Tattoos That Play Sound — BiDiPi #46

Tattoos That Play Sound — BiDiPi #46

Build it. Draw it. Play It. Vsauce! This is your home for some of the
coolest creations from everyday people. This is BiDiPi. Build it Estonian Designer Pavel Sidorenko repurposes
old vinyl records into wall clocks. The series is called Re-Vinyl and he wants to reduce
the waste of useful materials as well decrease the consumption of new materials. Some of
his designs include cityscapes, animals, human interaction, and inanimate objects. Alvaro Cassinelli created these robotic Japanese
garden lamps for an exhibition in Tokyo. They’re able to sense other objects so they don’t
step on plants or run into anything in the garden and they can be controlled with a smart
device. His hope is to one day have a garden that takes care of itself in the absence of
humans. Designer Echo Yang made these autonomous drawing
machines out of everyday objects paired with different media. Including a hand mixer using
water color, a wind up clock using pencil lead, and a Walkman using charcoal. Dustin Yellin makes 3D collages by encasing
objects into layers of glass. He uses pieces he finds on the street, clippings, computer
generated images, acrylic, and glass to create the sculptures. Like this massive piece that
weighs 12 tons and is 46.5 inches tall, 69 inches long, and 27 inches deep and his latest
series is called psychogeographies. Draw it High Voltage is a project by Phillip David
Stearns that merges electronics with photography. He produces images by applying 15,000 volts
of electricity to instant color film, that’s about 1,000 times the strength of a car battery.
It creates an organic pattern and shows off the ability of instant film beyond its typical
use of capturing the world around us. Grand Pale Maw is a giant mural using only
latex paint and a black sharpie. It took artist Sean Sullivan seven months to get to the point
where he finally considered it done, partly because he exceeded his original timeline
by four months. Now for When the Lights Go Out 2, an art showcase
featuring glow in the dark prints. A’shop is a production company that creates
giant scale graffiti murals, street art, and urban aesthetics. They have a large collection
of artists that work for both commercial and private clients to make murals for interiors
and exteriors as well as custom art pieces. Find the link below to check out the full
video. Play it Classic Pianist Yoshiki performed a piano
duel with a hologram of himself live at the 2014 South By Southwest. Reading my body created by Dmitry Morozov
is a sound controller that detects ink on your skin to play your tattoos. The Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology
created this robotic drumming prosthesis used here by Jason Barnes. Finally Cell Song by Fanfarlo is a music video
created by Ewan Jones Morris using old science journals and eyclopedias. Submit your BiDiPis as a personal message
here on YouTube or share them with everyone over at Click here to listen to a brand new installment
of BiDiPi Radio. Music created and submitted by you guys. Also check out YOUR BiDiPi – an
entire video dedicated to only your creations. And as always – thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Tattoos That Play Sound — BiDiPi #46

  1. Great! Thanks for making me want to go watch Spirited away! lol, but for real, thank you, cause i love that movie! X3

  2. One could hide a message in a tattoo that the device can read. That would be some cool spy stuff there. Unless it's already been done and we don't know it.

  3. but like if we ever did get tattoos that could play sound, I would get one that would play the john cena theme song, so when people look at my arm they'll be all like "ahh yes, i love the artwork on your arm, beautiful, what was the name of the tattoo artist?" and i'll just look them dead in the eyes and pull out the tattoo reading machine, and watch the faith in humanity disappear in their eyes as the machine thing plays "AND HIS NAME WAS JOHN CENAAAA."

  4. Oh damn, in the draw it section where there was a giant wall painting of a woman. I realized thats in Montreal, where i live, thats awesome!

  5. Jason Barnes reminds me of lefty a kid who I used to play with,of course I was a bass player so I was clearly unnoticed,but he was missing his right hand,that's why we called him lefty

  6. Hi vsause2
    I wanted to say that when I saw the first city-scape clock, then I saw that it was the city-scape clock of the city where I live in. And incase if you want to know, then Tallinn city is in Estonia.

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