Tattoo cover up makeup: Encore SKT Skin Cover Up

Tattoo cover up makeup: Encore SKT Skin Cover Up

You’re looking for a way to hide your tattoo for the day? In today’s episode, Tania Barbe tests out the Encore SKT Skin Cover Up makeup from European Body Art. Stick around to see her before and after results! As the Founder of Bad Ink Be Gone an author, and a chick with bad tattoos Tania’s helped thousands of people free themselves of their bad ink Now, she’s on a mission to do the same for you! Hey guys, Tania Barbe here from Bad Ink Be Gone Today I’m gonna be reviewing the Encore SKT Skin Cover Up makeup It’s from a company called European Body Art and I was really excited about trying this makeup because it’s tattoo cover up makeup that you apply either with a brush or with a sponge So that means it’s an easier application than airbrush concealer for example Airbrushing…you need a little bit more skill and more practice and more equipment Some of you might already have seen some of the product review videos that I shot before for tattoo cover up makeup We had looked at the Mehron CoveRing and the Judith August Killer Cover which are more of a theatrical thick, greasy type of makeup I like those products, the only problem is that they’re only about 80% rubproof so you don’t have the complete peace of mind of knowing that your makeup is not gonna be rubbing off on your clothes throughout the day Whereas the Encore…this is alcohol-activated makeup and by nature, any type of makeup that’s either alcohol-activated or alcohol-based tends to be way more rubproof so way more durable throughout the day So straight up, I am not a professional makeup artist I am a chick with bad tattoos who’s had to resort to trying a whole bunch of different cosmetics on herself to hide these bad tattoos So I wanted to make sure that I was gonna be applying this properly before doing a product review on this So what I did is I bought a tutorial
video off of the European Body Art website and it’s from an Emmy Award-winning makeup artist his name is John Goodwin And I watched this video 3 times before even attempting to try this makeup So first off, he suggests using 99% rubbing alcohol Also, he talks about using a whole bunch of different sponges So I went out there and bought myself a stipple sponge This one here as you can see is more porous so it picks up the makeup better You can see it’s all gunked up here because I tried it so many times This here…this is more like pillow foam type of density And these sponges here are a little bit more fluffy So more fluffy density So anyway, I tried a whole bunch of different combinations of different sponges And also, you should know that I didn’t get the actual 10-color palette I only got the individual refills I got 6 different shades of the refills just because I didn’t feel the need to have 10 different colors onto myself for this product review So anyway, here is the before and after picture you can see the results for yourself As you can see, I was able to neutralize the black ink in the tattoo pretty well In his video, John Goodwin talks about using more of a coral-based adjuster to adjust the blues and the blacks But I didn’t need to do that I was able to neutralize that with the lighter shades Now, as you can see from the picture though the problem that I had with this makeup is that as you’re layering… and trust me, I was waiting at least 5 minutes in between each layer to make sure that it was dried properly …as you’re layering, you’re disturbing the previous layers because you’re kind of like reactivating this alcohol-activated makeup and that causes the tattoo to show through as you can see from the picture So yeah, I can’t recommend the Encore SKT Skin Cover Up makeup just because it didn’t work that well on me personally Like I say, I’m not a professional makeup artist so maybe that’s why I didn’t get amazing results with this product but at the end of the day I’m not shooting these videos for professional makeup artists I’m shooting them for everyday regular people who are looking to hide their unwanted tattoos, right? So anyway, the good news is that European Body Art makes this amazing airbrush concealer It’s called the Endura SKT Skin Cover Up makeup And airbrushing, just by nature is… because you’re misting different layers of makeup one on top of the other you’re not disturbing the previous layers like we just talked about a few minutes ago So stay tuned for that product review video on the Endura airbrush concealer Subscribe to my channel and that way you’re gonna make sure to see that video So I will see you again soon Thank you so much for watching, guys!

3 thoughts on “Tattoo cover up makeup: Encore SKT Skin Cover Up

  1. Thank you for your review. I enjoy my dinair to cover my tats except it literally clogs every ten seconds.

  2. If you powder in between the layers of the make up. you won't disturb the previous layer. Just a tip from a girl who is recently done a tattoo cover-up for a runway show. I suggest the RCMA no color powder.

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