Things Tall Girls Are Tired Of Hearing | Being Indian

Things Tall Girls Are Tired Of Hearing | Being Indian

‘Pak chik bak Raja babu’
Bro it’s ‘Bak Chik’ What’s ‘Bak chik’ dumbfuck?
What’s ‘Pak Chik’ then? ‘Pak chik’ means…
Giraffe… Is it ‘Bak chik’ or ‘Pak chik’?
Please till him it’s ‘Pak chik’ Hey Burj Khalifa move aside a little Your parents must be really tall no? You must have played basketball in school, right? What’s your height?
It’s not in my genes only.. Your boyfriend also must be really tall na? Not this jeans, genetics Mom and dad, you know Hey People must have pulled your leg
a lot while you were young no? Man your’e tall Man she’s tall You know what, you should do modelling And darling, how’s your modelling going? Modelling? You are into modelling, right? No aunty, I’m studying medicine I want to become a neurosurgeon Are you nuts? With this height, you want to be a chemist? How tall you want to grow? Sky is the limit Vishal, were you looking for me? Hey sugar Can I ask you something? Sure Sugar Ya??
Sugar… Sugar, please? Not much of a difference You must be shorter see
Don’t you remember.. Guys, what is the obsession with height?
Even I’m like you guys And you guys
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You said the whole thing What do we say?

100 thoughts on “Things Tall Girls Are Tired Of Hearing | Being Indian

  1. Oh my god it’s …it’s soooo irritating…. being a 5’9” girl and in India….my doesn’t this video feel so relatable?!.

  2. I am a boy and I am 13 years old and I am taller than my sister's my mother and I am the same height as my father and from distance everyone thinks I am 25 years old and they don't believe that I am in 7th class

  3. I'm 11 and I want to become neurosurgeon and I'm tall in my school when I sit on the first bench it's always like screams of head down for 2 mins it's awkward

  4. I'm the tallest in my class and I have to stand at last in the line in school. Even in the functions and group photographs😭😭

  5. U know what is more disgusting is when a boy is tall they never care. But when girls are tall,they see as if we are rare species. My height is 6'2 and iam 17 now. But now I got used to all these bullshit talks. Even my sir's used to make fun of me u know how irritating it would be

  6. I'm slightly less than 5'8"
    SB sidha meri height puchte h+_+
    Assembly line m cup chap last m khada honna prta h
    Back benchers Ko dikta Ni h

  7. Foreigners to tall girls:You are so tall, you should try modelling

    Indians to tall girls: Taad jaisi hui jaa rahi hai, ladka kaha se milega😂

  8. Who the fu*** give them to judge anyone iam a girl I am also tall every one have to say taunts inko kch bollo toh aag lag jaati hai hum insan nyi hai kya hum tall girls se problem kya hai bhai. # safiya.naseer

  9. I'm 6'8. And I know how annoying and boring it is when you have to answer the same questions asked by people daily.

  10. Bc. Ye girl's ke sath nhi boys ke sath bhi hota h sala mujhe 6.4hight ko dekhkar bolte hai ki bhai tu sports join krle sala m already sports person hu..

  11. जो लोग कह रहे की वो ज़्यादा लंबी नही है,

    तो वो एऊरोपिया लड़कियों जितनी लंबी नही ,मगर अधिकांश भारतीय लड़कियों की उँचाई 4'8" के आसपास होती है,और इससे उँची लड़कियों को लंबी कहा जाता है|

  12. With all respect finding tall girl for life is my destination point …..tall girls r rlly rare to find …….happy to wait for the one

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