Tattoo techniques DOTWORK – Close up and Real Time process tattooing – Tips and tricks for beginners

Hi guys, I will tell a few tips for working in the technique and style Dotwork. I must say that I do not advise to work in the style of dotwork 1 needle round liner, as well as the 3 round liner, because it is too small dots are barely visible and it would seem that this is not the point, but just a shadow. But in the miniatures can be used needles such configurations. In this work, I used a rotary tattoo machine, because it can be customized power udalat, I put an average force of impact and makes a point of middle tones so they can be done more smoothly, but if you put the force of impact high, the points can turn out greasy and too black. Just use to dotwork only tight needle. If you use a tight needle, then the points will capture clear and beautiful, it will be the point, and if the use of the needle round shader type Then the points will turn out greasy and not nice, if you try to work those and those needles at once will understand. If you want to create shadows in the style Dotwork, I advise you not to use only black ink As well as the diluted paint or finished or mix paint with water 1: 1, depending on the work that you have to do. The points should be placed carefully, the machine can be put on a high voltage, and took and put an end to the skin as shown in the video, nothing complicated, set point and quickly removed the machine from the skin so that it is not blurred, drive machine is not necessary and detain the needle in the skin otherwise the paint will start to float. You can see the video in full, maybe you will find something for themselves and understand what previously did not know I just never learned to do tattoos, explanations were not so important as to see what they are doing. I hope the video will be useful to you, thanks for watching.

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