Thanos Is a 45-Year-Old Dad From Florida (ft. Zac Oyama) | Um, Actually

Thanos Is a 45-Year-Old Dad From Florida (ft. Zac Oyama) | Um, Actually

(upbeat funky beat) (horn blare) – From bravos to Johnny Bravo,
nerds like a lot of things. But there’s something
they love above all else: that is correcting people. This is, “Um, Actually.” (energetic horn music) Joining us today, we have Zac Oyama. – Hello. – [Mike] Hello. We also have Caldwell Tanner. – Hey, friends. – [Mike] And joining
us, Frank Garcia-Hejl. – Hello. – Hello, indeed. Two Santurn-ing folks,
one brand new contestant, thank you Frank for joining us. But if you’re just joining
us at home, as well, these are a stack of incorrect statements, these are false statements, and it’s up to you to
find what’s wrong with it and correct me. All your corrections must
be preceded with the phrase, “um, actually…” If you don’t say that, I
won’t give you the point. And you can interrupt me at any point, as soon as you spot what
is wrong with the question. Here’s our first one: The Garden Gnomes of “Gravity Falls” look as one might expect: short humanoids with beards,
regardless of age or gender, who typically wear pointy hats. They also vomit rainbows and
build impressive contraptions, such as a giant gnome-bot. Their only known weakness? Leaf blowers and high-pitched whistles. – [Mike] Zac. – Um, actually, they
didn’t build the gnome-bot. – Uh, that’s correct. Can you be more specific? – No. (laughs) – Um, actually, it’s not a
gnome-bot, it’s a colossus made of gnomes? It’s like an amalgamation of gnomes? – Uh, that is correct. – I got it! You idiot. – I’m so stupid. – It’s a sort of colony. It’s a bunch of gnomes
that kind of come together into a giant gnome made
out of smaller gnomes, like a Voltron of gnomes. – Man, that’s so petty
and small of a thing. – Yes, that’s the game. Look, this should set your palate, here. This is the level we’re dealing with. – I’m going to do awful at this. – This is tiny, tiny little things. – Do I get a point for that? – I don’t know.
– That seems mean. – I was ready to give it to Zac. You were more correct,
but I didn’t ask for it. – Look, I mean, he probably
should get the point, right? That’s the flavor of this horrible game? (laughs) – This is the hell that I’m in, that I’ve agreed to be here on today. – Give him the point. It’s all semantics. – You’re both insisting
that the other one of you gets the point. – I think they should get the point. – I think Frank should get the point. – Give Frank the point. – Frank didn’t do anything! All right, well, I’m
going to give that to Zac, you know what? – Wow. – [Mike] Caldwell was more correct, but Zac, you were able to find
what was wrong right away. – Wait, were you just
guessing that the gnome-bot was made of… – No, I knew, but I just figured that was too small a technicality to
actually be the correct answer. But now my mind has been re-calibrated. – There’s no technicality too
small in these statements. – That’s my mistake. – [Mike] “Samurai Champloo”
follows the stories of two samurai: Jin, who
is methodical and cautious in his approach to combat, and Mugen, who is more reckless with his breakdance-inspired
fighting style. They travel with
15-year-old waitress, Fuu, who has set them on their quest to find the samurai who
smells of sunflowers. Yes, Zac. – Um, actually, Mugen is not a samurai? – That is correct. – Wow, scooped. – Did you know that or were you guessing? – I have seen the show,
but he’s pretty ridiculous, and I think the point was
he’s kind of not that, like a samurai has a code. – Yeah, he’s a former pirate. He’s not a samurai. – Well done. – And our next question is about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Avengers: Infinity War”
introduces Cull Obsidian: the large, hammer-wielding
member of the Black Order, aka, The Children of Thanos. In the comics, Cull
Obsidian is another name for the Black Order itself, and the character’s name is Black Dwarf, who usually wields an ax. While in the movie he is
slain when Wong sends him through a portal to Antarctica,
and slices off his hand, in the comics– Yes, Zac? – Um, actually, he’s
slain when Bruce Banner does something with the Iron Man suit, and he gets sent into
that force-field thing. – To the Wakanda, yeah, force-field. – You’re right, there are a lot of– But, yeah, killed when Bruce Banner, piloting the Hulk-Buster, punches him into the dome covering Wakanda. – I just, I’m feeling great. – Where is this Zac coming from? – I’m getting really lucky. – Um, actually, I didn’t
sleep well last night, so I’d like to just
take this again, maybe. – Well, we can’t just
rearrange the whole show around you, okay? – I guess that’s fair. – I didn’t know we could
use that excuse, too. I have a baby, so… – That’s better. We’re going to have to– – Sorry, so we can use that whenever… – To yours? – Yes it is, as far as I know.
– I just stole a baby. – I stole a baby, can we start over? – Yes, go tend to that. – I didn’t sleep well
because I stole a baby, and I was worried about
the cops showing up. – But I just don’t
understand, your thing is I can wish whatever into existence, your wish is, half of everything is dead. Why wouldn’t you wish that the
universe supports everyone? – Why don’t you have
a 50% larger universe? – Because Thanos is like a
45-year-old dad from Florida, who thinks he knows what’s
best for the entire population. – He’s got a bunch of bumper stickers on the back of his helmet. – Tommy Bahama shirt. ‘Bout to cook some dogs. Who’s hungry? – Hey kids, hey children of Thanos. – I only made enough dogs
for half of you, I’m sorry. – Well, I can fix that. – Just make more dogs. – This next question is a fan question, so this is a question submitted
to us by a fan of the show to try to stump you all. – Whose fan specifically,
because if it’s Zac’s fan then I feel like that’s not fair. – This is from Tanner, first of his name. I can’t say–
– Tanner! As in Caldwell Tanner? – What, no. – [Mike] It’s just Caldwell,
wrote his own question. The protagonists of
“Farscape” travel the stars on a ship named Moya. Moya is a leviathan, a race
of bio-mechanoid beings that function both as organism
and starship simultaneously. They’re extremely rare, as new leviathans can only be produced by The Builders, the godlike creator
race of the leviathans. Yes, Frank. – They are not only built by them. – That’s correct! – Dang! – Sorry? Frank, you didn’t say, “Um, actually.” – Oh, god, okay, I lost track of the show. – Yeah, well, everyone
else feels dirty about– – I clicked in, but I realized
I did note that he didn’t say “Um, actually,” but I forgot
everything he said after. It’s what I got. – All right, Frank, you want to give it another go-round here? – Let him have it. – I’ll give it to you, regardless, but I just want to see
if you can maybe dig deep into the collective
subconscious and find something. – That question says
that it can only be built by a specific– what was it again? – By The Builders. – By the Builders. Maybe they’re freelance contractors, you know, just freelance work. – That is not correct. I’ll give you the point anyway. Leviathans can actually get pregnant and give birth to new leviathans, as they are simultaneously
living beings themselves. And this actually happens to Moya when she gives birth to
a new leviathan, Talyn. So, yeah, there you have it. Yeah, mmm, gross. – I mean the only reason
they did that plot line is because the leviathan
was pregnant in real life. – They couldn’t work around it. The leviathan couldn’t carry boxes, wear loose clothing– – For a while, they would just
selectively frame the ship so only the top of the
ship was coming into frame. – They’re like, “Wow, the
leviathan’s really stressed out, stress-eating, so…” – Leviathan’s carrying a bag of groceries. – All the time. – Well, that point will go to Frank. And this will bring us to
our first shiny question of the game. Shiny questions, like shiny Pokemon, are worth the same number of points, they’re just formatted
a little differently, and a little bit rarer. This is a shiny question
called, “Where am I?” You have here a stack of maps. It’s up to you to identify
where these maps are from. Whoever can identify the
most will get the point. These are all pirate maps. Okay, go ahead and flip these over. Where am I? Where’s this– – [Contestants] Oh! – [Frank] There you go. – Is this “Monkey Island?” – I am going to say it’s close enough. It’s “Monkey Island 2,” but,
yeah, it’s “Monkey Island.” – Oh, “LeChuck’s Revenge.” – [Zac] “LeChuck’s Revenge?” – [Caldwell] You know, the sequel. – [Frank] “LeChuck’s Revenge?” – He’s a ghost pirate. It’s kind of a cheeky series. – The tongue is fully in
the cheek, I would say. – [Mike] Let’s flip to our next one, flip. Where am I? – [Caldwell] This looks
like from an animated show. – [Mike] Zac. – “DragonBall?” – No. – I’m going to take a random stab. – [Mike] Take a random stab. – “The Pirates of Dark Water?” – Oh, man, I loved that. But no. – That show ripped. – [Mike] I am going to
say no one got this one. This is from “One Piece.” – Oh, should have guessed that. – [Mike] All right, flip to the next one. – I’m going to take a stab.
– Take a stab. – Um actually, “Cutthroat Island?” – Ooh, no.
– Okay. – [Mike] Zac. – Um, actually, “The Goonies?” – It is “The Goonies.” That is from “The Goonies.” – My mom, she would take
naps in the day a lot, and would watch “The
Goonies” a lot to take a nap. – Like, if you want to drift
off into a gentle slumber, you put “The Goonies” on, and be like, “Ah, this’ll do it.”
– I get that. – I probably had it on in
the background in my life for 20% of my life. – It’s a movie where
several children are yelling all the time. – Yeah, it’s always at this level. – You know, that’s relaxing to some. – Sure, okay. – Children are in trouble. Your mom slept through that. – My mom is a monster. – Well, we’ll move on to our next one. Go ahead and flip. See if you can tell me where this is from. – Ooh.
– Whoa. – Um, actually, “Princess Bride?” – Yes, that is “The Princess Bride.” – [Caldwell] Woop, woop, woop. – [Mike] Is there something specific here that tipped you off? – [Zac] Oh, Humperdinck. – [Mike] Humperdinck. All right, go ahead and
flip to your next one. – Um, actually… damn it.
– Zac beat you to it. – Um, actually, “Water World?” – That is “Water World.” – Wow, “Water World?” – [Zac] That’s the map to Dryland. – [Caldwell] Is this the tattoo? – [Zac] It is the tattoo. It’s on that little girl’s back. – This is Ben Affleck’s next
tattoo, it’s gotta be, yeah. – Wait a minute, hold on. – [Mike] You got the map
to Dryland right here. – All I’m saying is, “stick with me.” – [Mike] There’s one more map left. We’ve got two for Zac, two for Caldwell. One of you could pull ahead,
or Frank can play spoiler. So let’s go ahead and see what’s next. What’s this last map? – [Caldwell] Skeleton Island, huh? That could be anything. – [Zac] I know, Skeleton Island is every pirate thing, right? – I’m going to guess, um, actually, “Pirates of the Caribbean?” – Uh, no. Yes, Zac. – I don’t like it as I’m saying it. Um, actually, “World of Warcraft?” – [Mike] No. – Hmm. – [Mike] Want to venture a guess? – Um, actually, “Cabin Boy?” – (laughs) Amazing. – Fantastic movie. – No, that’s incorrect. – Um, actually, “Neverland?” – It’s not “Neverland,” so
I’m going to call it here. This is “Treasure Island. – [Zac] Boo! – [Mike] We’re doing classics,
we’re doing books here. Or movies, if you want to
count “Muppet Treasure Island.” – [Frank] I do count it. – So that was two identified
by Zac, two by Caldwell. I’ll give you both one point. – Great.
– Okay. – The tables have remained the same. – And that’s it for this
preview of “Um, Actually.” If you liked it, there’s a
whole lot more waiting for you on Dropout. Go to to start
your free trial today. I’m Mike Trapp, reminding you to get your
pets spayed and neutered, and to get your zombie pets obliterated. Zombie pets: they’re not
the pets you loved anymore; they’re gone. They’re gone. Kill them, kill them. This is a game called “Find the Fake.” On the other side of this, there will be five real things and one thing that we have created to try to throw you off the track. The first person who can
identify the fake thing will get the point. In this particular instance, we are doing Simpson’s characters.

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  2. Um Actually, a "50% larger" universe would only add 50% of the original size, not double it. (1+0.5=1.5, not 2)

    So it still wouldn't fit all of the life within it. (If there truly isn't enough space)

  3. Hey College Humor! I have a less depressing but still slapstick pixar parody idea: Lamp is jumping on the I, but it falls over, sending Lamp into hitting the X. X gets mad and thinking the I did it on purpose, and they fight. In the process, A gets hit and throws lamp at I, A misses and it lands next to P, breaking Lamp's Lightbulb in the process. P gets mad, thinking the lamp was to get him, and charges, Accidentally Hitting the R, causing all the letters to fight. Meanwhile, Lamp turns out to be alive and after watching the chaos, Leaves to go get a new lightbulb

  4. Um actually, Jin in Samurai Champloo isn't a samurai either, technically. He was the student of a swordsmanship school that killed his teacher. To be a samurai he needs to be serving a lord.

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  6. 8:32 Um actually, in Monkey Island 2: LeChuckโ€™s Revenge, LeChuck was no longer a ghost pirate. He was a zombie pirate. And currently, or the last time we saw him, he is also no ghost pirate. In the end of Tales of Monkey Island, the then demon pirate got his spirit and body destroyed, leaving nothing but the essence of his soul. That's hardly a ghost.

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  8. Um actually Caldwell won the first point. It has always been if you are more specific you win. It seems like the pettiness of this stupid game doesnโ€™t matter. Just like Trumplicans truth doesnโ€™t matter, rules donโ€™t matter and science doesnโ€™t matter. Life no longer matters. Now this game doesnโ€™t matter. Wow Mike Trap you driven me to post a horrible horrible comment. Caldwell FTW. Great to see Zach.

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  10. Objection! Caldwell totally earned that first point – he knew what the Gnome-bot was.
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  11. This is a great show but I've gotta give you a dislike for breaking the one rule of the game and giving Frank a point when he didn't say um actually.

    Come on Trapp there's one rule, you need to enforce it!

  12. frank didn't say "um actually" even though he was notified, alas the two contestants didn't want to jump in, and did leave him the point. He didn't say the word and was awarded the point, any way, which breaks the only rule in the game.

  13. If the gnome-bot is made from gnomes coming together to form a gnome-bot, is it really wrong to say the gnomes built it? It's built from gnomes, by gnomes, no?

  14. In the actual comic Thanos destroyed half of all life in the universe because he wanted to impress the girl he had a crush on, the personification of death itself. In the movies they wrote him being concerned about limited resources in the universe since it was more topical, and they never really got around to introducing supernatural entities like Death.

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    Um, actually Thanos would have to increase the size of the universe by a 100% to achieve the same outcome as his snap. You couldยดve also said that Thanos expanded the universe to 200% of the original size.
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