Tattoo Artist Vs. Tattoo Artist: Lyric Tattoo

Tattoo Artist Vs. Tattoo Artist: Lyric Tattoo

hi my name is Becky and today I’m gonna ask to tattoo artist to draw my dream tattoo let’s see what they come up with [Music] hey what’s up my name is Tabatha mara I’m a tattoo artist from Los Angeles California Oh my tattoo I saw is a more like a new traditional Japanese I from Japan so I’m strong in that my name is Jose Herrera I’m a tattoo artist from Long Beach California doing like American traditional with a little bit of you know traditional influence like very illustrative Sal I’m pretty confident that I can I give her something that what she’s looking for decently confident I feel like I’m gonna make deal with the time that we’re giving it and just make whatever I can appropriately well see what you want I feel okay I have a lot of tattoos and holding my tea is that hard I just don’t know how to conceptualize it that’s what I need them for there’s this musician named Dave Hoss who is kind of punk rock royalty in my opinion he taps this part of Americana it’s like lower middle class piece of people who are kind of marginalized in a weird way and they don’t really get their voice and they often struggle with impostor syndrome when they finally do grow up and get a job and that’s been really important for me because I grew up in a lower middle-class family and now I am an attorney some days I look in the mirror and I’m like you’re still that kid who’s always in like dirty Dickies and hasn’t brushed her hair in three days it’s been really valuable to me to see like someone else go through that and speak about it the line that I really want to focus on is and I learned to wash the dirt off in the rain yeah I’m always gonna be the dirty kid and I may not wash it off in the traditional way and like sometimes that’s gonna be dancing in the rain with like my friends or my dog and kind of really embracing that piece of who I’ve been my whole life even now in this current role well we’re gonna put that would probably be either like the back of my right calf or somewhere on my left thigh okay I like the idea of a graveyard because the idea of like washing the dirt off with the rain coming up from a grave would theoretically make a skeleton dirty I’ve been thinking about this lyric since the album came out last year and I have not been able to figure out how to put it together let’s give it a shot trying to get at it yeah yeah let’s go do this huh yeah so I gotta keep my mind she wants to do some Americana style over tattoo so I want to keep dying my mind why I draw it just make sure it’s appropriate to what she wants to sort of dancing skeleton with that sort of graveyard scene and just make sure to incorporate the lyrics as she finds really a dear to her heart yeah it’s pretty unique you know the idea itself it’s just very personal so you can have to cater to like making sure you catch all the bits that the person likes you know so in the beginning you just rather yeah basically just the idea you know on the bottom I have to kind of just play with it a little bit so with the lighter pencil I always kind of lay out like what a foundation for the drawing then you know what I like and what I don’t like starts to like come to the surface and I can still make pretty drastic changes [Music] all right you know it’s kind of getting there cool I’m having fun too sure definitely it’s a good challenge it’s like working but not at work it takes time yeah because you know it’s something that lasts flower we don’t you know just stick it on more you know that father you are and there’s so much to learn there’s no like stopping point it just kind of just keep going one of the coolest things about it’s people are so different in so diverse you can get inspired by all kinds of different stuff no matter what style they do you know [Music] [Music] mine I’m the challah turnout and I love the composition and it looks final and like mine so yours is great man look at how I like your graveyard better than mine it’s more subtle man I wish I can draw like this now we’ll bring Becky back in to see what she likes best this is the idea that I think will be good on your back of your calf yeah that’s a really good composition cuz it fits the length there and like width wise it’s really pretty and then once it’s a mom shade it’s gonna have to yeah that’s a very kind of field yeah you know the design here’s mine of course oh no but see like this is so interesting because this is like really good for kapha this like fits like the thigh really really well so that is really well composed for that and I actually I really like the less subtle graveyard to look at me I’m not a very subtle person the composition of what you guys took from me is really fascinating cuz this one fits so well on the back of the calf and this one would be so good on the thigh like especially like but like meat right there on the haunches this would look so good I think I would probably pick this one but that’s because I really like the kind of graveyard and the symbolism within that and the skeleton is kind of something that I’m bringing into that part of it and this one got the lyrics in there which was really important to me because I want to make sure that when I show it today if he knows that like this is how he has made this effect on my life these are both so amazing anyone would be so lucky to get tattooed by you guys if any of you have the opportunity to do it do it you’re gonna be in good hands yeah I would be lucky to have either of these on my body [Music] you

99 thoughts on “Tattoo Artist Vs. Tattoo Artist: Lyric Tattoo

  1. So they both took time to make a design and she didnt even get either one? I would be so angry at her and buzzfeed

  2. I would have picked Jose’s design I like that it’s a little more detailed but besides that there both great

  3. Ive always wanted a tattoo but i have a typical asian mom…for anyone who has an asian parent specifically a mom…i know you can relate😤👌(like multiple piercings,dyeing or bleaching hair…😭)

  4. I would've chosen Taka's design, the skeleton really looks like it's dancing and showering. The image speaks itself

  5. Taka explicitly stating that he specializes in styes other than what the client wanted gave it away for me lol, but he went outside of tjose parameters and made a very American traditional piece imo

  6. oh wow… when she said what the wanted the only thing I could think of was a plain gravestone with the lyrics written on it lol, but these two really nailed it! so creative and beautifully done. I think people really tend to forget how talented and skilled most tattoo artists are!

  7. both are so incredibly talented! but am i the only one who thought the line from the two tables was a smudge on my screen? lmao

  8. I just love tattoo artists. Everything about is just MAANGAS (cool). Like wtf how can people be so cool and talented at the same time. 😵

  9. If anyone reading the comments is good at designing tattoos can you please text me. I'm trying to my first tattoo but I can't get a good design… I'd owe you big time.

  10. Finally an actual FAIR competition because they’re BOTH TATTOO artists competing in a TATTOO design competition

  11. I love that buzzfeed made a video like this showing such skilled artists creating custom pieces! I feel like mainstream media rarely ever demonstrates the creative process, and like this is an actual accurate representation of what it’s like to get a tattoo. Tattoo copying is wack and tattooing is art! Art needs creativity. These two are both so talented and I love this content (:

  12. What kind of attorney is she!? I’m trying to law school but I don’t want to get rid of my purple hair or have to only get tattoos where they can be hidden

  13. i am not a tattoo artist but my idea for this would be the lyrics incorporated in an out of reach umbrella – with the skeleton reaching out to grab it but truly just dancing with it’s arm extended as if it was to reach the umbrella but you’re embracing not having the umbrella if that makes sense

  14. Bruh taka’s in my opinion is so kuch better. There’s more symbolism than just straight up writing the lyrics. Its a great piece dont get me wrong hut taka’s way more like artistic imo

  15. Both Taka & Jose were amazing , and all in all great video , I would have also chosen Jose’s piece , it symbolizes her idea so well .

  16. These series are so so fun to watch. It's really insperational. Please can you guys make more of these video's, more often.

  17. How can I get on this show I have a very intricate tattoo that I want and this show seems like the perfect place to finally have it put to paper

  18. I’ve seen two of these and I don’t know how people ARENT choosing Taka’s design!! I’ll take it. Put it on me.

  19. theres no competion Taka wins hands down solid design with powerful impact ,sorry for jose but we have to be honest ..

  20. These clients ideas are so lack lustre and over complicated in explanation but I guess that’s the point of the clip. Feel for the artists is all

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