One thought on “Tattoo Or No Tattoo – Manoj Kannankutty – Ft. 1Touch, RAPWolf

  1. Album: Tatoo or No Tatoo

    Producer & Lyrics: Manoj Kannankutty

    Singers: 1Touch , RapWolf

    Copy Rights: Manoj Kannankutty © 2018

    Song Lyrics:

    These days, many think, a tattoo is cool
    Others will say if you do it you're a fool
    It's a mark that in your skin lifetime
    Whatever you decide better think it through

    I know you'll never do it, but, will be happy with mine
    It's art with the meaning, part of my body and mind
    Tattoos are ancient culture, since the ancient tribes
    On the strongest of the warriors, you would find

    It's true, but we, don't live in, those times
    When tattoos were used to, subdue mankind
    Printed on prisoners, condemnation sign
    The only thing that remains, for those who survived

    Just like everything, it can be good or bad
    Like a knife in the surgeon, save a life
    But in the hands of a criminal, take a life
    Tattoos can be beautiful and it can be sad

    In some places you can't work, if you have it own
    They don't like to see the ink, they will tell you no
    You can’t even donate blood, to your loved ones
    You got to waste time with the blood tests

    I know many who got tattoo from the head to toe
    Grabbed so much of attention, from the tattoo shown
    Only the brave can take such a decision
    To change your own body, wrapped with in a different vision

    Rapper (Tattoo Vendor approach friends and Raps)..

    Put it on,Put it on,Put it on
    Put it on,Put it on,Put it on, Bring it on
    Is tattoos or no tattoos, the debate of the day
    And both of you have points for the day
    One could think tattoo, as a fashion trend
    While others could think it’s the waste of funds
    If the tattoo is the only a mark of negative sign
    It is still not going to exist from ancient times
    But as of us get to change back with times
    The permanent ink will still remain the same
    There are different styles of tattoos that you need to know

    Traditional, Realism, Watercolor, Tribal
    New School, Neo, Simple, Japanese, Blackwork
    Portraits, Surrealist, Cartoons, Grey wash
    Abstract, Fineline, Haida, Memorial
    Stiffling, Sketch style, Graffiti, Trash polka
    Polynesian, Samoan, Maori..
    Tahitian, Grey wash , Bio-mechnical
    Celtic, Old school, Cover up, White ink, Lettering, Ambigrams
    Geometric , Polygon, Compass, rose, arrows, anchor
    Religious, Water color , purple
    Wind ,boat, map, wheel, clock, blue, floral
    Map ,birds, watch, skull ,Red, revolution
    Mexican, lilly, koi fish
    Feather, dragon
    Drawing, flag, lotus, statue, ying yang, animal
    Sun , moon, beach, ocean, tree, rays, forest, sunset
    Indigenous.. social, liberal and tattoo list goes endless

    But as our thoughts keep changing
    But the time, the permanent ink skin ,will remain the same
    But you can start with a temporary, one for fun
    And my girlfriend too had a cute, discreet one
    Many do tattoos, for a change
    Some of them do it for the selfie page
    Some tribe it, is, done, for, girls from five
    Every year they add it, to grow with time
    When she complete V shape tattoo, in her chest
    She is ready for marriage, at the best
    Tattoo shouldn’t be a subject of, hate between you
    Take it easy, have some fun and keep the cool.

    Regardless of your thoughts, I believe in respect
    In everybody’s better choice, that we should respect
    A good heart matters than, difference in our thoughts
    Lots of friend like you, buddy, is so hard to lose.

    In the end we agree, that we are both free
    And good friends will remain, in that I can see, here
    Whatever decision taken in drawing on the skin
    To be ourselves in peace, will never be a sin

    Thank You For Following… Manoj Kannankutty© 2018

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