The Try Guys Get Photoshopped Like Women

The Try Guys Get Photoshopped Like Women

– I am so uncomfortable right now. – Recently we made a video
called “Men get Photoshopped “Into Ideal Male Body Types.” – It was a look at how
Photoshop affected us as guys. – What we weren’t expecting was this huge response that women
have to go through this every single day. – So, today, we as men are
going to get Photoshopped to the standards that a
woman would be Photoshopped. – We have been Photoshopped before, but never like this. – [All] Ahh! (upbeat music) – So, in all honesty, across media, how much of beauty is Photoshopped? – Like all of it. – All of it? – Unless an ad specifically says, “This has not been Photoshopped”, I guarantee it has been Photoshopped. – It would be really cool
if we lived in a society where people didn’t have
to alter their looks to be accepted but that’s
not the society we live in and it’s been sorta this
way for a long time. – Sometimes they credit
it back to the pinup era, like a lot of people
were illustrating women instead of taking their photos. And they would exaggerate
the women’s bodies to look like more idealistic
versions of themselves. – We’re constantly looking at
images that have been altered. We only notice it when it
goes just a step too far. – So, what we’re recreating
today are examples of disastrous Photoshop. – Correct. – Your butt looks so much better already. – How, what? So, I’m gonna do the
Victoria Secret underwear ad where she loses half of her butt. (laughs) How does a Photoshop person do that? – I think that they are
going for a thigh gap. – Why do people want so much
space between their thighs? – Like, unfortunately, body
types go in and out of fashion. Young women, you know, they
want to do what the guy says is hot. – You’re contouring my eye? So, I’m doing a Ralph Lauren ad. What were they thinking? – The Ralph Lauren in Asia took this ad, Photoshopped it to what they thought was the ideal beauty standard. – Which was smaller. – Which was very small. – If I were doing it, I would
probably slim your cheeks a little bit more and even… – What’s wrong with my cheeks? And in this context,
being too big is what? – I think she was like
120 pounds or something. – You are painting my face like the joker. I’m recreating a recent
Kim Kardashian photo. – People are arguing back and forth whether she did actually
Photoshop the image regardless, I think the Kardashians are kind of notorious
for always wanting to use Photoshop and kind of
look like the best version of themselves. – What’s going on with the Madonna photo? – Her before and afters
were incredibly different and striking. They took out her wrinkles. – Airbrushed and just crazy. – The Madonna photo is your
extreme case of Photoshop. – Society cuts you off at a certain age and I think it’s so hard for a woman to age gracefully. – I mean, I got, a blemish or two. – You’re pretty fucked up, man. (laughs) – It really after a while
starts to infiltrate your own psyche. The sort of unrealistic
expectation of what is put out there as a beautiful woman when really she doesn’t
even look like that. – As a makeup artist, natural means a lot of makeup to look
like not a lot of makeup. – People in the fashion industry know what’s going to look good on camera. – His face is just a little wide. So, we’re trying to bring
it a little bit closer. – I think that you will learn a lot about what expectations are put on you. Even from the moment that
you step into the shoot. – Normally women do already come prepared with everything waxed. – Everything? – Everything. – I think a lot of people assume that a lot of it’s done post, but a lot of work goes into making people
look the way they do for a cover shoot. – Oh, there’s cream on my thighs. There’s a brush on my butt. This is a, this is a feeling. – With celebrities like the
Kardashians are contouring, and then getting professional
photo shoots done, and then also Photoshopping,
just seems like a lot of work. – I would say we’re ready for a set. – How long was that? – It’s like 45 minutes. – 45 minutes? – Yeah. – Ready to paint my naked body? (upbeat electronic music) – I thought, “Why are
you touching me up here? “I thought we already made me beautiful.” – Just a little bit more. – I’m getting oil rubbed on my body while another man makes
my butt look better. – Try so hard to know
that you’re beautiful. And they’ll start saying all these things to you that you’re like, “Woah, I didn’t even realize
I had that as a problem.” He’s looking a little baggy. – Baggy? Are you kidding me? – This is not untouched. I’ve been touched a lot today. – I’ve heard celebrities say that’s like an idealized version of me. And they’re like, “I
wish I was like that.” This is the weirdest. – Try to stick out your
butt as much as possible and arch your back. – Move your hips a little back, but try not to point, just kinda… – If you want it long, it has to point. – Bring that towards us
and push that one back. – Can you make your butt tighter though? But not like you’re clenching. – I don’t know what you mean. – Zach? – Yeah. – Listen to me. – No, I’m listening. – It’s hard to arch the
back and get the chin, ’cause I feel like they
must have shopped this. – Give me a little sultry look, but less mad. Less like you’re trying. No, no, no. Like this, yes. Like sexy Gollum. – What has it got in its pockets? – Can you look a little sexier? You look very scared right now. – I mean, in some ways,
I am scared right now. – I think the most shocking part might be after you see the
Photoshopped version of yourself, you basically have seen
what someone wished that you looked like. – I’m like, I’m massively contorted here. – Oh, I’m dying. How does Kim K. do it? – It’s so hard to not let that affect you. – [Photographer] Look more seductive. – Okay. – [Photographer] And you’ll be fine. – Okay. – This is a hypersexualized position and my face is not a part
of who I am at all in this. – I’m an object. My face won’t even be in the photo. – Also, think about this. This is their job. To look good, everyday, all day. – I think we got it. – Oh ho, ho, ho. Oh my God. – I feel terrible. – I just felt so beaten down and like there were expectations of me that I couldn’t meet. – Be angular and hard but
be soft and be seductive but innocent. It’s like, “What are you? “I can’t be all of these things at once.” – Everything you think
is real is constructed. Hopefully not in an artful way, but it’s constructed. – There was nothing human about that. It’s just an object lit beautifully and now it will be Photoshopped to look better. (upbeat music) – And you don’t have her ass. – No one has her ass. – I’m both excited and very nervous. – [All] Woah! – I think you look beautiful. – Let’s see the photo. Oh. – Oh, those arms sure did shrink. – They look like string beans. I have bendy straws for arms. – It’s really weird, but
the more I stare at this, the more normal you look to me. – I agree. – Yeah, I’m getting really used to it. – I know that I’m a very skinny person. But like, seeing them together, I’m like, “Oh no, we should take some
of the roundness off that.” Now that I see the one
on the right, I’m like, “I look chubby as fuck in the left photo.” – Can you imagine being a young girl, having to look at images like this? – Since there always will be Photoshop, stay body positive with the
current body that you have and to know that where you
are right now, is great. – So, now we’re going
to look at the picture that I was recreating. (laughs) What a nightmare. Are we ready to see Keith 2 point Oh? – [All] Oh. – Gross. I am a putty man. I don’t like seeing myself like this. I hate this. – You don’t like being seen as an object. – No, I don’t want to be
seen like a sex object. I want to be seen as like a fun person. – But for a woman, this is obviously not realistic on the right, but the underwear looks nicer. – So, they’re not only
Photoshopping my body, they are Photoshopping the product. So, there’s like nothing true, right? Even when you look at
Golden Grahams on box, those fucking Golden
Grahams look way better than the ones in my bowl. – And if one of these
women were to just release, you know, a photo of
just what she looked like when she rolled out of
bed, it would be considered brave as opposed to just human. – Madonna. (laughs) – Let’s see the Photoshopped
version of this. – Oh, no! – Holy shit. – (mumbles incomprehensibly) – All right, I’m done. – Why would you do that? – I’m gone, I’m gone. – No, that’s not me. Freckles that I have are
what gives me character. I look like a vampire. – Also funny is that in
an effort to Photoshop you to look more like female
Photoshop standards, your look has gone from “I
will either murder or fuck you” to “Won’t you please come fuck me?” – Yes, that’s true. – You’re right. – How did they do that? – And then you come under
fire when a picture of you comes out that’s not Photoshopped. And they’re like, “Why
does she think she needs “to have so much redone on her?” And it’s like, well
because all you do is tell her that she doesn’t look good enough. – All right, so, let’s see my photo as Kim Kardashian. – Are you sitting on your nuts? – Yeah, I was sitting on my nuts. – Is like one nut up
your butt hole right now? – Yeah, we’re not gonna talk about it. – Oh. – Wow. – You look like a sexy witch. – In real life or in the after photo? – A little of both. – I feel like I am looking at a painting. I might have to hang this in my house. – This should go over your fireplace. Photoshop is digital painting. You are so impossibly smooth. I mean, nobody’s back goes so effortlessly into their butt like that. ‘Cause if you stood up, you would be a nightmare human. – One good thing though
is people are becoming more educated about the process and what it takes to create these images and how we fit into it as a culture. – And when you hear another guy say something
super sexist or body shaming. – Tell them to shut the fuck up. – Yeah. – Go to hell. – Yeah. – Eat a dick. You should know that
all of media is altered. Everyone’s trying to be better. Everyone’s putting a better
version of themselves out there, so you can’t judge your raw
self with someone else’s affected self. – What’s going on? – Um, Kim K is naked in the photo, so I have to be naked, but, to honor all the people on
set who should not see my dick and balls, I’m trying to put
a sock over my dick and balls. – Not a big enough sock, huh? – All right. Try guys. – I love how you covered
your nipples briefly. – I feel so exposed.

100 thoughts on “The Try Guys Get Photoshopped Like Women

  1. Ned doesn't need to be photoshopped.
    Keith doesn't need to be photoshopped.
    Zach doesn't need to be photoshopped.
    Eugene doesn't need to be photoshopped.
    NO-ONE needs to be photoshopped.

    You're SO beautiful the way you are : )

  2. be real guys we all have the same thing on our mind

    this is our thoughts about this


  3. 2:38 I love how nonchalant Keith was about it 😂! He is a whole mood! Like let’s not lie to him 😂😂😂

  4. Keith's non-photoshopped butt looked great… The photoshopped one was not even near to hotness tbh

  5. THANK YOU FOR making this, as a woman I cant tell you how this pisses me off. The double standard. Women age like wine, stop idealizing youth, cause its wasted on the young. And I am young and know that. No excuse people

  6. 5:51 : there is just an object

    Man , listen man you taking this picture feel like an object this is not a great feeling I know because I've been treated like an object Since the day I was starting to get boobs and a nice but

    This will not stop if you man will not stop it stop treating me like an object and I will appreciate you even more !

  7. I'm surprised that there aren't more people talking about Zach. This photoshop job is so horrifying, comical, and painful to look at that I've filed it away in my "Biggest Photoshop Fails" folder to show my student. Not only did they dislocate his left arm and make it significantly thinner than his right arm, but they also gave him a woman's pelvis and removed the shading that gave the left hand defined knuckles, giving it a distinct "birth defect" look.

  8. The photoshop doesn’t matter. That people are beautiful no matter if photoshop or not. Heidi Klum with 25 was Heaven. When fat people say “thin like no natural human” isn’t true. This people exist in rl too. And real Photoshoped pictures are easy to recognize. They have this unnatural shine in the face. And of course old people want to remove their problems on a photo. Why not 🤷‍♂️. Every person should do what she/he wants. you become model before you’ll be shopped. Photoshop is just an extra for ads nothing more. Photos make you fatter. Photos or better the flash makes every skin problem bigger and makes it more “attention seeking”^^. That’s what people don’t understand. You have to correct the picture itself. Because thx to the lights and flash’s the “normal” pic is also not really you

  9. Society today thinks woman need to be perfectly skinny but not to skinny or you are trying to hard. They also think being gay is bad and shame people for it. At my school it’s an INSULT that kids say to each other. It’s absolutely disgusting what the world wants these days. Did you know someone had the idea to through a straight pride day? I think it disgusting that they think it’s perfectly fine to do that. We have worked so hard for such a long time for it to be LEGAL for a gay couple to get married. But that doesn’t mean that there should be a straight pride day. I’m not saying it’s bad to be straight but that’s not acceptable. 😔

  10. Keith: "Why do people want so much space between their thighs?"
    Ma dude I just want to stop wearing holes in the crotch of my jeans

  11. We do whats attractive to mate. We're animals. It's in our nature to want to "show off" for the people we want to be with. My body type was fat growing up in the Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie era. I hated myself growing up, now it's the ideal one. It will go back out of style in another 5 or 6 years. When you get older you realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We'll go with the trends but at the end of the day, you'll end up with someone who finds you attractive inside and out.

  12. This is interesting to watch but what these models have to go through in the size that they look at is sad

  13. The makeup artist is just so annoying to me…like seriously stop telling them what you think would look better! His cheeks look hot!

  14. “Why dose she think she needs to have so much redone on her!” “Because all you do is tell her she’s not good enough!” EXACTLY!!!! I cannot explain the amount of effort I put into looking thin and pretty in my photos

  15. Women don’t always have to go through this, it’s up to you I’m 14 and almost everyone in my class wears a lot of makeup and photoshops their faces and every guy likes them but I don’t do any of that and I think I’m happier than them

  16. I’m not complaining, and I’m not saying this is bad, but I’m a non-binary person in the middle of transitioning, and I was born female, so the photos with big breasts and all that triggered my top dysphoria super bad. Also, I don’t like talking about being born female, so, this comment isn’t fun. Also the fact that nowadays photoshopped pictures are prettier then real life triggers me. Fake photos are not beautiful. Okay, I’m done.

  17. Eugene is really understanding. He always understands or try’s to understand the situations of other people.

  18. So if you’re not wearing makeup your not trying

    If you wear makeup
    Your trying to hard

    What is our society…🤨😢

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