’Tattoo Cover Up of Smoking Scars’ Flash Challenge Preview | Ink Master: Season 8

’Tattoo Cover Up of Smoking Scars’ Flash Challenge Preview | Ink Master: Season 8

– Welcome. Chris and Oliver are
narrowing each of their teams to the five strongest artists. One more artist from each team
will be eliminated before all of you
battle each other. Last week, Team Peck competed, so Team Nuñez,
you’re up for elimination. This is your last chance to make
it into Chris’s top five. One of you will not be
a part of that. This week
we’re testing artistry. – Artistry is the creativitythat you’re able to present
in a tattoo.
Without artistry, you’re unable
to make something awesome. – Right now, more than 16
million Americans suffer from diseases
caused by cigarettes. In the last 50 years, more than 20 million Americans
have died from smoking. Your canvasses today
have quit smoking, but they’re still
paying the price. They all have permanent scars
as a result. Today you must help
your canvasses by making their scars
disappear.– Covering scars
is really, really hard.
Some scars do not hold
any pigment at all,and sometimes it gets raised
and puffed up
and even more obvious than it
was in the first place. – Today’s an important day. These people already have a lot
that they’re dealing with, and these scars remind them
of their health battles in the past,
and now it’s your chance to turn your drawing skills on
and camouflage their scars. – If there’s any of y’all
that still smoke, today’s the day
to really reevaluate the rest of your life. – Let’s bring out
your canvasses.All right, Team Peck, not only are you safe
from elimination this week, but you’re also calling
the shots. You get to assign the canvasses for this flash challenge
as a team. Pick one person to talk to the
canvasses on behalf of the team, then discuss your plan. – Yeah.
Go on up, Mike. – How you guys doing?
What are you doing for you? – A themed castle
tied into the dragon. – Okay. – There is a huge scar
going right up the center of this guy’s chest. I do not want that. – Need a color-realism galaxy being poured into a black hole,
which will be my stoma.– I hope I do not get the guy
with the trach in his neck
because that is super scary
and I do not want to be responsible
for [bleep] that area up. – Tree of Life. Heavenly black and gray
with green leaves. – What was that?
– Tree of Life. – A biomechanical theme
on the end of my nub. – Okay.
– From probably the kneecap up. – Okay. – This guy doesn’t have
just one little scar. The entire surface
is one big scar. – We’re gonna give these people
that they can get ’cause it’s a flash challenge,
not an elimination challenge. – Okay. – Here you go.
– Here you go. – We’re totally looking past
Team Nuñez’s negative attitude and the amount of times
they’ve screwed us over. This is not
the day to do that. – All right, guys, one by one please read the artist’s name
on the bottom of you skull. – SketchyLawyer. – Kevin. – Eric.
– This is gonna be tough. – Tuff Tito. – bleep]. – Nikki. – Seriously?
A castle with a dragon. That’s weird.Kelly is the one that knowshow to do really whimsical,
pretty things.
What the hell is going on? – Kelly. – The winner of this flash
challenge will have the power to assign all human canvasses
in the elimination tattoo. You will have six hours
to help your canvas by transforming their scar, and your time begins now. – How are you, my man?
– Hey. Come on over. – How long did you smoke for? – Since I was 14. – Working on a scar,
you can’t just draw whatever you normally draw
and stick it anywhere.You have to take
into consideration
what’s already there
before you decide.
– How long did you smoke for?
– I started out at 13. – Wow.
– And I–lung cancer was at 39. – How much did you smoke?
Did you smoke a lot? – About two packs a day.
– That’s crazy. – Had to have my lung removed
’cause of it. – Definitely makes me want
to just quit this [bleep].– Heavily scarred skin
is unpredictable,
so a combination of artistry
and experience is gonna win. – We just told him you’re one
of the top artists here. You’ll do a killer job.
– Yeah. – Okay.
We’ll leave you to it.Nikki won’t even talk to us.Like, she’s so angry,
she’s literally fuming. – Nikki’s great
with the dark, goth-y, cathedral kind of [bleep]. I thought she’d be happy. – All right. Let’s do it. [tattoo machine buzzing] – Last week with my Tree of
Life, I think I dodged a bullet. – I would have never expected
you to do this solid plaquein a tombstone shape.Like, if this happened
at home in my shop, I would [bleep] my pants. – How I gonna redeem myself
with another Tree of Life over a scar?
I’m gonna be honest. I want to give you something
more strong, powerful, like a dragon,
just an idea. – Let’s do it. – We’re gonna do
a Japanese dragon.I need to play it safe.– Five more hours.
Five more hours. – I’ve always wanted something
like that on my body, like– – This is easily one of
the most important tattoos I’ve done in my entire career. – It’s really just kids get
freaked out about it, you know what I mean?
But if it’s a picture, they won’t get freaked out
about it. – This guy is 21 years old and he has a hole in his throat
that children are afraid of. Here we go. This is my chance to make it
just a little bit better. – Wow. Everybody’s gonna be
looking at your neck now. – They’re looking at my neck
already. – Yeah.
In a good way though now. [tattoo machines buzzing] – Yeah. Yeah.Scars have major tissue damage,so it’s not an easy thing
to endure. – Just the pain.– If my canvass taps,
I’m gonna be so bummed out
not just for her but for myself.I want to win this challenge.– Stay still for me
just through this stuff, okay? The girls are getting tighter
every day. We can’t let them get
too far ahead of themselves. – [groans]
– How you holding up? – That’s a little more sensitive
than I figured it would be.– Unfortunately, my canvas has
been through so many surgeries,
his nerves are all [bleep] up. One moment he’s fine,
the next moment… – [groaning]– He’s in excruciating pain.– [groans] – I might not be able
to finish this tattoo. We’ll get through it, man. – Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it. Time’s up.
Machines down. No more ink. – Oh, my God. That’s gorgeous.
That is beautiful. – There we are.
– That’s sweet. – Kelly’s throat scar cover-up
looks like a space jellyfish.No way she’s gonna win
the skull pick today.
– Awesome. I love it.
Thank you. – All right, time to critique
your work, and we will start with Kelly. How was it sitting with Kelly? – She did a good job.
I’m very happy with it.– I understand not wanting
to do a big black hole
leading into a dark hole.That was definitely
a smart, sensible play, but when I first look at it,
I don’t getthis immediate sense
of space and galaxy.
– The way you worked
with the skin in that area,you have some amazing color
blends, saturated color,
and really bright color play,but you don’t really get
a space feel
from a distance
when you look at it.
– Eric.– You’ve used his muscle shapes
to contour
the mechanisms
that you put in there.
Definitely shows artistry. – You did some really clean,
strong outlining.Even though it’s thin,it works really well
with the contrast.
I think you did a great job.
– Thank you. – SketchyLawyer. – This tattoo came out
super slick.Runs right up the middle
of the scar
and the feather texture
really hides the scar tissue. From a distance,
the lettering’s a little busy. It’s a little bit hard to read,
but once you get up on it,it’s super tight
and technically done.
– Kevin.– This tattoo overall
looks really smooth.
The nice texture
in the fur,
and even over top
of the heavy scarred areas–
you’ve got the same amount
of nice shadingover top of the scar
versus where the scar wasn’t.
It’s a quality tattoo.
– Thank you. – Tito. – It definitely hid the scar,
but as far asthe overall shape
of the tattoo,
the way it fit on the back,it was a very odd placement.
– It’s really not.He has a pretty considerable
divot in his back,
so to place it where it is
fit the flow of the backand definitely fit the
direction of the scar
in my opinion.It looks pretty good, man. – Nikki.– He had this crazy
weird dragon.
You made what he had
a lot better,
and you got rid
of the scar.
– The way that you used
the scar tissueto play into
that rocky texture
to camouflage it all
and tie it in, really good.– All of the boys in this houseare definitely
gunning for the girls. If I don’t win the skull pick,
I’m completely screwed.

100 thoughts on “’Tattoo Cover Up of Smoking Scars’ Flash Challenge Preview | Ink Master: Season 8

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  5. If I was an artist, I'd turn a scar into a mountain or some type of landscape to make it like a 3D tattoo.

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  9. This show is so fucked up. Imagine getting a tattoo and watching as the judges tear it apart and say it’s awful. Yeesh.

  10. Guan Karle is by far one of the best tattoo artist I think he should definitely come back for an all star ink master

  11. Hellllllll no. You couldn’t pay me enough. I won’t even hang out with my friends if they have a cold or pink eye or something.

  12. Please keep showing all the finished tats. Even if i dnt see the judgement, its always nice to see the finished product

  13. Yo 20 million Americans die every year due to smoking that is more than half of the population of Canada 🇨🇦

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    1st update: day 2 is hard as fuck
    2nd update: I really really really want a cigarette 🙁

  15. I'm sorry but this episode pissed me right the fuck off…if you didn't want to face challenges then don't compete. These people are scarred and looking for ways to see their scars as growth and these artists act like their ideas are ridiculous. If so, then tell them that and recommend easier but creative solutions instead of laughing at it and making them feel bad. Look at Tito, who did the dragon instead of the Tree of life; he was smart and recommended ideas that had strong morals behind them and made sure the canvas was okay with it.

    I'm seeing comments of how Kelly was nice but at the start she even expressed her discomfort at the potential of getting the man with the chest scar, but afterwards I can appreciate seeing her be respectful. Deal with what you get and make them happy. I don't care how great these artists may be. I do not want to be tattooed by a judgemental artist who sees my ideas as laughing stock. The only ones being decent were Gia and Kelly.

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