The Untold Truth Of Mia Khalifa

The Untold Truth Of Mia Khalifa

It’s not every day that a ruthless terror
organization targets an adult film performer, but that’s exactly what happened to this meteoric
star of the industry. And years later, she’s still racked with regret
over ever stepping into that fated career. This is the untold truth of Mia Khalifa. Made in Lebanon She may call Austin, Texas, home these days,
but Khalifa isn’t originally from the U.S. According to The Washington Post, she immigrated
from Lebanon to a suburb of Washington D.C. when she was 10 years old. But it wasn’t an easy transition. “It was such a big culture shock to move for
my parents. They didn’t know the country, they didn’t
know the culture, they didn’t know anybody here really.” In 2001, America was reeling from the World
Trade Center attacks, making the Middle Eastern student an easy target for bullying. She told the Daily Beast, “Every brown kid at my school was [labeled
a terrorist]. Kids are f—ing brutal. That was the nickname for anyone at my school
who was Indian, Middle Eastern, Pakistani – it doesn’t matter.” Nonetheless, the former adult star is proud
of her heritage and has the tattoos to prove it – one incorporates the first line of the
Lebanese national anthem. But as much pride as Khalifa has for her original
home country, she can’t return to it. She told The Daily Dot that the country has
“denounced her and [she’s] no longer welcome.” Breaking into the biz Khalifa isn’t exactly sure why she first got
into the adult entertainment industry. On an episode of The Forward podcast with
Lance Armstrong, Khalifa admitted that she even feels quote, “uncomfortable showing too
much cleavage in public.” She said, “I don’t know where my head was at. I was 21 and dumb. That’s the only excuse, and it’s not even
an excuse, but that’s the only answer I have for it.” The actress got her start in the industry
after being approached outside a strip mall in Miami. But what started as a sort of youthful rebellion,
snowballed into a haze of conflicting emotions after she shot her first scene. She said, “It was a combination of guilt and shame.” And she claimed it was a quote “temporary
validation.” “Like ‘Oh, I am attractive, someone wants
to film me.” “I didn’t know how to love myself.” The star left the business after about three
months, but not before becoming the most searched-for actress on one of the largest adult entertainment
sites, per the Daily Dot. Attempting a “normal life” Khalifa struggled to find normal employment
once she quit the biz. She picked up a job at a law office, telling
the Daily Beast that while she enjoyed the change of pace, it was an uncomfortable situation. She told the outlet, “I realized […] that the male attorneys
in the office recognized me and knew who I was. One of them even made some remarks toward
me and made me uncomfortable. But karma took care of that one for me, because
the firm got shut down and they dissolved that branch.” But Khalifa didn’t just stop at office work. She actually has quite a prolific sports-commentating
resume. Over under on how long before I have to issue
a public apology. A month and a half.” “Oh, way under.” In 2017, Khalifa co-hosted “Out Of Bounds”
with NBA star Gilbert Arenas on Complex TV’s YouTube channel, and she went on to host a
second sports-focused show with an ESPN and Major League Baseball radio host, as well. She also partnered with Twitch TV where she
called games for the NBA’s minor league, according to Playboy. Along with that, she live streams herself
cooking and playing video games, and told The Forward that she was even developing a
cookbook. “Do you want me to show my boobs now? I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. Get your minds out of the gutter.” Is she the next Zuckerberg? Khalifa managed to parlay her love of sports
into tech. You might not picture her as an entrepreneur
in Silicon Valley, yet there she is, building dating app plug-ins and co-founding a sports
app. Speaking with the Daily Beast, she opened
up about her app URef, which rates Premier League referees and lets fans vent about poor
calls. “Have you ever disagreed with a ref? I bet you have. URef empowers fans to rate refereeing performances.” According to CrunchBase, it’s only scored
a meager $270,000 in funding, and as of this writing, the app hasn’t made a huge splash
on Twitter or Facebook, either. Luckily, that’s not the only tech endeavor
the star is involved in. She also co-founded a Tinder plug-in, which
she’s hoping to also launch on Bumble. It’s admittedly a little Black Mirror because
it totally takes the humanity out of dating. She told The Daily Beast the app automates
your swipes and sends out a pre-programmed message to your matches so you don’t actually
have to use the app to get a date. She said, “You can be spittin’ game when you’re sleeping.” Driven to succeed Khalifa is one smart cookie, and when it came
to her schooling, she was a total hustler. According to a profile in Playboy, Khalifa
learned to speak English while attending a French private school in Beirut. After riding out her middle school years in
Maryland, she attended high school at Massanutten Military Academy, a boarding school in Woodstock,
Virginia. In a tweet, Khalifa claimed her family’s reasoning
was… “Private school education gets you accepted
into more colleges. And my parents caught me smoking weed.” In her interview with The Forward, Khalifa
admitted that she even graduated early from high school. She attended the University of Texas at El
Paso, where she majored in history – and also graduated early, according to Playboy – and
made ends meet as a bartender and model. On top of that, Khalifa never struggled with
the freshman 15. Instead, she told The Forward that she lost
50 pounds through sheer willpower. She cut out soda, exercised and ate lean,
which isn’t an easy feat on a college meal plan. “I have an addictive personality, and for
once it was addictive in a positive way.” Death threats Back in her adult entertainment days, Khalifa
angered the wrong people after filming a racy scene where she wore a hijab. In an interview with 5 Live on BBC Radio,
the star admitted that once she found out about the storyline and the wardrobe, her
reaction was… “They walked in and gave me the script, and
told me what I would be wearing, and I said, ‘You ______ are going to get me killed.'” A week later, she was receiving death threats. One of the scariest was when someone tweeted
her an actual Google screenshot of her apartment, leading her to move to a hotel for two weeks
before abandoning her residence. She told the news outlet, “The entire Middle East was after me. Lebanon disowned me. My family disowned me.” She added, “I had every Muslim on Twitter basically coming
after me with proverbial pitchforks.” Things got worse when ISIS got wind. Speaking with Megan Abbott, Khalifa claimed
they photoshopped a picture of her onto someone they were beheading, claiming quote, “You’ll
be next, you Muslim disgrace.” Khalifa, who is Catholic, responded, “Better my head than my t—s, they were expensive.” ISIS also hacked Khalifa’s Instagram account
and used it to post propaganda. Khalifa told 5 Live that she probably could
have refused to do the scene in the first place, but didn’t feel that she could speak
up at the time. If anything, she claimed the ISIS threats
gave her a quote “thick skin.” Talk about a silver lining. “No one harassing me on the internet is going
to get to me after, after all of that.” Not about the fame When Khalifa entered the adult entertainment
industry, she thought her work would be a total secret. She told The Forward that she figured there
were so many adult videos out there, it would be impossible that anyone would ever connect
it back to her. “There’s no way that anyone is ever gonna
see me.” She didn’t advertise her films, no one knew
her name, and she didn’t even have any social media accounts at the time. She only told one person – her best girl friend
– who thought she was quote, “f-ing crazy.” But after quickly gaining immense popularity,
and fielding death threats from ISIS, Khalifa had had enough. “It makes me feel like I lost all right to
my privacy. She told the Daily Beast, “As soon as I gained all that popularity – that
was never my intention, so I backed out as soon as I could, even though I had signed
a contract with an adult company. But it was never my intention to do anything
with this; it was more a dirty little secret that I wanted to have, and something that
I wanted to do on my own.” She didn’t make bank Khalifa didn’t get into the adult entertainment
industry for the money. During her interview with Armstrong, she admitted
that her parents had been helping her out, so she wasn’t under much financial pressure. It’s a good thing because, as it turns out,
the adult film industry wasn’t exactly lucrative, at least for her. In a tweet, Khalifa admitted she didn’t make
very much money in her three months in the industry, where she filmed a total of 21 videos
– nine of which were solo and a dozen which were with partners. She wrote, “People think I’m [raking] in millions from
[adult film]. Completely untrue. I made a total of around $12,000 in the industry
and never saw a penny again after that.” Despite the puny paycheck, Khalifa’s director
Steve, who wouldn’t reveal his last name, told Playboy that he was shocked by the actress’
exit from the industry. And that he had never received a letter of
resignation from an adult film star before. He said, “I remember when she came in with a letter
of resignation. I said, ‘Why? You’re the biggest star in the world.'” Although it’s unclear exactly how, Khalifa
has since amassed an estimated $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Sliding into her DMs In her Playboy profile, Khalifa revealed that
she married her high school sweetheart in 2011, but they separated in 2014 – the same
year she launched her adult film career – and divorced in 2016. Yet, not much else is known about the star’s
love life beyond her current fiancé and the many men she’s rejected – one of them allegedly
being Drake. Speaking with WQAM’s The Page Q Sports Show,
Khalifa admitted that a celeb whose name quote “rhymes with… ‘rake,'” went riding through
her DMs with his woes – or, more accurately, some sort of pickup line. It’s not clear what he said, but the former
adult film star called their exchange quote “flattering” but also “so cringeworthy.” Drizzy, however, isn’t the only one who’s
allegedly tried to woo Khalifa. In the past, she’s called out NFL stars Duke
Williams and Chad Kelly for sliding into her DMs, but overall, Khalifa considered herself
unlucky in love. She told Playboy, “I will never find a guy I deem to be perfect
or normal since I’m not perfect – and am nowhere near normal.” Of course, she turned out to be totally wrong. According to the Daily Beast, the star is
engaged to Swedish chef, Robert Sandberg, who cooks at a Michelin-rated restaurant in
Denmark. “I fell in love with him when he deboned a
quail the first nite we met, in our hotel room. Going viral on TikTok If the hijab video wasn’t the thing that sent
Mia Khalifa spiraling into mainstream fame, it was definitely the karaoke video app, TikTok. In February 2018, the YouTube rap duo iLOVEFRiDAY
released a diss-track about the former adult film star that subsequently became part of
a viral TikTok meme. But apparently, the entire thing was a misunderstanding. In a YouTube interview with DJ Smallz Eyes
2, iLOVEFRiDAY member SmokeHijabi admitted that the duo penned the track after Khalifa
allegedly called her disrespectful toward Muslim women. “Mia Khalifa tweeted that I’m disrespectful
to Muslim women.” Smoke had posted a photo of herself smoking
what appeared to be marijuana while wearing a hijab, while Khalifa made the infamous hijab
adult video. Who was to judge? Apparently not Khalifa, because according
to Genius, her tweet was fabricated. Nonetheless, SmokeHijabi posted a now-deleted
call-out video on Twitter, then recorded the track with her bandmate. And a viral meme was born. Accepting her past Unlike some of the adult entertainers who
came before her, Khalifa regrets ever jumping into the industry – even if it was just a
short three-month detour in a life otherwise filled with lucrative, creative endeavors. She told the Daily Beast that she felt like
she had to publicly own up to her shame after having a quote “terrible radio interview”
with some “D-list station in Tampa” where they introduced her as an adult film star. She subsequently had a major outburst and
was cut from the air. She told the Beast, “I’m ashamed of my past. And the shame, in turn, becomes anger, and
makes me lash out and react the way I did. So the only way to fix that is to take control
of my own narrative, put it out there, and let my story be heard.” But getting over the past hasn’t been an easy
journey. In her interview with Megan Abbott, Khalifa
admitted that she’s still working on truly accepting her past choices. “I have to fully accept and be comfortable
with my past.” She added, “I think the biggest thing standing in my
way is myself.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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