Tattoo Azubi werden Teil 1: Das A und O (English subtitles available)

“The Alpha and Omega….The Hard Truth” – become a tattoo apprentice: Part 1 Hello Good evening! Or maybe gooday, maybe its good morning….who cares! Hallo Ich bin Lanni Danlo I am a professional tattoo artist from north germany I own Lotus Studios in Bramsche You are welcome to google us I would like to talk about a tattoo apprenticeship today and maybe give one or two of you a couple of tips these day many MANY people want to tattoo and I find it only fair when tattooists say what they expect from prospective trainees because in my experience over the years, most people have no idea its always so hectic for me when I have to destroy people’s dreams because they come here in all confidence that they are frikkin awesome…and..and…its just not the case. I…when I look for a trainee, look for someone who can already draw really REALLY awesomely like really mega good….I look at their portfolio and I think…damn dude! If I could draw that well when I started I´d be waaaay further with my art today THAT is ideal, that would be a dream! Its a fact…you can only tattoo as well as you can draw…. say you want to tattoo….but have a portfolio that looks like your 5 yr old brothers drew it… …thats not gonna get you anywhere…. GO TO ART SCHOOL the tattoo industry has changed a lot in the last few years more than a few years, lets say five or six years, its changed a hell of a lot… …its really come up in the world, it has become super mainstream there are so many really phenomenal tattoo artists these days it feels like there a tattoo artist who can do colour realistic portraits on every street corner! Its absolutely awesome!! But therefore really hard for wannabe trainees. …This means that if you aren´t competent in drawing and painting you will never get an apprenticeship in a studio that can really offer you something worthwhile and its not worth it to go into a studio that does only…… …I dunno……do “factory work” (if you want to call it that) because you wont get far if you are unlucky you could completely fail the expectations of the customers are getting very high that many studios are simply not able to keep up and when you get a job in a studio like that, naturally your career will be teetering on the edge of a toilet seat you really want to be in a studio that is VERY far away from the bathroom hahahah! Many professional artists are getting into tattooing right now people who have already worked for years in graphic deisgn or illustration…who are very advanced in drawing and painting! portraits….everything possible…. I think you understand….hopefully? Do you understand? Pleeease….please understand! GO TO ART SCHOOL if you are still young and want to tattoo you still have loads of time DRAW A LOT! Go do life drawing…classical training its the Alpha and Omega. if you can´t draw really really well, like AWESOMELY well….. Like….AMAZING….. then there´s simply no point in you stepping into the tattoo industry. You really need to know what you are signing up for in a tattoo apprenticeship…. its not easy…no its many hours, lots of practise doing lots of things that you don´t really enjoy…. I think I cried almost every day in my apprenticeship! ..and my boss wasn´t an A-hole…I was just lazy and found everything pretty difficult to do…. ….pull all your fingers out of your hole and DRAW…DRAW….DRAAAAW!!! (good luck!)

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