The Biggest Little City in the World: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

The Biggest Little City in the World: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

– I can’t believe I don’t
know more about Reno. All I know about Reno is that it can’t make up its mind
whether it’s big or it’s little,
and we’re in it right now.♪ ♪– My name is Judicael,
and I’ve been tattooing
for 15 years.I specialize in spiritual,ancient tattoo dot work,heavy black patterns.
I have an amazing gift.
Now it’s time for people
to see it for real. Hello.
all: Hello. – Oh, fancy pants
over here. – My name is Judicael. – Judicael?
– Judi-cah-el. – Judicael.
– Cay-el. – Judicael.
– Judicael. What language is that?
– It’s French. – Are you from France?
– I’m French, yeah. I came here around
eight years ago. – Oh, that was recent.
– Uh-huh, yeah. – What landed you in
Reno, of all places? – Love.
– Love? – Yeah.
– Aw, you are a Frenchman, aren’t you?
– Yeah, I met my wife in– I met my wife in Indonesia,
and I used to be a traveler. – You are one of the most
interesting people I’ve ever met.
– [laughs]♪ ♪– People call me Big Siva.I’ve been tattooing
for 13 years.
I specialize in smooth
black and gray
and Polynesian tattooing.I’m one of the best tattoo
artists in Reno
because my work ethic,
putting in 18-hour days.
People sleep too much.Let’s make money. [imitates fanfare]
all: Hey! – What’s up, girls?
– Look at you, sharp-dressed man.
– Thank you, thank you. If you dress good,
you feel good, then your tattoos are good. – You ready to
impress us today? – Oh, yeah.
I moved to Reno with nothing. Taught myself tattooing. Now in Reno I’m the only one
who does Polynesian tattoos. – Is there a lot of
competition here? – Anybody who makes a good
living in Reno tattooing is coming with it.♪ ♪– I’m Tony Medellin,
and I’ve been tattooing
for almost 16 years.I specialize in doing nice,
clean tattoos
that stand the test of time.This is skin.
This isn’t a painting
that you can just
tuck away in your attic.
I’ve got one job.[bleep] do the best
God damn tattoo I can. Hey.
all: Hey. – Oh, I got my work
cut out for me today. – What’s up, brother?
– You know this guy? – I do.
– Yeah, we know Tony. He’s a good artist in Reno.
– And vice versa. You know, he’s a workhorse,
and I respect him. But he’s here to go
for my throat, and I’m here to go for his. – Whoa, Reno goes hard. – Been tattooing since
I was 15 years old. – Jesus.
– It’s all I know. – Do you know
your other competitor? – I do not know him.
– I just have to tell you guys: I already won. I’ve seen it in
my destiny to be here. – Is fortune-telling
in the rules? – Well, you’re just
another memory, man. – I can’t wait to get
this thing started. – I’m ready to go. – There’s going to be
two elimination tattoos, and one artist will
be eliminated each round. The last man standing
is going to face off against one of us Angels. – Awesome.
– Just because Reno is pretty spicy already, the Angel that
the winner is going to be facing off
against is… Nikki Simpson.
– Whoo-hoo! – Yeah.
– You guys want to play hard? We’re going to play hard. – I want to go against
the best, guys. I love winning,
but if I lose, I want it to be
a really sick artist. And if you can beat me, you get a spot on “Ink Master,” and that’s a shot at $100,000. – So now we’re gonna
work for it. – Get ready.
– All right, are you guys ready to hear about your first
elimination tattoo? – I am.
– Did you guys know that there are several nuclear
testing facilities throughout the Nevada desert?
– I did. – Scientists have found
a connection between genetic mutation and the people who live next
to these testing sites, because of
the radioactive exposure. In honor of that, you guys are going
to be tattooing… mutant DNA strands. – Oh-ho-ho!
– What? – I’m good.
Bring it. – We do want weird,
and we want creative, but we’re going to be judging
on a very specific criteria: style, shading, outline,
and your overall application. You guys are going to
have two hours. Any style you want. And your canvases
have been randomly assigned, and they’re completely open. – Why don’t you guys go
get set up, and we’ll send in your canvases.
Good luck. – All right, let’s go.♪ ♪– All right, artists. You have two hours to tattoo
mutant DNA, any style. And your time starts…now. – This sketch is kind
of an alien woman… – Okay.
– With a 12-strand DNA. – It’s gonna be nice
and shiny, metallic, sharp, with like, bright green
glowing in the center. – Okay.
– When I think of a mutant DNA strand, I don’t even know what
to think of.They not only have to nail
these tattoos
in a very technical sense…
– Yeah, it’s cool. – But they have to show that
they are extremely creativeand that they can draw.
– Yeah, definitely.– They can’t just rest
on reference.
So, we’re going to see if they
are real artists or not today. – Let’s rock and roll.♪ ♪– [pants] – All right, you’re good.
Just relax. Do you feel like
you’re gonna vomit? Yeah?
Okay. It’s probably
super overwhelming. Your health and safety is the most important thing
right now.I need this canvas
to trust me,
and I need this canvas
to get this design and just let me do my thing. If you don’t want to do this, we just got to know right now.
That’s all. – I can’t do it.
– No? Okay. I need someone else. [bleep] I cannot be kicked off without even being able
to prove what I can do. I’ll [bleep] drop my pants
right now and I’ll tattoo my own
[bleep] leg if I have to.♪ ♪Keep it clean.
– Okay. – Don’t put
your fingerprints on there. There you go. I took in my 17-year-old
brother.I’ve actually raised him
since he was a kid.
Little bit slower.
– Okay. – You got to cherish it. I want to win this competition because it proves
to my little brotherthat anything is possible.I am raising him to show him
that with hard work and talent, you can conquer the world. Too heavy?
– I’m good. – [laughs] – Tick, tock.
Tick, tock. – Hi, there. – Thank God.
Okay. I was thinking, going
more biomechanical. – Okay.
– Is that cool with you? – Yeah.
– You’re saving my ass right now.♪ ♪– You guys have one hour left. One tiny hour.
– Oof. – Siva, how’s it going? – Bro, I’ve never been
nervous tattooing. And I started tattooing,
and I was like, “Oh, [bleep].” In my tattoo, I’m trying
to tell a story.The DNA and humans and aliens,
and all mixing together.
There’s so much technicality
with the DNA strand,
with the lines, lines, lines,
circles and circles.That worries me a little bit,that we won’t have
enough time
to do it correctly.♪ ♪Daddy’s good at doing
this, huh, baby? – Yeah.
– [chuckles] – [chuckles]– Tattooing provides
so much for my kids,
so much for their future.That’s why I’m a monster.That’s why I’m a machine. Want to help me push, Ana? Let’s get it going fast.Every stage in my life,
from the age of four,
it’s been hard.
But when [bleep] happens to me, it just makes me stronger. All right, don’t fall off.
– [laughs]♪ ♪– I’m showing off
stronger lines,
super realistic shading,and a little bit of color,just to push the boundaries, because I never do color. – How’s it going over
there, Judi? [laughs] – On my way to win
this [bleep]. – [laughs] – We’ll see who will
laugh the last, man.♪ ♪– When I have something
in my mind, I go for it.
I think about it,
I meditate about it,
and I visualize the things
And it [bleep] happens.My mind is set to win.I’m going to [bleep] win
that thing.
♪ ♪– Five…four… three…two… one!
That’s it! Stop tattooing! – Whoo.
– Perfect. – Yay.
– Exactly what I wanted and more.
– This is the one that’s gonna send
you home, bro. The real deal, bro.
This is the real deal. – I don’t see it, but I’ll
take your word for it. – All right, you guys. Are you ready to analyze
these DNA samples? [laughs] – I mean, if we’re getting
scientific here, I think the one thing Siva had
on the other two artistswas he tried to create
an entire story
of the mutated DNA.– I do like the idea
of that DNA
almost making a finger wave
kind of shape.That was really clever.– To me, all the balls,they don’t look
like they’re spherical.I saw some good attempts
at some ovals.
I think of all the people
in the room,Tony hit mutated DNA strand
through the roof.
– But because of the lack
of contrast in all that green,
it just fell
a little bit flat.– What is solid is
a lot of the fundamentals.
– I also have, like,
an emotional connection to Judicael’s tattoo,
because I, too,fantasize about sausagein my head all day.– I see a glowing,
levitating DNA strand.
That’s what I see
in that tattoo. – Bull[bleep].
– He did put the colorsin the DNA strands properly,because that light baby blue
up against that teal?
It gives the effect
that it might be glowing. – The outcome, I
think, was awesome. – I’m a part of
this sausage party. Let’s go let them know. – No one’s gonna look at
your tattoo and be like, “Hey, that is a DNA strand,”
you know? – Let me tell you one thing.
I’m gonna win this [bleep], because it’s
my [bleep] destiny. – Hey, guys.
– Hey, y’all. – Well, hello.
– Let’s talk about these tattoos, huh?
– We’re over here talking about this guy’s destiny and
his bald head. His doesn’t even look like
a DNA strand. It’s just circles.
– It is a DN– – You know,
there are strengths in every single one
of your tattoos, but there’s also
a balance to each. We’re going to have
to look for a problem, because we have
to find the best. Do you know what I’m saying? – We’ve come to a decision. And the winner of the first
elimination tattoo is…♪ ♪– Judicael. – Yay!
Whoo-hoo! – You showed us line work
that was really nice. Your dot work was clean.
It was beautifully done. – Destiny. Destiny.
I told you. You didn’t know what it was,
but now you know. Judi-cah-el. – Which means Siva, Tony, one of you guys is gonna
be eliminated today. – Siva, Ilovewhen people
tell a storywith their tattoos.However,
there were technical issues. Some of those crisscrossed
lines didn’t come all the wayto the circles, and then
the circles were off as well.
– And you know, Tony, the one
thing that was standing out most to us was
the color choices.They were all one tone.So it kind of got
a little bit confusing
to decipher was is what. – We have come to a decision. The artist eliminated
today is…♪ ♪

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