The Girl Without a Phone – a Beauty and the Beast Story

homecoming queen football quarterback
how perfect is that sounds legendary no one would be better by my side are you
asking me to be your date to the dance I’m giving you the opportunity to ask me
look I don’t even know if I want to go to the dance Nikki I got way too much of
my plate right now hey Chris see you in study-block thanks Cassidy. I’m sure you do
she’s my study partner yeah she seems she seems pretty smart seriously
okay the homecoming tournament and practices plus two exams and if my grades slip I
don’t qualify for scholarships that’s why you’re Chris Armstrong Nicky
Christopher we tried this before we were barely even teenagers we
never even kissed you haven’t changed excuse me are you failing math? 70,000
followers that’s a lot of change. You don’t get it
I’m doing this for you too okay high school doesn’t last forever
this isn’t about dating each other it’s about branding ourselves for the future
okay well look I’m flattered by your business proposal but timing isn’t right
I gotta get to study block you nerd flattered yeah I’m here
carry on why don’t you join these two on their project uh-huh uh um next time
don’t be late I wasn’t late I was just getting rejected excuse me What did he say
uh I don’t know why is everyone staring at me because you’re Nicky they probably
liked your new hairstyle I got this over a week ago
Oh fine what is this it’s a character study on the Beast
what like from beauty and the beast yeah I know what the Beast is from okay tell me
what is going on everyone knows you got rejected by Chris it wasn’t me no one else knew I don’t
even care about that stuff I can’t have people talking about me behind my back
Oh cuz only you’re allowed to do that now huh very funny
just ignore it it’ll go away I’m the homecoming queen and the dance is on
Friday this won’t just disappear okay look I’m not responsible for your drama
hey hey hey all three of you inside let’s go did you see this suspension the school has a
zero-tolerance policy on violence but what about my game and my exams you
shouldn’t have gotten involved the team needs me my hands are tied on this one
there’s nothing I can do I I wasn’t even fighting huh I was trying to help well
according to the witnesses all three of you were involved witnesses was my daddy mean to you it’s just doing
his job what about your exams probably gonna miss him
scholarships all likely and the big game I’ll be watching on the sidelines like
everyone else if only there was some way to change my daddies mind you know
I’ve always been your biggest cheerleader and then I said well I guess
if you spoke your mind then you’d be speechless and then I blocked her sleigh
but I followed on my fake account and she was totally freaking out it was
hilarious that’s no baby yeah totally oh my god so happy for you guys guys are
perfect for each other no big deal it’s just destiny I guess so
Chris how’d you ask her Oh a gentleman never tells that’s why he’s
perfect for me I just how many secrets how are you guys this gold can’t wait
for the dance see yah okay I don’t know if I could do this of
course you can it’s easy it’s fake Christopher fake is a bad word we
pretend whatever okay it’s not me after the dance is over don’t worry I
already have the break-up land and then Cassidy can have you all to herself she’s my study partner well technically
I think you’d be a power couple more than a power couple it’s more than a
power couple a super couple like with capes yeah like like boyfriend ed and
Ben hey girl she’s so make that into a comment okay can you work on our project
first I need nay oh yeah absolutely okay Lily let’s start with first
impressions so the base was like selfish and horrible and he forced Beauty to
live with him against her will hello heritage this is Nicki and Chris
and these are your morning announcements the big night is almost here homecoming
dance this Friday thank you to everyone for all of your votes
I will serve you proudly as homecoming queen and I’m excited to announce that
this year’s homecoming king is none other than the person standing right
beside me your football quarterback Chris Armstrong Chris what do you have
to say I’m honored he’s blushing it’s so cute no I’m not it’s okay it’s
natural um catch your tickets at the office only ten dollars all proceeds go
to buying Kaylee a new phone for real she’s six okay it’s embarrassing
and don’t forget to support your Tigers this Saturday – for one game and dance
tickets are available at the office for only $15 go Tigers huh yeah but you
don’t have to say get an L tattooed on your forehead
some people don’t want to go to the dance doesn’t make them a loser
it’s just me it’s a joke Christopher yeah well it’s not funny that’s a matter
of opinion okay I’m just trying to sell tickets to the dance I’m actually a
really nice person oh really yes I am well that’s a matter
of opinion I’m not mean he’s not mean he’s just misunderstood he forces her to
live with her cuz he’s sad and lonely there’s no excuse though it’s it’s
literally kidnapping you know it’s not it cuz he gives her food and clothes and
like a whole castle to roam around the daughter freedom reading these all
versions is totally rooting the movies for me saying why do we have to hold
hands people are watching it suggests we turn the corner okay smile
why are you so much you think what are you talking about I’m so not your Nicki
this is what you’re all about exactly I am Who I am and yes I care
about public perception but that’s just me and it’s important to be yourself and
some people don’t like Who I am but that’s okay because I don’t care what
people think see you should be a lawyer lawyer what
are you doing Instagram I have my fans vote okay I
think we’re in the clear you know you’re not bad at what being a boyfriend what
makes you say that well you don’t walk too fast your hands aren’t sweaty and
you don’t smell bad if anyone asked after we’re done I’ll give you a good
reference Thanks so I guess I’ll see you tomorrow yeah when do you like expecting me to kiss
you or something no okay well you’re just standing there I have no desire to
kiss you nor do i kissing you that is I’d kiss myself but you know obviously
bye bye why are you walking like that like what like ah with your your but
this is how I walk okay fine she was taking my quotes and posting them as if
they were hers yeah they were Beyonce lyrics why would you get mad at her I
didn’t get mad at her I just blocked her yeah but then you had all your friends
block or – I don’t control what my friends do okay maybe a little thang
over here we should focus on beauty stream i it’s actually dotted the booty
it’s in the fairytale beauty is a dream and it is she’s a prince and he’s like
don’t believe everything you see trust your heart why oh because
truthfully the beast I’m not as many as you think I never said that you were
mean I just said sometimes the things you do want thoughtful I’m very
thoughtful one time I gave a girl shoutout just because I liked her
artwork really yeah what was the hour it was fan art of me what you got like 200
followers Wow how generous of you okay you know what
do you want a truth bomb I never was a Sperry until I met you what are you
talking about she was after we went out in the eighth grade that I started to be
like this okay first of all whatever second of all thank you for finally
admitting your faults that is not what I said
it’s okay everyone has them there’s no shame I have nothing to be
alright well that’s all obviously just because I don’t like mango they’re happy
mangoes yeah mangoes they’re weird I don’t know how
to eat them they have this weird skin in the pit in the inside are sad that’s not
a fault like a fault is like an unattractive feature in a person’s
character what are you like a walking dictionary thought you were a jock you
think I’m a chalk yeah aren’t you maybe it’s the people who don’t know me and guess what they all said oh you’re
amazing in hard what you think I’m hot know what I’m
saying okay you can say it there’s no shame well whatever your Instagram feed
doesn’t define you those 70,000 people have never even met some happened all
right how about this instead of you admitting your faults you do the
Instagram hashtag admit your faults challenge okay first of all I’m offended
that you can try to fall for that and second of all I’m totally making
that a thing wait come find me so when you flip it over you see the
goodness is already there you just have to find it in fact ly we should do a
dance section it’s only in the movie if fired in the fairytale I can’t dance neither can I so look we need a first
dance okay everyone’s gonna be watching we have to have something okay yeah but
uh this is seriously when when you accuse me of being a jock it’s true okay
I can’t dance do you have plays in football yeah same
thing in the world over killed me as long as I
got you I was running from myself those days always breathless search for
something to save and then I smashed into the goal then faced for the first
time I don’t run away wait down together till we good it by ups and downs through
many days and nights you appear to be my guiding light and at the same time I
realized holy
Oh as long as
Oh is that got you so my mom comes running
my range pulls up this fork and she’s like Nikki you didn’t finish washing the
dishes and then she takes a fork and she shoves it into the electrical outlet and
she’s totally being electrocuted right it’s like shaking and there’s this crazy
buzzing sound and then I wake up and the buddy sounds so like year-long was part of your dream
that’s like the freakiest dream I’ve ever I know right what do you think it
means probably the mad at my mom too much what
do you dream about I dream about the stars stars yeah well like when I was
younger I used to like to lay outside and watch them at night I’ve never
really knew it said but it’s just what why so cold my hand
sorry hey so after we do this dance then one I don’t know everyone probably
cheers for us or something are we supposed to kiss um we could why
I don’t know it’s just we’ve never kissed before you know
we might look like idiots thought you didn’t care what people think I don’t
it’s just you know might be smart to do like a practice one or something okay here I don’t know you suggested it
yeah whatever so what what kind of kiss we do
just a pack right we don’t want to go overboard no whole school will be there
teachers my dad keep it PG definitely so we finished the dance everyone cheers I
look at you you look at me I’ll step closer and
in this just for death I’ll go left you go right how is that good
was that long enough that’s you yeah sorry oh it’s it’s
Cassidy mmm what did she want aye aye mr. Lundy block today sorry I
sounded like such a jealous girlfriend oh it’s it’s okay it’s just pretend but it was as the beef that you learned
to be kind and that’s one of the things that we can learn from this story is
people can change and love conquers hate very nice alright talk back anyone yep
isn’t the Beast unforgivable like how we supposed to sympathize with him I get
that he’s a prince but so what he keeps beautii captive against her
will the whole time that’s a good point you know a lot of fairy tales have a
moral perspective that doesn’t stand up in today’s world what do you girls have
to say about that buddy sets her free like like when her
dad needs her like he’s not even sure she’ll come back and he’s even willing
to die of a broken heart for her freedom which Alice does so yeah good answer and don’t forget homecoming
dances tonight tickets still available at the office what are you waiting for
dust off those dancing shoes it’s gonna be amazing audiovisual Club meet in mr.
Anderson’s room at 3:00 for setup senior boys football practice out lunch today
the art room will be open to any Tiger fans wanting to make banners for
tomorrow’s game Chris yeah
I want to stop pretending you too you don’t have to come with me to the
dance tonight I’m sorry I shouldn’t have made you do
this I couldn’t sleep last night my mind was somewhere else and I tried to wake
you how do I tell you that it’s all because
of us Emily and because of water feeling in that love fooling game I don’t want
you to be crying cheers to pain even though it
like I’m close to you but still so far I guess you but not in the same way I cannot tell you how is
where things started cuz every time she way something is missing but this I don’t want you to be crying tears a
pain even though it like I’m close to you but it’s still so
far but not in the
you saw what’s coming in my eyes Oh
you heard what’s coming on my boy you took my hands and tend your forehead
against mine you ain’t Nikki will you be my date to the dance yes I will hey we didn’t go I see you’re the
homecoming queen I’ve got a better idea are you sure it’s probably just a
satellite no Mars is supposed to be super close to Earth today I know a
little bit about planets which is closer Mars or Venus Mars Venus
can only be seen right before sunset and right after sunrise did you know that
Mars and Venus had a love affair really how’d you know that I read it
you read yeah I thought you were a jock I thought you were mean so how long do
you want to stay out of here for long enough or maybe longer in that love fooling game I don’t want
you to be cry cheers champagne even though it feel
I’m close to you but still so far away I kiss you but not in the same way

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