king of the prank war. Just give me my props. – No. – So, you came on this
show to prank all of us? – Yes. They didn’t even
know it was a prank. – Honestly, we had no idea. – Yeah, that’s why I was
like you’re a piece of (beep) but now that I know
it was a prank, you’re still a piece of (beep). – A prank is not permanent a prank is something
you laugh at in a moment you get over it. – That’s why it’s so–
– I’m going to look at this and I’ma cry every
time I see it. – You mean everything to me. – I mean (beep) to you. – That was the most belittling,
degrading, lowest feeling I’ve ever felt. He crossed the line and I’m
not gonna get over this. – Go run after your woman. – I hope Taylor will forgive me. I really messed up. This prank totally backfired
and I feel horrible.

100 thoughts on “This Dude Blindsided His GF w/ THIS Tattoo | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

  1. A “prank” reallyyyyy dude 😭🤦🏽‍♀️ he felt bad when she started crying thts why he said it was a “prank” but okeyyy

  2. I mean, That tatoo is gonna be on her FOREVER, UNLESS she goes to a place to remove it. And STEPHAN! U should really start thinking about when u said u were the "KING OF PRANK WARS" I am starting to think that in stead of "KING" It should be "F****N STUPID AND RUDE" Like if u agree

  3. Karma is a bitch , he will never find a women like her. I swear these mfs get on social media wanna go this YouTube shit and hurt the people their suppose to love over fame I’ve seen this happen to many times. I wish HER the best.

  4. I don’t even understand how they can host a show like this… I’d feel way too bad just stirring the pot of relationships that are already toxic.

  5. How far is tattoo far? This tatto right here. Dude really needs to rethink his actions and communication skills


  7. What did you do to deserve this???? Being with him…..what a horrid toxic relationship.Why are you with him……why are you with each other?have you no pride? What a horrid show……..!!!! Please ….the woman in the stripe outfit…..put your mammories away.You are all brainless people ,no wonder society has problems.

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