Tattoodo | Sessions: Surreal Portrait Tattoo by Adam Vu Noir at Musink

My name’s Adam Vu Noir and I’m currently
building my studio right now, as of this week, in Echo Park Los Angeles,
called Strangelove LA. I’m inspired by so many things, whether it be
Japanese, Chicano, Fineline, Black and Gray… Traditional with a hint of Surrealism. I just try to put my identity
into everything I draw and tattoo. The first couple of times I remember seeing tattoos was just in the neighborhood at punk shows
and around the older kids around the block and stuff. I mean, I just knew from an early age
that I was gonna be tattooed up and everything. It’s just…I was immediately attracted to it. Fortunately today the guy that got tattooed was
another tattoo artist so he kind of understood the drill. The facials designs and the melty faces
that started actually in Africa. I remember a client asked me to do a girl head and I’d starting drawing it out…
I was like half awake and I put it through the copy machine
and the scanner was kind of fucked up and it kind of just got warped. Aesthetically it just looks rad
and it kind of made sense so now I’d usually do them
about once every two days now when I’m asked to tattoo
and I kind of just wake up and based on how I feel that day
is how I draw that thing.

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