You allowed this ! ! OH MY GOD ALL OF YOU! I didn’t know, I just got here…! YO! HAAA!! HAAA!! (Music) Woooaaahh… “Oh my gosh, dude..” This hard drive is so trash bro! What happened?? Bro, this equipment dude… I’m done with this, dude.! [throws hard drive] So done with that, dude.. Where did it go? My boy just threw a hard drive.! So expensive… Kade, bro.. It’s okay, bro.. AAAAHHHHH Well, now it’s just the three Ohioans.. OHIO!! Good morning, Jake Paulers! What’s poppin’?! How are you guys? I hope you have a great day!! We’re killing it!! Smile. Work hard and stay positive.. Let’s do that thang!! Come here!! Yo, what, did he fall?? Fell so hard. He fell so hard!! (Laughing) Tristan.. I was running to come see you and I just ate it so bad.. That was the- that was the most dramatic thing I’ve ever seen.. There’s so many people here right now.. Yo, come here, I need your help.. I need to figure out what we’re gonna do today.. What you wanna do today?? Uh, are you thinking what I’m thinking?? I don’t know what you’re thinking, bro.. 3… 2… 1… I don’t know!! Dirt bike bowling!! Did you say dirt bike bowling?? Yeah, driving a dirt bike through the house hitting bowling pins!! just think about it for a sec… Bro!!! Should we buy a dirt bike?? Let me go on Craigslist… You can go clean up if you want… uhhhh… So, apparently I’m buying a dirt bike now… If I can find a dirt bike, right now. I’m down to go buy it, right. like literally, just, like, spontaneous.. Ooo! Oooo!! Ooo! What about that one.? It’s gotta be, like- Lit. Oooo, That one is lit.. I think I got it.. Call it, I’m calling ’em.. Call ’em.! I’m calling them.! Call ’em.!! That is beautiful. Ooh, she is sexy.. Shhh! Shhh! We have to be professional.. Shhh.. shh! – Hello?? – Hey uh, I’m calling uh about the Yamaha that is on Craigslist…. – Yeah.? – I think I’m interested in buying , uh.. I just have been like, looking around. and the price point is like, my only second point goal.. I’d love to like, come look at it today if possible.. – Yeah, what uh time are you free?? – It’s about an hour drive from where I am.. I can probably be there around 2-ish.. If we did cash like, what could you go down to?? – I had it listed at 58.. and i just dropped it to 55.. That’s about all I can do.. – My budget is like 5. so, I really want to make that work. but I can’t really go above that. 5 is definitely the max I can go. – OK. Yeah, uhhh, I don’t know. I’d have to think about it I can’t do 5. I paid more than that for the bike when I got it. I bought it and I thought I was gonna ride it more. I could probably do….. …. Let me think about it and i’ll call you back. – Cool, yeah, just hit me back man. – Ok, for sure. – Alright, peace. Yo check out this bike yo! I’m bout to be yappin in that thang. cuz. Tristan, Tristan! The guy with the dirtbike wants me to buy it! So i’m gonna go buy it bro.. no way! I’m gonna go flippin buy this dirtbike right now! Yo it’s an hour and a half drive! and then madness is going to happen. Im gonna be driving the dirtbike in here I’m going to be doing wh- lets go. There are way to many guys, way to many guys.. Attention everyone!!
Attention everyone!! Team 10 is on the move
and we are going to buy a dirtbike! Thank you so much! Let’s gooo!! no always out of my home yeah on the *screams* Why are they yelling?? They’re Jake Paulers! Do I look good?? It’s pretty fitting. What’s your guys name?? Ryan..
Cole.. Ryan and Cole. I need to take it for a test drive before I get it. it Jake Pauler what do you think?
You think I should get it?? It’s definitely good enough for the Jake Paulers. It’s official… Now the only problem is figuring out how to get it on my truck. How many athletes does it take to load a flippin dirtbike up into a truck?? How many?
1,2,3,4…6 guys.! Seems legit. Momentum baby. so easy. Ohh money! Woooo!! Bye guys! Thank you so much… {MUSIC} *vroom vroom* What’s up guys?? I got a new dirtbike!! Alright, bye guys.. My predictions, cops are here within… an hour and a half.. *EXTREME VROOOOOOOMING* Sup ladies?? Bro, it’s so fast.. So much fun.. How’d the wheelies look?? They’re dope.. I just had to get a little bit warmed up. Kids, don’t try this at home. So loud.. We have no place to ride this. The cops are gonna be called on a daily basis. *MORE VROOMING* Yo, Jake Paulers
It is so gnarly. I’m not gonna go any harder than that without a helmet on. Don’t do wheelies at home, I’ve been doing them a while, like I said. It’s definitely illegal, but it’s fine. Yo, I think the fans that are going on a date with Erika are here. Should we go scare them? We gotta scare them like dads. We gotta be like “Sup boys”. Or we can just be like “You finna smash?” Yo, what’s up? Jake. Hey, Julien Nice to meet you, bro. This is the Jake Paulers, say what’s popping yo What’s popping {WHISPERS} Are you going to go on a date with Erika? {WHISPERS} Yeah… {WHISPERS} Are you finna smash? {WHISPERS} Maybe… Oh my GOD!!! wha- wha- what? That’s disrespectful Jake.. –Wait, what’s happening here?– I didn’t like that comment. . It’s a secret have find out on team 10 channel, you can’t find out here. Sorry ’bout it. Yo, what’s up bro? I’m Jake – Whazzup? {WHISPERS} Are you finna smash? That’s my boy. I asked them who’s got who, and my boys haven’t decided yet. They’re keeping their options open. [dirt bike accelerating] It’s too big for indoor play. Nick are you mad at me? Are you mad at me? – Nope. – You seem mad, that I was driving that in here. – [clears throat] – Do you still love me? – Maybe. He’s mad. We got to get, air in the house. It smells like gas in here. Do they do that in Germany? Ride bike in the house? yeah Probably not. My impression of Germans is that they’re all doing crazy stuff, so you never know. Alright, so what’s poppin’? What’s your name? Hey, I’m Jody Steel. Jody Steel, you do like body art, and like makeup and stuff. Yep. So you can like basically do whatever you want, and like make something dope. Something super dope. Can you put Jake Paulers on my forehead and make it like really cool? yeah.. ._. Yo, I’m ’bout to get jake paulers like all over my forehead! Ok, so you did the Martinez Twins and them? Yeah. Alright, where are they? Ok, so Jodi did this make up for you. Yeah. She’s about to put Jake Paulers on my head. No way! Ayy, let’s go. – So Jake is outside playing soccer right now, He wants to get Jake Paulers tattoed on his forehead right? Nah. We got other plans 😉 {SING-SONG VOICE} We’re gonna prank him.. Jake wants Jake Paulers tattoed on his forehead right? But what I need you to do, Logang Right up there. Logang? Ok. It needs to be flamboyant, out there, popping, yeah. Logang. Jake told us to tell you that. Does that work for you? – Yeah! Thats great. – Alright, sweet. YO, he’s going to be so mad! This is going to be hilarious! Jakeey! She’s ready! C’mon bro. Yo, she’s been ready! – I’ve been playing soccer with the fans from Germany. – Yo, the Jake Paulers need you bro! – I know, its going to look so fly! Can we do this outside? Jake Paulers, this one is for you. – Wow. Dedication. Jake Paulers on the forehead? -This is gonna be so dope. – Can it be like colorful and everything too? Yeah, it’s gonna be colorful. Does this wash off easily? – No – No?! – It’ll be on tommorows vlog dude. – It’s already coming together. – Now the cops are really going to be called on. – The Jake Paulers are going to get really excited dude! – I feel like I have a big of enough fore head to fit J Paulers This is dedication to a fan base. – I think you should get this real tattoed. How many likes does it have to get to get tattooed? – One Million and Jake will get Jake Paulers tattooed on his forehead! – Agreed? – Yeah… Would I be able to do a photo shoot with this? – You could get some dope channel art with this! – It’s everyday bro! – You could put that across your chin. – Are we done? What happens when I put my hair over it? Will.. – I think you should go check it out in the mirror. [eeire music starts] Is that good? It still shows? Yeah, it’s SICK… (realization hits) (lots of manly oohhhs ahs and yous!) You allowed this? You allowed this! All of you! I didn’t know, I just got here!! Yo! Jodi! Did you know what was happening? – They said you love your brother! – NO! Say you’re sorry! – I’m sorry. Oh my god! Jake Paulers, I need to take it off! I need to get this off! You should prank him and say they are on team ten! They’re new, they’re new members. And they’ll be like nah. I’ll just be like ‘Where you sleeping tonight?’. Uhhh… Not here… {x2} Jake Paulers are better. GET IT OFF! – Nice haircut by the way. {SARCASTICALLY} Thanks Chad! What are you going to do tho get them back? I’m going to do the team ten thing, watch! Guys, that was good, We got some big news. This is serious. No, this is serious You have to be clever to come up with youtube ideas and stuff. You have to be clever to be on Team 10, So I think you guys are officially a part of Team 10. Are you- are you serious? No, you’re lying! Chad and I made the decision. SIKE! GET THE F*@# OUTTA HERE! F*@# YOU! – HAHAHA – Yeahhh! Woo! Nah! {UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER} Oh my God. That was the most savage… Funniest thing I’ve ever! They were so happy! They were like :0 He’s dead.. I’m sorry guys that was kind of mean. One day, one day, one day.. –One day maybe. ._. Yo Tristan. We should interview Julian and Tug-Tugin. -I don’t how to say their names. Julien and Tugin are from Germany, it’s hard to say their names. We should interview them and make sure they’re fit to take Erika and Tessa on a date. Oh, one hundred percent. I’ll get my taser. You guys, uh. You wanna have a seat over here? Sit down over here. Well, I just wanna start off by saying- {ELECTRIC CRACKLING FROM TASER} Thank you guys, for coming to the Team 10 house -Yes, thank you. From Germany. How was the flight? -Good. The flight was good? Is this making you nervous? -A little bit. Were there any girls on the flight? I’ll put this back here for now. Should I keep mine up here? –Yeah.. It’s fine, they’re nice kids. They wrote a poem and everything for Erika. Julien. Tugin. {over-annunciating} Tug-yon. -Tu-Yaan, like the number two. Yaan. Tu-Yaan. -Two yawns. Two yawns. I think we should start with this. I have an application here to date our… –Daughters. -Daughters. We love Erika and Tessa very much. –Yeah. So, fill it out on your own time. Please. But, you’ll have to get this to us within the next ten-fifteen minutes. -It’s just a couple of pages. {SARCASTICALLY} It’s just a bit of light reading. But, the questions there are a little complex. So, I just have a couple of questions for you beyond that. Those couple of pieces of paper. Have you guys had girlfriends before? –Yes. –Yeah. Interesting. And what happened? How many? —Like twelve… ._. ._. Yeah, maybe like… Twenty six. Twe– twe–……. That’s a lot for a nineteen year old… And what happened to them? One of them, like, tried to kill me. Excuse me? {WRITING ON PAPER} Tried- With What? A knife. –Both of mine got eaten by tigers. And, was that your fault? Uhhh. No. Do you have a pet tiger? No, it wasn’t– it wasn’t his fault. –Sorry. Yeah. If you take Erika and Tessa out on the date tomorrow, what time roughly would you have them back? –5:00 –We can do 5:00. 3:00 to 5:00……. A.M. –Where do you intend on taking them? –In the river maybe. –A river? Like the LA river? —Yeah. Uhh. We can go to cinema. Cinema! That sounds– yeah!! That’s really good! Do you guys have any jobs? Are you guys currently employed? —I don’t really want a job. I think it’s just wasting my time. {WRITING ON PAPER} No. Job. –Ummm. I’m selling these watches. Oh, you sell watches? That’s good! I mean, that’s average. —Where did you get the watches that you’re selling? I built them. –You built them? Are you guys looking to marry? —Yeah. I think I’ll marry one day. —Hmmm.. Ok. Just one more, one more question. I just think that it’s important to know, that like we don’t mind goes back to jail, so keep that in mind. Yeah and also there will be no sneaking out. No- no- no- there will be- there will be manners. Open the door for them. Please and thank you. We love them dearly. Pull out the chair, but not too far. At the end of the night, say things are going well. You guys are good-looking kids. And you know…. Things are going well. Do you try to smash? –Yes. –Yeah, why not? After that one, ummm. {SIMULTANEOUSLY} I think you’re ready!! Oh yeah! Congratulations! Congratulations! Oh yeah! Awesome guys! Jake Paulers, I really think that they passed the test. Take this, just in case one of them gets out of hand. I’m so proud of you guys!! Fist bumps, fist bumps. All around. We’re good dads. –I think we’re the best dads! –We did that! But, you guys still have to fill that out. But, it’s great. Jake Paulers, I guess we’ll see you guys tomorrow for the date.. They are– they must be really relieved. I know I am. I am very relieved, I think there is good hands out there. We will see you tomorrow, because it’s every day bro!! Peace! Please make sure you subscribe to keep up with my life on a daily basis, and if you want to see more content check out yesterday’s vlog because, it is super lit! Plus, I have a second channel Jake Paul 2(two), which you guys can subscribe to right now and if you want to see more content from everyone in the house our group channel is called Team 10! Check it! See you guys tomorrow!! Peace!

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