Dump audio over this like I’m shooting things. (Fake shooting audio) Right on Hello everybody and welcome to my vlog right now You are listening to my intro song in just about two seconds the show will go on one uh two you idiot! Guess who I might hang out with on Friday. Who? Julien, remember? From the big game Jennamarbles boyfriend, Solimeta Solimeta Julian Why, why would you want to hang out with him instead of me? he’s gonna help me film a video Why? Did you reach out to him because you like the way he films stuff? yeah Why don’t you reach out to me? Because whenever I reach out to you, you tell me to fuck off. Yeah, you’re right fuck off Bye Todd, see you later This guy. Niceeeee. Here we are again back in the lab, there’s Todd Smith and there’s 80… Fitz We are making magic happen here folks absolute magic magic magic magic. I think Todd knows a thing or two about magic What do you think Fitz? I think he knows everything about magic. Todd,what do you know about magic? Everything He confirmed your belief Fitz. Guess what Todd is getting a tattoo of my name on his leg, too much Scotty, right? When’s that happening? That’s either happening tonight or tomorrow.Tonight or tomorrow? I’m down for tonight. We need to get a little further on this beat though before we go get tattooed. No of course. You know we have three people in the writing room right now, so that means three times the speed. The track that we are writing is a complete secret, I can’t let people know what it is That’s true, but Todd getting the tattoo may or may not have something to do with the track Which it’s gonna be dope as shit. Right Fitz? I hope so. No, you know so. I know so. Fitz, Todd knows everything there is to know about magic. You know everything there is to know about music. That’s not true. I don’t want the internet thinking that. I do not know that. All right, Fitz knows a lot about music Fitz knows a lot about me. That’s true. I know more about you and Todd then I do about music, I think. Wow he knows us. Yo Todd bro bro Todd guess what today is today is the day what’s the day today? Excuse me today is a day. Today’s the day when pilots concert We’re going, going backstage. Todd, 21 pilots are still on a hiatus or hattis. I don’t know how to say it, but No, today’s the day you’re getting too much Scotty tattooed on your leg, bro Yeah, I appreciate your dedication. What if today I get this tattooed on me You’re like whoa this is it. I’m no longer friends. Good fucking luck, buddy wow what a fucking dumbass, dude? I cannot be friends with someone stupid enough to get my name tattooed. Are you excited? yeah. I’m very excited. You’re making this decision because you want to, right? Not for any other reason. I don’t like the way I’m acting in this. You’re acting good.I’m not acting, this is really me. No. It’s not really me Why is there lube on your desk? This is your desk. That’s Lubriderm not Lube. Oh, you mean the thing next to it. Got’cha No, I’m really excited. You know I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I have dreams about it I call my mom, I’m like hey mom getting too much Scotty on my body. What do you think? She’s like wow you must love a thottie? I’m very excited actually Wait you told your mom that you’re getting this tattoo No, I didn’t. Is she gonna be happy that you got it? Or is she gonna be kind of like upset? I can be happy. Cool. I’m 21. I can do what I want. Hey link Todd’s getting my name tattooed on. What do you think? She doesn’t give a shit I’m always just laying here. It’s fine. Yeah, but we just back from the gym. Do people know that? Well now they do because you just said so. What’s up? This is a big day for me, Todd is getting my name tattooed on him. This is gonna help merch sales It’s going to help merch sales because too much scotty.Then it’s a big day for both of us. Yeah. Link, you got to stop chewing stuff up. Is this for your music video? Well This is for my vlog, and then I’m gonna put clips of it in my music video You haven’t heard the song yet, you wanna hear it?It’s called Scott’s plan Yeah, I actually do I actually really like that one.Dude when I just saw you in the other room, you had no shirt on. Now you have a turtleneck on and it’s purple. You look so cool, pound it. Dude, there’s no one I could have rather asked for it to get my name tattooed on. I hope not. We’re here the infamous Romeo Lacoste tattoo shop, California Dreams, that’s right you better know what it is. (Gibberish) What’s up? Today my best buddy Todd here. He wants to get a tattoo too much Scotty on his body One of your best buddies. That’s what I meant to say I was just about to say, he was like my best buddy? Sometimes I stutter sometimes I make mistakes when I’m talking. One of my good friends. Romeo is tattooing Todd he has a YouTube channel check it out. It’s gonna be linked in my description below I do dope shit on my youtube channel. I got a few videos with Dom. Don’t watch them though. Tell him what you want. Why’d I wear this fucking turtleneck? So stupid. Todd wants the font that we have on the shirts. I think. I think. I think like that.That looks kinda cool. That cool? I can do it in black if you’d rather just have a black tattoo. But I mean the font looks kinda dope.It’s like different. Did you hear that guys Tood likes the merch so much He wants it tattooed on him. You crazy, bro.What do you want to do? It’s up to you. Um, color or colors? I’ll do black and white. I think black and white also goes good with the rest of his tattoos. Do black and white then.I’m down for it. Dom, I’m filming can you actually turn that off? I know you’re hungover because you went out last night. You came home to my house at 6:00 in the morning but I fell asleep at your house. In Jason’s bed. I was like this, just like a zombie and I went like this and said I’m sorry Jason. He goes AHH Romeo I think Todd decided that he just wants you to freehand it on his leg Can I just do that? He’s like fuck that merch. You can do anything you want.You could draw it with dicks. Damn, that’s a lot of dicks. Can I show you why we’re getting this tattoo? Sure can. Alright so I made a song and Todd is one of the Main components of the song so let me play it for you here, you ready Dom? So yeah, what’d you think? You looked kind of disgusted when you were listening to it. It got me pumped up. I hate to be that guy but Too Much Scotty is 14 letters. I’m Kidding. Dude you tricked me I got scared Toddy’s back and so is Romeo, I told you to wear shorts. You wanted to take your pants off for Romeo didn’t you? Take your underwear off, too Can he take his underwear off? Sure can. Should I sit right here? Right here. No, right where I’m pointing. Damn my leg looks nice without hair. Your leg looks sexy as hell bro. You should shave that off. I should get tattoos more often. Good,having sex with you is so weird because your hair so rough. I know. If you shaved it, it would feel so much better. Alright I’m gonna leave and come back in a month to see if I like it. No. Yes or no? It’s more of like a, arm tattoo. It is. I think it’s more of a neck tattoo, actually. Dude, that would look sick. That would look sick on there. You’d look really cool. Can we talk him into that? If you get it on that part of your leg if it’s like right here, then that size works But since that part of your leg is so thick, I feel like maybe it should be a little bigger. Yeah that’s pretty cool, right? Why’d you put your pants back on? Did you get nervous?stage fright?Scott I think we actually decided to get Davids face instead. Oh cool, I’m glad we brought Dave. Yeah, no problem bro. We could do like a speech bubble that says too much scotty. You like it? I love it. Cheers. Cheers. I’m like you know what I’m over it. This maybe too much to ask, can I do a letter? Yeah. Don’t fuck it up on purpose though. No I’m not dude what do you mean? Can I put some black gloves on? I get mad after he’s done with the tattoo. Bro, Too Much Scotty. What the fuck. You want me to duel record? I could just record from here. You might need both your hands to be honest. Yeah you’re right. Yeah, Imma one hand it and film at the same time. What if I kill it? What if I’m like really good at it. That’d be sick. I’ll just come home and sleep outside. And begin. Todd are you ready? No Alright here we go. You’re so shaky. A little deeper? Yeah I’ll let you know. Omg! Wait let me wipe and see what you got going on. I just wanna put it in there all the way. Thank you, that was awesome. Latex gloves huh? That looks good. How’d it turn on? Oh it’s your foot! Every time I squeezed it, it would turn on. I’m really nervous todd.Go for it Scott. Let him have it. For stealing your girl back In the seventh grade. I’m an alcoholic. I can’t do this. Let’s go over it one more time Nice and Solid. Okay nice nice.Lets wipe it. Nice job guys. Can I kiss it now? Is it done? Thanks Romeo. Thanks All right, and we’re done,Todd has the tattoo. Good job Todd. Good job Romeo. My pleasure. Thanks, man. Oh, hey you guys helped out. This is a three-man deal. We just three wayed him. That’s dope. David, good job. I’ll let you even get this for your vlog, so Romeo, where’s Juliet? Let’s go guys. That was really good. But why you guys all laughing though? Because it’s dope! We laugh at everything David says, it’s kind of in our contract. Hey Link, guess what.You guessed it. That’s it for todays video. Thank you guys for watching. Please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel if you’d like to see more from me in the future It’s a pretty cool tattoo Todd got but I think if you guys want anything to do with too much Scotty Just get a shirt, not a tattoo anyways I give a shout out to someone with my notifications on and today that person is Reagan, Reagan here’s your shoutout. Yo,what’s up, Reagan? This is for you. I heard you have my notice on and that’s pretty cool when you grow up Don’t be a fool and get dumb tattoos leave that you might do Todd yeah, that’s the end let’s roll out to the credits, shall we? Look at that guy now look at that guy same guy


  1. Hey Scotty, can you please tell David to stop vlogging while driving? That is feking dangerous and I don't need to get virtually attached to someone who may end up to the hospital at anytime (Sorry, this is grim). Liza or his mom should call him out but I trust you may be as firm as they are. You don't drive but you must know that that is not ok.
    BTW, I like your videos, cheers mate, emo 4e

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