Tattoo Discrimination in the Workplace? Feat. Ink Master’s JIME LITWALK

Tattoo Discrimination in the Workplace? Feat. Ink Master’s JIME LITWALK

(Memphis) Hey, I’m Memphis Cadeau (Travis) and I’m Travis Cadeau (M) and we’re here today to talk to you about whether or not It’s fair for employers to discriminate against tattoos in the workplace (Memphis) So we’ve spoken to numerous tattoo artists at our shop as well as a well known tattoo artist from Ink Master: Jime Litwalk and Gotten their opinions as to whether or not they think it’s fair to discriminate against people with tattoos and piercings in the workplace (Jime) You know as much as publicly accepted tattooing become nowadays, you know with society now They’re still apprehensions and prejudicy towards You know certain body modification not even necessarily think that this falls under tattooing I’m sure certain people don’t want certain bright coloured hair. weird contacts. certain types of fingernails I think every job is allowed to have a certain standard on how they want their uniforms or people up to look presented (Shane Mussche) I Think at the end of the day It shouldn’t happen. I think it’s discrimination. I think tattooing as a whole is cultural Yeah, you know almost every culture worldwide across thousands of years has had tattooing and you may not know that they Discriminated against you because of that tattoo and now that’s the biggest issue; that you may never get that job But may never know that it was fact your hand tattoo that did it and no they should not be Discriminating but but it is happening, theres no If, ands or buts about it (Sheldon Davidson) There definitely is discrimination against that like if you’re heavily tattooed and you’re trying to go into like a Professional environment some people won’t even want to give you the time of day to even talk to you They’re gonna look at your image, and they’re gonna be like okay I don’t want this person representing me Or I don’t want what this person is about before they even get to know who you are on a personal level (Travis) I believe they do have the right I think that any business As a business owner, or as a company you Should be able to put off whatever image you want your company to look like so whether you don’t want tattoos Whether you do want tattoos You know you might lose out on People that would do a great job, and you might not be picking the right person but if that’s not the look that you’re actually going for I Totally think they have the right (Memphis) You’ll find many tattoo artists do not actually have their hands next or faces tattooed Me personally when I ended up getting my first visible tattoos. It was an extremely hard choice it was something that I Pained over and almost backed out of numerous times (Sheldon) I definitely think people treat people are face tattoos and visible like neck tattoos a lot differently They have this stigma that we’re some gangster ass people But in reality like half of us are Sweethearts nobody really like we’re all just left the normal down earth people like who cares would like to wear art on our face (Memphis) so you personally don’t have your hands tattooed but you have your neck tattooed Yes. Is there a reason you don’t have your hands but you have your neck? ah shit, It’s really weird it’s not honestly. It’s not gonna make any fucking sense to nobody like I don’t have no problem with neck tattooed or even tattooing my face, or forehead or anything like that I Just can’t picture looking down, and seeing my hands tattooed. (Shane) I think a lot of it is I think there’s times when I want to present myself in such a way that You know I think the tattoos could be a detriment and and not just for myself, but you know My sister my brother my daughter somebody’s getting married, and I’m in the wedding photos (Memphis) In my opinion tattoos are a choice say if you’re applying to be a lawyer and You go to the job interview with sweatpants and a hoodie the chances of you getting that job Even if you are the most qualified candidate are pretty slim Now tattoos are kind of that gray area because they are an artistic expression of who you are, however because you Choose where you place them It kind of comes down to: Make smart choices with where you put your tattoos depending on where you want to your careers where your futures to go (Jime) It doesn’t mean that you know what you have on the outside doesn’t make you any less of who you on are the inside (Sheldon) You’re walking down the street you have face tattoos, people are gonna sit there people are gonna whisper right in front of your face People are gonna judge you no matter what (Jime) I think, as a tattoo artist You know ethics should play a part, besides income on to what people can do you know I mean That’s just the way society is we’d like to say we don’t profile but we profile every day (Sheldon) I fully agree with that because we don’t want to necessarily want to be responsible for somebody loosing a career or we don’t want to be responsible for somebody who’s Who can’t get a job or like who’s gonna get fired. (Shane) I think it’s my responsibility to turn a person away if I think it’s not in their best interests. (Jime) I Think that probably comes down to a person to person basis, depending on once either profession that they’re in or plan on going into. A lot of times I think for the actual Person who just came of age to get tattooed- a lot of the areas that I highly recommend are something that could be easily covered up. like a workplace attire (Sheldon) would be from the collar up and from the cuff up and then from the collarbone down, I would say would probably be the safest bet for people to get tattoos especially in a professional like environment. (Travis) Where you get your tattoos, How you present yourself, it’s all going to come down to first impressions You know you might be able to talk your way through it, but if they see something they dislike or they don’t want you know, their company being represented as. (Memphis) This is obviously our first video learning channel and We will be doing at least one episode per week, so please hit subscribe Share with your friends and let us know how you feel about whether or not businesses should be allowed to discriminate against tattoos We really appreciate your comments as well as if you could add any ideas for what you would like us to talk about next Leave them in the comments below (Sheldon) Love people with face tattoos, okay, so we’re fuckin sweethearts

13 thoughts on “Tattoo Discrimination in the Workplace? Feat. Ink Master’s JIME LITWALK

  1. Completely agree with what Sheldon said, they don’t want to be blamed for a mistake that the person made, if you want to get that tattoo, it should not fall on the tattoo artist, it falls on that person who got it done. And also with the discrimination, it’s gotten worse with today’s society, you look at a person and just judge, without even getting to know them. It’s not right. Good job Sheldon!!!

  2. Personally, I think that something that someone cannot choose to do to themselves (I.E, their skin color, birthmarks, nationality etc.) Should be respected and should absolutely NOT hold a difference in their job selection. While, a tattoo is something people pay tons of money for and willingly spend like 8 hours under the needle to get. It's a personal choice and I honestly think that at the end of the day it's really at the employers discretion and the client should be willing to accept the consequences of their actions, good or bad.

  3. Not trying to be a dick but I think the channel is a great idea but it isn't good. The host's voice is monotone & slow. She seems depressed & it puts me to sleep. It looks like there isn't thought that goes into asking questions & the artists seem like they haven't given any thoughts about their answers. Fantastic idea for a channel but the host has to go or ramp it up or the channel won't be successful. The artists should act like they care about their answers & follow up with good points not the same old boring crappy responses we hear at every convention & in every magazine. Def not trying to hate or attack the host. I'm sure she's cool but not suited to host a channel

  4. Choices are choices. If a person doesn't get a face tattoo by an artist, they will most likely search for an artist that will. I do agree with you Memphis, people can always pick tattoos that are not visible.

  5. I have tattoos all the way to my jaw line. Full down to knuckles with tattoos and one face tattoo (i only cover the face one) But im on my 5th year out of college as a Civil Engineer and do not get discriminated….yet. I get discriminated by bars. Most bars in Houston will not let me inside…college graduate bachelors of science in civil engineering with no offensive tattoo and i cant have a beer

  6. Despite the fact, being a multiple gym owner. Personally, the people I have encountered are some of the nicest non hypocritical people and they have tattoos everywhere personally I don’t mind it’s all personality. It’s like saying you can’t can’t go to wal-mart cause you’re black, Brown, blue etc. it’s shouldn’t matter it’s all art. I only have 4 tattoos one on my forearm, 2 on my traps and one on my left peck. As a business man I feel like I am pretty opened minded when it comes down to these things. Everyone deserves a chance and a opportunity despite what they choose to do with there bodies. It’s all love and peace. ✌️

  7. I have issues based on being From a larger city it seems. Tattoos aren't so much an issue as the buddy system hiring in the small town.
    As a heavily tattooed woman it's quite a bit harder since it's seen as less feminine.

  8. I have an idea if it has not been done yet.. I spent three years apprenticing to tattoo, only to be used for the free labor. What are your thoughts on protections for apprenticeships and why it may be acceptable to do so. If ever?

  9. Yes it is fair.
    It’s just like your clothes or hair or how you talk, it’s how you communicate outward with the world. You’d have to suggest that people must like you…?
    It’s not your race or ethnicity, it’s your choice. The suggestion is as immature as your choice, frankly.

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