The Busby Family Went All Out For Halloween

The Busby Family Went All Out For Halloween

If you’ve been keeping up with the Busbys
since they hit airwaves in 2016, you know that Halloween is a fun time for the family. The OutDaughtered clan clearly loves the fall
holiday, and with eight people in the family, they’re able to pull off some pretty epic
themed costume ideas. While we frequently see the five youngest
members of the family dressed alike, Halloween presents a unique opportunity to get creative. In years past Adam and Danielle have dressed
older sister Blayke Louise and quintuplets Riley Paige, Parker Kate, Hazel Grace, Ava
Lane, and Olivia Marie up in some elaborate get-ups, and Mom and Dad typically get in
on the action themselves to complete the family look. Each year the Busby brood’s costumes seem
to get better and better. And this year? TLC’s favorite family did not disappoint. In fact, 2019 may be their best Halloween
yet. Although 2015 was actually the quints’ first
official Halloween, the infants weren’t able to get in on the trick or treating. Blayke got to dress up, though, and choose
a sweet sparkle witch costume for the occasion. Since then, the Busbys have definitely made
up for lost time. “Guess what? I have good news.” For their 2016 costumes, Adam revealed on
the show that oldest daughter Blayke set the theme in motion when she decided she wanted
to be a zookeeper. The result was a super-cute menagerie of Busby
kids dressed up as various animals, all being watched over by Blayke the zookeeper. The quints played the roles of a pig, an elephant,
a lion, a frog, and a monkey. For his part, Adam was a zookeeper who seemed
to be (inexplicably) riding a gorilla’s shoulders, and banana Danielle, presumably, belonged
to the gorilla giving her husband a ride. It gets better from here, don’t worry. In 2017, the Busbys celebrated with an “out
of this world” theme. Adam and the kids dressed as NASA astronauts,
while Danielle donned a rather unsettling alien costume. Halloween 2018 was all about The Greatest
Showman, and the Busbys really knocked it out of the park this time. The kids each wore a different circus-themed
costume, including Riley as the ringleader, of course. Blayke dressed as trapeze artist Ann Wheeler,
Ava adorably dressed as the bearded woman, Olivia was the world’s strongest man, Hazel
rocked it as the tattooed man, and Parker completed the look as the albino twin. Didn’t we tell you the costumes were getting
better and better every Halloween? But if you thought 2018 was good, wait until
you see this year’s look. The Busby family definitely went all out this
Halloween, and turned to their fave superheroes for inspiration, even Beau, the family’s latest
four-legged addition, got in on the action. Danielle posted an incredible photo to Instagram
and outlined who each family member represented in her caption, and better yet, she explained
why they were these particular characters and how that relates to their unique personalities. Adam chose to be Captain America, Danielle
wrote, because he’s the “captain and boss of the house.” Danielle is a gender-swapped “Superwoman,”
or as she put it, “super mom.” Blayke, the big sister of the quints, is dressed
up as Captain Marvel, lording over all of her super sisters. As for the quints, Ava starts off on the right
side as Spider-Girl, because she crawls around and climbs on everything. Olivia is the girly version of the Flash,
because she’s the quint that seems to always be running around at top speed. Hazel represents Robin, the trusty sidekick,
because as her mom writes, she’s an incredible support for her family in every situation,
also, she always likes to show off how strong she is by doing handstands. Riley is Batgirl, simply because she’s the
crime fighter in the fam, or as Danielle writes, she likes to keep an eye on her siblings and
likes to tattle. Parker Kate rounds out the family theme costume
as Wonder Woman. Danielle writes that she’s a “concerned healer,”
and always tries to take care of her siblings. Their sweet pup, Beau Buzz, completes the
look as Superman, as he watches over all the girls in the house. Aside from the Marvel-DC mashup, this is an
incredible family Halloween costume that sums up each family member’s one-of-a-kind charm,
and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next year. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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  2. The Busby family is definitely my favourite show. Adam and Danielle doing a excellent job. The girls super cute and this includes big sis Blayke. Love them to the moon and back

  3. I just love this family! Love their values, love Adam and Danielle's relationship and their honesty, as well as how they are raising all of their kids. I LOVE ALL OF THE KIDS!!! I just think this family is great and I love watching their show.

  4. Those little girls when they are all grown up ,are going to have the most fantastic memories of their childhood beautiful loving family ,!!!

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