Things Not To Say To Someone With Type 1 Diabetes

Things Not To Say To Someone With Type 1 Diabetes

“Do you have the good type or the bad type?”
“It’s because you ate too much sugar.” “Oh yeah, my dog’s got diabetes.”
“Oh, I could never inject myself.” “What if it’s a matter of life and death?
“I could inject myself.” Are you ready?
I’m ready. Oh this is the classic of all classics.
“Should you be eating that?” Yes I can, pass me the chocolate biscuit.
Exactly, I’ll have 12 in fact. Yeah!
I say, “Should be eating that?” probably not with whatever you’re about to stuff
into your mouth. The government recommends the same guideline
daily amounts for every person in the UK…so why are we different?
I saw you eating some trans fat yesterday I didn’t say anything.
I’ve had somebody say, “Should you be eating that?” and then they went on to say,
“Because my dog is actually diabetic and we don’t give him chocolate.”
People become nutritionists, pediatricians, know what I mean? Consultants, diabetic gurus
Seems like diabetes gives them permission to say what they want, like we’re some kind
of subject. Yeah, it’s something to be commented on
Yeah. You can drink booze, you can eat really bad
pizzas, and carby dishes and stuff but you just got to know how to look after it when
it comes to your insulin. Yes I can! I can! I am! “Do you carry needles around in your bag?”
If you said that to a diabetic, they are probably gonna say yes.
Yeah. Otherwise I’ll be home all day and all night.
I do it like this, I go… All ready, we carry bags as it is. You saw
my bag, it’s like Mary Poppins out there. So my one’s got like loads of crazy colours
and it’s got lots of different compartments where I keep everything. Exactly, I’ve got a fancy sticker on my
tester… Whereas boring Basil over here… has one
supplied by the company. But no I carry two types of needles. I carry
needles for my insulin pen injections and I carry a little cartridge of needles for
my finger pricker for my glucose monitor. So I’ve got a reservoir to refill my pump.
Something sweet in case you go hyper. I’ve got spare insulin to refill it if I
need to when I’m out. There’ll be a snack in case you miss a meal
or you don’t have a meal I’ve got…
Haven’t got any of this. A pen in case my pump stops working.
– Oh that’s looks nice can I have a look at that?
My dream in life, well one of my dreams, is just to leave the house with nothing on me “Do you have the bad type?”
What’s the good one? Or the-
-Neither Is it the one when you’ve got too –
That’s, that’s the cracker. There’s this idea that there’s a type
of diabetes you can live with just fine, you know maybe you just got to watch what you
eat a little bit and just go through life and everything is fine and you don’t need
to worry about anything. There isn’t a type of diabetes like that
You know they’re both rubbish. Yeah they’re both crap.
Type 2 isn’t always caused by lifestyle… No, no it’s not, no it’s not.
So while there is this kind of battleground and I’m always the first one in there trying
to explain the difference I always try to be respectful
Yeah no, yeah exactly. It’s either you have a very restricted diet
and you take tablets for insulin or you can eat what you want and inject insulin.
It can affect your gut, It can affect your limbs and your nerves and your feet and your
legs Even down to your mental health it can affect
you. A hundred percent affects your mental health.
I’ve had doctors and nurses say to me that Type 1 and Type 2 doesn’t matter
Yeah. They’ll be like, “Oh you have diabetes”
and I’ll be like “yeah Type 1” and they’ll be like “Oh yeah, whatever.”
There is no “good diabetes”. No there’s not.
Nobody’s heard of “good diabetes”, definitely not, I’d have that if it existed. I will
take the good diabetes. “I guess you can’t get drunk then.”
Yeah, it doesn’t stop me. No.
I mean I don’t get trashed. I’m born on the same day as Amy Winehouse
so I like a drink here or there I’d tell ya
I personally don’t for other reasons. Yeah, but it’s got nothing to do with your
diabetes I mean It has in the sense, just cause it’s
a massive faff. Well I actually like drinking wine with a
meal cause it helps stabilize my blood sugar Does it?
Yeah, I used to use it as an excuse, “I need my daily glass of wine”
Do it carefully and always make sure you got a dextrose in your pocket
And make sure the people that you’re out with know.
Know, yeah. And you’ve got medical alert on. But yeah
we can get drunk. I’ve been on a date before where it’s
come up in conversation and then straight away they’re like “should you be drinking
that?” “Oh I could never inject myself”
Oh my- Yeah I hate this one because if it came to
it- -You’d have to
You would I had this one like two weeks ago “my mum
could never inject herself!”. The way the person was going on about it, you know what
I had to say? I was like you know if I didn’t inject myself I would die
It’s not a hobby Yeah, yeah
It’s not something I enjoy doing “Mum, I’m just going out to do, just to
inject. Alright, I’ll be back later” Yeah exactly!
I’ll often be like in the staff room at work and I’ll be getting something ready
like an injection or getting ready to change my pump and they come in and be like “are
you taking drugs?” and I’ll be like “yeah I am”-
“Yeah I am actually” “ Yeah hi, here I am taking drugs, thanks
for pointing it out”- “Really openly taking drugs”
I still don’t really inject in public Neither do I
Like I do sometimes and I don’t really care what people think like I don’t really care,
but the only thing that bothers me about it, it’s not because people are gonna know I’m
diabetic, it’s people thinking it’s something else
They injections became quite natural to me quite quickly and it was like “okay yup,
you do that” but it was all the mental side of it and all the calculating before a meal
Yeah You know you have your cereal or whatever,
you’ve got to weigh it, you’ve got to weigh your cereal imagine doing that everyday
So I’ve got to work out everything I’m planning to eat in this meal and so you can’t
inject for one thing and get half way through what you said you were gonna eat and go “I’m
not hungry anymore, I’m full.”. “Well you’ve injected that so you will eat it.”.
“How could you let this happen to you” One of my best friends once said to me erm
he said “did you eat too many sweets when you were a kid?”
I was actually involved in a really horrible crash where I was crushed under kilos of sugar
and that’s how I actually got diabetes Most diabetes headlines are about Type 2,
are about people being obese and that’s what diabetes has been lumped in with
All the inferences that they caused it themselves, there is a lot of blame, there is so much
blame around I’ve had somebody say “oh you must be
really annoyed with your parents about that” I like to explain “you know what, no it’s
not because I’ve eaten lots of sugar or I just eat anything, it’s because it’s
in my genes” Yeah I’m allowed to be annoyed with my dad
it was hereditary so it was his fault as well being ginger.
I think it does make life harder to be honest but I also think it makes you a stronger person
Definitely makes you stronger. To be able to deal with what we have to deal
with day in day out and knowing it’s going to go on probably for the rest of our lives.
It’s something that if we can keep going and we can deal with that then I reckon we
can deal with anything right? Yeah, sorry.
Hi-five? I’m just getting a bit emotional over here.

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  4. I remember a few years back during school when I needed to chech my BG and the teacher put me on blast thinking I was on my phone (keep in mind I was very insecure about being diabetic back then) and I was super embarrassed still kind of have a grudge about her.

  5. I have type 1diabetes to it sycks👌👌👌👌👌👎👎👎👎👎👎🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  6. I’ve never related to a video so much in my entire life 🤣🤣🤣🤣 diabetes sucks though 😒😒

  7. How about when someone demands to know whether you have “diabetes” or “sugar diabetes”.,,

    Then you say to them you have either type one or type two and then they say “I know everything about diabetes and they Say “I know everything about diabetes and there’s only diabetes and sugar diabetes”

  8. After 12 years of being insulin depended diabetic (and being blamed by the doctors for his out of control A1C at 13! diabetes) by the grace of Jesus Christ, my husband was finally properly diagnosed with pheochromocytoma a dangerous condition that causes highs and lows in blood pressure and uncontrollable diabetes.
    He was actually prescribed a wrong kind of BP medication and thank God he caught this highs and lows pattern and wasn't taking it or else he might have not been here today.
    Glory be the Lord, Jesus Christ for He holds our life in His hands!
    I can only wonder how many other diabetics are let to die like that without diagnosis of an underlining condition!
    I told him once, that if he were to die the doctors would write it off as "due to diabetic complications". I just didnt know how right I was! 80% of such tumors discovered post-mortem as once you are diagnosed with diabetes doctors don't bother to look pass this diabetes label.
    Hemochromatosis is another one and a big one to look out for as it will totally camouflage as diabetes where in really it is iron poisoning your organs and causing you to have diabetes.
    All I can advise is pray to the Lord, Jesus Christ and He will listen. After 12 years of being ignored by the doctors only through prayer we found an answer.
    In the mean time my husband suffered neurological problems where his pupils don't react right to the light and therefore hr suffered eyesight loss, suffered facial paralisis, developed ED so severe that he has to pee sitting down, developed neurotic foot ulcer, lost feeling in his hands and feet.
    And some say that "you don't need Jesus"! God forbid to be left in the hands of men as often men become so cauloused that they can hardly hear your cry for mercy (especially those with fancy degrees).
    God Bless you all and stay save in Christ Jesus. He still performs miracles today!

  9. It's so true, if you inject yourself for eating something, you mustbeat it, or else your blood sugar/glucose will get low, that's 1. 2. Is that you don't inject yourself for having to eat salads and stuff like that. 3. Is that when your glucose was low and you had lunch and you had nothing all day and you know that you will eat nothing all day, then don't inject yourself. 4. Exercise when you "have to", not when you don't "need to", so if your glucose is starting to get low, stop exercising. 5. Don't get over stressed or emotionally drained, because that will make you have unbalanced glucose level, especially when you get mad. 6. No alcohol and no smoking for these 2 corrupt the glucose as well. 7. Have a good day!

  10. I go to this camp up in the mountains where I live and its a camp just for type 1 one diabetics and its an overnight camp. I have been going to this camp for 7 and just got back and all I have to say is we need more camps like this. LET ME TELL YOU THIS, it is so nice to talk to SO many people have the same daily struggles as you and you can talk to people about the struggles. I have made so many close friends here too, also the people who also run are super nice too. They actually let me got to the camp for free because my mom was diagnosed with cancer for a second time.

  11. My best friend is diabetic and I know just about everything and when she comes up in convo and her being type 1 diabetic they ask stupid shit like this even when I’m with her and

  12. Ok let me tell you

    Being low does NOT mean you use your insulin don’t be a idiot that bride dinner and I believe a lot people have one at night on there….ass yes I said ass

    When your low you eat sugar so your blood sugar goes up

  13. I’m pre-diabetic, I can’t relate to some of these but I can when the guy said carrying around snacks in case if I need them. It’s always awkward to explain to teachers that I need to eat during their class because I have the latest lunch and will actually pass out if I don’t.

  14. Should you eat that?
    Does that hurt?
    Is it getting better?
    You look to skinny to have diabetes.
    Your so lucky, you can eat whenever!

  15. I hate when people stare at me when I give my daughter insulin.. they look at me like I’m giving her drugs!! Like just don’t stare

  16. A stupid idiot in my class called me a fat diabetic.
    But nearly cried when I told him all the reasons he was rude.

  17. Another question is when you have a pump or a Dexcom , or if you do t have giving shots, Is people asking “What’s that?”

  18. I’m diabetic and one time I was in history class delivering insulin via my pump and my teacher yelled out in front of everyone for me to get off my phone and then I just kind of stared at him and then he was like’s..your diabetes thing then carry on. And it was just so unnecessary to call me out in front of the whole class and then being like “diabetes thing”. Like wow,exquisite🙄

  19. I once had a family member try to “explain” to me that diabetes is caused by producing too much insulin. I just stood looking at him and thought, “You’re kidding me, right?”

  20. Been with my fiancé for almost 7 years now, I’ve heard him get asked or people say all of these to him, since he is a type 1. Lots of learning for me when we got together.

  21. I went to lea green on a residential with school once and they made me “ diabetic cookies” but I ate the regular ones because I’m a normal human.

  22. There was a girl in my class in 9th grade who was diabetic and she had a pump in her stomach and she was doing something on it and the teacher thought it was a phone so she came over and snatched it away from the girl snd it came out of her stomach.

    The girl lost her shit and started yelling at her like 'I NEED THAT TO FUCKING LIVE YOU IDIOT WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU BITCH'

    never saw that teacher again.

  23. Reading comments n i gotta say im glad i was diagnosed type 1 after i finished school cuz it sounds like it really sucked ass being a diabetic n still in school

  24. This kid asked me if I wanted a sour patch kid and I said no bc I just didn’t want it and he really said “oh ya that’ll kill you my bad”….😂

  25. I wish type one diabetes had a different name so people wouldn’t always ask me is I should be eating sigar

  26. My moms friends daughter is a t1d and it amazes me how little the mom knows. One day I went to get ice cream with her and my mom and I got a reeses cup blizzard. She just kept talking out of her own butt. She kept telling me i didnt bolus for enough carbs or that all diabetics like sweet things over salty things and my autoimmune disease is the reason for my preference. I never know what to do cause I dont wanna be rude, but she always tries to act like she knows more than me. I'm planning on talking to her about it though…waiting for my next opportunity

  27. I have a friend and she had type 1 diabetes and when we started secondary she was really shy about it and she always went to the toilet to to do the injections. One day I went with her and someone walked in and thought we were doing drugs…

  28. Once I tried to check my BSL at school during a P.E. lesson and I got yelled at and nearly had my meter confiscated. In fear, I had to hide my meter away quickly and was forced not to check my BSL until much later. Ended up in hospital because my BSL wasn’t as it should’ve been. My biggest regret is not complaining about that teacher.

  29. The night before I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I was actually watching videos about diagnosis stories:(

  30. The best is when im in school and my pump gets an alert from my cgm and beeps and then someones asks if im playing a game

  31. Okay that part when the girl said that her doctor said the type doesn’t matter. 🤯my head almost exploded. I’ve been type 1 for 14 years and I can think of 10 reasons why it matters right now. What?!?

  32. I have the Omnipod pump (it is wireless)
    I remember I got detention because I took it out in class and they thought it was a phone 😂

  33. I have diabetes type 1 so time to see which ones are true. first one is so true. second one is also true. third one no one asks me so not sure. forth one also no one asks me. fifth one true but you get used to it. sixth one is true.

  34. One time I was making my shot and the people right next to me started staring and they were making weird faces so I decided to mess with them and I pretended it was drugs 😂

  35. lol i got pulled over when i was 16 for speeding and got searched for drugs that was funny they didnt believe i was DiAbEtIc….

  36. Dear lord, people make me this shitty questions all the time, and I'm like "ugh, get into your own problems mate" so this was really funny.

  37. I'm type 2 and people assume it's my weight or self-inflicted, I have diabetes because it's genetics in my family

  38. If you are interested in living with the emotions of diabetes, I wrote a book about it

  39. Thanks for respecting the T2s! Don't like to see discord in the diabetic community. We need to end the stigma around T2!

  40. Well im sorry but I haven't lived with diabetes my whole life just answer them i understand that you have to answer these your whole life but some people just dont know everything.

    No offence I just hate these idiotic videos in my reccomended IDK what or what not to ask a diabetic person I'll ask them what I want thank you very much. (If it comes to it)

    For all the diabetic people out there keep doing what your doing.

  41. There's meme about diabetes so someone in my school said "Can you which seats with my friends I promise he does not have diabetes" how many brains cells did he lose to say that.

  42. i’ve had diabetes type 1 for 11 years now. and i hear shit like this so often, it really gets annoying after 11 years with the same questions and assumptions.
    also for some reason i’d like to add that when i was 12 years old, i was at school and my best friend told me that she’s been thirsty the whole day and i suggested we’d take her bloodsugar just for fun….. turned out she also had diabetes, she had 17 in bloodsugar i think. i remember all the teachers praised me for finding out about her diabetes.

  43. I was watching this little girl then she sees me giving myself insulin then boom she runs away then my nans there then the girl comes back with her mom the girl thinks im in trouble and we had to sort stuff out it was not that long

  44. I realize that people are often ignorant about Type one diabetes, but coming from someone whose had it since the age of three, there are some really insensitive things I’ve heard in my lifetime. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  45. And when they talk about injecting in public/refilling cartridges, it reminded me of the time my friend at the lunch table while I was refilling my cartridge she came up to me and said stick me, it was funny but I didn’t get it at first

  46. lemme just jot down some of yall's snarky comebacks so i can use them when some ignorant person comes up to me and asks/says these things : )

  47. Funny story : so I was in Macdonald's and I was giving my insulin and someone asked if I was crazy but I said don't judge a book by a cover

  48. Did that woman actually say trans fag or am I hearing things because as much as you might hate someone it’s disgraceful to insult someone like that

  49. SO my boyfriend just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I'm pregnant with his child, should I keep an eye out for the symptoms in case the baby develops it at one point in their life since it can be genetic?

  50. 0:44 I don't get this comment, shouldn't you give chocolate to dogs at all even if they're not diabetic? isn't it toxic to them anyway?

  51. I have had t1d for almost 8 years now and I hate when people ask questions when they see me pull out my gear or inject. I'm very anti social and introverted (I have bipolar disorder type 2 and anxiety disorder) so when randoms talk to me I get really freaked out and upset. I get that they mean well in general but it's really nosey, let me live my life in peace. I just semi got over my fear of injecting/checking in public spaces this past year(still working on it) and for ever I wouldn't take insulin or check in public/in front of people and it had landed me in the emergency room multiple times.

  52. They gave me the blood strip thing to put in the glucose checker and I'm running out I have like 3 left I Can relate to all of this

  53. I'm diabetes type one too and I relate to all soo much !! Specially when someone says oh my grandma has it too 😒

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