‘Tattoo Marathon’ Who Survives? 💪 Official Highlight | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

‘Tattoo Marathon’ Who Survives? 💪 Official Highlight | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

All right, guys.
This is your last chance to earn your spot
in the finale. You have 90 minutes to tattoo
a fine-line script assigned by Tiffer, and your time starts… now. – Get it, Tim.
Do it.– Tim and Tony,
This last challenge,
this is a true test of versatility.
– It’s cool. – I’ve got a couple bells
and whistles I’m gonna add into it too. – You have three different
tattoos,three different styles.In and out, get it done.– Cute.♪ ♪– This is where I excel.
I work fast.I can do any style
you throw at me.
And I guarantee you,no one in this place
can hang. – 45 minutes left, guys. – I am basically the underdog
in this entire situation.Tony does little bangers.
He’s from a street shop.
90 minutes is what I take to
get most of my linework done.I’m gonna have
to pull out tricks
that I’ve never
even done before.
– Five, four, three, two, one.
That’s it. Machines down,
time is up. Get ready for
your next tattoo. – That [bleep]
is crisp! – Up next,
you have 90 minutes to tattoo a new school
full color apple assigned by TeeJ. And your time starts now. – Let’s do this. – All right,
stand over here. – That’s cool. – Whatever you do,
don’t sculpt that line. Keep that with one pass.
– Okay. – I’m harnessing my new school
[bleep] roots into you.[exciting music]♪ ♪– 30 minutes left, guys.
30 minutes left.– I am loving this
damn apple right now.
This thing looks like
you could, you know, grab it off the street
and bite it.I have this new school
tattoo in the bag,
mainly because
I’m pulling off tricks that Tony over there
couldn’t even do. – Five…
– Keep going, keep going. – Four, three, two, one,
that’s it. Time is up. Get ready
for the next tattoo. – Tim showed the [bleep] up
to play today. – I’d eat that apple. – If I didn’t do some coaching
on that one, [bleep]. Dude. – For the last tattoo
of the marathon, you have 90 minutes
to tattoo a single needle sacred heart,
assigned by the judges. And your time starts… now.[dramatic music]♪ ♪– Give it a minute.
– [laughs] – If you do not know how
to use a single needle, it’s like a razor.
You can filet someone’s skin.You’re creating
a full image
with just one little
needle head. – Don’t go over it a lot.
– It’ll get red?– I’ve never even used
a single needle before.
My approach is
to cross my fingers and hope
that I [bleep] make it. – 30 minutes left.♪ ♪– I’m hoping to prove thatjust because you have
a specialty and a niche,that means jack.If you don’t know
how to take
whatever comes through
the door,
if you don’t know
how to do walk-ins, you do not deserve
to go against me.♪ ♪– Five, four, three, two, one.
That’s it. Machines down.
Time’s up. – Boom! – The tattoo marathon
is officially over. – Yes. – Tim, you killed it,
bud. – Thank you.
– [bleep] good job. – Good job.
– That’s what I’m talking about, Tony.
– Good job. – I think we’re gonna see
some dreads on stage. – I don’t know about that,
bro. I think it’s best all day. – We’ll see about that.
– All day. – Picking two sabotages, and you’re gonna have
a bad [bleep] day.

36 thoughts on “‘Tattoo Marathon’ Who Survives? 💪 Official Highlight | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

  1. Why make a YouTube channel when ur gonna leave the main tatoo to show in show shit paid site god know s where on net; unsubscribed

  2. Tony you got this bro the script tattoo and the sacred heart was just flawless and absolutely sticker 💯🔥
    Tim you can go home with your apple 🍎

  3. This season is weak. There’s not one true “ink master” portrait day exposed it. No one even close to being on DJ Tambe, Cleen, Christian, Juan Salgado, Josh Payne, I can go on and on

  4. I didn’t really care for tim at the beginning, but we really watched him grow and i loved him by the end. his art and his attitude, i was really rooting for him. good luck with everything tim❤️

  5. When he said to tattoo a full colored apple, I immediately thought back to the grudge match where Cleen & Christian tattooed realistic strawberries. 😂

  6. Why would anyone want the exact same tattoo as someone else? To me this defeats the purpose of a tattoo witch is to express yourself and be unique and tasteful.

  7. Weak season – the strongest has to be Anthony's season: Anthony, Cleen, Christian, James, Maddy, Megan Jean, Sausage, Jesse Smith

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