Tattoos take over London this weekend

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo
or want to show off what you’ve already got, why not head down to the The London Tattoo
Convention this weekend, Now in its eleventh year, the annual body
art festival kicked off on Friday. The convention has been described as the Woodstock
of the body art world and has over 400 of the world’s most talented
artists in attendance. There is plenty to see at this festival- not
least the attendees… One tattoo enthusiast, David, said each of
the multiple tattoos across his body had a special meaning. “My tattoos mean, it’s my life because every
tattoo has a piece of my life,” Convention organiser Marcus Berriman said
the convention has grown from a small gathering to a major international
event over the last decade. “We started at the Truman Brewery in Brick
Lane and I think we had 120 tattoo artists and we have now grown to 400 and our crowd
speaks for itself. We have got the finest artists from every
part of the world here – the grand masters, it’s as good as it gets
and I think the crowd come and appreciate it for that,” Visitors will compete in tattoo contests. If you feel like entering yourself the different
categories include best black and grey, best back piece and… best of show. The event finishes tonight so you best head
their quickly if you want to get your tatts out!

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