100 thoughts on “The Fight for Sawmill

  1. If the engi wasn't as smart in hand to hand, the scout would've kicked his ass. Those parts where he swept under him and grabbed his leg I feel were more prediction than reaction since the scout's speed is too much for even him and the heavy to handle.

  2. How did you make the animation when they fight they move fast and how did doubt that the scout reload the pistol fast and I need some help and advice how to like animate that how to make a player model move fast …if you seen this I need help from you thank you…

  3. Captain:
    Strenght: 300

  4. This is the most epic tf2 sfm ever seen in my life. I give it 10 stars for best action tf2 sfm video ever and I hope we see another fight with them again.

  5. Me looking back into this and trying to assume what will happen next is that spy is going to learn some new tricks from epic scout so they can be a duo epic spy & epic scout

  6. No kill counts cause they all just respawn in the end, that’s why everyone is pissed cause they think scout has hacks. And now those people are probably on Reddit trash talking about him.

  7. Can't believe I didn't see this yet. The Epic Scout battling against the Rabid Heavy and his Engineer Owner.

    No I HAVE to see what happens next!

  8. I'm watching in 2019 and I just realized something.

    As the scout bandages his hands, you can see hes obviously change after the battle. But the thing is if you look at scouts default skin, he has bandages on his two hands..
    Not theorizing anything, just thought it was a cool coincidence

  9. I can understand Taking a long time. But really. It’s been 4 years, and the others came out in a three year span

  10. What do you most expect?

    That the story of the Epic Scout, the Taming Engineer and the Rabid Heavy Continue, or that Half-Life 3 comes out (I say it because it's been a long time since half-life 2, and many people have lost faith like me) well, it's your decision, I prefer the first XD, faith 0%

  11. Seeing how there is a 1 year difference between The Epic Scout and Rabid Heavy Taming Engi yet they were working on them at the same time and there is a 2 year difference between The Fight For Sawmill and Rabid Heavy Taming Engi the next 2 he is working on at the same time so of course the next part will take longer cause he’s also working on the part after that too so when the next 2 are released they will be really damn good; Crash Maul strides and strives for perfection in his sfms, so the next parts you guys are waiting for is still in the works but you can bet your life the next one will be better than this and the one after that better than the one after this. So y’all need to learn some patience because, you can’t rush perfection

  12. It's been 3 years and I'm still waiting. And I'll happily keep waiting because I know that once you make the next part, it will be 1,000 times better than this one

  13. Hmm if you don’t remember I’m the one who said when a sequel was going to be made and you said “there’s never going to be a sequel” well it’s been 3 years now and…nothing

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