Tattoo cover up sleeve: Tat2X Ink Armor review

Tattoo cover up sleeve: Tat2X Ink Armor review

You need a quick fix to hide your arm or leg
tattoos for the day? In today’s episode, Tania Barbe puts the Tat2X Ink Armor cover sleeves to the test. As the Founder of Bad Ink Be Gone, an author, and a chick with bad tattoos Tania’s helped thousands of people free themselves of their bad ink. Now, she’s on a mission to do the same for you. Hey everybody, Tania Barbe here again from Bad Ink Be Gone Today I’m going to show you guys a quick fix way to temporarily hide a tattoo that’s
located either on your arm or on your leg. If you guys have seen some of my other videos on how to temporarily hide a tattoo you know that there’s different ways to go about hiding a tattoo for the day. So far, we’ve looked at camouflage makeup which is basically a thick, highly pigmented heavy cream type of product and we’ve also looked at airbrush
concealer which is more of a lighter type of makeup that you mist onto your skin with
an airbrush machine. But what if you’re in a hurry and you don’t have time to apply a whole bunch of makeup onto yourself before going to work in the morning or before stepping out for a few errands? Maybe all you need is just to slip on something quickly that’ll be comfortable and that’ll stay in place throughout the day. If that’s the type of
quick fix that you’re looking for, I have a really good product to recommend to you
today. This is called the Ink Armor cover sleeves and it’s from a company called Tat2X. And what this is basically is fabric sleeves made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. So that means that they’re going to fit snuggly and comfortably on your skin. And they also have this gripping
elastic inside of them as you can see here, and also a flat inside seam. So that means that you’re not going to get any chafing on your skin throughout the day. I’ve looked at other cover sleeves out in the market and honestly, some of the other brands have tags and logos on them! I really don’t see the point in having tags and logos on a sleeve that you’re trying hide a tattoo with. The fabric itself is really resistant so that means that you’re going to be able to wash these in the machine time and time again. Plus, I’ve been told that these will give you an SPF 50+ sun protection and that they’re actually pretty comfortable in hot weather. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to test
that out for myself because I live in Canada! And it’s freezing cold here right now, you
have no idea! Tat2X makes these sleeves in a variety of different colors because there’s some people out there who want to match the sleeve to their uniform color for example. But if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle what I recommend is that you
match the sleeve color to your own skin tone, and that you then cleverly hide the edges of it either by tucking it under your own clothing, or using accessories like a bracelet or a watch, or even your shoe. So I wanted to show you guys what type of coverage that you can get with these cover sleeves. Obviously, not all of us have the same types of colors in our tattoos so I wanted to test these out with black tattoos and with colored tattoos. Now, I have a black tribal band around my ankle and this is what it looks like without
the cover sleeve and then with the cover sleeve. You can make these look as natural
as possible by either wearing longer shorts with these or longer skirts and wearing a higher shoe, just to tuck those edges under there. As far as colored tattoos go, I don’t
have any colored tattoos either on my arms or on my legs so what I did is I went out to a few beauty supply stores and even Sephora to see if they had any type of temporary tattoos with colors inside of them. And I found absolutely nothing, okay, so I ended up getting these little individual tattoos at the Dollar Store. So I’m going to create myself a bigger tattoo on my arm here with these Fantasy Garden Tattoos. This is gonna look totally bad ass, I can
feel it! Here we are with the Fantasy Garden Tattoos all over my arm here. So I’m going to use one of the full arm sleeves to see what type of coverage that we can get from
this. Now, because I’m fair-skinned I’m going to be using their light colored sleeve here cause I just want this to look as natural as possible. So you can see that this sleeve
is actually a little bit too big for me. This is their full arm Medium Large size and I should probably have gotten myself a smaller size than this. Tat2X makes these sleeves in different styles and different sizes and the beauty about these is that you can actually use an arm sleeve to cover up your leg too. You just have to be really careful with measurements and check out their website to make sure that you’re getting the right size for yourself. So as you can see here, this colored tattoo is completely covered by this. I don’t see it showing through at all. And you can check out this before and after picture and compare for yourselves. So again guys, I just want to emphasize that even though the Tat2X Ink Armor sleeves are obviously a great product and they’ll hide your tattoo no matter what
color it is, as we’ve just seen here you’re not going to get the same flawless type of look as you would with makeup. So it’s really up to you to decide how you want to hide your tattoo depending on the occasion. If it’s your wedding day or a day at the beach obviously, you should use makeup, whereas if you want to slip on something really quickly before going to work in the morning the Ink Armor sleeves are the perfect option for you. If you go to my website at you’ll see a 10% discount code for Tat2X
products. So I hope this information today helped you out and I thank you so much for
watching the video. We’ll see you again soon!

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  1. This is possibly the worst review I've ever watched. You have no real tattoos to cover up so you buy fake tattoos, and then you buy the wrong size sleeve. Ridiculous.

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