The Terrifying Moment That Taught Dwayne Johnson How Precious Life Is | Oprah’s Master Class | OWN

The Terrifying Moment That Taught Dwayne Johnson How Precious Life Is | Oprah’s Master Class | OWN

when I was 15 my dad was wrestling in
Nashville Tennessee I moved with him and when my mom finally arrived in Nashville
should just driven all the way across country in california and I knew that my
parents were going through some some really tough times in terms of their
marriage and it was it was it was a tough day and I’ll never forget it it
was probably about one o’clock in the afternoon we were at a restaurant the
three of us and they they got into it they got into very big fight my physical
but just really loud arguing and my dad had a car that time and so they got into
that car my dad was driving my mom was in the passenger seat and I get in the
car that my mom just drove the family car and I start driving an hour to have
my license at that time at 15 and we’re driving down i-65 I 65 was a major in a
state that runs through Tennessee and I’m watching them right in front of me
and their car starts working and I can clearly see that they are arguing my old
man makes a hard right and he gets on the shoulder and the gravel road my mom
gets out of the car and when she got out of the car I’ll never forget as she had
a glazed look over her eyes and I had never seen before and she walked right
into the middle of I 65 and continues to walk down into oncoming traffic and my heart
stopped blowing and cars were swerving out the way it can we were swimming our
way and I got our car and I grabbed ur and wrestled her over to the side of the
road and I don’t remember what I said to her I
remember she didn’t say a thing and in that moment one of the greatest lessons
I’ve ever learned was how precious life is and how an instant can all go away change me the iranians my mom has no
idea that it even happened that’s the irony that’s also the beauty of it she
does not remember anything thank God cuz they be back to remember hi youtubers
I’m excited to give you an update about our own YouTube channel now you can find
new videos everyday they’re the kind of videos will make him look at life
differently they may even make you laugh a little bit who doesn’t need daily dose of that used to take some of
what you see own channel today

100 thoughts on “The Terrifying Moment That Taught Dwayne Johnson How Precious Life Is | Oprah’s Master Class | OWN

  1. Wonderful human being right there. If aliens came down tomorrow we would send him as our representative for “thee best” mankind has to offer.

  2. Me mom tried to do the same thing multiple times but luckily my dad stopped her and grabbed her I was in 3rd grade so I couldn’t do anything I know what it feels like 😫😩

  3. I don’t want to be rude but one why was he smiling for most of it cause I get he might be happy that he stopped her but still something
    Like that you don’t really smile when you talk about
    Also something funny/ironic is this is a crazy story and at the end the woman is saying how some story’s will make you laugh

  4. It’s inspiring to see some strong, grown man can get soft. He saved a life.. his mom’s life and I just feel so grateful to have Dwayne on our’s truly an amazing moment that he shared with us.. I’m so touched ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Well with that life experience you shouldn't of left your wife life is precious and so is a marriage I consider you a piece of mud not a rock you chump! Saying it how I see it

  6. The Rock has always been a stand up guy. I saw an interciew with him when he was just getting famous in the movies. What did he talk about? His family. How he loved his wife and family is everything. Yup, one of the few guys in Sillywood with a heart.
    Some day I would like to shake his hand.

  7. I know she has to remember something like that. She probably just doesn’t want him to think she remembers because she doesn’t want to admit that she tried to end her own life with her child watching

  8. if the rock runs for president, he will be the first pacific islander that runs for president. he will make our ancestors proud. ofazz from utah! 🌴❣️🇹🇴 #teamtonga

  9. We deal with death every day, no matter how hard we try it will affect us. In fact, as I'm typing this, many people are meeting their end

  10. I love how he makes that confused look while talking about things like that and looks away for a split second like I do! He’s definitely like one of my favorite celebrities.

  11. My brother just died on September 9th.. feels like it was just a couple days ago. But that showed me the true meaning of saying goodbye to someone after you see them. I literally seen him the day before, and the last thing I said was "I'll see you later".. didn't realize it'd be the rest of my life 'til I actually do get to see him again. Moral is, appreciate every moment you have with someone, and everytime you say bye, its better than the last one. One love🙏

  12. Dwayne we have so many similarities I hope to meet you one day brother we’ve both been through Hell and yet we keep a smile on our face even in the most dire situations you gotta stay strong when others need it most

  13. Luckily I didn't have such a situation,the only thing that stopped my heart was a child running in front of my car in the middle of the night,luckily Inreacted in time and pulled the breaks,I was one inch away from hitting him.

  14. I really do wonder. What was going on in that car for her to try to end it. And the fact that it was so traumatic that she couldn't speak, and she doesn't remember it. I want to know what happened. I want to see it from the Father's point of view, if he even remembers it either

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  16. That must’ve been so hard to watch your mother walk into something so dangerous thank god he saved her

  17. i thought it was going to be alot more dark than this, guess its good he learned from something that didnt REALLY change his life, just that what he doesnt want to change his life.

  18. It is so hard to lose a loved one especially a mom or dad, we never think of the hardships famouse people have it like we do sometimes even worse. The Rock is a tough and loving person that has been through quit alot. May your family live long and happy Dwayne Johnson as we cheer for your high points and help you through your low. Long live The ROCK!

  19. Uhhh… She didnt remember? Like what happened? Seriously though. How come nobody on the feed acknowledging that? How do you get out of a car and walk right into traffic.

  20. "The Terrifying Moment That Taught Dwayne Johnson How Precious Life Is"
    my first thought: when your friends want you to play fortnite

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