Tattoos Iโ€™m STILL Discovering on My Mom ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Tattoos Iโ€™m STILL Discovering on My Mom ๐Ÿ˜ณ

– I’m getting made up for work right now. Thanks, Motoko. She’s adding a little
extra undereye concealer, because I didn’t get any sleep last night. My Mama Mai decided to get creative after she saw my video from last week when I was doing my styling shoot, introducing you guys to my stylist. I shot the whole thing on my phone. Well, she decided to bust out her phone and do an episode about her tattoos. About all those whackjob
tattoos that she got from her friends, from her discounts, from her groupons, from prison. – [Mama] They see, they nosy, like me. They want to know what’s going on. All our fams, your fams, know– – Do you have to always
have to be where I am? Like, there’s other rooms in the house. Do you wanna hang out there? – [Mama] I can hang
out there, don’t worry. They don’t see my face, don’t worry. They love to hear my voice. – This video is for y’all. It’s for the fam, from fam. Mama Mai shot this specifically for you, so if you hate it, blame ya damn selves. – Jeannie, come on, come here! – Are you trying to do a video right now? It’s 10:58 PM. – A lot of people want
to know about my tattoo. – [Jeannie] It looks like a
canker sore grew on your ear. Beautiful prison calligraphy. Don’t shoot up my butt! – My secret! – What are we showing? (screaming) – What did she show? Did you guys see nipple? (upbeat music) – Hello Hunnay! Don’t worry, just say hello hunnay! – It’s not gonna be great quality. – Who cares! All they want to know about Mama Mai. – Hello Hunnay! We do sit here and read all the comments. We’re gonna try this
because my mom set it up, and I don’t know if we look cross-eyed, or what’s happening. I want to thank everybody for subscribing. We do really read your
comments every single night. Thank you for subscribing, and if you haven’t subscribed hit that sub button, and make sure the notification bell is on so that you know every Thursday you get to watch – And everybody knows about
my tattoo, and your tattoo. – Erin O’Ryan says she
wants a tattoo tour. Hi Erin, how are you doing, babe? And you want to find out
more about our tattoos. One of our episodes, me and
my mom talked about tattoos, and you shared the four names
that you have on your back. She has three kids, and
there’s a fourth name. How many kids does she have? How many tattoos does she have on the back of her shoulder? Who’s that fourth person? – That’s a bonus one. Three kids and another bonus. Four total. Don’t worry. My gosh. And a lot of other people
they’re asking about my earring tattoo. They want to know too. – What earring tattoo? – My girlfriend, Tweety Bird. She gave me a blanket. Ready to go to the beach, and then on the blanket
they have a purple flower. I like the flower so much. Tattooed for me exactly
right here in the ear. – You have a blanket with the flower. Why’d you have to put it on your face? Oh my God, guys. – See that?
– Fam. That’s suppose to look
like an earring, mom? – Yes, whatever, that looks beautiful. And then! – [Jeannie] Drumroll please. It actually looks like a
busted bobby pin on your face. – No, that’s the love music. – [Jeannie] What’s all that
orange shit on your face? – What orange? – [Jeannie] What’s the
orange like, like the orange? – No, beginning, they
want to do the five line. Can you do the five line? – [Jeannie] That’s a
mistake on your face, mom! Let me see! This hot cheeto color
of a tattoo right here is a mistake, mom? Tell me the truth. – No! I tell them to do five lines before you put the music note. Five line is too much for my face. So I said forget it. So I do music note only. – [Jeannie] You have a tattoo here, that god-awful blanket flower. A busted bobby pin. Cheeto dust. What’s this? Pinch and zoom on this masterpiece! – [Mama] Love, right here. – [Jeannie] Where’s the love? – [Mama] The love music. A love earring. – [Jeannie] It looks like a
canker sore grew on your ear. – [Mama] That’s love. – [Jeannie] It’s like the shape of… – [Mama] Love! – No it’s like a liver!
– Love! – [Jeannie] It’s shaped
like a busted liver, or like a kidney. – Whatever! – [Jeannie] Fam, do you see that booger that looks like it’s been there since my mom got out of jail? That is a ladybug tattoo. – [Mama] I’ve never been in jail! My God! – [Jeannie] Mom, don’t lie! Fam, you gotta know something. If you get tattoos. Your skin is always going to stretch, because it’s natural, it’s skin. When you get a tattoo
that’s thick with ink, it starts to blur together
and it’ll look like a blob. Like that, like that, like this. – See this one over here? You don’t have to draw
exactly the love, okay? They can tell it’s a love. And have ladybugs over here. You see it? – [Jeannie] I can’t believe
that this is my mom. – Do you see it Jeannie? – [Jeannie] No! Why don’t you know where you tattooed it? – You look in the camera. You see where is it. Do you see it or no? Can you look? And then the one at the back. – Let me take you back one second. When I was fourteen, I
got my first tattoo, okay? It was on the small of my back. Some people like to
call it the tramp stamp. I was throwing out the trash, I bent over, my shirt lifted, Mama Mai saw the tattoo. – You told me that’s Indian ink. – I did. – She said that’s fake one, Indian ink. – I did make that up. – Beginning, I believe it. But a few days went, I see it. I’m so mad, and then I find
out that’s the real one. So I have to tell her to remove it, but she says mom if I remove it, it costs too much money. And I’m not sure it gonna come out, I’m gonna have a scar. – You were actually really
angry about it back then. She screamed at me about it. People, they get their tattoo, you know? People they do the bad thing. They’re not my daughter! They’re people that go to jail! We both have been to jail. Its my turn to show a tattoo. One of them that takes
up so much real estate is the tattoos on my leg. ‘Scuse my non-lotioned legs, but it goes up all the way up to my calf. – Come on and see it! – You go get the camera, bring it here! – Okay, okay I got the camera, here. – [Jeannie] But you
have to look at it, mom. Look at it so you’re aiming. – [Mama] Okay, let me see. – [Jeannie] Go back here, go back here. Don’t shoot up my butt! – [Mama] Okay, from here? – [Jeannie] So, the reason why
I can’t count these tattoos is because all of these were
done at different times. That’s a heart, mom. – [Mama] Yeah, same thing like me! – [Jeannie] No, that’s not
the same thing like you! What you have looks like a busted kidney. – [Mama] Whatever! – [Jeannie] See, so these
are just little things that happened in my life,
and these are symbols. – [Mama] Angel, is that angel right here? Butterfly? – [Jeannie] When I was
sixteen, I ran away from home, and I started getting tattoos about every couple of months for seven years. All of these little twin
star-like characters is me in different phases of my life. All the way to the end
here you see a cross, because I found Jesus. Which is a crazy story, and
is actually the reason why my mom and I made up. These tattoos kind of tell that story of how I was when I was drunk and crazy. A little less drunk, looking
for love, looking for God. Still a little crazy. Had some stars and epiphanies
that happened through amazing people in San
Francisco and in Oakland. These all took place in one year apart. Okay, mom. Mom? (laughing) – [Mama] Okay. You sure they see everything?
– Yes. You’re going to show us your back tattoo? – Uh-huh! – Let me show you exactly
what we’re looking at. So here we have… – [Mama] It’s the same guy
doing my tattoo over here. – [Jeannie] Well, I’ve paid this guy. Here’s Jeannie in beautiful
prison calligraphy. Dennis, Daniel, and then… – [Mama] Be Kim! – Oh, God. So Be Kim in Vietnamese means Little Kim. – Show it.
– Watch Hello Hunnay. – Hold on! Her name translated is Little Kim. Mom, Little Kim is, like,
my favorite iconic singer. – I’m proud of my kids. I want people to know I have four kids. – You have three kids! – Plus one for free. (crickets chirping)
When they choose for you. Three get one free. That’s right! I like that. – Explain why Be Kim is on your back. – Oh, because I’m the one
adopt the Be Kim in Vietnam. – [Alexa] Sorry, I don’t know that. – My God, what? – That’s Alexa. – Ask Alexa to play Taylor Swift. – Alexa, play Taylor Swift! – [Alexa] Shuffling songs by Taylor Swift. – See, I told you! (upbeat pop music) – Alexa, off! – Long time ago, when me and your Father, we went to Vietnam, 1993, and I live your father family in Vietnam. So across the street, that’s the Be Kim family live there, and then I saw her, you know
playing in the front yard, and then her father say, go
inside, take a shower right now. No more play. She still keep playing. So her father spank her in front of me! She cried and I feel so bad. I tell her, come over. I give her chocolate
from the Halloween, okay? So after I give her the chocolate already, and I asked her, do you
want to be my daughter? You know, I want to adopt her. She say yes! She’s happy to do that. So I take a picture with her, from there I love her, she become my adopted daughter. – She’s also Mama Mai’s
little helper down in Vietnam. So every time my mom wants to
buy weird cheap knock-offs, ingredients that you put
in weird teas, skincare, anything pretty much
bootleg off the market. Also, when my mom takes all of
my clothing that she hoards, she is shipping it to Vietnam
and Be Kim lovingly receives the shipment box and passes
it out to all the town. – Whatever. She happy, she very happy. – [Jeannie] She’s grown
and she’s married, y’all. – And she had one baby, and
now she lives in Singapore! – Fun fact. I got a tattoo on my
neck when I was eighteen. There was a heart. There were two hearts right here. Do you see the blemish? I’m not sure if you guys can see it, but it used to be right here. But when I started doing TV, I covered it. When you work with brands
and things like that, not everyone wants to have
somebody with a neck tattoo. Go figure. I covered it up with makeup all the time, but the thing is, like, when
it’s hot and where you sweat, The makeup would always kind of rub off and you could kind of tell what it was. Are you listening? – I’m listening! – Are you bored? – A little bit. Make me fall asleep. – Mom, you’re the one that’s
making me shoot this video! It’s 11:39 right now! – Who cares? I can show you my secret. Okay! – What are we showing? Wait, wait. What are we showing? (screaming) What did you! What did she show? – My tattoo! – Did you guys see nipple? Hope you enjoyed our tattoo tour! Thank you for subscribing, and hit that notification bell. Ding! Dong! I’m going to bed. – Thank you! Go! I’m still here. (laughing) (silly music)

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