The Side Of Tana’s VidCon You Didn’t See | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 | Episode 6

The Side Of Tana’s VidCon You Didn’t See | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 | Episode 6

– [Tana] Previously
on Tana Turns 21. – [Jordan] I have
to go this year. – [Tana] To Vidcon? – [Jordan] Yeah. – [Tana] So, you’re
invited back? – [Ashley] Must be nice. – I wanted to invite you
to be a featured creator at Vidcon’s 10th
anniversary this year. – [Jordan] You literally
planned a competing convention to them, and
now you’re being asked to be a featured creator,
that’s (beep) insane. – [Tana] I like actually want
to start crying right now. – [Jordan] There’s 600
(beep) people here, bro! You can’t come to Tana’s
birthday because people are here that you don’t like? – [Tana] I promised Jake
something would happen and it needs to happen,
do you understand? – [Jordan] Tana, when
I give people my word I can’t break it. – [Tana] It backfired,
everything is (beep) (upbeat music) (dog barking) – [Tana] Teach your
dog not to bark, bro. Like why do you just let
your dog keep barking? – [Jordan] That is so stupid. – [Tana] It’s like roof
roof roof roof roof, and you’re like
good boy, good boy. – [Jordan] Did I say good boy? Did you hear me say good boy? No, but like dogs bark. Things have been a
little tense since I last saw Tana at
her birthday party, but this is about business
and our relationship has to surpass any
emotions that we have. – [Tana] Vidcon is
literally in five days. – [Jordan] Yeah. – [Tana] Let’s talk about it. – [Jordan] Okay. – [Tana] I might be
a little frustrated about my birthday party, but Jordan is still my
manager and my go-to, and I need his (beep)
help prepping for Vidcon. – [Jordan] Panel, meet and
greet, press interviews, and you can be asked anything. – [Tana] I’m like, I’m
actually so nervous. – [Jordan] What are
you nervous about? – [Tana] It’s like
all eyes on us, like you know what I mean? – [Jordan] Yup. – [Tana] Like every single
person there is going to be looking at us like “There
is no way that they’re here.” There’s a lot of pressure for
this Vidcon to go really well. I think that this is my last
chance in the convention world and I am just hoping and praying
everything goes smoothly. Vidcon’s press is (beep)
huge, I have no preparation. – [Jordan] Which is
why I’ve put together a lot of questions for you. – [Tana] Okay, let’s go over
these (beep) note cards. – [Jordan] Are you a liar? – [Tana] No. – [Jordan] Why do you think
so many people think you lie? – [Tana] I really, I don’t know. – [Jordan] Was
Tanacon a disaster? – [Tana] Absolutely. – [Jordan] I don’t think
you’re sorry about Tanacon, why should I believe
that you’ve changed? – [Tana] I don’t
think you’re sorry. – [Jordan] (sighs) – [Tana] Jesus Christ, okay. I mean at the end of the day, no one’s ever going
to be in my head. And in reality, the only
way you can ever really show people that you’re
sorry about something, or you’ve changed from it, or you’ve grown
from it or whatever, is by growing up and
becoming a better person. You know what I mean? – [Jordan] True, that’s
exactly it, perfect. A lot of people
think you’re lying about your
relationship with Jake. How do you think that
makes the fans feel? – [Tana] Obviously we’re
playing into the clout factor, but like true fans know that we’re not lying
about anything. – [Jordan] Would you
date somebody else while being engaged to Jake? – [Tana] Yeah. – [Jordan] Why do you guys
need to get married then? – [Tana] For the clout. All eyes are on us right
now, you know what I mean? – [Jordan] So you think
that like getting married will just raise your
numbers even more, so it’s just a race to the top? Because, you can do
all of those things, you just don’t need
to get married. – [Tana] What if I care
about someone so much that I want to show
them my love like that? I want to celebrate our love. I want to have that ceremony. – [Jordan] You can
literally have a luau. – [Tana] Okay, so now
you’re just joking, yeah? Because that’s not
what an interview is. You have to accept that
that’s the way I live my life. – [Jordan] Oh my God,
I honestly forgot I was interviewing you. I thought we were
actually talking about it. – [Tana] Like, you (beep) idiot. – [Jordan] I think that
most of the questions at Vidcon for Tana are going
to be surrounding Jake. But, I hope there’s
an opportunity to talk about other stuff, because there are so many
other things going on in her life right now that
are really, really important. Last question. – [Tana] Okay. – [Jordan] What if you’re
there and you get booed? – [Tana] Damn that makes
me want to reconsider. Because, I think when you’re
getting booed what do you do? Cry and run away, or you like laugh? – [Jordan] I honestly
don’t know the answer. – [Tana] Okay, so
we’ll think about that in the next five days. – [Jordan] I think you
should watch videos of like people getting booed. – [Tana] (laughs loudly) Okay. (upbeat music) (knocking on door) – [Natalie] Hi, it’s tv
will you just start setting up in Tana’s room? It’s time to wake up, it’s
going to be such a good day. So your meet and
greet is at 2:30. – [Tana] Okay, but like I
need a few more minutes. – [Natalie] Today Tana has
a meet and greet with fans, and then she has one on one Q&A. You have perfect time for glam and to eat, if you
get up right now. And, it’s a big deal. I think she’s really
going to show Vidcon like “I can draw a crowd.” Jake FaceTimed you
twice, five minutes ago. – [Tana] You like really
want me to get up, huh? – [Natalie] Yeah. (phone ringing) – [Tana] How you feeling today? I just woke up. Do you want me to help you
talk to people at Vidcon? And you want to like, show up
during something I’m doing. Jake calls and asks my thoughts
on him sneaking into Vidcon. I need to like call Jordan
and have him call people. I know that Jake would not
be going in a thousand years if it wasn’t for me,
and to come support me. So honestly, it pulled out
my heartstrings a little bit. (laughs) Oh my God. – [Jordan] Hey. – [Tana] Hi. – [Jordan] I got you a present. – [Tana] For the first
time in six years. – [Jordan] Well yeah, and
I want to be clear about it because. – [Tana] I already don’t
like your tone of voice, like you’re doing that thing. – [Jordan] Oh my God, it’s going
to be one of those days, huh? – [Tana] Like it is every time. – [Jordan] Okay so, I never
really get you presents, ’cause like what do you get
a girl who has everything? – [Tana] Is this the gift? – [Jordan] Yeah. – [Tana] I don’t like
Sausage Egg McMuffins. – [Jordan] Oh, so I’ll eat it. But also, this is the last time I ever buy you a gift, for real. Did you speak with your
fiance this morning? – [Tana] Yeah, I don’t
really know all the details. I just know he wants
to like show up here for a video, and
we’ll go from there. – [Jordan] What if they say no? – [Tana] Then we go from there. – [Jordan] You called the
Vidcon Featured Creator Hotline? – [Tana] Are you being serious? – [Jordan] Yeah. – [Tana] That’s ridiculous
and the fact that’s your only connection is
honestly just embarrassing. – [Jordan] I mean I’m going
to start with the Hotline. This is Jordan, how are you? So, Tana has a panel
and she has a guy. – [Tana] Fiance. – [Jordan] A guest, a
fiance, who just let her know he’s wondering if
he can stop by. Jake Paul coming to Vidcon
when Vidcon’s not prepared for him, could
potentially be a disaster. Jake will create a
ton of commotion no
matter where he goes. It’s not his fault at
all, he’s so popular. Yeah, it seems like
it’s a thing that he really, really wants to do. Got it, I will let them know. Alright, bye. It is, it’s like a 99.9% no. – [Tana] Why? – [Jordan] He is banned, they
said there’s previous history. And then somebody
overheard the phone call, and like hopped on
as well, and was like “Absolutely not, like
no, do not do that.” – [Tana] We’re engaged,
like everything I do now like could potentially
involve him. – [Jordan] The only
thing I’m concerned about is just like having a
disaster, where we’ve had an amazing last couple
of days and this like ruins the entire weekend. – [Tana] Well, it just
doesn’t have to be like that. It doesn’t have to be drama,
it doesn’t have to be bad. – [Jordan] I know, I
know I’m just saying like this like is a huge risk. This is going to obviously
create a lot of problems because Tana wants him
there, he wants to be there, and both of them like
to get what they want. – [Tana] Okay, we’re asking
and things are looking better and we’re trying to figure
out a way to do this, like safely without
pissing them off. But also, if they say no, you
absolutely should not show up. I’ve grown from causing a
mob because (beep) Vidcon. Let’s just keep in
touch, let’s just not do anything rash, honey. – [Jordan] But, I really
don’t want this to blow up into a situation, it will
completely reflect on you 100% if he comes. [Natalie] Oh yeah, check
in was 10 minutes ago so we have (beep) at five. (upbeat music) – [Jordan] Tana, we
are extremely late, so you need to go in there and – [Tana] Jordan, we
are not extremely late. – [Jordan] We are
extremely late, your meet and greet
started 16 minutes ago. – [Tana] No I get it that
you’re trying to like over dramatize it to like
paint me in that narrative. – [Jordan] I’m not trying
to over dramatize anything. – [Tana] I don’t want to have
this conversation anymore, I don’t want to have this
conversation anymore, I don’t want to have this
conversation anymore. – [Jordan] All I’m
saying is just walk fast. – [Imari] I think
Tana like deep down knows she’s really late, and
is running late actually. But, she knows that she’s
going to finish on time. But like just ’cause
you finish on time, doesn’t mean you’re
not running late. – [Tana] I’m a reality star, and this is my manager
that can (beep) my (beep). Yay! (upbeat music) (fans chanting Tana) – [Jordan] When we walk up, I hear Tana’s name
being chanted. And, I can’t tell if they
were chanting because they were just extremely
restless ’cause she was late, or if they were
really just excited. (fans cheering) – [Tana] How are you guys today? (upbeat music) How are you? – [Male Fan] Good, how are you? – [Tana] I am so (beep)
happy to be here, I love your energy, you
just like woke me up. – [Male Fan] You’re
finally a Featured Creator! – [Tana] Featured
(beep) Creator! – [Fan] Featured
(beep) Creator Tana! (soft music) – [Tana] Signing (beep)
Vidcon, (beep) everything. – [Fan] I love it, I love it. – [Fan] So, what took
forever for you to get here? – [Tana] I was on time. – [Fan] No you weren’t – [Tana] I swear. – [Fan] No you weren’t. – [Tana] But I’m really,
I’m bad with timing too. – [Fan] We know. – [Ashly] I don’t
think it matters if Tana’s a little bit late. Like, her fans kind of
expect that from her anyways. Like, everyone knows
she’s going to be late. It would be more weird
if she was on time. – [Tana] Did I not crush today? Are you disappointed? – [Female Fan] No I’m not. – [Tana] Oh my God,
I should (beep) come here earlier next time, but also I’m a slow ass bitch, and I love you. – [Female Fan] I love you. – [Tana] I love you so much. I love you, I like her. Meet and greets
can be challenging because it’s like
you’re meeting these few hundred people and for
every single one of them, these 10 seconds are going to
make the rest of their day. – [Fan] I wanted
to propose to you, but Jake Paul stole
my thunder so. – [Tana] He did do
that, unfortunately. – [Fan] So instead
I’d strip for you. – [Tana] Oh you’re
stripping right now? – You want to give
every single person the same exact energy, you know? You don’t ever want to
give someone less of you, or not what they see
online, and there’s a lot of pressure to really
give someone your all in 10 (beep) seconds
and make this experience special for them. Did you go to Tanacon? – [Fan] Yeah I did. – [Tana] Oh my God. – [Fan] I stood out in
the sun and everything. – [Tana] Yo, honestly
it is so crazy to me when people tell me that. For you to still support
me, for you to grow with me, for you to like
be at Vidcon here with me. Dude, look at the
goosebumps on my arm. – [Fan] I know, same! – [Tana] I’m serious like I
just want to say thank you. – [Fan] 978 (beep)
miles to meet you. – [Tana] I love you so much! Thank you so (beep) much. – [Fan] I messaged you in
2015, being very suicidal and you messaged
me back two times. And you literally
saved my life, Tana. I just want to let you
know I love you so much. – [Tana] I am so, so happy. – [Fan] You changed my
life for the better. – [Tana] I am so happy that
you’re here, I’m serious. I value you and you’re so loved, and now you are
so much stronger, and smarter, and
wiser, I love you. – [Fan] I love you. – [Tana] I never
thought when I made my first video that
I would be able to touch one person’s life. And, to touch this many
is something that still like floors me every single day. You make me proud, I love you! Hi! – [Jordan] So Tana’s
meet and greet is going really well and
I’m really excited because I just got
off the phone with the second Vidcon
executive who told me that Jake was now allowed
to come to Vidcon. There’s like 10 more people. – [Natalie] There’s 10 more
people, we have 10 minutes. – [Jordan] I think it
was a safety thing. If Jake came without
anyone knowing, and he was going
to defy any rules, it could have been an issue. So, I think that they
wanted to make sure they were on top of it as well. Do you have Jake’s number? – [Natalie] Yeah. – [Jordan] Just be
like hey, are you still planning on coming down? – [Natalie] Even though
Jake gets permission to come for Vidcon, I’m
absolutely still nervous something could go wrong. Because, a lot of things he does end up in a scandal. – [Jordan] Honestly,
let’s just go straight to the panel and go backstage. – [Natalie] Also, Jake
isn’t texting me back and I’m kind of like
what are you doing? What are you planning? What do you have up your sleeve? – [Tana] Oh my God,
we crushed that. I have to (beep) so bad. How are you? Vidcon! (fans cheering) Vidcon! (fans cheering) I’ve been holding my
(beep) for an hour. (upbeat music) First Vidcon where
we’re allowed back here. Yo, I’m nervous. No I’m not, I’m actually
just really excited. – [Jordan] I’m extremely
confident with Tana onstage and answering
these questions. She’s going to kill that. We’ve trained,
that’s what she does. The things I’m nervous about
are how the audience reacts, and when Jake is
going to arrive. ‘Cause I still don’t know that. – [Oscar] I am Oscar
Gracey, are you guys ready for Tana Mongeau? (fans cheering) Tana! (fans cheering) – [Tana] Hi, Vidcon! (fans cheering) I just want to say
thank you to all of you for being here right
now, you (beep) rock. I would not be (beep)
without any of you, so thank you so, so much. – [Oscar] Wow, we have
so much to catch up on. There’s been a lot
going on with you, sis. I mean first of all. – [Tana] You’re really right. – [Oscar] We have to
celebrate the fact that you’re a Featured
Creator here at Vidcon. (fans cheering) And now that you’re 21. – [Tana] So weird, you guys. – [Oscar] Does anything
feel different now? – [Tana] Everything,
everything feels different now that I’m legal. It’s so weird, like I feel
like the amount of growth that I was forced to go
through, it was kind of like sink or swim,
like grow the (beep) up or shut the (beep) up, you know? Overall, emotionally,
business wise, everything, I’ve grown up like 10
years in this last year. And, I’m very grateful for that. – [Imari] I think
showing up to Vidcon, after like Tanacon
happening, being on this big stage and on
this big ass screen, like I’m so excited to
see her thriving up there. I’m like living
vicariously through her. I’m like “You got it, I got it!” – [Oscar] YouTube’s
Royal Engagement, Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau,
I mean let’s see it! (fans cheering) – [Tana] She’s engaged,
ladies and gentlemen, she’s (beep) engaged! – [Oscar] Girl, okay so
let’s see, we need to go a step by step process
of the engagement. ‘Cause it was really the news that shook us all to
the core, honestly. – [Tana] Okay, it shook me too. – [Oscar] What was
your reaction like when Jake got down on one
knee and pulled out the ring? – [Tana] I was very,
very intoxicated. I’m not going to lie to you,
but it’s legal to say that because I’m 21 now. (fans cheering) So, it was kind of
just a moment of like “You’re crazy, Jake
Paul, but you’re crazy “like me, and I like
it, here we are.” – [Oscar] What do you
have to say to the people who are still questioning if the whole thing is even real? – [Tana] Me too, no
I’m just kidding. Jake and I are just
like having fun and putting it online,
and I don’t know, we really don’t care
what people think. – [Jake] You look beautiful. – [Oscar] Oh! (fans cheering) – [Tana] You’re ridiculous,
you’re ridiculous! And he’s on crutches! – [Jake] Hi, fiance! (fans cheering) – [Imari] It’s not
really like necessary for Jake to show up and
like take the stage, and like ruin her moment. It’s supposed to be about
her, and like Vidcon. – [Jake] I’m sorry you all. – [Imari] Yeah, its
okay to talk about Jake, but do you have to like appear? Like, we get it. – [Tana] I’m
speechless right now, and I’m never speechless. – [Jake] I have a
surprise for you. – [Tana] Oh my God, oh my God. – [Jake] Okay, so guys,
I wrote Tana a poem. (fans cheering) Okay, the day I met
Tana, she ate my banana. Two years later, we
turned into Jana. Welcome to the Paul family, we welcome you with love. From the moment I met
you, we fit like a glove. From Calabasas, to Vegas,
to getting blacked out, it’s about all of our moments
and not just the clout. Logan and Bella can hate, the
world can question our fate. But on July 28, you
can all save the date. (fans cheering) – [Tana] Even though I
knew Jake might come, him showing up with this poem was a complete surprise to me. And I feel like he knew
just how to make me laugh. Yo, best fiance ever. Jake Paul, will you marry me? – [Jake] Yes, I do. – [Tana] Holy (beep)
that’s ridiculous. Wow I can’t wait to
get (beep) after this! (fans cheering) – [Ashly] When Tana’s
referencing having sex with Jake tonight, I’m
literally thinking in my head “Yeah, you’re probably
going to get (beep) “but I know it’s not
going to be from him.” I feel like they pretend
that they’re hooking up to the public, because
it makes things seem more real I guess. – [Tana] Yo, you crushed that. You absolutely,
absolutely crushed that. – [Ashly] But if I had to
place a bet on how long Tana and Jake were
going to stay married, I’d probably give it
a couple of weeks. – [Jordan] Tana and Jake are
phenomenal at what they do. And, they know exactly
what they’re doing. You know, where it goes from
here, I’m not really sure. I think that no matter what,
she has come a long, long way. I mean, for real, and
I am really proud. – [Tana] Dude, that was awesome. Like that could not
have gone any better. And you guys are like
legitimately my favorite people in the world, I
could literally cry. No I’m not going to cry. The end of this
Vidcon is a crazy, emotional feeling
for me right now. Finally turning so much
bad into a lot of good really did feel like the
closing of a chapter. This weekend is
everything we ever wanted. And, maybe it literally
wasn’t supposed to happen until right now. And, everything we
like went through made us like able to do this. – This weekend was
like perfect though. – [Tana] Like,
ridiculously perfect. – [Jordan] Did you say
that I’m never thoughtful? – [Tana] You’re
never thoughtful. – [Jordan] And, I was
like, what could show that like I am thoughtful? Because I actually
do care, regardless of like always like hating you. – [Tana] I love flowers. – [Jordan] You do? – [Tana] Flowers are
my favorite thing ever. – [Jordan] You love flowers? I’m not normally sentimental,
I don’t usually do gifts. ‘Cause there’s not a lot of
time to think about this stuff, but over the past
couple of months, Tana and I have dealt with
a lot of stuff together. I don’t know, I thought it
would be meaningful for her. And, to one more. – [Tana] You got me a gift? – [Jordan] Yeah. – [Tana] That isn’t
a Egg McMuffin? – [Jordan] Honestly, this
is something that was really impactful for me
when I was a young child and it’s just meaningful,
I think it’s cool. Just open it. It’s an iPad. – [Tana] You know what’s
actually really weird? My kindergarten teacher,
like she loved this book. And, at the end of the
year she could like give the book to one student,
and she gave it to me. – [Jordan] Did you read it? – [Tana] No. But that’s kind of weird. – [Jordan] You can, you do
know how to read books right? – [Tana] I literally hope
you (beep) a (beep) and die. – [Jordan] Well, I
got you a present so. – [Tana] My first
present from Jordan, I love this, thank you. I love Jordan more than
anyone on this Earth, I think that’s
why when we fight, it hurts as much as it does, and it’s as
frustrating as it is. Because, I literally
feel like he is the most family I will ever,
ever have on this planet. And as much as I hate
to give it to him, he is my best friend, my
right hand and my go-to. And, the book gesture
was kind of sweet (beep). We could hug, but
we can also not hug. – Alright, let’s
go get some (beep). – [Tana] Seriously, (beep). One, two, three, (beep)! (laughing) On the next episode of MTV
No Filter Tana Turns 21. That is big facts, holy (beep)! (upbeat music) – You’re giving
away your daughter, is she going to
get railed or not? (coughing) – I object! – [Tana] I think that
no matter what the validity of this wedding
really is to anyone, it’ll probably going to be
something that I look back on for the rest of my life. And I also think it’s one of the biggest moments of my career. (upbeat music) – [Jordan] Yo, I
heard there might be a fake fight by the way. (beep) – [Tana] Well, that
was a wild ride. If you want to see
more, click over there to subscribe to MTV. (laughs)

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  13. 12:04, oh my goodness! Bless her heart! Honey, if you’re reading this, you keep on living your best life sweetheart! You’re so beautiful and have the sweetest heart and personality! You will make it and be ok honey!! Love you!! ❤️❤️❤️

  14. I love Tana. I just hate how it feels like Jake has to horn in on literally everything and make it about him. Any big moment that's about Tana he gets in on. I get that's her fiance/Husband but like let her have the spotlight!!!

  15. She literally said she was getting married for clout and that they would have an open relationship while MARRIED. Marriage means you’re ready to commit to one person for the rest of your life, and this series has proved she’s so not ready to do that.

  16. Nice skinny Jean's jake paul 17:06
    Pretty sure I have the same pair

  17. Hmmm Jake Paul was dying out his phase was gone he wasn’t talked about as much…Tana is new she’s fun and she’s popular maybe this marriage and him having such a “love” for her is to use her so he grows again not in Subscribers but popularity therefor he can be “liked” again and soon as he gets all that he then leaves her but she will be the one who’s left damaged. I feel Jake is using his power to manipulate her to get himself liked and popular again

  18. Being late is one thing, I’m always late, but she just had to sit on her phone while they did things around her 😆 If I had that life I’d finally be on time to shit

  19. Wtf I've been watching her from the beginning and this show is the first thing (re read that) that actually made me dislike her

  20. tana is one dirty ass bitch. she really hopped out of bed withought showering or brushing her teeth and jumped str8 into glam. WHATT

  21. tana is so ignorant. the only thing she cares about now is Jake. even her friends and her manager kind of seem done with her

  22. No tana, this is not the biggest moment of ur career, ur way bigger than fucking jake Paul 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Jake turning up on stage intentionally to hijack her special career moment at VidCon and Tana just can't see that because she isn't intelligent

  24. so if it’s a real relationship and you’re dating someone else you’re cheating…

    u admitted it was for clout

  25. Jordan:
    Tana: "I DONT wanna have this conversation anymore"

    I commend him for being able to work and. trying to handle this brat 🙄🙄🙄

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