Tattoo Age: Mutsuo (Part 1/3)

Tattoo Age: Mutsuo (Part 1/3)

CHRIS: I don’t think Mutsuo
would ever talk about himself that much. He’s a very unassuming
kind of guy. You’d meet him and you’d
be like, ah, he’s a really nice, quiet guy. And he’s not a hustler. He’s just really dedicated to
tattooing as an artist. He’d learn how to tattoo
everything. Kind of like in the
United States. In the ’90s, you just tattooed
whatever came in the door. He kind of got an American
’90s tattoo education. He’s probably the first person
in Japan to get that. He’s a maverick. MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): And
a walking artist. I don’t know if he has any
weaknesses at this point. Everything I see him do
looks totally legit. He started tattooing, I
guess, in 2000, 2001. Yeah, I can’t believe that he’s
been tattooing for like 13 years now. Yeah, time goes by
so quick, but. Mutsuo is like the foundation
at Three Tides now. [SPEAKING JAPANESE] MUTSUO: Customers bring
Hello. How are you? MASA: Good. [SPEAKING JAPANESE] MASA: [SPEAKING JAPANESE] CHRIS: When Three Tides started,
it was a very new concept in Japan to have a
Western style shop where you could get to go in
and you could get almost any type of tattoo. It wasn’t necessarily a
Japanese-style tattoo. It could be an American
traditional, or a single needle black and gray, or
Japanese, maybe like just a dragon on your arm. I think a lot of people that
were young, whether they were into skateboarding or rock and
roll, I think a lot of them would be intimidated to go to a
traditional tattoo shop and be like, I want to
get a panther. It would be just something
that wasn’t really done at that time. That was a niche Three Tides
filled for a lot of people. Something that they saw in an
American tattoo magazine they could get done in Japan without
having to travel to the United States or Europe

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  1. You probably shouldn't ask people on the internet for advice on something that will cover your entire arm for the rest of your life.

  2. I have wanted tattoos for ages, i have the money, but i just feel as tho ever place i have gone into looks down at me for A wanting a tattoo to start with B not having a tattoo already

  3. I love you vice. If you were a woman, i would take you out to a high end restaurant in new york for a romantic dinner. Then take you up to my hotel room and make sweet love to you for at least 7 minutes. Thank you for all the awesome videos and covering all the stories no one has the balls to do.

  4. I dont like tattoos but if i had the cash I would let him do 1 small tattoo for me.His tats are artwork unlike some wiz khalifa cliche type tattoos people have nowadays.

  5. damn this is cool my cousin is 16 years old and he lives in cuba he tattoo's people over there and he does it really good he has tattoed over 50 people

  6. The guy who removed his comment was trying to correct somebody, but at the same time he was using 'you're' as 'your', so I was pointing that out. Nice try though

  7. DONT GET IT!! Let the tattoo find YOU, dont go looking for anything to put under your skin because it wont turn out nearly how you want it to.

  8. 0:40 " he kind of got like an american 90's tattoo education " simply put just call him dynamic, versatile, skilled, talented,unique…there are plenty of words to describe him as that great artist from japan. Im not being racist but why does america come into comparison into it. Hes a japanese dude just doing tattoos, are tattoos from the 90's copyrighted to america or something?

  9. im not hating but i knewd you come along …lol but explain to me what is a classical american style from what he saying its spontaneous tattoo you get when you walk in the front door eg. like from a rose to an eagle? but isnt that just a native tattooing style in its location, im sure they werent as good at the start doing there styles. it can be done anywhere as long as you have a talented artist such as the guy in the vid.

  10. What about a giant dick, that cums the names on another dicks side. That seems pretty rad, and oh yeah, the dick gotta have wings! and just fill up te rest of the space with the alphabet.

  11. He definetaly says it… yeah subtitles are horrible on regular uploads but with these kinda official uploads the subtitles generaly seem worked on.

  12. The subtitles into English are amazing! Totally perfect. The person that did them should be proud. They will know that the subtitles are usually off between Jp and Eng but this person is one of the best I have ever seen.

  13. Horimono isn't an artist. Horimono is just the what the type of tattoo it's called when it's hand poked. You're thinking tibori tattoo

  14. they should do one on Chris Garver – Miami ink, la ink, hes worked at like every fucking shop in America lmaoo

    whats the black/grey tattoo artist dude name ?? Nami ______?

  15. @ 1:35 – The whole story about the Lightning Dragon and the God of Wind is based on the same japanese mythology that inspired Masashi Kishimoto to write one of today's most popular anime, Naruto. You can Google it, it's pretty interesting, I myself am beginning to get into japanese literature because of this.
    OT: One day I might get some of these beautiful japanese full-sleeves.<3

  16. Mutsuo has created some beautiful and stunning tattoos.  A very interesting series.  Thank you for uploading x


  17. I'm having an oriental style full sleeve done on my left arm, covering my entire shoulder down to the wrist almost completely wrapping around. lotus flowers, leaves, 2 hanny masks, 2 snakes wrapping around, one going through the mouth of the mask as it helds it with its teeth. Brilliant, proud of it. Bit of shading and outline done, time for color. Will cost me $4500-$6000.
    I'm however seriously considering a 'tattoo holiday" in Japan, maybe get a half sleeve done on my right arm. The knowledge of having it done in Japan, by a proper oriental artist would be wild.

    I'm aware their culture has extreme views on tattoos, even their tattoo artists, but him mentioning they get and TAKE

  18. Why don't you guys have any bios of new school or realism artist? Yet you have 3 japanese and 2 traditional artist. Am I missing something?

  19. Went to Tokyo Three Tides this summer and got a Crane done by Azusa. Was hoping to see Mutsuo but I didn't, but I did see Hide!! Awesome shop, awesome people!

  20. when someone says….he knows everything…that superlative thing…he's a fucking liar…..nobody here on earth knows everything…otherwise you won't be here..

  21. Why does it take Japanese sooooo long to say something? Why don't they shortcut their phrases, like many other languages do?

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