The Fight w/ Jake That Tana Didn’t Want You To See | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 | Episode 5

The Fight w/ Jake That Tana Didn’t Want You To See | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 | Episode 5

– [Tana] Previously on Tana Turns 21. (upbeat music) – Can we talk about the proposal though? Was it romantic? – Probably not my dream, like, proposal. – [Jordan] It’s not just
putting on a white dress, like you’re literally
talking about marriage. – It’s like a Kim Kardashian
like 72 day marriage. This LA party, I feel
like it just needs to be every single person with clout ever. – Yeah. – I want to get like a crazy ass house. One with like clearance to
literally do reckless (beep). (upbeat music) – Yo, look at my necklace. – Oh no. – Yeah. People have been sending
me like engagement gifts. – No way.
– Like a company sent me this. – That’s incredible. – Yeah I put it today for you, I forgot about it. – You should wear it forever. – Okay. – Where’s your, oh. – I’m slaying– – Oh (beep)! (Tana screams) – Tana it’s going to be okay. – That sucks. This happens a lot. – Here’s an idea, fix it.
– Should we move it? You’re such a handyman,
you can slay fixing it. (beep) Ohio, sexy, handyman. – That’s going to fall again. – I mean anyone can
look at this situation, and tell that it is complicated as (beep) but I’m feeling really good
with everything Jana right now. It’s really fun. (laughs) So for this wedding, I really want, I think we should have a
crazy celebrity performer. – Aren’t you friends with Miley Cyrus? – Do you think she would do it though or do you think I would
embarrass myself by asking? I’m going to ask. – I think this is a clout token for her. (giggling) – Jake and I have only been together for two and a half months
and now we’re here. We have so many things that
we still have to figure out for this marriage. Hi.
– Hi. – Hi, you’re cute. – No you’re cute.
– No you’re cute! – Stop it. – Stop it. I don’t ever see Jake
and I hating each other, even if out of all this
we ended up best friends, or married for the rest of our lives, or pregnant with nine kids, like whatever it’s all going
to work out for the best. How are you? – Hi. – What have you been doing today? – Umm. – You worked out with Logan this morning? – Yes and– – And how was that? – Filmed videos, it was good. There’s, Cole is going
Alyssa Violet on me. – Really?
– Yep. (suspenseful music) – I’m so sorry baby. – Yeah. – I’m really sorry. – That’ll happen though. – But that just sucks. Jake has had a group called Team 10 for as long as I can remember
being on the YouTube platform and he has always managed
a lot of influencers. – Now on today’s video me
and mister Jake Paul himself in his Lamborghini and I’m
doing my full face of makeup while he’s driving it. – There’s going to be a
lot of people in and out, and a lot of drama that
frankly I can’t keep up with. Wow that really sucks. Dude people were hitting me up today, telling me not to invite
him to my party tomorrow, and I already did. – You should un-invite him. (suspenseful music) As like petty as that is our
whole squad is going to be there. – Just to save like drama, ’cause like I could see that
being like a lot of drama. – He already posted like an instastory, saying like these (beep) painted
over the mural in my room and I like freaked out on him. I like posted on the Team 10 accounts. I will do everything to defend my name, my brand and my team, I’m sick and (beep) tired of (beep) kids who like somehow are able to fool me and the nice person that I am, into thinking that their good people and me giving them everything and then them stabbing
me in the back publicly. – And it makes me really sad
that that happens to you a lot. – Yup, it’s okay. – I’m really sorry. That sucks. – Okay it’s falling, let it fall, no, let it fall! (Tana laughing) Fall! Fall! (Tana laughing) (upbeat music) – I’m like, let’s get ready to vajazzle. Are you ready for this (bleep) – Are you trying to bedazzle your vagina? – Damn, this is real. – Me and Tana have had
multiple conversations about vajazzles and we’ve
always wanted to do it. It’s basically just like
bedazzling your vagina. – Are we all three vajazzling right now? – [Ashly] Absolutely. – Okay. – She gets birthday sex. That’s like one of the things on the top of your list
that you have to do for your birthday, so, she needs to vajazzle for it. (laughing) – Okay, can we look through
the different vajazzles. – [Natalie] Yeah, yeah, that’s it. – [Tana] Oh my God. – [Natalie] Pick whatever
speaks to your personality. – This is feet. – Like a baby. When you’re like, please put a baby in me. – Oh! Wait, I want those! (laughing) I think a little M on me
would be kind of cute. – [Natalie] We could turn that into a J, that thing in the middle. – That’s actually kind of cute.
– For Jake. (Tana laughing) I’m like, thank God my other (bleep) name doesn’t start with J too. Like there’s a tear drop. Oh, that’s so far my favorite. I like this ’cause it’s like, am I (bleep) or am I sad? We are all approaching this
in such different manners, it is like alarming.
– Yeah. Yo, so do you think Jake is going to see this on your birthday? – I really don’t know. I think everyone around
me wants me to have birthday sex more than me. Like I am so much more
focused on this party and making sure everything goes fine. I know that this is a really
shocking thing to hear but I don’t know if I’m
going to sleep with someone if I’m not ready. Part of me is like, just do it bro. – I mean I think you should. I mean, emotions are definitely
going to be a really big thing and I don’t know how you guys haven’t yet. – [Natalie] Do you maybe want to save it for your wedding night? (laughing) – We’ll just have to see how things at the party go, you know? I think Jake and I are
both all about the vibes and doing things when they’re right. – [Natalie] I want to see yours. – Wait, I just have stubble, but look. – [Ashly] I’m not looking. – [Natalie] Oh my God! – Okay, that’s actually kind of cute. – I’m actually on my period, though. – So birthday (bleep). (laughing) – [Tana] I think after Jake
I want to date Madison Beer. (Tana laughing) (fusion music) – Careful with the balloons. For Tana’s second birthday party, we have rented a giant house in the hills. This party is one of the first things that we’ve done by
ourselves since Tanacon. It’s a huge event with hundreds
and hundreds of people. Six figures going into it. So, it’s really important
that everything goes absolutely perfectly. – So I made all these dollar bills that we’re going to throw at her (bleep). (laughing) – These are incredible. – Her birthday in Vegas, I wasn’t really involved in the planning. This party is completely me. If it’s not perfect, it’s on me. Hey, I’m Jordan. Hey nice to meet you, man. I just wanted to make
sure we were all good. Tanacon, hopefully made
me better at my job, to be able to do risk assessment and see where the problems could be. – We’re going to maintain
two there at all times. He’s going to be support for the bar. – [Jordan] I want to know
everything and anything. – Is this the only bathroom? – No, there’s two downstairs. – ‘Cause people may ask and I just– – Two downstairs, yeah.
– Okay. – I feel like this might be
the last moment of silence before chaos ensues, so I’m going to really try to take it in. Okay I’m ready. I’m feeling really good
after the walkthrough. It looks absolutely perfect and there’s not much left to be done. Damn, look how many people
are already arriving. – [Jenna] Phew! Oh my gorgeous. This is what you should be taking in the last few moments of. ‘Cause it’s going to be blackout
in a few minutes, let’s go! (upbeat music) – Oh Tyler, I’m 21! (grunting) Come dress my legal body. Bitch! These are my last few moments of sobriety, I’m trying to soak them all in. This is my 21st birthday party, there’s about to be 500
people celebrating me and I need to look like a boss ass bitch in every second. I need something to take shots in, something to breath in, something to enter in, something to exit in, something to get (bleep) in. – Something to sneeze in. (Tana laughing) – I want sophisticated but still Tana. What is option two for entrance? A little glitz a little glam. (hip hop music) It’s all about the content. I want a bunch of different photos in a bunch of different outfits tonight. But I just want to wear it so bad! – I really like the sparkles, like the sparkle’s so like, It girl, 21st birthday, hi, how are ya? How you doin’? (laughing) I’m Tana, I’m from Vegas
if you can’t remember. (laughing) – Let’s try on this (bleep) Honestly, my favorite part of my life is being able to sit there and have 19 people turn me
into a facetuned Barbie doll. I’m so happy you guys are here. We got to get the weave right, we got to get the Shapewear on, we got to get the dress on the body, we got to get the spray tan, the glow, the makeup, the glitter, the heels, the shoe inserts, the bras, the bombshells, the lashes. Oh my god, I literally have
to move like a Barbie doll. I’m like, eh. Tonight, pain is beauty mother (bleep). – Are we ready? – (laughing) Let’s get drunk. (crowd cheering)
(techno music) I’m on a carpet. These are paparazzi. This is a red carpet. Those are people dancing. I’m drunk as (bleep). Let’s (bleep) go! (everyone cheering) (techno music) Oh my God. We pull up, there’s so
many paparazzi outside. And all these people here for me, it’s (bleep) crazy. I mean hop up in this rig, bro. – Everyone in.
– Get everyone in, come on. (squeals) – I’m mic’d up and so drunk. – You have red carpet at your party? Bitch, you’re so famous.
(laughing) (techno music)
– Ah! – Walking into this
part is literally crazy. They’re throwing money on
us with Tana’s face on it. There’s strippers, there’s girls walking around
with lampshades on their heads. I don’t know what that’s about. – I’m very excited to see a lot of people that I haven’t seen in a while and a lot of my favorite content creators. – Good to see you.
– Hi. – Crazy, right? (techno music) – You’re my (bleep)
favorite person on earth. Kendra Sunderland and Gina Valentina, two of the biggest porn stars in the world walk in with their crew. – Yeah! – At the exact same time as Alex Wassabi, one of the most PG YouTubers in the world. This is Alex Wassabi. (laughing) Like literally,
what the (bleep) is going on? (laughing) (techno music) – Oh, which ones Issac? Text me. Our party is big and good. It’s all so very crazy to see
all these super famous people that I love so much but then like my dentist is here. My dentist. All 10 veneers, he did that. Wahoo! Every person who has ever given me face injections or fixed my veneers or done my hair or styled me or anything is at this
party too which is so sick. It’s just so many people that
I love everywhere I look. (techno music) I’m so drunk. I’m so God damn drunk. – [Friend] Did they help? – I’m so (bleep), nothing. I’m good. I’m just drunk as fuck. – [Brown Hair Woman] Where’s your fiance? – On his way here and he better hurry the (bleep) up. (club music) Where the (bleep) is Jordan? I lost my manager and I feel so lost. – Jenna, have you seen Cole? – Yeah. – Where is he? – I haven’t seen him in a minute but last time I saw him was over there. (club music) – Before the party started, Jake asked Tana to un-invite Cole and that decision was
then placed in my hands. Cole’s been somebody whose shown nothing but respect to me and my team and so I chose to role the dice. Hey man, how you doing? We haven’t talked in a couple of days. I didn’t even know he was going to come and so now they’re here and quite frankly I don’t want to have to be the person to tell Cole to leave. Everything’s fine, we’re
having a good time. We’re having a great night. You guys are cool, I told
security to stay with you in case there’s an issue. – [Cole] Great, okay. – All right? All right. – [Cole] I love you. – I’m really scared to tell
Tana about the situation because this is going to
have a major affect on one of two relationships. We’re going to really offend Cole or we’re going to really offed Jake. (club music) Yo, Adam, talk to me like a person, bro. Talk to me like a person. Adam. I’m on the phone with Jake’s manager and he’s explaining that
unless Cole leaves the party that Tana’s fiance, who
she has been waiting for the entire night, who
is supposed to make this huge entrance with his entire team, is now not going to show up. Adam there’s 600 and
(bleep) people here, bro. Are you (bleep) kidding me? You have no idea what
I’m dealing with, dude. What are you (bleep) talking about? Like there’s 600 people here, you can’t come to Tana’s birthday because people are here
that you don’t like? What, come on. – No, you’re kidding. That’s not real, that’s not real. – I definitely never
thought that it would get to this extent. This conversation is going
to have lasting impacts on my relationship, on
Tana’s relationship, and the entire business
between Jake and Tana which has been really, really
fruitful to this point. – [Ashly] What do you
thinks going to happen? – I think they’re not going to come and the entire relationship is ruined. Yeah. – This house is so big. Big enough for everyone. You should say that like, “This house is huge. “No one is going to,
like encounter anyone. “No one cares.” Jake should just be the bigger person and come in the party like, you guys are literally engaged. If my fiance would not
show up to my birthday, we would not be getting married. Like there’s no need
for any of this drama. Like literally who cares? I feel like birthday sex is definitely not on the table anymore. Don’t be so mad. I know you’re mad because I
get like shaky when I’m mad. – We put so much time
into planning this party and the one thing,
literally the one thing, at this point that could
actually foreseeable ruin the night is now happening. Where is she? I have to tell you something real quick. – [Tana] Okay. – [Jordan] Look at this text. – [Tana] Why? – I mean we told them
that we had it handled and they’re at the party and so, that’s it. (suspenseful music) You good? Sorry. – It’s my 21st birthday party and I’m drunk as (bleep). I need to take 19 more tequila shots before I can handle anything else. My manager Jordan needs to be the bad guy in any kind of situation, not me. And if Jordan can’t step up to the plate and handle drama like that it’s honestly (bleep) frustrating. I promised Jake something would happen and it needs to happen. Do you understand, or no? – Yo, Tana. – Thank you so much. How are you guys? – Good.
– Good. – You look beautiful tonight. – I have told Tana since the
day we started working together I will not falter my moral guidelines and nine out of 10 times
we meet in the middle and it’s really awesome. This is one of those times
where I’m not sure if we will. – So Jake is outside but
he said he’s not coming in if Cole is here. So are they here or are they not? – They’re not here. – They’re not here, you’re sure? ‘Cause he was under the impression– – I mean obviously we’re
in a giant house party with a lot of people, I’m also (bleep) obliterated right now, you just want to– – Just tell him to get in here? – Yeah, he’s being a jerk and I just want to see
my fiance on my birthday. – [Security Worker] Gotcha. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – This has escalated way
more than I thought it would. I mean, dude, it’s going to be
like an actual situation though – Good.
– if they see each other. Do you want that? Tana? I hear that now Jake may be outside of the house, in a limo, waiting. This is obviously just for drama and this is the worst timing for this. – I’m going to change. – I’m hoping they just
drive away at this point. It’s decision time. – [Tana] Kick Cole out and
shut the (bleep) up about it. – [Jordan] I can’t kick them out. Tana, when I give people
my word I can’t break it. – [Tana] Okay. – [Jordan] In all seriousness, if you want to do it, I
will literally go with them. Should I leave? – [Tana] No, it’s my birthday. And the people I love are here. Let’s send this. – Tana!
– Tana! – [Tana] Wow who did that? Where? – He’s here.
– Where? – They’re arriving. – Oh. Amazing, I see his brother. Oh my God, are you my brother in law? Hey! Hi brother in law. How are you? Oh my God, you’re my fiance. – Hi there.
– So nice to meet you. – Embrace, embrace. – Hey.
– Happy birthday. – [Tana] Thank you. – [Jake] Happy (bleep) birthday. – I’m sorry. I will spend the rest of our totally real engagement
trying to make it up to you. There is no one here tonight who’s– – That’s crazy, that’s crazy. – I care about more than you guys. – I just, I don’t believe you. – Are you talking to me like I wasn’t 100% honest with you? – Yes, you lied. – I didn’t.
– Yes you did. – No I didn’t.
– And your manager did. And I lost respect for
him and you quite frankly. This is probably like top
three most upsetting things that has ever happened in my life. And like my brother has
(bleep) my girlfriend. To put that in perspective for you. But you can just hold it in for the cameras. – [Tana] You want to go
talk without cameras? – No, I don’t care. It’s whatever. – I would love nothing more. – Okay.
– Okay. – All right.
– Let’s send it. Over there? Yeah we’re going to have, can we have a two second
off camera talk, please? Two seconds, sorry.
(dramatic music) Thank you. Honey, pose. (dramatic music) Now let’s go talk. Pardon me, okay. Over there? We’re going to have an
off camera talk, yeah? Okay. Over there? – Tana. – [Tana] I did my best. And I’m sorry. Regardless of this fight, I really adore you. And I will spend a lot of
time making it up to you. (mellow music) We’re engaged. You and me.
– We are? – Yeah.
– Oh (bleep). – We did that. Whatchu tryna do? What’s your vibe? Now that we got that fight out of the way. – [Jake] Yeah, I want to go home. If you want to come that’d be dope, but like, I don’t know, I kind of just want to just
go home and just go home. – I’ll walk you to your car. – All right.
– Let’s go. It’s a mess. I wouldn’t ideally wouldn’t
want anyone to know that we even remotely fought on my 21st birthday party. Anyone can agree that
you’re fighting with your significant other and
it’s like serious (bleep), do you really want that out to the world? What are you doing in an hour? – It’s already like one, but yeah, text me. – [Tana] Okay. – All right. – [Tana] Goodnight, Jake. – Goodnight. – Goodnight guys. At the end of the day, it’s not my drama that I want to be apart of. I want to keep Jake happy but I also want to have a
really, really good night and that’s what I’m trying to do. (mellow music) Hi. – Hi.
– Hi. You okay?
– I, Sure. – [Friend] I like your change of outfit. – Thank you! – Go Tana!
– Go Tana! – Let’s get drunk. Let’s have fun. Let’s just have fun. Yeah?
– Cool. – Yeah.
– Yeah? – Yeah?
– Yeah, question mark. – There’s a lot of big personalities here and Tana did not want to rock the boat. – [Tana] Jordan, no I love you. – I love you. Essentially I really did just hurt Jake and Tana’s relationship. (mellow music) If Tana was angry at me I would completely understand for right now. I want to let you know, like, you know how we argue, right? And like try to see eye to eye? – Yeah.
– Like, for everything? – No, I see you eye to eye though. – Yeah, I know. – And I want you to know
that the entire time it’s never that I haven’t
seen you eye to eye, it’s that I trying to make
moves that benefit me the most but it backfired. Everything is (bleep). – I’m positive that I made
the right decision for me and I’m sorry if it was not
the right decision for Tana. – [Tana] We’ll talk about it tomorrow. (mellow music) What’s up guys, it’s Tana. Can you believe I’m finally 21? If you want to keep up
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