Tattoo Advice and Tips : Using Tattoo Transfer Paper: What to Expect When Getting a Tattoo

Tattoo Advice and Tips : Using Tattoo Transfer Paper: What to Expect When Getting a Tattoo

Hi! My name is Rick Wyckoff and you can check
out our website at I am here on behalf of and we are
talking about tips and tricks for tattoos. One of the things that you will often see
when you are getting a tattoo is they will take a line drawing of whatever your design
is and in order to get it on your skin, they use a piece of thermographic transfer paper.
Now this is sort of a dated or antiquated thing. This paper they used to use for making
transparencies for overhead projectors and the light but also for Ditto masters in schools
before they had copiers and they had this thing you cranked and had a drum on it. Basically
this image would be transferred through this carbon onto this image I mean onto this piece
of paper and they take this piece of paper and they put it on the machine and it would
print out a bunch of carbon copies. But what we do is put this through a thermographic
transfer maker so after I’ve run it through the thermographic transfer maker basically
I end of with an exact duplicate of the line drawing. So I remove the carbon copy from
the rest of it and this basically adheres to the skin after it is moistened a little
bit with soap and water.

38 thoughts on “Tattoo Advice and Tips : Using Tattoo Transfer Paper: What to Expect When Getting a Tattoo

  1. but I wonder what percentage of how many percent black and the water can mix to make a tatuagemde picture … that is 50% black 50% water to be a grayish color

  2. i just have sheets of carbon paper with no sticky back how would i use this does anyone know theres nothing to peel off just sheets of carbon paper

  3. You could use KY Jelly to transfer the stencil on to the skin. KY Jelly actually works pretty well, and it doesn't fade away as much when you wipe it. OR you could also use the Stencil Pro Gel shit as well.

  4. Also, if you don't have the bucks for a thermal, you can pick up an IBM 2390 plus on ebay for 50 bucks "new", then purchase a serial port to USB cable for 14.99 at walmart and it does the same thing, I use photoshop for all my stencil and they come out great! The thermal paper you get from the tat supplier's works just very well.

  5. how the hell do ya use the transfer oil as i have never used the oil got some and it dont trasfer feck all ?

  6. Well this can be used only on skin? For example if I want to use it on a wall or smaller models, is it possible to transfer the outline of the drawing?

  7. Thanks… I need to paint a pregnancy belly, but don't have that machine you mentioned.. How can I do it w/out it..


  8. This is very annoying and badly presented information. I suspect most people coming to this youtube page would want learn the finer points of doing the bloody transfer with a pen and thermo paper (I left my thermographic transfer machine at my mums place along with the DeLorean DMC-12).

    After spending time to create this rant I have noticed probably more pertient videos on the sidebar. I am still pissed about the 2 minutes I can't get back from watching this video.

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