Tattoo in the countryside of japan – vlog 10

Tattoo in the countryside of japan – vlog 10

hello everybody
now it’s, what time now 7:30am we woke up early because today we are going to the movies finally Aquaman is out so we are going to watch Aquaman, yeah
I love Japan and I love movies and movie theather are not really popular
here, expetially in kagohima movies always takes lot’s of time to get here and when it gets, just wakeup and just go let’s go, see you in the theaters this is one of the few things I don’t like
about Japan, don’t like in Japan movies, one of my favorite hobbies from all
times was watch movies, I just loved to go to the
theathers but here the movie takes too much time to
come so.. and most of them don’t even come here
it’s really frustrating because I just love movies
and finally Aquaman is out I am defitanaly going to watch it today
today it’s the first day and.. yes, I am super exited hope this movie is good let’s go and just one more thing stick until the end of the video because today I am going to a special place, you will see it we got here, before we go inside I will show you how beautiful this place is
let’s go finished wow, this movie is just wow the best, I loved this movie, wow
let’s go so we finished the movie, now let’s get the
car and stop at softbank to see the prices of wifi router and today we are going to a Onsen, hot spring let’s go this watch you just saw is a playcenter it’s very common here in the shopping malls,
they always have this kind of gaming places here you can just come with your family, as
you saw, there is a lot of kids here and it’s not so expensive
so it’s fun, you can spend your whole day if you want too many people, I just want to go to Softbank, yesterday I went to AU so today I want to
go to Softbank I need a internet for my roadtrip in April
need to upload my videos and also work, but it is just too expensive
they are charging like 4800yen, about $40, for me to get a mobile router witch will give
me like 10GB, too much money for just 10GB and also I need to sign like a 2 years contract,
it’s too long let’s see if Softbank has something better
to offer today, because AU is just impossible now 50km, let’s go to this public bath, it’s
public bath right? it’s a Onsen
it’s very nice, I hope it’s a nice place, never been there, but let’s find out
it costs like just 350yen, like $3, so let’s see how it’s like
and also I have 100yen coupon let’s see how this place is like, I think
it will be nice, let’s go Yoshi, we are here we are at city called Ei, Ei-chou it’s a really local Onsen I don’t know if you can see from here let’s go finished Onsen, ofuro
just took a bath, here is a public bath so I couldn’t record inside it’s like men and women separated now we are going to have some dinner
really nice, it’s really local and country side look, they have like a TV it’s a nice place
let’s see how the food is like one fun fact about Kagoshima, food here is
sweet everything is sweet and this is what I love
about Kagoshima they have this Katsudon what I am eating and
it’s very sweet it’s Oishi like they say “umakado” as local
people says it’s really good tea, here you can get tea from everywhere city of tea everybody in the rest of Japan drinking tea from Ei, they will get angry if they hear this funny thing about here in the country side,
I don’t know it’s in bigger cities but tattoo is a big problem here
you are not allowed to with tattoo in any of this public places and I have one as a
mentioned in some video, my last video maybe, I don’t know
I will leave the link anyway so you guys can watch it here tattoo and I understand them the few people I met who has tattoo
they are usually trouble makers, they are really like noisy people
makes mess for everything, so they just take out, just can’t use it anywhere
it’s fine, I kinda understand so. Just it’s funny, everytime I go to this public
bath, my son have to stay behind watching if nobody is looking, I need to walk like
a ninja on the walls for nobody too see my tattoos
it’s funny, it’s really funny I have lot’s of fun in Japan, here in the
country side I have lot’s of fun here, “omoshitokado” like
local people says let’s finish eating, see you guys soon let’s take the places here we need to take the places

3 thoughts on “Tattoo in the countryside of japan – vlog 10

  1. The question I get asked the most. Is tattoo ok in Japan?
    the answer is "maybe". It depends on where you go, I heard that big cities are ok with foreigners with tattoo. But here in the country side it's not!
    Thank you for watching this video, please like leave your like and subscribe to the channel. It makes a huge difference to the channel 😀

  2. Nossa… vão se escandalizar comigo aí então.. pq sou toda tatuada ahahahaha, e olha que a maioria das minhas tatoos fiz na China…

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