Tattoo Machines & Guns : Building a Tattoo Gun

Tattoo Machines & Guns : Building a Tattoo Gun

Hi, my name’s Doc, and we’re going to talk
for a minute about how you build a tattoo machine. I don’t have a, we’re not going to
do any actual soldering or anything. But we can look at the different parts and just show
how they all fit together. Bunch of little screws. This machine is, one particular style
that we favor, and you’ll see a lot of tattoo machines that have a side screw or a front
screw that locks the tube in place, and we prefer the swing gate. So, it’s a little different
style than most people see, but it’s kind of a traditional style machine. The coils
are attached from the bottom, just with two screws there, and we solder them together
so they’re connected in line. There’s a little soldering point there. Back on this back plate,
the capacitor and the coils are soldered in there and then there’s another connection
back here where they’re soldered together. The screw, it’s a two piece spring that controls
the etch in the armature bar and they’re just screwed together into the bar, and then the
steel of the bar provides the draw for the magnet to pull it down. This contact point
is a little silver screw that provides a contact, and you can see, on some older machines, you
might have a little silver contact, actually on the string. And that is…the idea behind
it is that the silver contact point kind of slows down and smooths out the flow. So people
would use those mostly in a shader machine where they want it to go…tattoo a little
softer and slower, if that’s their purpose. Once you get your parts all soldered together
and screwed in, you can see there’s not very much to it. It’s about the same as a doorbell
arrangement. Then you’re ready to tattoo which involves clipping in your power supply, here
with this spring clip. And then the twelve volt power unit is controlled by a standard
foot pedal. And you just push on the foot pedal then, and you have power.

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  1. i wasent saying the gun as in being fucked up or crooked any joe knows that if its crooked its gona be fucked thats just stupid that you would say that i was saying line work and the cost of the machine thats what i ment by the artist not the gun

  2. no shit the contact point slows done the machine ? WTF ? that power supply is a piece of shit it cant drive a a heavy mag.

  3. yes it is bad info but im so sick of sooooo much bad info i will change it all. i challenge them all.

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