Tattoo Machines & Guns : How Is a Professional Tattoo Gun Made?

Tattoo Machines & Guns : How Is a Professional Tattoo Gun Made?

Hi, this is Doc Lowry and we’re talking about
primitive tattoo machines compared to a modern machine. Most of the primitive machines are
home-made equipment, or are referred to as jail-house rigs. They usually consist of,
kind of the same elements. They take, they build off the tube so take like a big pen
tube and use black tape to tape a cassette motor to it and then have a guitar string
or that they sharpen and use as a needle and the arm and that they take their little motor
and put a little eraser on it with a clip in it so it makes a little off-set driver
out of it, and they’re pretty simple, easy to make. They make them out of cassette motors,
they make them out of electric razors, hair clippers. Some people will take tooth picks
or tooth brushes and sharpen the end of their tooth brush and tattoo with that. They make
really ugly tattoos. The biggest problem with a home-made machine of that type is that that
puts a vibration in the needle so that you can’t get a clean line with it and you can’t
penetrate to the depth that you need to because the end of the needle is bouncing back and
forth sideways, that way. This machine, that’s the primary difference is that it shoots straight
up and down and you can adjust the depths so not only can you get the depth that you
need, the needles, the needles going straight instead of wobbling so that you get a nice,
clean tattoo out of it.

14 thoughts on “Tattoo Machines & Guns : How Is a Professional Tattoo Gun Made?

  1. qestion when you get a tattoo machine can you use it for shading and lining or just line and then get anouther one for shading iv used jail house guns never areal one so i want to kno cause now its time for a real one thanx mez

  2. This is a funny video… a real professional would never call it a "gun. They would call it a tattoo "MACHINE". Guns are for robbing liquor stores.

    The first and most important thing to understand is STERILIZATION!!! Using the jail house rig with a guitar string is so unsafe and dangerous that the thought of it scares me. Hepatitis C is fatal, people!! So are HIV-AIDS & MRSA.

    If you really want to learn, put together a drawing portfolio & apply at every tattoo shop until one hires you.

  3. @ModifiedSkinDayton lol guns are for robbing liquor stores? nice advice! don't use homemade tattoo machines but use guns for robbing!! great message dude im sure you'd make a great role model!

  4. @breettannalol you can use tattoo ink and buy it from tattoo supply stores online that don't mind shipping to non-professionals.

  5. @helllloiloveyou The best stores only ship to professional tattoo artists, they will look up your shop and confirm that you work there before shipping anything to you. There are also websites which simply don't give a fuck and will ship anything to anyone. As a non-professional you will NOT be able to order supplies from everywhere.

  6. @ind20000 Who cares. You can buy Bloodline, some of the best ink on the market. Anyone can order it. You can also order top line guns–machines if you care to sound nerdy.

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