Tattoo Shop Talk – hopes and dreams of young tattoo artists pt1

Tattoo Shop Talk – hopes and dreams of young tattoo artists pt1

hello friends this is tattoo shop Talk
weekly ish web show about random chit chats and conversations that usually
happen in tattoo shops if that’s your kind of thing hit you know what button
and that Bell next to it. And today we have this guy. Hello. Hello. And we will
talk about hopes and dreams of young Jedi’s also known as the tattoo artists. Recently I got a message from young
gentleman who’s really excited about the tattooing he have great plans of learning
it and being the artist of the tattooing and his future plans are learn
tattooing and travel the world. And work different places and I found that
enthusiasm very. Exciting. Exciting yeah I’m really happy for the guy and I hope
he makes it and working in shops around 10 years it seems like a long time since
you had them plans first time. Yeah and you also kind of see people like change
a bit like they get all like yeah and then they kind of. So passionate the
first six months and then fuck it all. I think first first two years might be the
most motivated. Yeah I think so so tell me about your first you had a apprenticeship right? Yeah yeah we can say that. Ish. Yeah I started a bit over six
years ago kind of got lucky about finding apprenticeship I didn’t ask
about I just got it kind of handed to me but I had to you know work for it so so
that was good and I was all dedicated and thought like I’ll conquer the world
with this team and will be so amazing and epic
after like a year year and a half just doing making coffee and doing phone
calls and not really doing anything tattoo like I kind of lost bit of hope but I…
wanted to stay low see astok it was the Lost the spark. Yeah but I kept going and first
apprenticeship didn’t work out so I was like okay I’ll do it
again and I’ll find somebody else that will take me in and and then I got a bit
more motivated again because I thought yes this is second try is the charm you
know like this will be my year. And I think in the beginning you want that
action and you’re like yeah. You just want to do something everything is so
exciting and I also remember in beginning like every small thing helping
out with stencil and doing copies or tracing stuff or even getting to apply a
stencil was magical you know when you finally get into that action it’s like
whoa. And after your apprenticeship when you started to work what was your plans
for first two years let’s say? Well I can’t actually remember like specific
things but I just wanted to to be able to do it every day I think like having
customers every day and being able to talk to customers and you know just have
a fun everyday. I’ve seen usually in the beginning people are like focusing and
that like I want to find my own style and be that all unique artist and people
will come and appreciate my art and then it’s kind of I think the first artistic
kick and then after a while it eases off and then that people get a bit more like
sort of. They get… They wait you know they see what’s going on and it’s they
take it also a bit more as a job. Yeah just a job you know it have ups and downs like
everything else in there it’s not just like it you know you know TV shows. And
later on I think it also kind of like you you find your own style kind of
without worrying about it too much and. Yeah without you know without working
for it tonight or you know you don’t have to pursue it it just kinda you come
you settle down with something you like to do. There’s first that first up first
artistic up and then it’s like kind of like like fuck you like you know you
don’t understand anything and then people I like I just gonna make money.
Yes. Also there’s a slowly developing their own style.
Complaining about you know other people saying they do stuff wrong it’s usually
the people that say yeah it’s my own style and I do this specifically and I
you know it’s nothing wrong with it but maybe technically it could be but yeah
it’s a lot of the new new beginners that’s like a bit full of themselves.
What’s your future hopes and dreams and plans at the moment? I think now I want
to do that traveling stuff I feel like it’s just a good way to meet new people
and seeing new things and also that that style thing like I’m I’m interested in
all all styles now so it would be nice to talk to somebody that’s really good
at any style and I can like get pointers from them other than just getting
pointers from like the best people I know around here you know. Yeah you can
always learn. Exactly. Even a little bit but you can. Yeah like that but uh but
also just you know common stuff like how they set up their station or how how
they do stuff to be more efficient or you know all that stuff is something you
can always learn a bit more about. All the little things. Yeah. So that’s my
motivation now I think just also to travel the world and see how clients are
everywhere like seeing how busy places are or like what people want and what
they think what they need. And also places are run differently so we go to
places when you know oh is this how you approach customers this is how
yeah exactly work on design. And yeah and also like okay so people here like like
this stuff more than what I’m used to or something so I think that that would be
fun. For myself at the moment my hopes and dreams are just to master some
styles and be comfortable with what I’m doing cause like you know there’s some
stuff when you’re like oh okay I can do this but it’s like there’s some things
where you break a little sweat when somebody’s like can you do that then
you’re like I think I can. It’s a the funniest things
are when you think you can do it and then you can realize halfway through
that you have no idea of what you’re doing but you still have to go because
people expect it from you like that’s that’s when you learn that’s them about
yourself. That’s them will panic attacks sometimes it’s like the placement when
you’re like oh. Yeah that’s when grow. You’ve done this design like hundred times and.
Easy peasy and.. and then you get jumpy customer with that on ribs or something and
you’re like oh how come the CC thing turned into nightmare yeah that’s
another thing so I want to add more techniques more styles also placement so
I can be .. so you can get comfortable.. comfortable yeah it’s not like whoooh that’s
the thing and I think I think I did my traveling a bit. You did it in
the beginning. Yeah I started with traveling and all that yeah it’s also
people like customers because like in in here I don’t know if it’s Denmark in
general or this shop where people kind of trust the tourists and that some
places where they’re like super specific they’re like I want this. I don’t know if
it’s specific for Denmark in general yoaeh most people like trust to tours
no matter who they are or like just as long as they enter tattoo shop they they
kind of rely on and you as artist. In in. But I don’t know if it’s only Denmark
ot it’s like in Europe. In London but that was like five years ago or something
people were like specific they’re like I want this and I want that but maybe it
was influence of shows where they like you know like oh you have to find and
this is the meaning and like you can try all you want they are like… That stuff
luckily I think it’s being like dimmed down a bit you know it doesn’t have to
or maybe it’s the kind of customer because then like dudes who worried that
they kind of got into their own style and people were asking them for what
they can do and then they were a bit more open but maybe it’s just like when
you deal with maybe it’s kind of people. Yeah uh-huh.
Hopes and dreams back to hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams is to conquer
world and live on Sun. Yes and shoot lasers from your eyes.
Or fingers I shoot eyes. You put it in That stuff. The shop well how was your imaginary shop when
you’re like this is my place of business and artistic creations and all that.
I think perfect scenario would be you know people working in a shop should be
kind of annoyed that they are the first ones to leave like they want to be in
the shop so bad that it they want to spend like free time with the other guys
as well like you know like a community kind of people doing kind of what they
want like individually but they also do it you know together kind of so also to
get response and. Is it like being in a negative environment I’m not sure if
that’s the what but like a collective. Kind of. Collective of like-minded people.
Exactly so it’s just like a super creative environment where people do all
kinds of stuff but it’s kind of in the same like it have a connection so yeah
like you feel like bummed out you have to leave the place. So was it like that
what was the shops you worked at like that was many shops your work like that?
Never really but I’m hoping that I’m with a bit of my own influence I can
kind of be able to work my way that way you know but it’s difficult also because
people very different and you can’t live and make money on just being in a
creative environment you know you have to have to work as well. OK OK yeah I see
you like in shops often it’s like a computer game you have those different
characters. Exactly. One can do that and one can do that and like one is more
social and one is like specific in that style and one is that. One is quiet
speaks just but it’s it’s weird. Yeah but it’s not usually like a unit it’s
usually like there’s very very different up in opinions often but yeah yeah but
you can still pick up like being in that environment you can. Yeah I just think
that the most important thing is to find
somebody that kind of works the same way as you do. Or like the same way you want
to do. Yeah but it doesn’t mean that you work in same hours if you don’t want to
like it doesn’t but just as long as you treat things and people the same kind of
way then it’s basically the same if you using different machines it doesn’t
matter if you work later in a day than others it doesn’t matter but you know as
long as you have the same kind of idea of what what the job is about and… yeah…
then I think it’s like that’s the key thing in it. Yeah also I think in this
industry it’s so kind of individually based cuz even like if you say like
apprenticeship is way to go but anyway like there’s some guidelines but every
person will teach person… differently… how they think… yeah… or they’re like you know
maybe. And also maybe people have been in apprenticeships themselves and they want
to improve on that so they teach differently than what they learned and
then yeah you know maybe that new guy he learns completely different but because
he thinks that that’s the right way to do you know. Cool! what else is there.
What about hopes and dreams illusions and maybe what worked up to your
expectations from customer? Because I know many people are like again they
want that like you know that I’ll get my style I’ll get my customers I will have
one huge session a day I will have consultation like week before then I’ll
have day for drawing and then I’ll do this and that. Yeah like yeah like all of
them things I have been thinking about you know it kind of seems cool to do all
that stuff like answering emails and doing drawings and all that in one day
but man I don’t want to seems like such a la a lot of work ahead you know I
don’t like to be that far ahead in life. And also I think that’s also you need
money at some point… yeah… so you just to keep the business running and
like a a day should be no problem for it. Like if you are like again maybe
later on in career when you’re like you’re the one and like you know you
have your own operation running and you can have two three. Yeah you have apprentices maybe
the stuff going for you. So you can work for a couple days a week and then
one day you can organize stuff at one day you can paint and one day you can go
fishing okay so you can snowboard. all this (Uldis).
You can be Uldis one day yeah you can you can go meditate and be other guy
one day. Yeah like all that stuff in I I don’t know what I thought in the
beginning like how it would be but I thought that because at the time I
started Odense was pretty busy with people so you had a lot of tattoos to do
all the time. You had less shops. Less shops and just more work and people were
so interested in it because like all of that like TV shows and all that so. And I
think also do a big hype you know. That custom stuff was kind of like new. Yeah
it was like oh do free hand with just markers it’s insane and yeah so I
thought that things would be pretty busy because it was so I never really thought
that I wouldn’t have nothing to do or like I had to you know go out and get
customers much so for anything so yeah I kind of just went on with the like the
flow of things and never thought that how I would be in it myself at one point
so. So yeah expectations were a bit high maybe at the moment. Yeah also I noticed
with like dudes working with when they like they start to like kind of first I
like I want to do everything and I want to learn everything and then I think
they also make enough money they buy they machines and then they start to focus on
their own stuff at some point they maybe focus it a bit too much and they’re like
oh no it’s still a work like yeah. I think maybe like you say the first
couple years you think everything it’s exciting also just because
every time you get chance to tattoo it’s amazing so you’ll do it all and you’ll
take on too big of jobs that you can pull out and you know you have to work a
lot but I see a lot of new tatooers now they just focusing on the one thing I
think also apprenticeships kind of focus on one style or something they can
do so they can get into work quickly and make money and fame. Fame is
important. Super famous. Also like that thing like you say in the beginning
you’ll find things interesting like any tattoo like. Yeah you don’t care. Like
I know people like that like all tribals are so I outdated but
when they start they’re like okay I’m practicing lines and practicing coloring in
and all that. Yeah but I think it’s actually I think it is more cool for your
master to see you doing a tribal… yeah… because you yourself at the in the
beginning you don’t think about you know colors and how to pack color and how to
do good lines and and all that stuff so so maybe you won’t see it as so much fun
is is your yeah but a teacher will. Also like tribal I think it’s like people can
hate on them all they want but that’s where you can tell what are you made of
because it’s not just a tribal. It’s not you can clearly tell if people have
what it takes or not. Yeah because it has to be colored in… flawless… and yeah all that. Have
to fit it have to be fucking spot-on you know it have to be amazing. If it’s some freehand
situation it have to flow cuz like you know it’s not that just something
randomly placed. So I have like great respect for travel to think to him
amazing I don’t want them myself but aaam. I want them now probably I want
because it’s hipster. Also just the nostalghia about a classic tribal it’s
it’s all old school it’s cool again. Yeah. It’s so amazing. Made full circle. About
customers yeah I like about how you design the part where people
every now and then you hear the two is complaining about customers and again
that’s also like a it’s a it’s a phase it’s it’s in between when things like
they stopped being exciting and you don’t take it as a job and then you
complain about it. Yeah yeah or maybe like yeah sometimes when you feel a bit
too confident in your work and you have to do something you feel don’t deserve
your attention you know then you feel like wow this is so stupid I have to or
slow myself down to to do this kind of work and. Or somebody disagreed with your
idea. Yeah like you have had an idea and people shoot it down and you’re like oh
man because you don’t know anything. Plus you could always say no I’m not
doing this but it’s a customer it’s a job. Money is money. You’re like aaargh them people. My idea and because
usually that’s like that three three four years in tattooing gets like very
dramatic for many people. But also I would say with that thing that also
sometimes you you have to argue with a customer about getting right tattoo or
something they want you know and it’s difficult not to to trade anybody on
their toes like you know you don’t want to insult them but still you. Yeah often
it comes down to like. Just depends on the situation a lot.
Yeah and on your skills of explaining stuff and making people understand. Yeah
it’s like like I said I see it coming and going that’s stuff cause people are
sometimes and then after that they’re like oh this is work you know I do best
for the customer and all that and then they’re more chilled but like if used if
you are like studying something whatever mechanic or accountant or lawyer like
you spend like four years in school before you get to that stuff to do….
yeah… you get some internships as tattooer… you just in it… like after three years
you’re in it then you’re like no this is all bullshit like come on give it some
time that’s kind of interesting but also I think it’s less with people
who had apprenticeship because in that apprenticeship there’s your master who will tell you to chill chill the fuck out or you you you
can’t afford to be a whiny a whiny little kid like aaaa this customer don’t like me
you’re. Yeah then you just get slapped in the face you know like stop being a girl
if you are a girl didn’t stop being something else like a lemon. A sissy a sissy
boy. Yeah maybe. I think you’re right about that point because a lot of people just
self-taught having friends as customers for a couple years then they starting to
get like actual customers and they starting to complain because they don’t
know what you do and… yeah… way to explain yourself and oooh man. We had that one
dude who have a… he’s doing all that realistic stuff and he’s he’s good but
slow but anyway like when he was here he was nobody asked for that guy
specifically to book they just asked for realistic stuff and he was being like
super dramatic like he was like mid-session standing up like oh my god
why you choose me if you don’t like my art and all that stuff and I was like
dude why are you so dramatic and then we talked and he said well probably because
he have his own shop and in in where he’s from people know him and they go to
him because of his stuff and he’s like people are like no I want that stuff and
like you know I booked cuz I need somebody who can do it and he was like – aaaaah
that was only time I have seen person mid-session standing up walking
around shop like aaah and like maaan chill out. Chill out it’s just a tattoo. And that customer also was like he wasn’t like…
freaking out… oh no he was like just trying to be nice he’s like you know I
like this part and I already like kind of going more your way than my way and
the guy is like – nooo but this is my sh!t But he’s. Bet some tattooers they owned the tattoo. Also like I heard that
he’s been like people who know him from like two years before when he was just
starting like yeah yeah he’s really cool he’s really humble and like he’s doing
and he’s like… so he changed in like a 5minute turn… so in two years he’s like us
drama queen like almost like wanting to quit
half session like if you don’t like my art why you choose me you know nobody
chose you you just like a realistic guy. You just got some working just till you
know but you know how it is when you enlightened by God of drawing you… God of
creativity yeah you have to you know. when muse hits you you’re like muse
slaps you in the face and you’re like this. What to do man like you can’t do anything
just have to act out like. Hopes and dreams sometimes yeah what it’s called
backfire on you. But actually that’s one of the things like expectations and all
that stuff like I’d never thought that so many tattooers were bonkers in their mind
so many extreme types of people. People can be humble and and great at what they
do and like kind and all that but so many extreme types of people you know. I
was talking about with one guy who was into organizing some tattoo convention you

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  2. Check out Chuco Moreno. Great Chicano American style. Vato at his best. Can't believe I just discovered him. Gonna travel to LA soon to get something fuckin legit. Peace

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