The Truth… Bhad Bhabie CopyCat Makeup Tested

The Truth… Bhad Bhabie CopyCat Makeup Tested

what’s up everybody, welcome back to my
channel! hi how are ya? now today’s video… I have never gotten this many requests
I’m talking thousands and thousands of tweets thousands of comments on my last
YouTube video and thousands and thousands of comments on my Twitter you
guys have highly requested for me to review bad babies new makeup line
copycat beauty now I watched the video I saw it I know what is I know kind of
what it’s about there has been a lot of speculation online drama a lot of people
are shook that it is basically duping luxury brands for an affordable price
kind of like my ELF vs. Tasha video the theme is kind of the same basically
Daniele aka bad baby teamed up with a company and she is endorsing copycat
beauty what does that mean it is basically a brand that is duping other
luxury brands for a boy affordable price bitch I’m talking like three dollar
lipsticks now when her video went live my comment section was full of thoughts
opinions and everyone was like Jeffrey you have to test this out so me being me
girl I deemed bad baby and I said hi I know we don’t know each other but girl I
have never seen your name pop up in my mentions more than right this second so
I said hey girl can you drop off your makeup line I got a response she said
hey bitch see you tomorrow and I was like so let’s just get it out of the way
this video is fully as always my opinion only do I know what is about to happen
when I try the makeup absolutely not is it gonna be good is it gonna be crazy I
have no idea but she is about to drop it off and then I said listen she’s gonna
drop off the makeup and I said you have to go cuz I don’t let people watch me
review anything that’s not how it’s gonna go and I don’t want to feel any
type of way when someone’s like lurking over my shoulder not that she wants to
do that we requested that I just simply I’m like listen drop it off and then
tomorrow I’m actually gonna try it because tonight I’m gonna go see Elton
John at the Staples Center yes bitch hi again twice obsessed hi
Elton the how are ya all right so she’s about to be here I have no idea what the
products actually look like feel like or anything so yes we’re gonna find out
together all right I think she’s almost here
oh my god you guys she’s Karen hello oh my god thanks to medium come in okay okay let’s chat first of all I do
exciting in person okay you be quiet now listen you uploaded a video and you
announce because I have never gotten as many comments in my life and to review
this I got to review it and I listen it’s I heard it’s poppin’ I heard a lot
of people are loving it and has a lot of attention so bitch we’re gonna try it
today she’s gonna go home after I look through it show me show me what you
brought me I saw the video and I was like okay I love the idea – give it to
me by the way I’m going to borrow the sack so here’s some different ice
shadows okay well I saw these online you guys so we got the eyeshadows highlight
and bronzer no I think okay yes highlight okay cool beach below okay
here’s some lip gloss okay yes since our brushes are actually really soft I’m
just using them for like moisturizers okay oh I love that yeah okay I’m like
you’re hot where’s your favorite moisturizer can I just ask you that is
actually I use um it’s this spotless that I don’t know what brand its vibe
but it’s like a drugstore brand I don’t use expensive stuff on my face okay I’ve
been using drugstore my whole life why would I I love drugstore they’re really
coming for us so I’m really excited to play with this gel liner yeah I already
know some of us not really good what’s your
favorite mask 24-karat like everything daddy what are you doing look at him
you want some makeup okay no this is iconic can I have a snapchat backpack
just for a week of course it’s all yours okay now I’m
gonna do the shameless plug for you because while she was driving over here
her snapchat show popped up right on my feed
tell us everything what’s it called I have a new show with snapchat it wanted
like the first actually shows on there it’s really just showing people my relay
the trailer was iconic Nate was shook he was like I’m watching this every episode
Wow you know all the time one of the things I say all the time I need a TV
show because I’m just a naturally funny person and I’m gonna say yes you hug the
people I’d be around it’s just like is it makes me better if we’re all funny
together we’re like the perfect mix so it’s like we okay congratulations
I can’t wait to watch it okay so I am gonna test this out in the morning I’m
going to a concert right now so I really appreciate you dropping this off I am so
excited and you guys we will see if copycat beauty is Geoffrey star approved
shortly bitch it’s a new day are you guys good morning now last night I was
fully done up to the gods and I went to the Elton John show here in Los Angeles
it was so magical but now today is a new morning and I am
about to try out the copycat beauty now girl we got to talk let’s put this hair
away all right now after Danielle left my house last night i snapchatted and I
tweeted that I was gonna be reviewing her stuff and that she dropped it off
girl Twitter is a whole nother vicious world sometimes way different that you
do because people were really trying to comb for Geoffrey star and I’m my girl
oh no no now about a week ago I reviewed the Fenty Beauty concealer that baby had
just announced her collaboration with copycat beauty and endorsing the whole
thing announcing it in a like okay so listen when she announced it it was I
think about the same day that I uploaded my concealer video because half of the
comments of like 20,000 comments were half about reviewing her stuff okay
stop chat Instagram comments everything was like bitch we want to see what you
think of this product so of course you guys asked for it here we
now listen here if um after I snapped with her people were really going crazy
which I I guess I I don’t know I I don’t understand because until I meet someone
I’m not really gonna judge them just because I saw something on TV a few
years ago I’m like okay great that’s one moment of her life now I will say this I
had a really good time with her she was down-to-earth I know that may be
shocking to some of you but I wasn’t there to get to know her if I wanted to
review people bitch I’d be a journalist okay so I am here to review the makeup
to see what the T is it is very kind of controversial so she brought it over
it’s all here in my hand so we’re just gonna go through it all today I think
there’s like contour highlighter I shadow and some lips so we’re gonna try
it on obviously I woke up today I did some foundation concealer and that’s it
so we’re gonna dive in here now I was getting a lot of feedback so I want to
address everything because you know momma keeps it a hundred percent on this
channel just keep it on keep it on drew with me
now listen I really went hard on her beauty last year because she stole her
entire setting powder concept from a smaller indie brand if you don’t know
who Beauty bakery is they are amazing I love their packaging their products and
beauty bakery is now in a lot of Ulta stores and they are doing amazing so
congrats to them but the reason why I was so upset is because Hoda would not
acknowledge what she did or apologize to cashmere the owner or the branch so girl
if you don’t want to apologize or acknowledge can’t relate now the thing
about this literally the brand is called copycat beauty so Danielle and her team
is saying look bitch we are duping other brands this is exactly what it is right
up front so there’s no mystery there was is it stealing is it it’s whatever you
guys think we’re all gonna have different opinions what do I think let’s
talk about that all right so let’s talk about dupes a lot of people were like oh
my god Jeffery how could you support someone copying
another brand when you really went hard on hooda and I’m like this is a whole
different thing now listen there are drugstore brands right now in every
single store in America that we’re gonna call it steal copy borrow from bigger
brands to make it more affordable it has been happening for years I think now
that there’s more attention and there’s so
much you know there’s a microscope on their beauty community people are really
gonna talk about it and I think it’s a good subject to talk about so when you
go into any drugstore what brand do you see you see makeup revolution makeup
revolution is a brand that has exploded here in America and UK and they’re
growing really big they a year ago or two did a highlighter called skin kiss
every shade name was a ripoff of my skin frost line of highlighters now I already
know that drugstore brands are doing this I didn’t mind on my girl if that’s
what you’re doing that’s what you’re doing now I know a few of my friends or
ex friends have come hard for makeup revolution if it’s gonna happen and
legally you can’t pursue it it is what it is now to me I have I had my brand
duplicated yes I’ve had counterfeit makeup made I’ve had dupes made it is
what it is counterfeit that’s a whole nother video and a whole nother subject
buying fake jeffree star cosmetics coming soon so I never mentioned makeup
revolution it is what it is dupes are out there a lot of people love
it here’s a good example last week I reviewed the elf poreless putty primer
girl Ulta sold these like hotcakes elf sold out worldwide it was crazy but this
at the end of the day their idea was to exactly dupe this product so what are we
seeing about this in our Nastasia is it the same thing that’s where you guys are
gonna come in and let me know your thoughts down below
I personally I’m gonna review this we’re gonna see if it works we’re gonna see
what the hell’s going on I’ve heard mixed things all over the internet um
number one let’s just dive in right now I heard that the makeup didn’t have
ingredients I’m sitting here staring at it and obviously this is just me being
me there’s ingredients there’s ingredients
there’s ingredients it has the jar the period after opening which if you guys
don’t know that is the life shelf of a product once it is open so once it’s
open bitch you got 24 months this says that it is made in China and here are
all the ingredients the ingredient list is a little short because it is not made
in America and they use cheaper ingredients a lot of the time so the
ingredients are on this maybe there’s not on some other things fine
second but I see ingredients so far so let’s just dive in and try everything I
know that everyone is gonna have an opinion about dupes and copying
literally that is what this brand is why let’s dive in so everything that she
gave me is sitting in front of me the website has so much stuff on it it’s
a little overwhelming there’s like a lot of pallets I’m talking 50 plus I’m like
damn let’s dive in so I just unwrapped some of these brushes I’m so sorry let
me unwrap the rest on camera I wanted to see how they felt yesterday and she was
there I think I opened one or two but now that they’re here here they are
there is four brushes I was given they don’t feel bad at all they feel pretty
good for like you know synthetic vegan makeup brushes they’re not bad let me
open up through this one it’s like a little pecker maybe for eyeshadow I’m
not sure who is manufacturing this stuff I’m sure it’s all made in China like the
makeup says so who knows how the quality is gonna be but let’s find out besides
that you guys I have liquid eyeshadows these are dupes for Stila I do of course
have the original Stila I love them so this will be interesting to see how
these work on the eyes versus the real ones we have the highlighter palette we
have blush I’m assuming let’s open this up and see now the highlighter palette
is $8.99 I’m like girl that is crazy now when you pull out it does come in bubble
wrap okay girl work everything is on here like we talked about the
ingredients so here is what it looks like it says go to beauty exposed one
now opening it up it does have a little plastic protector and then here is six
shades we will test that out in a second the blush palette is $8.99 work besides
that I also have this eyeshadow palette the Coco palette let’s just open up her
real quick I think this is a dupe before you too faced chocolate how I’m gonna
assume bam oh yeah that is motherfuckin do but I’ve ever seen one girl
okay BAM so we have some stuff to try out here my face looks flatter than my
own chest so let’s try the highlighting pal
first all right so here is the beach glow palette that is allegedly a dupe
for the anastacio glow kit now let’s put the
packaging next to each other oh my lord all right that looks like the same thing
almost now when you open it it does have the plastic protector like we said on
the other one this one has four shades it is very holographic and this is $8.99
let’s swatch and just see the quality bicha feels soft there’s my fingers not
the most of blinding but it’s there let’s just do a little BAM okay I mean
that definitely has a glow let’s do that one that one is a little more sheer but
it still has a metallic sheen to it so let’s open up this obviously it’s not
the same shades I’ll take these two fingers and let’s just see what happens
so there is the on stop seal ones here and here let’s just put them right there
BAM and then BAM now the honest saucy ones do look a little more like
glistening whereas the copycat Beauty ones look a little just like a different
like shift I guess let’s try it on the face first
is there any shade names bish there is nothing on the back ninety but some
cardboard so let’s dive in let’s see okay I mean the brush has product on it
here we go y’all now I smell everything doesn’t really
smell like huh I can’t really tell what that smells like okay let’s put a little
more on okay looking in the monitor it’s definitely glowy is it like wow beaming
to the God’s honest Ostia it definitely not let me dip into this one as well and
we’ll just go fill it back and forth I mean if we’re going over it a few times
that’s not that bad is this my type of highlighter but y’all know I like to
glow so it’s a little too sheer for me but it does go on it goes I’m pretty
good all right so let’s go over to this now I’m super would be too dark for me
let me see okay that is what they look like these ones look a little more sheer
these don’t look more like so I’m gonna turn back here there’s that one okay and
then here is that one oh wow this looks a lot darker in the pan okay so that’s
what it looks like look how beaming these are compared to
these two that’s so bizarre I almost thought I’d
grab the anasazi a pallet but this is not as this one so these two are way
more sheer and these ones look like they have more pigment let’s use the same
brush let’s see what the hell is gonna happen over here let’s do a bit of both we all see in this doesn’t look like the
same shade as from the side or no I’m like girl okay I mean there’s a globe
but it literally looks like all four shades are kind of similar
well there’s pigment but I’m a little shook like on my hand you can definitely
see bronze a little more rose gold and these two are very different but like on
the skin it kind of looks the same okay let’s move on to the blush palette
exposed all right now here is the blush palette BAM this is what it looks like
six pans now on the Unicorn it did have all the ingredients and it says all the
necessary stuff alright so let’s dive in let’s let’s use this guy the G G is zero
eight brush I’m just going to dip into this little peachy coral moment okay
it’s on the brush how does it look on the face let’s see right now okay it’s definitely there it’s
definitely peachy I’m gonna put it under my highlight just kind of like I massage
it into the skin definitely there let me add a little bit more we’ll go back and
forth between these two okay hi I mean it’s definitely their bitch it
definitely matches a shirt okay so it works um let’s take this and just kind
of like diffuse it a little bit so I don’t end up looking like a clown okay
Wow it’s actually really pretty blush you know I love coral is I’m sitting
there like every blush I have coral like I am a coral black queen
so this actually looks pretty let me take it and dip it maybe do this over
here this looks like it’s a highlighter oh wow
okay let’s let’s watch this I wiped my hand off but let’s just put it right
here okay very similar into the highlighting palette we just tried but
let me dip into a different shade up top and cute okay Pam okay
there is the blush not mad at this at all let me just touch a few more with
some clean fingers here I mean this one is so share but that is what they look
like I’ve never really swatched blush on my channel okay there’s that one I mean
bitch this one is like you have to be really fair for that to show up on you
and then there is the peachy kind of one okay I’m not mad at the blush palette to
be honest I’m not sure which this one is supposed to be duping let’s go back on
the website now this was supposed to be duping the NARS wanted cheek palette I
don’t have that one to show comparisons but I’m not mad at it looks cute okay
now what else should we try okay the eye palette so many people wanted me to try
this eyeshadow formula now here is what it looks like this is we talked about
this a minute ago duping the Too Faced chocolate gold
palette this is literally $8.99 compared to their $49 palettes so they’re giving
you an 82 percent savings obviously you’re not getting the real formula in
packaging but let’s open her up here is what it looks like now you know what’s
crazy it doesn’t look bad now it has the cocoa smell the chocolate
it sounds like cocoa yeah okay like any review or any time I use eyeshadow on my
channel we are going to prime the lid so let’s get at my Mac painterly paint-pot
and we will try this eyeshadow right now I’m just gonna cut my entire lid so
there is a lot of metallic shades in this palette I’m like what the hell but
that’s what the original look like so before we do anything let’s go in with
this color right here we’re gonna dip it with a little Bobby Brown brush and
let’s just see what happens BAM so let me I’ll just use this mirror
let’s just pop this in the crease here and let’s see what happens okay as I am blending it’s kind of
sticking to where it’s placed let me try to flick it up now okay so if there is
what that looks like let me dip in one more time it actually does smell good
I’m sitting here like mmm Michael how are ya alright so it is blending out as
you guys can see close-up it looks alright it’s not the most pigmented in
the world but obviously you guys are seeing it’s there it’s working now
layering tricky when you layer shadows is it gonna work we shall see in a
minute let’s go over here and just see how it works on this eye alright in the
close-up what do you guys think so far alright I didn’t know what to expect but
it’s going on it’s not looking crazy I wasn’t sure what to expect but that
color went on all right now let’s go into this bone ivory color I’m just
gonna place that the right there and I’m gonna put some on my brow bone
over that brown color just to soften it not the most pigmented ivory but it is
helping to buff out the brown now here’s what I really want to do we’ll do this
side right here of course but I want to take that Packer brush that they’re
selling and I want to try it with one of the metallics you guys I forgot we also
have these I want to lay these down in here and then we’ll also we’ll pack on
some metallic here but I gotta try these okay let’s swatch them really quickly so
this one looks so close to this one like the formula in the bottle obviously the
packaging is the exact same I’ve been living for these steel ones for ever now
since they launched all right so let’s swatch this is the smoldering satin
shade let’s put that right there BAM there is one swipe oh so good
now let’s compare it this one does not really have a name it just has a serial
number now let’s compare it I mean the glitter in this one is
otherworldly this one definitely has some Sparkle let me layer it maybe it’s
definitely not the same at all steal a bitch you reign supreme but this one
definitely has some pigment it may look pretty on the eye let’s try it oh wow
okay I mean I’m not mad at it I want to swatch the other one because this is
like a liquid eyeshadow really that doesn’t look like as much glitter in it
let’s try this oh wow okay that is a peach eyeshadow with no
glitter definitely has payoff okay there was one more in here hold on you guys
this one looks really cool I’m like okay this is like a vampire burgundy oh wow
I’m like good morning Alex sickening actually I’m like work alright
before I apply anything I’m gonna wipe this off really quickly with a makeup
wipe so I don’t get it on this tracksuit Boro and we’ll see if there’s any
staining on my hand okay alright so nothing laughing I know that some
pigments and dyes are in like in ingredients that were really stain so I
wasn’t sure what to expect let’s wipe off these as well the glitter did not go
everywhere which is nice sometimes it just like sticks to your skin and goes
like awry but yeah okay no staining thank God
alright now there are 20 shades online there’s greens Purple’s Silver’s I’m
like what the hell I only have three here so there are 20 these do retail for
four and ninety nine okay girl that’s intense and very cheap so let’s go in
with this one first and then we’ll go back to the palette here but I just want
to see what they look like alright usually I use the Stila ones don’t like
kind of cut out my lid like that and it looks pretty similar I’ll be honest it
does have that kind of like wet diamond look it looks pretty is it as blinding
as Stila absolutely not but it is definitely there on my lid so okay good
morning its it worked let’s go in mmm this one looks so weird
over here but hey this is what we’re here we’re test make up so let’s put
this one on over on this side oh wow I love that like Melanie peach color
definitely pretty I mean yeah it’s definitely there on the lid let’s see
how it dries alright let’s try another brush um what color shall we do I guess
it doesn’t matter because I I’m just gonna dip into a few so let’s go into
maybe this gold one and we’ll use this brush okay is there pigment okay now
let’s see how it packs on this color they’re not gonna match I just want to
see if this works Darkon was putting gold over silver
glitter Who am I I’m the Tin Man I’m just gonna like bring this out for a
second bitch let’s just see what happens like hi I’m just packing this on like
it’s a little pecker PHA brush and it’s definitely there but I will say this the
brown that I applied earlier is definitely shearing out you know what I
mean like it looks way less sheer than when I first applied is so I don’t know
what the hell is going on but the brown did kind of vanish it’s kind of still
there I know it covered up with a bunch of stuff but like just where it was more
prominent I’m not seeing it as much the gold actually looks pretty I’m like kind
of shook at that okay let’s flip the brush and let’s dip in Shu this pink one
looks crazy well this pack was on over here okay
it’s a little more sheer but you can definitely see it but obviously I’m
putting on top of the liquid eyeshadow so if you were to use this alone on top
of the primer it may look a little different but this is giving it like a
different life but I would say this one is a lot more sheer like usually when I
do palette reviews I use my own brushes on them but when someone makes a brush
bitch we’re gonna try it out when the paint goes on the skin it’s alright you
can definitely see the fall out a little bit there okay the pink is definitely
not my favorite but let me do a few more swatches because I’m like what is going
on here we got this green oh wow we have it’s like a holiday kind of okay I
missed olives there and then what else this crazy silver it looks really cool
let’s do a thumb shot okay I mean the metallics seem way better
than the mats all right I’m gonna clean up my hand really quickly now there are
a bunch of other pallets on here there is pallets that have just matte shadows
and there is a bunch of dupes for a million brands so what are my thoughts
on the palette we’ll go over everything at that and I want to dive into a few of
these lip products and then I have to go do 500 meetings today and get ready for
2019 cos bitch Jeffrey has a lot of shit in the works ok so now let’s move on to
lip products there is lip gloss which is $3.99 it looks like this now this has
everything on the outside the ingredients are here we’re gonna zoom in
for you guys I have three shades here like a pink a peachy and then this kind
of mauve color here’s what the packaging looks like very wanna be honest ostia
beverly hills and then there’s also lipsticks now here’s where it gets a
little spooky because bitch there’s lipsticks but there’s no
information there’s no ingredients look at the packaging nothing you guys I am
gonna risk my health for you and put this on my lips and the only reason why
is because there hasn’t been any crazy reaction to my skin thus far trying
anything if I had an allergic reaction or something felt weird or my eyes
burned bitch this video would have been a wrap already so having no ingredients
on your products is not good that’s first I’m not sure if it’s illegal I’m
gonna go on the website right now these are $2.99 oh my god okay the wrong
there on the website but that doesn’t matter if someone gave this to someone
or you bought it and you didn’t want to go back to the site or it was a gift
bitch you’re gonna have no information now let’s open it cuz maybe there’s
something in there I probably should open it first nope empty okay great oh
my god this is a literally a ripoff of mac cosmetics to the book and tea girl
oh wow okay let’s see what colors we got here we got this crazy kind of purple
moment okay alright and then we have like a weird brick red
okay q and then we have Oh a chocolate brown I don’t know what I want to do it
I don’t want to try the red it feels like I’m noxious let’s see what
happens oh okay one swipe I listen I had no idea
what to expect with this I’m like okay there’s payoff hold on alright now this lipstick I would say is
like comparable to like a Maybelline or like a wet and wild now for $2.99
you’re getting coverage but also you know obviously the packaging is cheap so
you’re getting a $2.99 experience this won’t work I have to swatch the other
ones I’m in Kong people what do we here for
let’s swatch this one okay purple looks a little streaky let’s do that again I
mean you always have to finesse it I’ve had makeup wipes on my hands but I mean
that’s a little streaky but not bad bitch I mean if you want I lipstick on a
budget okay but let’s try this one darker colors are obviously way harder
to do okay I mean it definitely works um of course it came off it is no I don’t I
go to Matt but I just wanted to try that alright now let’s try a gloss no
obviously I’m gonna just put this over this red but let’s swatch it on our
fingers okay same Dhokla is honest hacia what the hell I’m a little shook now
that is what this shade looks like of course there’s no color names okay
definitely has coverage and then this side you hear oh wow I love pink and
that one looks very pretty hmm okay let’s put the piece you want
over the red and let’s just see what happens
oh my god it smells like cake peach over red is not it what you guys
today we’re making it I know a lot of you’re gonna say bitch wipe off that red
and try that pink gloss by itself we’re gonna see if this lipstick stain so
let’s wipe off the gloss BAM and let’s see what’s under this mouth okay it
actually didn’t stain thank God I was that girl if I have to go out like out
later and this is red I was gonna scream alright now let’s try this pink gloss
right here let’s see what happens I put a little concealer around my mouth so my
foundation to look crazy but here goes the gloss okay there is the bottom it definitely
looks opaque let’s see what happens you guys see it as a little gummy on the
wand here okay yeah it’s not really sticky feels good
smells good it looks good I’m like for this price point the gloss is really not
bad hmm all right you guys we have tested out everything that was given to
me and I have some thoughts so let’s get to it I am a little shook right now I’m
not trying to laugh but you guys I’m not trying to be a shady Queen but look at
my eyes I know they’re a watercolor mess but the brown that I put on earlier do
y’all see it anymore girl it like is very shared out but I
didn’t do anything like it went bye-bye I know I haven’t watched anyone else
review this so I don’t know what anyone else’s opinions are or their experiences
so if anyone else has tried a full matte palette I’m gonna watch it after I
upload mine to see this one was very metallic so the metallics worked for me
as you guys can see is it the most blinding amazing product fuck no for the
price point though the metallics did the job okay we’re moving on now the brushes
for the price point bitch you’re getting a wet and wild type brush it is very
cheap but is it the worst on the planet absolutely not it did the job I
definitely think this one put on the blush fine it’s it’s I mean it worked
that’s all you can say we saw it live on camera the blush palette and this brush
worked is this brush the best no it was actually great for putting on my Paint
Pot and my primer loved it but the brushes we could do without but they did
work so let’s move on no let’s talk about highlight and
I am a little shook at this palette because all of the shades ended up
looking the same on my face what do you guys think as the video has progressed
it still has the glow it looks cute it’s not blinding definitely not you’re not
getting the honest Ostia experience the packaging may be very similar but her
formula is like on point whereas this one is a little more dull and lifeless
alright now let’s talk about the cheek palette this one actually was um maybe
my favorite only because it just worked easy and I love how the blush has been
living on my face it didn’t like vanish it’s still there it’s cute so I would
definitely say that this one for the price is worth it now I’m moving on to
this I was a little shook at the payoff with this one this worked like you guys
saw it’s washed now that I put the gold over it it looks a little bit more but
even over here you still see the glitter it has that nude effect is it the dupe –
steela not quite this one is very glittery whereas that one is definitely
a cheaper version that was shook at how they swatch on my hands you know when
you put these on you’re supposed to let them dry and they live and they have
their moments so it did the job but it’s definitely not Stila alright now let’s
move on to lips I think that’s selling packaging with no
ingredients is really not good and not smart so they definitely need to fix
that immediately let’s talk about that did the payoff of the red lipstick work
absolutely packaging girl bitch it’s cheap and they they’re telling you it’s
cheap so they’re ain’t trying to hide it the lip gloss
I think the lip gloss worked it looks cool it’s not spreading I’ve been
running my gums for a second it’s not getting like tacky and weird it feels
fine so the gloss was pretty good alright so let’s do the final rundown
alright you guys looking at everything on the table I’m gonna say that the
flops for me or the maths in this girl know the palette oh not for me if you’re
someone that likes a subtle glow girl for a cheap price it may be for you but
bitch that’s me shady and I never plot my own
brand during a review but bitch I just want to have a fucking blinding moment
for a second oh there we go that’s what highlights
supposed to look like all right now if the lipgloss the blush palette and these
liquid eyeshadows are jeffree star approved girl
they worked I tried them out no idea what to expect you guys were willy
adamant about me trying this so everything else is it the worst on the
planet no I think that the eyeshadow palette I still can’t believe it bitch
where’s the brown shadow like girl it played some Houdini trickery on me so
overall I would like to open up the discussion to you guys sound off on the
comments section what do you think about this brand what do you think about dupes
and what do you think about the whole entire situation sound off below leave
your feedback of course I love to hear it and today we tried a bunch of shit
I’m gonna go wipe it off and pray that everything is ok that is it today you
guys I will see you on the next one I love you so much and there is a lot of
very exciting things happening very soon so I’ll see you all on the road
mwah bye guys

100 thoughts on “The Truth… Bhad Bhabie CopyCat Makeup Tested

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