Tatuagem India – Danny Tattoo (Indian Tattoo) TimeLapse

Tatuagem India – Danny Tattoo (Indian Tattoo) TimeLapse

I’m using 07 Round Liner to make the eye In a portrait of work is important, in the nose, going shading already shaping Do not make the marking out of ink, bloodlines, when the style is black and gray in light and soft parts such as the face itself. Because this “scratched” when shading can then set more pigment in that bloodline So that in general, who is realism expert, he will tattooing and making ready, without the liner of missing. The mark, however, with diluted ink, gray line … … It can be made in areas that will become darker as the hair. The stencil should be preserved, avoiding wash too much. If you observe this second session, I put the stencil again india body … … Just because it is a part with soft shading it is not done no line. At this stage, needles were used 15MG and 09RS

15 thoughts on “Tatuagem India – Danny Tattoo (Indian Tattoo) TimeLapse

  1. Danny, seu realismo é de alta qualidade!!!
    você poderia nos informar quanto custa uma tatuagem como essa???

  2. ola Danny!!!! fiz a pergunta porque moro em são Paulo e não tenho ideia de um dia ir a Brasília!!! kkkkk. se fosse em são Paulo, com certeza iria ao seu estúdio!!!

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