The Truth About Tana & Jake’s Marriage | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 | Episode 4

The Truth About Tana & Jake’s Marriage | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 | Episode 4

(upbeat music) – Can you ******* move? This is my roof chair,
like straight up. – I’ll throw
it off your roof. (laughing) And then it’ll be God’s
******* roof chair. (laughing) – Stop paralyzing your
face when you imitate me! – Stop getting Botox! (laughing) Wow. – Okay so we’ve decided, we’re
all getting Botox together. – Yes.
– Big facts. – Definitely. I actually need to get
some more, like look. – I need you to get,
dude we’re the same! – I was talking to–
– Look at my forehead, look at my forehead, watch. Damn! (laughing) So the roof is
for serious talks. – [Ashly] Yeah. – And I need help planning
my ******* birthday party. – Ew that voice!
– Thank you. – I’m so lost. I don’t even know anything that’s been going on with
your birthday at all. – Dude–
– Like I know Vegas is a thing but like what? – What I was thinking on the
24th, my actual birthday, have like a Vegas club moment. I heard form a little birdie that Jake is going
to propose there. – Uh.
– What the ****? – [Ashly] Surprise. – So then after that,
have a wedding in Vegas. – Okay. – I’m thinking the next
day, or the day after and we have a big
party here in LA, get all the clout in one sweep. And then send it, that’s it, off to the honeymoon,
birthday’s over. – If I thought Tana
was actually going to legally marry Jake, I would
obviously be freaking out. I’m assuming that it’s not real, because initially Tana was
supposed to get married right after Atlanta. – Me and Jake might get married. (laughing) – [Ashly] You’re kidding! – That got postponed,
and now she’s planning her own proposal and I don’t know what’s
going on anymore. I don’t think she does either. So this LA party though? – I feel like it
just needs to be every single person
with clout ever. – Yeah.
– Oh my god. – I was thinking a list
of 500 people, 600? – Okay you’re going to have
that many people at a club here, or is that what’s
going to be like– – [Tana] No I think I want to
get like a crazy ass house. – Like a mansion type deal?
– Yeah, but like a bigass one and one with clearance to
literally do reckless ass ****. ‘Cause I don’t–
– So Jake’s house? – Literally that.
– They love me, but I don’t think I should
throw a party at Jake’s house. I think that establishes me
too much as like his girl. I need to invite every
single one of my side ****. – Yeah.
– He’d probably let me. (laughs)
I’m just kidding. Jake and I aren’t
officially exclusive, so for me I guess we would
just take the openness from our relationship into the
openness of marriage, right? I mean I don’t know. I think we’re all trying to
piece together the puzzles of what we actually want this
engagement and marriage to be. Dude, my life is
crazy right now. The amount of things I’ve
told you about on this roof, like a proposal, a
wedding, a birthday party, a Vegas birthday party,
a ******* honeymoon. But I’m having so much fun. (intense music) (upbeat music) Yo I’m actually so excited
to see this billboard. This is my first
billboard that’s just me. – I’m excited today
because we have a billboard on Sunset Boulevard that we got for Tana’s birthday, and we’re going to go show
it to her for the first time. There’s literally
nothing more in my life than I would rather
do than go see your naked body on a billboard. – You did just see me
get my nipple pierced. It’s really, that’s
just the theme for this month I
think at this point. – Sure. (laughing) – Oh man.
– Woo! – Dude, Vegas was crazy bro. You were drunk as
**** at my birthday. – To be honest, you
did seem super drunk. – I was over served by the bartender there,
and I actually think it’s something that
we should look into the amount of serving sizes. – Bro, I spent 50% of my
evening bouncing back and forth taking care of drunk you and
drunk Jake on my 21st birthday. – For Tana’s first
birthday party, we went to Las Vegas
with all of her friends. Chaos ensued. (upbeat music) That weekend was insane,
and thinking about her having another birthday party, at this point I’m just
like does she even need it? Also I wasn’t like blackout. I remember every single thing. – I feel like I was more
responsible on my 21st birthday than I normally
am, which is gross. – What would you say a
normal irresponsible thing that you would do on
your birthday would be? And then how would you– – **** some ******, like
make out with 20 people. – Okay so instead of
making out with 20 people this birthday, you
got engaged to one. (laughing) That was very responsible. Good for you. – Oh man, oh man. Honestly the night of
my birthday was amazing. I was having so much fun
with all of my friends raging in this club, and
then Jake brings me on stage and gets on one knee and all
of this craziness happens. – Can you talk about the
proposal though, actually? – Yeah. – What do you think of that? – It was fun. It was really really fun. – No like was it romantic? Was it what you
wanted him to do? (snorts) No I just am like– – I probably like, if
we had to talk about dream life proposal, probably
not my dream life proposal. Definitely would want a daytime
sunsetty fireworky moment. – Yeah. – But I think that when it
comes to mine and Jake’s brand, if it wasn’t on my 21st
birthday in Las Vegas drunk, would that be right, you know? – When Tana told me that she
was first going to get married, I of course thought
it was a joke. After the first
wedding got canceled, we rescheduled the wedding
to be in a few days from now, but I don’t think they
should be engaged personally. They’re not in love. I think people who are in
love should get married. – Tyga texted me happy birthday and I didn’t respond
’cause I’m engaged. – Oh my god.
(laughing) – Like so many
people I want to **** are congratulating
me on my engagement. – That’s actually really not
good, to be honest with you. – Yeah. – There’s going to be a lot
of people who are angry then. – Why would they be angry? – Uh ’cause you’re lying. – We’re not lying. What they see is what they get. Don’t get me wrong,
I think a wedding is a very serious thing,
but at the same time I think Jake and I don’t
take things very seriously and I have a lot
of love for him, but it’s still something
fun and lighthearted that we’re obviously doing
for fun and for content. [ Natalie] Dude this is nuts. We are literally on
Sunset Boulevard. Oh my god, I’m nervous. I don’t even want to look. I’m scared, I’m really
scared, I don’t want to look. I’m scared.
– Let’s look on three. – Okay.
– One. – Two.
– Two, three. – Three, holy ****! It’s so dope! Damn it’s so dope! Damn it’s so dope! My billboard is literally
across the street from a club that I’ve been
sneaking into since I was 16. It says I’m turning 21, across the street from a club that’s thought I was
21 for five years. – [Jordan] Let’s take a
picture in front of it. – Everything in life is going
pretty perfectly right now. I have a billboard
on Sunset Boulevard, we’re about to have
another birthday party, I’m ******* engaged,
question mark? Ah, I’m just, life is going
too good for me right now. All right, this
billboard’s dope as ****. – That was so cool.
– But we have a birthday party to plan. And every second counts, ’cause
it’s in four ******* days. So let’s go! (laughing) – [Jordan] You’re
right, let’s go. (upbeat music) (keyboard clacking) (phone buzzes) (somber music) ****. Is Natalie inside? (sighs) – Hey.
– Hi. – Um, okay. So I just got your text. Where are we right now? The wedding is not
happening at all? – The wedding is off for now. I think they still want
to go through with it, but they want to
push it a month. – How could that happen? We’ve been planning
this for over a month. We have 40 people going
to Vegas for this wedding. – No I know, it’s going
to cost more to cancel it. – Flights were booked,
vendors were hired, hotels were booked,
we had a car service when we were getting there. We literally just did a
walkthrough three days ago. Why are we canceling? You found out from
Jake’s team, right? – [Natalie] Yeah. – We have to talk to
Tana about all of this, regarding whether she wants to now go through
with this wedding. – Are you going to tell her
she has to go through with it? – No, absolutely not. I don’t think she should do
it now at this point, at all. This is the second
time they’ve canceled. – I’m just thinking
what that’ll look like. Tana Mongeau leaves
Jake Paul at the altar. – Yeah, so nobody
knows that the wedding has already been planned
twice and canceled twice now. Having to move that
big of an ordeal just based on a text message,
it’s like oh my goodness. So here’s we need to
go speak with her, because we obviously
need to decide right now. – You should be the
one to wake her up. – Yeah no I’ll do it. We’re just working on so
many things right now, and if one thing
gets out of line it can screw up everything. All right I’m going
to go wake her up. – Good luck.
– Thank you! (somber music) Tana. Hey. There are a ton of people
in your room right now. – Oh wow. – When’s the last time
you spoke to Jake? – [Tana] 12 hours ago. – Did you guys talk about
anything, like the wedding? – [Tana] Yeah,
he’s ******* crazy. – Okay. – He called me yesterday,
and is like good morning, I just woke up, we
should move the wedding because of all the
press, how are you? And I literally was like Jake, this is the one time I’m
not going to be your bitch. Hang up the phone, I don’t
even want to talk to you. That’s how our
conversation ended. – What do you want,
what do you feel? – I think it absolutely sucks
that he doesn’t have a regard for how much that’s going
to **** up **** for us. The amount of people that
are going to be let down and so angry and so upset because Jake wants
to move the wedding is ******* absolutely
ridiculous. – [Jordan] Are we definitely
saying nothing tomorrow? – It’s a wedding. I can’t marry like a
tree, he has to be there. Oh my god. – Here’s my actual fear. We’ve had this planned
for like a month, right? A month and a half.
– Yeah. – If this was a business deal, just so you know, I would
cancel this immediately and not go through
with it at all. Dude, he did this
to us twice now– – Are you telling me you
want to cancel the wedding? (ominous music) – I’m saying that we
need to just be careful because this is the one
time making this video is not just putting
on a white dress, like you’re literally
talking about marriage. So beyond business, in
terms of the relationship you didn’t even stay over
there both nights this weekend. – I know! He actually yesterday asked
me if I should move in. But I don’t want to. We both are on an
unspoken premise of it’s like a Kim Kardashian
like 72 day marriage. Which is a ****** up way to
think about a wedding, I agree. – So in terms of doing
this in one month from now, an actual wedding to plan
takes at least six months. Like actual wedding,
like a real live wedding, flowers, and bouquets and
whatever else you need. – Yeah.
– Like one month from now, what’s the difference? Is anything going to be
ready in a month from now? We’re going to be idiots if we
do it a third time with them and then we get the same result. – Dude, I know. I feel like I have
to today call him and be such a bitch,
and just be like we’re not moving this again. This is the date, if you
******* move this I’m done. **** this ****. Like this is so, so, so ******* annoying. (upbeat music) (knocking) – [Natalie] Coming! – Fiancee?
– Tana, Jake’s here! – Fiance! – Are you down here?
– I’m down here fiance. I know that I need
to bite the bullet and just talk to Jake, but honestly this is a
really weird feeling. I don’t think Jake and I have
even really had a fight yet. Hi.
– Hi. – How are you? This is kind of
our first conflict, and I don’t love it. Hi. – Hi.
– Hi. – I missed you.
– I missed you too. The whole 12 hours. – Wow, it really only
has been 12 hours. – Hi.
– Hi. – I actually did
miss you though! (laughing) – Okay guys, I
actually did miss you. I normally don’t. – [Tana] So, we have to have a serious conversation
right now. – Oh ****. Uh, should I get ready
to get punched, or– – No, but I’m mad at you. But I’m not mad at you,
because I have a crush on you. And you’re my fiance.
– Okay, okay. – And like I should be. – So why are you
supposed to be mad at me? – The moving of this wedding has been so stressful for me. – Mhmm, I ruined everything
by moving the wedding. – [Tana] Yeah. – We had a month to plan
the last wedding date, but personally on my side I didn’t realize how big the potential of that
could actually be. I didn’t comprehend it. Also my management
team’s like, whoa. This could be–
– This is crazy. – Yeah. – Okay, I think that your idea
to move the wedding is smart. – Thank you. – And I think that we
should move the wedding, and we should slay like a
full blown celebrity wedding, but you have to promise me that you’re not going to move the date of this
wedding ever again. – I promise you that. – I, Jacob Joseph Paul. – No, it is already,
everyone’s already posted that it’s going to change. – I could see
everyone posting it and you still changing it. (laughs) – No! I could see you doing that. – You’re kind of right. I can’t get mad at
you for doing things like changing a wedding, because I would change
a wedding, you know? – Yeah. – That’s why we’re a
match made in hell. – Yes. – I think Jake just saw how much our engagement broke
the internet, and
wanted to make sure that the upcoming wedding
was a lot more dope, and to give us a
little more time to think about and
process this engagement because it is maybe a
bigger deal than we thought getting ourselves into it. So this is 100% legal on paper. This wedding, yeah? I can ask that, right? Like I just have prenup. (laughs) Like prenup questions. – I don’t know if we should
talk about that though. Because we should make
it seem like it is. – Really?
– Yeah. – Am I actually moving in? Or is that just for a video? – I feel like married couples
normally live together, right? – Damn okay, should I
rent out this space? – Yeah. – Like when? Everyone wants to know if
Jana is real, and what this is and so we’ve just been
kind of playing it up for the ******* people,
because at the end of the day we are internet trolls. But at the same time,
I’m starting to realize that this could
potentially be very real and it’s up to us how real it is and I’m starting to get
an inkling of cold feet. Engagement craziness
for an entire month. The press, the drama. – Yeah, oh wow there’s
a lot of pressure. I don’t know how
I feel about it. (upbeat music) – On the next episode of MTV
No Filter: Tana Turns 21. This is my birthday! (upbeat music) I’m micced up and so drunk! (upbeat music) Tonight has been one of the
craziest nights of my life. (people cheering) I hope you guys enjoyed this
unfiltered look at my life. Make sure to click over here for more episodes
of MTV’s No Filter.

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