Hi everybody! I’m Alexa. Let’s talk tattoos. I have had more requests for this video than
for any other video ever, so today I’m going to tell you all about my
tattoos and answer some really common questions that
I get all the time about them. Let’s start with my first tattoo ever. This tattoo is across the top of my right
foot. It is a crown with a banner over top of it
that says “704” This tattoo is all about home to me. I grew up in a city called Charlotte, in North
Carolina. The city of Charlotte is named after Queen
Charlotte, so there are little crowns everywhere all
over the city, um, like on street signs and flags and stuff
like that. The Charlotte area code is 704 which is what
is on the banner over the top of the crown on my tattoo. It’s also my only tattoo is that is black
and grey because at the time, I thought I was only going to get black and grey tattoos. I think I was a little bit afraid of color. Um, if you have seen any of my tattoos now
you probably know that they’re all full of color because I love color now. So I may go back in and add some color to
this tattoo at some point in the future. After that, I went big! My rib tattoo was inspired by my most prized
possession, this Japanese doll. This story starts with my grandfather. My grandfather passed away very young, before
I was born. All of the pictures and stories about him
make me really sad that I never got to meet him, because it seems like he was a really, really
wonderful person. So the story behind this tattoo is all about
this doll which was a gift from him to my mom. He traveled a lot when she was young and was
in Japan on her birthday one year. Even though he was away, he didn’t forget
his little girl’s day, so he sent her this doll all the way across
the world to arrive to her on her seventh birthday. Shipping back then was not like it is now
and sending something across the world like that was a pretty big deal. When I was growing up and started really falling
in love with everything Japan, my mom handed this doll down to me. It’s the only real item that I have from my
grandfather, so it is really, really special to me. She is the inspiration for this tattoo. Because this tattoo is all about her, I wanted
her to the focal point. This song that she plays is called “Cherry
Bloom” which is a song celebrating the beauty of the cherry blossoms, which is why I wanted to add a cherry tree
to scene in my tattoo. In the tattoo, we changed a few things like,
um, some of her accessories and the color of her kimono to better suit the overall design of the tattoo. Even though I’ve gotten a bunch of tattoos
since this second tattoo, it is definitely the most meaningful one to
me and it is one of my favorite tattoos out of
all of them. My next tattoo was my thigh tattoo which is
the big one on my leg. It is of an owl sitting on a clock in a tree. The question that I get the most about this
tattoo is “What time is it on the clock?” The time on the clock is 5:04 which is my
birthday, May 4th. I always loved owls growing up so I had been
wanting an owl tattoo for a long time and I just thought this was a great time to
do it. My owl’s name is Legwig because if any of you guys know me at all, you know I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, um, so it’s kinda named after Hedwig, but since she’s on my leg, her name is Legwig. The next two tattoos I got were behind my
ears. Um, one of them is a best friend tattoo that
I got with my twin sister Genna and my friend Ellie. We got this in part because we are all crazy Harry
Potter fans and lightning bolts and Harry Potter obviously go together. Another reason is because we called ourselves
the “Electrics” as like our group friend name. So, a lightning bolt was kind of the symbol
of friendship group. So we all got that tattoo together and while
we were there, the also both got the inside of their lip
tattooed, but I did not want to do that. So I got a tattoo behind my other ear which
is a diamond because I’m a princess. Duh. That one was kind of a spur of the moment
decision. Like, I just decided while we were there to
do it, and it is my least favorite of all of my tattoos, so I really recommend thinking about your
tattoos and, you know, don’t do spur of the moment tattoos. It’s a bad idea. You will regret it. Um, it doesn’t bother me too much though because
it’s behind my ear and I can’t see it, so…. no biggie. My next tattoo was my sleeve. One common misconception about tattoos is
that they have to have some deep personal story or else they’re not awesome tattoos. That’s crazy. There are tattoos that are just beautiful
for what they are. They’re art on your body forever. My sleeve doesn’t have a personal story, but it is traditional Japanese style artwork
which is something I really, really love. It is samurai fighters on top. One is a girl. She’s got that whole Mulan
thing going on and she is so badass and awesome. I love her. And the bottom half is a tiger. And tigers
are my favorite animals. I just thought this was a great place to throw it in because they
are so present in Japanese artwork in general. The last tattoo that I got was the back of
my neck. It is a little maneki neko or lucky cat. He brings me good luck. A lot of people don’t know that I have this
tattoo because I always wear my hair down or I wear wigs and you can’t see him unless I have my hair
in a ponytail. So, they always have really cute reactions
when they see him because they don’t expect him to be there. But I need good luck somehow. That is all of my tattoos, so now let’s answer
a few questions about having tattoos. How old were you when you got your first tattoo? I was about twenty years old when I got my
first tattoo. I wanted them ever since I was an early teenager,
but I wanted to make sure that I got something I liked and that I didn’t just run out and get tattooed
when I turned 18. I was afraid I would get something that I
would regret if I got tattooed too young. I’m glad I waited until I was 20 and I’m really
happy with all of the choices that I have made. Do you want more tattoos? I have most of the tattoos that I want, but
if I had endless resources to get tattoos, I would tattoo my back. A lot of people have asked if I am going to
get my other arm tattooed um, like my twin sister Genna. Right now, I have no plans to tattoo my other
arm. It’s one way that people tell us apart. And I also just like having one sleeve. Which tattoo hurt the most? That is easy. Definitely my rib tattoo was the worst of
them all. And I did it in three different sessions so I had to get it tattooed three times. It was awful. And like, I’m really bony and I have a weird
rib cage, so… it was really, really painful. I don’t know that I’ll ever do the other side. Which tattoo is your favorite? I kind of touched on this a little bit earlier,
um, but my sleeve is my favorite tattoo with my
ribs being a close second. How much did they cost? Tattoos are very expensive. I don’t know how much they all cost. I never
added it all together. I saved up all through college to buy them. Tattoos are on you forever. So, please, save your money and spend it on
a great artist, because this is something you have to look
at every day for the rest of your life. Have you ever regretted getting tattoos? No, I have never once wished I didn’t have
my tattoos. They are part of me. They’re on my skin. If I took them off, it wouldn’t be me anymore.
I really like them. Do you have any advice for selecting a tattoo
artist? My advice for picking a tattoo artist is go
by their reputation. Look through their portfolio like up and down,
top to bottom. You want to make sure they have a lot of good
quality work. A lot of new tattooers will put um, their
best work right at the front because they think that’s all you’re going to look at, but make sure you really know your stuff about
this tattooer. A lot of the good tattooers are going to be
booked for months in advance, so be patient and do your research and don’t
get free tattoos. I think that is finally all that I have to
say about my tattoos, getting tattoos, anything that you want to know about tattoos. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook,
Twitter, Tumblr. Anywhere. Everywhere. On the internet. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see
you guys next time. Bye! [kiss]

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