These BAD Driving Habits Are Ruining the Road

These BAD Driving Habits Are Ruining the Road

(upbeat country music) – It’s easy to feel invincible when we’re in the driver’s
seat, it’s my car, my rules. But there’s another set of
rules, the rules of the road that drivers sometimes
feel don’t apply to them. Today we’re gonna go through some of the worst driving habits from the mildly irritating
to the downright dangerous. Are you a bad driver
and don’t even know it? Can’t wait to find out how
many I’m guilty of, it’s a lot. (upbeat country music) (fast paced country music) Thanks to Omaze for partnering
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helped save James’s life. So head on over to and enter to win a BMW
M8 Competition Coupe plus $20,000 in cold hard cash. Thank you very much Omaze. First up let’s talk about parking. Parking is the easiest part of driving, yet we still find ways to screw it up. Real talk, I’m horrible at it. Oh (bleeps) that’s way too much. – He’s gonna swerve.
(man laughing) (engine growling) – Look at that guy.
(gear cranking) – This was the massacre. Whether it be squeezing our
wide boys into compact spots, blocking others in, a lot of people park like entitled bozos. I’m not sure what bugs me more, egregiously sparkers or
just an efficient ones. The ones who take up three good spots by parking like an a-hole
especially in big cities where street parking can be a nightmare. This sort of thing drives me nuts, don’t do that to your neighbor. Look, I’m not talking
about those instances where the spot made
sense when you pulled in, and then everyone who is
parked around you drove off, and now you look like a jerk. I’m talking about when there’s
a wide open stretch of curb and you slap that baby in the park just like an absolute
maniac just to feel alive. Okay, let’s talk about the
worst person you can encounter while parking, a spot saver. We all hate them and we hate to be them. There’s just something so ridiculous about someone standing in a car spot waiting to save it for
a car that’s not there when you, in an actual car, are there. This isn’t grade school,
there’s no tap tabs, or savesies, or sevens, or
whatever, this is road life. No by pad tells me where
I can and cannot park, I will run your ass over! Even worse, are people who put up cones to reserve spots on public streets, you don’t own that spot. Plus, those aren’t even real cones, those are from your kids soccer practice I will also run them over. (upbeat music) Okay, we all know pollution is bad, but what about noise pollution? Yes, also bad, blasting
music, revving engines, honking toot toots and
pilling out are all super fun, but there’s a time and
a place for it, okay. And that time is not at 3
a.m on a residential street. (car revving) (bleeps) Look I get it,
I used to be that guy, pressing the overdrive OFF
button in my automatic Mustang, turning up crash control, and
doing a Bernie a stop sign. But I’ve also been at the other end of it. And it sucks to be woken up by clapped out G-35 burning
rubber down my street. And as long as we’re on
the subject of noise, one beep of the horn is enough. If another driver pisses
you off, laying on the horn will only piss off the
innocent people around you. And that’s just the big piss party, and everyone has to get out of the pool. Some of the most annoying driving I see happens at stop signs. A more common infraction
is the rolling stop, a.k.a the California
roll, we’ve all done it in this case (chuckles),
it is bad driving. I actually got ticketed for
California roll a few years ago, and it cost me $225 (chuckles). I did it right in front
of a police officer. (crew members laughing) I did not see him. If people actually do
come to a complete stop, they usually completely disregard
the proper right of way. How hard is this to understand? At a four-way stop, the right of way goes to whoever showed up first, unless you arrive at the
same time, in which case, the right of way goes to
the person to the, huh? Let me hear it, the right. Look how easy they made it to remember, seriously, it’s not that hard,
person on the right, okay. What kind of stoplight
person are you, let me know? The kind who creeps into the
intersection on a red light waiting for it to turn green? Or the one who zones
out, and gets honked at, and tries to save face by peeling out? Been there, because either
way you’re doing it wrong. Look, everyone knows if you want a head start
at the green light, you just hold down the accelerator on the second beep of
key two’s start signal. Here’s a rule of the road
you may not even know about if you’ve never gotten a flat. It concerns your temporary spare tire which is also known as the donut. Donut spares are designed
lighter, narrower, and less durable than a full sized tire, they have to be in order
to fit in your trunk. But this means they have less
tread, meaning less traction, meaning decreased stopping
and handling ability, which can make prolonging driving on one of these super dangerous. If you find yourself on a temporary spare, make sure you stay
under 50 miles per hour, and don’t travel over 50 miles. But we’ve all seen that person who’s had that spare on
there for a long time, don’t be that person. (upbeat music) I don’t see a single turn
signal in there, which is cool. ‘Cause it’s not like a blinking light that literally allows drivers to anticipate each other’s movements would help everyone get on
the same page or anything, that would be stupid. It’s so easy to use your blinker just a literal flick of the wrist, okay. Yet about half of drivers
say they don’t use them. Half, are you guys insane? No wonder the world’s like this. Not using your signal at all is lame, but using it late can be just as annoying. You know what I’m talking about. You’re driving along and
the dingus in front of you gives you know heads up
they’re turning left, by the time that blinker’s flashing, you have no room to get around them. Or this annoying scenario. You’re turning left onto a busy street, and you finally have an opening but there’s one car speeding
towards you from your left. You wait because you
don’t have a death wish. And then at the last minute they flip on that right blinker, and turn onto your side street. Why, you couldn’t have
just told me, you jerk! Now let’s talk about tailgating, not the awesome kind where you
eat wings in a parking lot. The annoying kind where
you drive really close to the person in front of you. Everyone’s car needs a
little breathing room, especially manuals, which lurch and roll more than automatics, particularly
in stop and go traffic. I will admit, I’m also guilty of this one, I do ride people’s tails a lot, and I’m trying to change. Tailgating limits reaction time, it increases your chances
of having a collision, which nobody wants. And it can also lead to the
super awkward experience of blocking the box. And we’ve all been there,
I did this two weeks ago. You’re following too closely, you wind up in the middle
of an intersection, the light turns red and you’re stuck. And you’re just in everyone’s way just sitting in your shame box trying to avoid eye contact with people in every
direction, and it’s horrible. And I’m sorry, they
aren’t even mad at you, they’re just disappointed,
which we all know is much worse. Okay, all the driving habits
I’ve talked about so far are inconsiderate, irresponsible, and frustrating to say the least. But let’s dive into the stuff
that accidents are made of like the last minute merges. It’s a crappy thing to do, and I’m sure each one of us has done it. Whether it’s cutting people
off to make your exit, merging at the last minute
to stay on the freeway, or doing some sneaky zip merging to skip a line of waiting cars. I will say, however, that
there’s a special place in heck for drivers who cut off
the person on their left in order to avoid a lane of parked cars instead of just waiting. Best case scenario, these
sort of last minute maneuvers piss off the drivers around you. Worst case scenario, someone gets hurt. So let’s all try to be a little more alert and not so impulsive behind the wheel. I am very calculating behind
the wheel, I will say that. Another common driving don’t, going the wrong speed
for the lane you’re in. Everyone knows the slow folks are supposed to stay out of the fast lane. But a bigger and less talked about problem are the people driving
fast in the slow lane. I will explain, the slow
lane gets more congested because of all the merging
that happens at on off ramps, so careening down them
is wildly dangerous. There’s way more going on in the straightaway of the passing lane. Think about it, if someone’s
trying to merge at 40 and you’re tearing through it at 80. Think about that crash,
it’s not gonna be pretty. I will say going the wrong
speed in the wrong lane is not as bad as going
any speed in no lane, and I’m talking about those
jerks who drive on the shoulder. I have never done this, I will say that. First off, let’s call shoulder
driving what it is, cheating. That strip a pavement
outside the outer lane isn’t a magical shortcut, okay. It’s an emergency stopping lane. Also, no one who drives on the shoulder ever goes a normal speed, right? They’re always like ripping down at 90 for absolutely no reason,
maybe they have to poop. I don’t know, I mean, that’s the only, it’s the poopspeed. Okay, here’s a big one, the one that every single one of you, no matter how righteous, and upstanding, and law abiding you are, are absolutely guilty of
including me, distracted driving. One of the most common
distractions while driving is of course, texting
or talking on the phone. First, let me hit you with
some pretty messed up stats. Texting drivers are 23 times more likely to be in
an accident, 23 times. Texting leads to more than
100,000 car crashes a year, and is six times more
likely to cause an accident than driving drunk. Take an already terrible
idea, then multiply it by six, that’s 10 While driving. But what it really comes down
to is making a commitment to not using your phone while driving. Here, I’ll do it with you. I, Nolan Juniper Sykes
pledge to put away my phone and drive distraction free. God, that actually feels
good to say that out loud. But there are tons of other non-phone relating driving
distractions as well. Trying to retrieve something that fell, putting on makeup, reading a book, what? Even eating and drinking at the wheel are considered distractions. I actually hate eating while driving, that’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Pizza is the only food that’s easy to eat while you’re driving. Then there is rubber necking, my absolute least favorite
thing on the road. It’s when people slow down
to look at accident scenes, it gets its name from the way drivers
crane their necks, right, to catch a glimpse as they pass by. Look, I get it’s hard to
control our morbid curiosity, but rubbernecking can cause
congestion and accidents, especially rear end collision. So try not to do it,
just do whatever you can. Also remember, we don’t
just share the road with other drivers. We also share it with pedestrian, some are better than others. Drivers zip around corners,
swerve through crosswalks, and slam on their brakes
at the last minute with no regard for human life. These are pedestrians, they don’t have a metal
cage surrounding them, they are but mere flesh. We ought to look out for each other. All right you did it, you made it to the across
the board worst thing we as drivers subject
each other to, road rage. Road Rage is that Hulk like fury we feel when another driver
wrongs us on the roadway. It’s that shouted expletive, the flipped bird, I’ve done that. But it’s also way more serious stuff, like purposely hitting someone
with your car, it’s happened. Road rage incidents don’t have
to happen in your vehicle, however, if you assault someone
because of a driving dispute that’s considered road rage too. True road rage is a criminal offense, unlike aggressive driving,
which is a traffic violation. Look, it sucks to get cut off but it’s not the end of the world. All right, so what’s my count, Alex? Show me my number, how
many crimes did I commit? (counter beeping) Not good. – [Assistant] Driving well sequence. – Haven’t you ever heard
the classic supreme song? No, I’m not gonna do that. ♪ Stop in the name of sign ♪ ♪ Before you break my car ♪ (crew cheering) – Very good.
– No, that’s horrible. Have you ever tried to eat
in and out while driving, the Thousand Island sausage
is like dribbling out.

12 thoughts on “These BAD Driving Habits Are Ruining the Road

  1. the rules of the road don't apply to me boy! Rolling stop is the only proper way to stop at a stop sign when there are no cars approaching the sign, its waste of your precious time to stop completely. Making loud noises with your exhaust or supercharger is fine no matter where you are, and what time it is, fuck peoples sleep, they need to hear the power of your vehicle. Tailgating is necessary because people go drive too slow, and it makes the driver in front of your nervous. Thus, it allows you to show the driver in front of you your dominance, by letting them know that you are their daddy. Lastly, blinkers are not needed 70 % of the time on the highway, they are useful in the city. The rest of the things he says to not do in this video are valid, and i don't do them.

  2. In my experience the only thing flashing directional signals mean is they work. How many times have you followed that idiot who is signaling a left turn for miles before turning right?

  3. 9:03 well i can proudly say i have never ever ever done that – looking up my phone while driving. Ever since i started driving i told myself i won't pay attention to the phone and that's why i put it in the armrest. One thing i don't get about that is why the hell people won't use their bluetooth?????? 99% of the cars these days have BT connectivity and people still drive with their phones around their ears. It's not like it's a hassle or something – you just pair it once and after that i connect on its own every time you enter the car. It's that easy.
    I guess you guys didn't mention it because in the US you don't do a lot of B-roads and 2 way traffic but here in Europe the most annoying AND dangerous habit is the overtaking without any visibility or in corners or straight into the oncoming traffic. This is the number one cause of crashes. And that's also the reason i HATE SUVs, cos 95% of the pricks who do that are in some large barge, feeling untouchable.
    Now i don't say i don't have any bad driving habits but i try to keep em to minimum. Rolling stop is the one thing and the other one is a biggie – speeding. Like a lot; proper speeding. I know it's wrong, i know i shouldn't do it, i know if i save the money from fines i'd probably buy a new car or even two and yet can't help it. Can't drive slow outside of town. In cities and towns it's easy to do the speed limit cause there it makes sense. But outside of town and especially on the highways i just can't stay that slow. Everytime i get on the highway i tell myself i won't go over 140kph – the speed limit on the highways here and just 3mins later can't even go below 200kph (damn germans and their fast and comfortable cars – they spoiled us). There are some upsides thou when driving fast – for once you'll find yourself constantly alert and aware of the conditions and situation around you. You keep your eyes on the road and watch every car and anticipate their actions. It's practically impossible to fall asleep at the wheel. Your own body puts your both arms on the wheel where they should be. Lower or no music at all instead of blaring out loud songs and at these speeds even passengers don't touch their phones and keep their eyes glued on the road. But yeah .. it's still dangerous and not recommended especially to inexperienced people.

  4. I think nothing is more frustrating than people who can't go when the light turns green. I honked at two cars today for this and they still hesitated.

  5. The lights reflected in his glasses makes it look like he's wearing neon yellow and purple eye shadow. Lookin' good, Nol-Nol. I'd hit it.

  6. I hate when I have to merge back into traffic or change lanes and the person behind me decides to whip out and essentially “skip me” while I’m in the process of moving causing me to stop.

  7. I usually try to not do these stuff when i was in my personal cars. But now i changed work and am a Parts delivering guy in a Dacia Sandero. I must say i do alot of these stuff quite alot since i have to deliver parts every hour. So i do alot of these stuff alot more. I shouldnt and i try my best to limit them in work too but sometimes time is of the essence so i am still at fault but sorry. In reality if we all obey the law we wouldnt have problems.

  8. I remember one time this guy almost t boned me cuz he ain’t stop at a stop sign so I flipped him off and he drives hella fast next to me screaming and shit😂 I jus sat there laughing while this truck dude cussing and yelling

  9. Im a litte, no ALOT CONFUSED!!!! Why in the hell wouldnt Omaze take that dam money spent on the car, plus the $20,000 and donate that to the charity???? To me, that makes no MOFO SENSE!!!!! Just Sayin……….

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