The last Kalinga tattoo artist, Whang Od | DW Documentary

The last Kalinga tattoo artist, Whang Od | DW Documentary

100 thoughts on “The last Kalinga tattoo artist, Whang Od | DW Documentary

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  2. OA naman yung 2 days travel. Overnight lang mga mamsh. Haha pero it's sad to see how much has changed ever since she was featured. the traditions of accepting and or rejecting visitors are no longer followed anymore. like are you "worthy"

  3. I'm stunned with her looks. She's gorgeous. Emitting such a strong personality and aura. Planning to visit Philippines this coming December and i want to see her in person.

  4. Wow that was awesome! I would love to meet her. When I travel to the Philippines . For the first time this year.

  5. 13:28 proud enough to say that i can do that since we don't have a gasoline or stove to cook on, my parents started teaching me when i was 7.Until now, but not good enough as before haha

  6. Maybe many people doesnt know this.. if there is a tribal war.. government doesnt have a jurisdiction to that tribal war.. this still happens especially in Northern parts

  7. Man I love that documentary at 101 years and to see the work she has passed to her relative is awesome great job.

  8. i wonder why Whang-od did not marry anyone. if a tattoo makes a woman look more attractive in Kalinga culture, then why Whang-Od stayed unmarried? it's making me curious. i hope we could know more about the great story of such a great woman.

  9. The Last Traditional and Heritage Tattoo Artist of the Philippines

    where her home is the Beautiful Mountain Province of Kalinga and Stairs of Heaven the Rice Terraces.

  10. Tattoo are not these ppl culture. This is bunch of bullshiet. The world didn't learn about tattoo until it got to New York that came from the Pacific island. Who the F are these ppl think they kidding

  11. The bigger message here is eat meat cooked over an open fire and live outside and you will live to 102. People in the west are so stupid about health.

  12. I had the privilege of getting a tattoo from Whang Od. She is an absolute sweetheart . She is now 102 years old and still seems strong and her eyes are bright and filled with life.
    She is heartwarming and you can see the kindness in her soul.
    The way they live is hard and it is very simple but that has made her into the special person that she is.
    It is far too hard of a climb in and out of the village and she will never leave that village again, but she is happy and I guess what they say is true… home is where the heart is❤️
    I will always remember my trip to Tinglayan, Kalinga, and be forever grateful for the opportunity to meet Maria Oggay better known as Whang Od.

  13. In Morocco we use cactus thorne and charcoal with water then we use a herbal juice to color it blue by rubbing it in

  14. She is incredible and is the epitome of what it means to thrive. We can be like her at that age if we put our minds to it.

  15. Whang Od is still remaining a celebate?! Probably she's been working every single day. Not a single day off. Working nonprofit style without a boss. I wouldn't have such a schedule when I have a graduate job.

  16. I have a traditional tattoo from Whang od daughter. I live half an hour away from the village. My father has whand od signature tattoo on his chest.

  17. To us they live in poverty to them it’s paradise and it’s treated them well she’s 101 and all together

  18. Painful technique,time consuming technique which intensifies the pain but i think its worth it! After getting a tattoo done by that lovely old lady you can brag about your patience and mental strength and pain endurance while you brag about having an ancient tatoo!

  19. This is wonderful!!

    My teachers from raya school have a tatoo fron whang od! I am a filipino. She is the last of her kind and her father was also a mambabatok. Before at the days of war, they would only give tatoos to the warriors that killed someone. Now anyone can have a tatoo from her! Designs from snakes to lines, each and every one of her designs are unique!

  20. DID YOU KNOW: Kalinga people are Igorots. Igorots cover the whole of Cordillera Region including Baguio City. 85% of the population of Baguio are Igorots. The warrior spirit of the igorots are still with the present generation, a huge number of the special forces of the PNP and Army are Igorots. There are also 6 Igorot WORLD Champions in the mixed martial arts world and they are called the TEAM LAKAY. That makes me more proud of my roots because I am an Igorot myself 🙂

  21. These women are amazing what a life they have! You never see the people who live this kind of life with cancer or any serious illness , even when they’re ancient they’re still as active as they were when they were young

  22. She's Young As 1 Century …..But Her Beauty Strength And Attitude Are just Stuck In early 30's…..Love Her.

  23. Besides this is unhygiene and needle going through a lot of tattoer's skin, don't you think such procedure could transmit disease such as HIV? Everything that's not sterile and getting in touch with our skin which happened to contain blood are possibly susceptible to blood borne disease. I'm aware that this is national heritage, but considering the facts this procedure is not worth a try.

    By the way, she is beautiful granny I've ever seen in my life

  24. So she is so great because people were beheaded and future comes pigs are slaughtered every time she tattoos, don't sound like she is so great to me. Not worth the tattoo for me. Not classy at all ! I wouldn't feel honored for blood I would feel ashamed.

  25. Besides her amazing profession, I'm also very interested in how and why she lives so well………101 years of age for now? Hmmmm….

  26. Her village is now threatened by tourism. Her grandniece allegedly married a Caucasian man which will soon affect the ethnic mix. Protestants are also pushing missions there.

  27. She is absolutely beautiful! Inside and out. I can’t imagine how stunning she was in her youth! As a tattooed woman myself, I have the upmost respect for her!

  28. why would anyone dubb this old and beautiful language? If they wanted to expose Whang-od and philippine culture to the world, it should be subbed and not dubbed!

  29. Reaching 100+ years old is kinda normal here in Philippines specially our Great Grand Parents,
    ANTING ANTING AND AGIMAT is the Secret 😉 Joking aside its the healthy life style and Environment.

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