Tattoos That Caused All-Out Brawls 🥊 Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

Tattoos That Caused All-Out Brawls 🥊 Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

(suspenseful music) (beeping) – Oh! (speaking indistinctly)
(beeping) (suspenseful music) – [Jeremy] (beep) me. – [Cameron] Your wife told
me you have a little (beep). – (beep) you. – [Cameron] Where is it? – You (beep) me here (speaking indistinctly)
(screaming) Like for real? – (beep) yourself. Dude, that’s (beep) up. – And a condom on my chest isn’t? – You deserve that (beep) mother (beep). – All right, (beep). – I didn’t do (beep) to
you for this mother (beep). – We need you guys to come back so we can continue this conversation. – You son of a bitch. – I didn’t say it, I
just relayed the message. – [Justina] Let’s back it
up, tell us what happened. – Jeremy’s wife let it
slip that their sex life isn’t what it should be, and then she told me you
have a little (beep). So I gave her a tool to help her find it. – Last I heard you had
the (beep) baby (beep). – Where did mine come from? You. Where did yours come from? Your wife. So yours has a little bit
more credibility than mine. (gasping) – Was it a deflection? Like you actually have a small (beep) so you were putting the
attribute off on him? (laughing) – (beep) no. Honestly, two kids
don’t come from nothing. – We’re not saying your
(beep) doesn’t work. – It’s hereditary is what we’re saying. It runs in the family.
(laughing) – The condom on my chest is
bigger than his (beep), so. – Really? – Y’all really care a lot
about each other’s (beep). – All right, get the (beep) out of here. – Okay. – Don’t fight in the hallways. – [Nico] Justina, can we get
one more lyric on your way out? – Yeah.
– Drop it. ♪ Yo your love for him is fickle ♪ ♪ I like your body but you
really got small nipples ♪ ♪ And you can never get another ♪ ♪ I’m tryna figure out who
is the tougher brother ♪ ♪ You got a penis on your chest ♪ ♪ Where is it? ♪ ♪ You know the rest ♪ ♪ Matter fact, we about to have a ball ♪ ♪ This show is over ♪ ♪ Both of y’all’s (beep) is really small ♪ (cheering) (suspenseful music) – [Nikita] Shut the (beep) up. Are you serious? (fast paced electronic music) – [Kenisha] It says, “Thirst trap.” – [Nikita] You’re a
(beep) hating ass bitch. – But I’m not hating on you. You have so many men
that follow your page. They’re watching you. I just want you to be safe out here. I care about you and I don’t
want nothing to happen. – It sounds like there’s good
intention behind that though. – It sounds like horse (beep), Nico. She can’t stand my social
media, but check my likes. This bitch in every one of them. “Oh, I love that color! “You look great!” A hating ass bitch is what you are. – Says the person that- Back the (beep) up, bitch! – You a watcher. – Let me take these (beep) lashes off. (suspenseful music) What the (beep)? What the (beep)? Bitch. (dramatic music) What the (beep)? Bitch. I just can’t stop looking at this (beep). That (beep) is in a (beep). Tsk, my vagina. – Mm-hm. – Bitch, this a (beep) dream. And you was crying over that (beep). – I feel like this is worse really. – No, bitch, that ain’t (beep) worse. What the (beep) is you talking about? – You can cover yours up. – With what? – (beep) pants. – Why those coming off? What the (beep)? (screaming) Jesus (beep). Oh! – I just want to know why she did it. That’s all I want to know. – [Nico] Okay, why’d you do this? – I feel like this is just payback for what you did in high school. And it’s honestly not enough. – Why braids in the first place? What are we trying to say here? – Hairy? What’s hairy? – [Imani] And don’t shave. – Hold up. – You always have a bush. – ‘Cause I shave. – [Imani] You don’t shave. – I do. – That’s the reason I
gave you the tattoo today. – You don’t brush your teeth and it’s the reason I gave
you the (beep) tattoo. – I do brush my teeth. – Why the (beep) I can’t
shave my (beep) vagina when the (beep) I want to shave it? – [Nico] Why she can’t brush her teeth when she wants to brush her teeth? – You don’t see my (beep)
vagina every (beep) day. – It’s still not cute to go
out like that either way. – And your teeth still not cute. – And the bush is still not cute. – Bitch, you got me (beep) up. – All right. – I hope you ready for this. – Nah, bitch, I hope you ready. And I’m telling you Gerrica, if you put some bull (beep) on me- – Riley, shut the (beep) up. – I’m gonna come over there
and slap the (beep) out you. You shut the (beep) up, hoe. – Shut the (beep) up.
– You (beep) bitch. – ‘Cause you won’t scare
no mother (beep) body. – Let’s do this. Y’all ready? – Oh, now she calling shots. (suspenseful music) Riley, do you consider Gerrica
a true real best friend? – I don’t know, I’m
second guessing it today. – Do you feel like you’re
a better friend than Riley? – Hell yeah, I’m a better
period than Riley, period. – Bull (beep). – Gerrica, what was your
intention with this tattoo? – To expose that little fake bitch. – (beep) hoe. – ‘Cause (beep) fake bitch. (beep) yo nasty ass. – All right, all right, all
right, right, right, right. Jordan, come on out. (whooping) – Riley, how you feeling after all this? – I’m feeling hot. – Do you have any final words here? – I just want to know
what this stupid ass bitch put on my back. – All right, three, two, one. (suspenseful music) – What does it say? I can’t see it. (dramatic music) – You a backstabbing bitch. – Bitch this (beep) is weak. Are you (beep) serious, Gerrica? This (beep) is weak as (beep) and you’re talking all that (beep)? Let’s go. Where your turn at? Bitch you weak as (beep). You just (mumbles) yourself, bitch. What does this (beep) say? – Get the (beep) off me! – (beep) weak hoe. You mad, ain’t it hoe? You finna be real mad. You came up with a weak
ass tattoo, ain’t you? What the (beep). – I don’t give a (beep) bitch. – We need you to explain
this tattoo, Gerrica. – [Justina] Yeah,
Gericca, just from there. – Why the knife going into the back? – God damn, because she stab
bitches in the (beep) back. – [Riley] You mad hoe. – How many friends’
boyfriends did you (beep)? – You mad hoe. – Gericca, we need you
in front of the mirror. We’re gonna get your tattoo seen, okay? – I don’t even feel like
doing this (beep) no more. – Tiffany’s coming out right now. We’re gonna (beep) get this over with. Riley, what is your
intention with this tattoo? – To let this bitch know
who the (beep) run (beep). I’m the boss.
– What you run? What you run? – All right. We’re gonna count down. Three, two, one. – What’s that say, y’all? Riley’s bitch. (whistling) Come here, girl. It’s a dog tag. (dramatic music) (whistling) Come here, girl. Come here. – (beep) no. – Come here, girl! – You know what? You’re a (beep) hoe, bitch! You open your legs every night! – Bitch, I know you ain’t
talking about (beep). – Prostitute bitch. – Bitch you sell your pussy! – You ope your legs (beep) night, bitch! – What the (beep) are you talking about? (yelling indistinctly) What the (beep) are you talking about you hunnid dollar ass bitch? – Woo! – Mommy. – What the (beep)? Oh my God. (dramatic music) (screaming) – [Nicole] Mommy. Jesus. (grunting) – Oh my God. – [Nicole] Oh! (screaming) Oh my God. – [Nico] He got him. Come this way. – [Nicole] Jesus (beep) (beeping) – We need a medic for sure.
– Yeah, medical. – [Nicole] Oh my God! – I gave him the tattoo
just to remind him to relax. But when you did today proved your tattoo to be correct. – He went behind my
back and (beep) me over. Come out. – He’s not coming back here right now. – I literally (beep) hate this tattoo. I do not do steroids. I work hard for this
body every single day. I would like to know why
he would take this route. This is definitely it for us for now. I need a lot of space from that dude or I’m gonna kill him. – End of the episode, we’re done. (suspenseful music) – What the (beep)? Bitch are you (beep) serious? I don’t even know what
does it say right here? – Billions served. Free blowjobs. – I gave him that tattoo
because I feel like I was treated like I was disposable. Like I was just a number. – Let me put it like this, I know I (beep) good (beep), so there would be a line. (laughing) (beeping) – Oh! (beeping)
(yelling indistinctly) – Get off me, bitch. – I bet you didn’t see that
one coming you little bitch. – Yeah, ’cause you’re a pussy bitch. (laughing) – [Jose] Oops, got you right in your face. – Bitch, your hits is weak! Bitch! (beep) it. I don’t give a (beep) about that bitch. – Right over here, please – You’re bleeding. Don’t touch it anymore. – Are you okay? – I’m bleeding right here. – [Justina] What’s wrong with you two? He lost a shoe. – He smiles before he snaps. That’s why I put my hair up and got ready ’cause I knew he was gonna do that. – You guys are (beep) weird.

100 thoughts on “Tattoos That Caused All-Out Brawls 🥊 Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

  1. Wtf is wrong with people why get tattoo if you dont like your friend lol I dont get it I would do awesome tattoo for my bestfriend and I know she would do the same

  2. You know, a fight between two gay men is exactly how I expected. Hair pulling and gratuitous use of the word bitch. Also how did MTV stoop this low?

  3. Damn i think their definition of friend is different than mine. What kind of friend puts "Thirst Trap" on their friend cause they're worried about them. Or puts a frickin dog collar on them. Toxic friendships!! Should have been over along time ago if they feel that way about each other.

  4. I just want to say this the chick with the pigtails tattoo I have to give props to the tattoo artist that one hell of a clean and hilarious tattoo and secondly the chick with dog collar tattoo that says riley's bitch damn! 😂😂😂 that one was fucked up and hilarious at the same damn time but people what did we learn from this say it with me? Don't let someone else design a tattoo for you because most likely you'll end up getting a fucked up tattoo 😂😂😂

  5. "I bet you didn't see that one coming you lil bitch" that is exactly what a gay person would say in a movie or family Guy or something 😂😂

  6. I don't understand….why come on this show, with someone you know you don't get along with or trust, knowing they're gonna put something stupid on you. Whatever, it makes the show entertaining to see their reactions lol

  7. I would give my friend a woman tattoo with hairy legs and arms because she things we are forced to shave and if we shave we are pleasing man Hahahah she would be so mad but I know she would give me a dick tattoo because I have so many crushes lmao she hate all of my bf/crushes and ex bfs

  8. That dude from the rage tattoo, owned that tattoo,
    he will be arrested soon if he doesn’t deal better with all that lack of control

  9. Wow they are all sober, well maybe apart from the guy on roids but yeah imagine if they were drunk or something else… damn!!!

  10. Look at how they stand there so proudly when their "friend" sees the tattoo. They're so happy with themselves; look at them smile, they're so proud to have chosen something stupid to put on their "friend". It's disgusting man.

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