These BFFs Throw Hands After This ‘Weak’ Tattoo | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

These BFFs Throw Hands After This ‘Weak’ Tattoo | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

Are you (beep)
serious Gerrica? This (beep) is weak as (beep)
and you talk all that (beep). Let’s go! Where your turn at?
Bitch, you weak as (beep). Did you just throw that at me,
bitch? You’re just a bitch. What does that (beep) say?
Get the (beep) off of me! Weak hoe!
(beep)! You mad, ain’t you, hoe? On this episode of How Far
Is Tattoo Far?, friends Riley and Gerrica are hoping to teach each other
some pretty serious lessons. While these two claim
to be ride or die, they’ve also
been known to fight. How long have you known
each other? We really started off
skipping class together,
that’s how we got so- -Oh!
-Oh, fun! Have you guys ever gotten
in a bad fight? We literally just had a spat
in the back! I didn’t like the way
that she was talking to me. That’s how it always be. She said something crazy,
I said, “Gerrica, don’t piss me off.” And I’m just like, “How?
All I said was this.” Riley considers herself
the HBIC of the pair. She’s a leader, I’m a leader so we definitely clash
on that level. And who is the head bitch
in charge? -Me.
-It’s equal, it’s equal. It’s equal?
There can’t be two head bitches. Riley don’t run me, so. Ooh! It’s a bit
of a power struggle. I make all of the decisions
and Gerrica follows right behind me,
so I’m the boss bitch. But Gerrica considers her
another word that starts with a B. For me, Riley’s a backstabber.
She’s fake- But I’m not to her, let’s go
ahead and put that out there. To other people? To other people
and she knows that. Like how? Riley is such a backstabber. She’s even slept with some of
our friend’s boyfriends behind their backs. So you’re sure you want to
go through with these? Who’s going gnarlier
with these tattoos? -Me.
-Me. Is there security here? Well with that,
this is happening. Let’s get
these tattoos started. I’m kind of upset with
the location that she chose. Riley knows that I’m a mom,
she knows that I have a job. I feel anxious. I’m definitely going to beat
her ass. The anxiety of just to want
to know what’s there. It’s driving me crazy. It’s time to see just how gnarly
these frenemies decided to get. All right, Riley.
You ready for this? I’m ready. Let’s go. All right. I hope you ready for this. No bitch, I hope you ready.
And I’m telling you, Gerrica, if you put some bull (beep)
on me- Riley shut the (beep) up. I’m going to come over there
and slap the (beep) out of you. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. You shut the (beep) up hoe. Shut the (beep) up.
Bitch. Because you won’t scare
no mother (beep) body. Let’s do this. Y’all ready? Oh, now she calling shots. We’re going to see. What was your intention
with this tattoo? To expose that little fake bitch
because (beep) (beep)
nothing but a fake bitch. Hoe! (beep) your nasty ass. All right, all right, all right,
all right, all right, all right. What does it say?
I can’t see it. You a backstabbing bitch. This (beep) is (beep) weak.
Are you (beep) serious Gerrica? This (beep) is weak as (beep)
and you talk all that (beep). Let’s go, where your turn
at bitch? You weak as (beep). Did you just throw
that at me bitch? You been a
bitch. What does this (beep) say? (beep)
Get the (beep) off of me (beep). Weak hoe. You mad ain’t it hoe? You going to be real mad
you came up with this weak ass tattoo ain’t you?
What the (beep)? I don’t give a (beep) bitch. We need you to explain
this tattoo Gerrica. Yeah Gerrica just from there. Why the knife
going into the back? God damn, because she stab
bitches in the (beep) back. You mad hoe? How many friends boyfriends
did you (beep) bitch? You mad hoe? Gerrica-
All right. We need you in front
of the mirror. We’re going to get
your tattoo seen, okay? I don’t even feel like doing
this (beep) no more. Tiffany’s coming out right now. We’re going to (beep)
get this over with. Riley, what is your intention
with this tattoo? To let this bitch know
who the (beep) runs (beep). I’m the boss. What you run? What you run? All right. What’s that say? It says, “Riley’s bitch.”
It’s a dog tag. Come here girl. Come here. Oh, (beep) no.
Come here girl. Oh, you know what,
you’re a (beep) hoe, bitch. You open your legs every night. Bitch I know you ain’t talking
about (beep). Prostitute bitch. What’d you say, you? You open your legs for (beep)
the night, bitch. What the (beep)
are you talking about? (beep) bitch. What the (beep)
are you talking about, you 100 dollar ass bitch? Woo! God damn. She not a boss of (beep). Do you think you guys
are going to be friends after? No (beep) no. (beep) that bitch. Do you want to just give us- Keep it. Give us the meaning of this
tattoo that you put on her? You come to me to cash that money, sending you Ubers to get where
the (beep) you got to go. I gave Gerrica that tattoo, so she would know
who the boss bitch is. Put her in her place,
which I clearly did. She mad. And so, the dog tag’s
because … She my bitch. She your bitch. Then you come on here talking
about how you run (beep). What do you run besides
your (beep) bitch? So, any chance these two
cooled off enough to make up? Riley’s really a bitch
for giving me this wack tattoo, make people think that
I’m her dog and I’m not. My mom hates it and me and Riley
are no longer on speaking terms.

100 thoughts on “These BFFs Throw Hands After This ‘Weak’ Tattoo | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

  1. What she should’ve done was instead of a backstabbing tat expose her forever for being a whore. Should’ve put an infected pussy or a portrait of the girl with her mouth wide open cum all over her face whilst she jerking off some dick and a whole circle of dicks around her shooting their loads. Weak ass tattoo better yet she could’ve did a fucking gang bang with the girl herself receiving it I have so many terrible yet perfect tat ideas for this girl in the yellow

  2. Damn Riley know damn well she got kids and she gonna put “bitch” on her chest where everybody can see, these girls ain’t even frenemies

  3. But as she shook your hand, she stole your man

    And it was done so swift, it had to be a plan

    Couldn't trust her with cheese, let alone your keys

    With friends like that you don't need enemies

    – Whodini

  4. That girl be "sfkvgvyvguguvy yv6ctygyg" in her mind and the other one is like "ooh she be mad oooh yaaaaaaasssss"

  5. Not tryin to be racist but when black ppl argue or fight it’s kinda retarded and funny cuz they don’t know how to rlly talk

  6. this is gotta be fake. I don't watch this show idk if it's meant to be scripted or not but no way these are real people.

  7. Girl with the dog tag tattoo should have made the other girl get a big ass thigh tattoo representing some STD’s because we allllll know there’s something goin I’m down there by now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Tbh it’s completely there fault if they don’t like it or they start crying cuz they wanted to do it no one forced them😑

  9. Yo but like the dog tattoo annoyed the fricc out of me. Thinking you own someone and you think you can control them is just messed up, this definitely doesnt sound like their first fight. This is toxic as hell man.

  10. She’s a mom. Get on your shit bitch stop tryna be the baddest bitch and competing with other bitches. It’s should be above you. Mature grown ass womennnnnn 😭

  11. I feel like they were actually enemies but the producers told them to pretend to be friends for the attention. My ex best friend had “Angel among men” tattooed on her cause I called her that when she was feeling really insecure about her looks. We didn’t end well but I’m glad she has that on her forever cause its kind of a reminder that she lost someone who loved her like family over bullshit. I’d rather she have that on her that something hateful or ugly honestly.

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